Awoken DQXQ VS Arena


Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ was released yesterday in North America and it has felt like Christmas ever since. I initially started playing difficult content with Sakuya Sakuya in all her various forms but was forced to make a soft transition to mono colour teams that were row oriented (Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer and Blue Sonia Blue Sonia). These teams offered more survivability, burst damage potential, and consistency. Thus, with the release of Awoken DQXQ, I was overjoyed to combine the two elements of rainbow and rows into two pretty girls. The purpose of this post is to showcase how I have been clearing Arena (10+ times as of this posting) in coop with my two accounts, Mom’s account, and a friend. Being able to tackle Arena via multiplayer alleviates some of the weaknesses DQXQ faces, but she is still capable of soloing with the right set up. If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to read my Awoken DQXQ Analysis and Team Building Guide to gain a better understanding of how to compose and utilise your team.

Arena 1 Coop Video

The following video was a relatively straightforward clear of Arena 1 with only some problematic floors and minor errors. Good job me and me.

Outside of poor comboing towards the end, the video should give you a relatively good idea of the playstyle and where I choose to stall and use actives. I always prioritise using my DQXQ’s actives first as they recharge twice as fast in coop.

Awoken DQXQ Overview

Awoken DQXQ is a hybrid rainbow/row leader that requires any 4/6 elements to trigger her base 16x multiplier. However, you are able to match multiple connected Light OR Water orbs to bolster your damage further.

# connected Light or Water orbs  3-4 5 6 7+
 Multiplier 16x 36x 64x 100x

I cannot stress how important it is to remember that connected water orbs are able to trigger your 100x multiplier as you can match a Light TPA and will most likely sweep any floor. Your connected orbs can be in any shape/pattern and to achieve 100x, you require some funky manipulations as it is not a tidy horizontal 6-row match.

When matching water, you should simply go for the easiest pattern possible. On the other hand, if you are connecting your light orbs, you should prioritise a horizontal row to trigger your numerous  Light Row awakenings. To achieve 100x via Light, you should strive to create a pattern similar to these to optimise spacing where x is the light orbs:



I asked a math savvy friend to do some calculations to determine if a 64x Light row out damages a 100x 7-orb Light cluster. It turns out, with 6+ row awakenings, the 64x row wins out and the gap is only widened with more awakenings. Furthermore, it is much easier to match a horizontal row compared to a random shape cluster along with other combos.

Pros & Cons

  • Fast clears
  • Relatively easy 100x activation
  • HP is boosted in coop to allow you to tank all preemptives
  • Activation through water allows for orb conservation and easier sweeping of less challenging floors
  • Team building flexibility
  • DQXQ active removes jammers and poison orbs
  • No RCV multiplier
  • Stalling is very dangerous due to accidental 16x and chipping a boss into a danger zone
  • Dependant on a bind clearing sub

Team Compositions

I am basing my recommendations around the fact that you are doing coop and will have an augmented health pool. If you are playing solo, you need some reliable way to survive DQ Hera on floor 19.

Arena team

Awoken DQXQ Awoken Apollo Pollux Wukong bankai Awoken Oorochi Awoken DQXQ
Awoken DQXQ Awoken Apollo Kali Sakuya Awoken Loki Awoken DQXQ
Awoken DQXQ Pollux Thor Sakuya valkpad Awoken DQXQ

Awoken DQXQ Pollux Thor Sakuya valkpad Awoken DQXQ
Awoken DQXQ Awoken Apollo Kali Venus Awoken Oorochi Awoken DQXQ

All of these compositions have cleared Arena at least once and I have a total of 10+ clears thus far since the introduction of coop (1.5 days). Now, not everyone can make those exact teams, but the key components for your team include:

  • 1 Bind clear
  • 1 Damage enhancement for the Kali
  • 1 Delay – this is your panic button and easy way to deal with resolve (aka Hino). Use on floor 19 if available still
  • Variety of orb changers
orb changers: 
Awoken Apollo valkpad Chibi Valk Pollux Elia Verche Apollo (blue) Arthur Rider Fuma Wukong bankai Baal 1678 Ariel LD Hanzo
Full board
Kali Keiji Fat Chocobo Mastering Ragnarok Dark Kali Ichigo Gadius
Thor Awoken Loki Athena Venus Izinagi Kanna Sun Quan Awoken Yomi Muse Durga Light Zhuge Liang
Bind clearing: Amate Metatron Isis Awoken Ceres Ame Green Odin Guan Yu
Susano Diza Kush Indra Isis Light Izanami dtron Raphael Ganesha
Delay: Sun Quan Awoken Oorochi Oku Echidna Christmas Echidna Christmas Siren Christmas Alurane Christmas Angel Christmas Lilith
Gravity: Hathor Hera-Is Awoken Hades Sakuya Nordis

None of my teams had any Skill Inheritance as it was not needed nor was every single member +297.

