How to kill Sopdet and her 200k Absorb

I probably speak for everyone in saying that Awoken Spodet Sopdet and her 200k absorb shield is one of the deadliest encounters in Puzzle and Dragons. Sopdet is a dangerous encounter that can be found in many challenge dungeons, Arena, or Sphinx Descended. She is the cause of many heart breaks and I wanted to share some strategies I use to mitigate the risk.

Sopdet death
The pain is real

There will always be an element of luck involved when playing PAD, but it becomes even more apparent when unwanted skyfalls heal Sopdet instead of killing her. Generally speaking, Sopdet has

  • ~1.5 million health
  • Light element to start and switches to dark when under 50%.
  • Absorbs all damage dealt above 200k
  • Kills you after 4 turns

The damage absorb is triggered by any single attack that exceeds 200k damage (affected by elemental bonuses). Single attack refers to a single element attack on a monster (whether main or sub attribute)

Perfect Sopdet dmg

The above image shows a perfect amount of damage dealt provided Sopdet is in her light element (if she was dark, all the light damage would have healed her instead). Even though the 2 leader’s total damage exceeds 200k, each individual attack falls below that threshold and will still deal damage. In addition, damage is dealt starting with your own leader and then left to right starting with your first sub for their primary attribute. After your friend’s leader has attacked with their primary attribute, you then deal damage left to right again with your sub element. Therefore, the ordering of your subs can play a critical role, especially if you have an exceptionally high attack sub. Those should be placed first in case they accidentally heal the boss.

The teams that will have the greatest success against Sopdet are those who have more controllable damage through either a scaling multiplier, two prong attack TPA or row based, or leader skills tied to active usage for additional damage.

A scaling multiplier refers to leaders that gain additional damage by matching more combos. Two good examples are Awoken Shiva Shiva and Awoken Bastet Bastet . These two both deal significantly less damage with few combos matched and both are TPA reliant.

Awoken Lucifer vs Sopdet
Awoken Lucifer controlling his damage

Some leaders who have favourable match ups against Sopdet include, but not limited to:

  • Awoken Shiva Shiva
  • Awoken Bastet Bastet
  • Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer (sets of 3 and 4 dark orbs)
  • Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora
  • Awoken I&I & Ryune Ryune + I&I
  • Awoken Thor & Saria Thor + Saria
  • Awoken Freyja & Sylvie Awoken Freyja + Sylvie
  • Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi (match 5, nothing else)
  • Shiva Dragon Shiva D

All of these leaders can control their damage and can gently ping away at her health. For a long time, I choose to bring my Awoken Bastet Bastet for those dungeons because it ensured a nearly 100% success rate on Sopdet while retaining the burst necessary for the other floors.

Hopefully this sheds some light on how deal with bosses who have low thresholds for damage absorption. Best of luck in your PAD journeys and Happy Puzzling!

11 thoughts on “How to kill Sopdet and her 200k Absorb”

  1. Urgh I hate sopdet! I think I tried with Kirin 10 times the first time she appeared and just wanted to scream. Skyfall absorb or orb troll, no matter what I did. Rage!!!

    A.Panda works ok for sure. Match without rows while she’s light and do one row while dark.

    My experience with Bastet is that she needs to make 6- 7 combo two turns in a row, while avoiding a second green match (and any dark matches if you have GZL. Even with GZL first, I found way too often chance skyfall was healing). ‘-_- but you are right…. She works better than Kirin. So many tears shed.


    1. Yeah the leaders I listed can of course fail, but at least they lower the risk through more controllable damage.I used to try and delicately use Sakuya but it proved to be too risky as I was at the mercy of a single skyfall.

      Hopefully you had some tissues for your issues on hand!


  2. Now, let’s talk about Sopdet in a 7×6 board… LOL Against Sopdet my best strategy is first: a combo leader to maximize damage control and second: just take into consideration the upper side of the board and if it’s possible, forget the last rows


    1. Yeah that’s a nightmare in itself. I completely agree with your rationale of only utilizing the upper half of the board as combo-ing lower down will only increase the risk of unwanted skyfalls.


  3. Awoken lucifer is bad because of God killer. Took me three tries before realizing why I was healing her despite my totals looking below 200k.


    1. Awoken Lucifer is actually very good, but you have to match only sets of 3 or 4 dark orbs. This way you do not trigger the 9x damage and unless you match an outrageous amount of dark orbs/combos, you can never heal her as your damage will be very low as pictured in the post. You may need to use every turn to do so or an orb changer here and there, but the chances of you healing her without a connected 6 match are slim to nil


    2. If you have Jubei from the Samurai Shodown collab, he helps a bit. 5 hits of 100k I believe.

      I went in with a pair of Yomi leads. I was sweating a bit against the griffin earlier but after Sopdet, the Sphinx was both toast and cake.


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