Do I need a dark sub?

After playing with DQXQ almost exclusively these past 2 days, I will have to say it is not mandatory and should not go out of your way to accommodate a dark sub if they do not bring value to the party. The dark attribute can aid in clearing easier floors when not using actives; however, you will be more prone to activating your 16x by accident when stalling which can be disastrous. Please refer to my previous posting on DQXQ for a full list of viable dark subs HERE.

Accidental activation
Too close for comfort due to accidental activation for 16x

 Hurdles in Arena

Arena will always have an element of RNG/luck involved when dealing with the various floor spawns. You need to do your research and always prepare for the worst scenario (as it will happen more often than you want). My few failed runs consisted of some bad RNG where I was not prepared for a few lethal floor spawn combos, human error, and accidental activation of 16x when trying to stall.

The accidental activation of 16x is the scariest scenario and sometimes it is unavoidable. This is also my main concern when running DQXQ as I will need to stall every once in a while on sometimes less than ideal floors. This is also a time when having no dark sub can be beneficial as you can match more combos and have a lower chance of triggering 16x. Things you can do to help minimise the risk:

  • Combo the same colours (as you need 4 unique elements)
  • Never match TPA of any kind
  • Stop stalling if the boss is nearing a danger zone as you can expect to deal 15-20% of their HP by accident
Notable Floors

Ironically, the Tamadraon floor 6 are very scary and you must save your bind clear and ability to sweep on the first turn to prevent further binds. Try to have the person with the bind clear have their turn on the Tamadras. immediately after is Zhou Yu on floor 7 as he has 4.2 million health and a 50% damage shield along with resolve plus a preemptive dark attack. My preferred strategy is bursting him down on turn 1 as his first ability is a status shield and 18,635 attack. This avoids his 1% enrage ability. Conversely you can also poison or delay him on the first turn only. I like to try and stall on Floor 9 & 10 for actives as they are relatively easy. Floor 9 is the gentlest and the the correct absorption colours give you an easier time dragging the turns out. However, just be aware of accidental 16x on floor 10 and causing the Chinese Celestial to enrage.

Damage absorption shields are frustrating mechanics and if you have the misfortune of encountering Sopdet on floor 13, you must try to match maximum 6 combos on 16x while she is in the Light attribute. While dark, 5 combos on 16x is all you can afford. I would aim to match only 4 combos and try to minimise cascades to prevent surprise skyfalls. Refer to my Sopdet 101 post for more information. If you encounter Parvati on floor 15, follow what I did in the video to conserve heart orbs and stall as long as needed for all your actives. When trying to kill, you will require 3 activation of 16x to kill her. Just be aware of her Himalayan Anger and always remain at full health to survive (if doing coop). Meimei on floor 15 has 322k HP and 1,555,556 defence on top of a 30% light damage reduction. You MUST burst her down on the first turn before she changes your board to wood, light, and dark. Aim for 100x light rows and use orb changers.

Also on floor 15 is Hino who must be delayed to bypass his resolve ability. If you do not bring a delay (or poison), you run the very high risk of pushing him too low and being completely bound. You can unbind yourself, but you may simply 1 shot and have all your actives reset to their maximum cooldown. Grisar on floor 16 has 10 million health and will generate lots of mortal poison orbs with a 99% preemptive cut on his first turn. I try to burst him down before the 99% preemptive as your team has issues healing and as insurance against Zeus Dios on floor 17 who has a 22,601 preemptive.

Combo shield bosses are always problematic for row based teams. Thankfully, you only need to have a single light row to deal with Defoud on floor 18 and the required combos and elemental activation. Lifive on floor 18 has a 24,375 preemptive and must be killed within 2 turns or you lose. You must return to full health in preparation for Divine Queen Hera on floor 19 hits who hits for 38,910 as a preemptive. Be prepared. Also on floor 19 is Beelzebub who will preemptively transform your board into poison orbs. DQXQ will convert them all into water and I would suggest you delay him as well.

Kali on floor 20 requires you to burst her below 65% (and above 5%) to avoid her enrage kill ability. This is where you need your big burst (and gravitates if applicable) to survive.

DQXQ 17m burst
What I should be doing every time…

Tips and tricks

Whenever you are planning to use your DQXQ’s active, you must check to make sure you have at least 3 water and 3 wood orbs. If you do not, you will be unable to trigger your base multiplier. However, you can expand upon this by checking to see if you have 3 fire orbs. If you do, you are able to use a heart breaker before DQXQ for even more light orbs.

When stalling on floors, it is best to remove dark, fire, and heal orbs as best you can (of course, do not remove hearts if you are needing to heal). This is because you need to retain your water and wood orbs if you wish to use DQXQ’s active the following turn. Also try to position either your light or water orbs near the bottom to make it easier to form a row for 64x damage. For almost all content, a 64x light row will sweep most things (as you can see from a double light row, 64x pictured above) and going for a 100x through 7 light can be tricky and cumbersome.

Lastly, I want to re-emphasise you can utilise water orbs to trigger her full leader skill multiplier. You are able to match a set of 7 water orbs (in any pattern) for 100x damage if you wish to conserve your light orbs and need to deal more damage. 100x is a crazy high multiplier and a light TPA will most likely kill the floor provided you run a double TPA sub. Building upon that, you could make a water row Water Row based team (light is obviously favoured, but options are nice).


Awoken DQXQ is a Fantastic lead who is capable of clearing high end content. Her ability to sweep floors quickly and deal lethal damage without actives his a breath of fresh air compared to the mono-colour tank teams we have been exposed to lately. DQXQ still suffers from fragility and danger of pushing bosses into enrage zones with accidental 16x. You can help compensate the low HP via coop and recovery via enhanced heart +heart awakenings and healer cards. Let me know how you plan to tackle Arena with DQXQ.

py burst
To earn the py, you must obliterate the py

Happy Puzzling!

12 thoughts on “Awoken DQXQ VS Arena”

    1. I hope you are successful in your attempts! It will take a few tries to get into the flow of things (I’ve done arena so many times now) as it will help you judge when to stall etc. Also do coop =P


  1. I am super psyched to get my Awoken DQXQ. I was totally ready to evolve and then I deleted my Zhou Yu. And now I can’t beat the current version of his dungeon that is available haha. I have a +297 DQXQ, +297 Kali, +297 Apollo (will evo to Awoken when I can afford the team cost), A. Sakuya, and for my fifth slot I was wondering if I should run Thor or Valk. Thanks, love your blog!


    1. Oh no! I would wait for the Descend Carnival as he appears in a much easier form

      For either Thor or Valk, it comes down to what you need more. Thor has HUGE damage potential (due to rows and naturally high base ATK), but his active is largely unneeded outside of Arena content. Valkyrie has a quick orb changer along with enhanced light and heart orbs along with high RCV and would probably be a better choice for most content. I would not invest pluses into Valk unless you have excess. Sakuya is a great candidate for next 297 as you will be using her often as she is arguably the best bind clear for light


  2. Concerning the Kali/Apollo/Loki/Sakuya team, if I were to make that team, but switch LKali for DKali, would it still work?


    1. Just be aware you are losing more light based damage and having both Loki AND Dark Kali may hinder your overall output when using Apollo or DQXQ for final burst as your dark orbs will be removed.


  3. Hey Mantastic, fantastic posts and always enjoy reading your blog — use it as a reference all the time. I’ve been running an ADQXQ team but having a hard time consistently triggering the 64x or 100x damage. I also don’t have many of the good light subs you talk about in your other ADQXQ team building post, so my subs are a mish mash of subs with other dominant color typings (Sun Quan, ROdin, Yomi). Needless to say this isn’t working out so well. I do have the cards for a fantastic Awoken Luci team (Eschamali, Loki, Persephone), but my friends tell me ALuci isn’t that great anymore and I’d be better off investing elsewhere. Any thoughts on whether I should continue grinding through stuff until I can get better ADQXQ subs or work on an ALuci team to advance my progress in the game?


    1. Well what kind of content can you clear with DQXQ vs Lucifer? Would using Lucifer enable to you break through to the next tier of content? If so, it would be worth investing as he can still clear lots of content, Arena 1 etc. That would allow you to farm rewards you wouldnt be able to otherwise. For lucifer, I would inherit Loki and fill out rest with orb changers (esp heart/dark ones)

      As for DQXQ, it takes practice and patience. You dont have to activate every turn and pool orbs at the bottom and burst that way


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