Takeminakata Tournament – No Active Skills Strategy

Takeminakata Tournament – No Active Skills  is another ranking dungeon being released that somewhat levels the playing field as the no active restriction will be imposed. This automatically removes some silly cheese teams that had excessive rare subs that most players had no access to compared to earlier tournaments. This also means we will be solely based upon our matching skills and with only 5 floors, our amount of combos matched will also be rewarded.

There has been a lot of calculations done in order to min/max your ranking score and it has been determined that that in a 5-floor dungeon, additional combos and cascades/skyfalls help your score. This does not mean teams solely focused on speed will do poorly, but players who are able to match combos faster will be more heavily rewarded.

 Floor  Monster  HP  Comments
 1 Firon
DQXQ skill up
Lubu skillup
 2  Gigas  323,275
 3  Blue dragon  1,686,714 Pre-emptively turns one type of orbs in to jammers. Jammer Resist increases run consistency
50% wood resistance
 4  Generate Earch Dragon  1,341,526  -99% Pre-emptive gravity
 5  Takamin  3,352,475 God typing which means monsters with God Killer God Killer awakenings do triple damage.

There are no silly mechanics such as 10 million defence PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and the main hurdle to overcome for rainbow teams is the pre-emptive jammers on floor 3.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Taking a look at the JP server’s top 10 list, it becomes apparent that high time extend Time Extend teams paired with large multiplier leads excel. Furthermore, the Ra Dragon Ra Dragon users (can also be extended to any rainbow team too) brought a reasonable amount of jammer resistance Jammer Resist to ensure consistent activation on floor 3.

Taka high scores

However, most players cannot assemble those teams along with not possessing the sheer skill needed to consistently activate their leader skills. Thus, what are other options for team building?

With the no active skill restriction, our teams will become reliant on our awakenings and leader skill to do well. Furthermore, teams that require 5+ of a specific orb colour (such as Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon ) will be slightly disadvantaged due to orb fatigue (because no orb changers) and lower combo potential due to an awkward portion of your board being occupied by your 5 linked orbs.

Therefore we need to find leaders who are rewarded for a high number of combos made along with time extend Time Extend and possibly two prong attack (TPA) TPA awakenings. Furthermore, utilizing monsters with jammer resist Jammer Resist awakenings will increase your consistency as each awakening grants 20% resistance.

Several leaders that come to mind include, but not limited to:

  • Awoken Sakuya Sakuya
  • Awoken Shiva Shiva
  • Shiva Dragon Shiva D
    • Dark Izanami Diza (can pair with Shiva D )
  • Umisachi & Yamasachi  U&Y or Light Kali Kali (focus heavily on TPA )
  • DQ DQXQ LL paired with any other rainbow lead for more constancy
  • Awoken Bastet Bastet is okay, but you lose a lot of damage because no actives

Rainbow leads have the advantage of a higher base multiplier compared to many other teams due to no actives. However, your consistency will be lower if you cannot match at least 6+ combos on average. 6 combos is the required number to in theory refresh your board with 1 of each element.

It is still possible to brute force your way through the dungeon with pure speed, but if you are trying to achieve the highest score possible, you will need to strike a balance between speed and combos.

I did some initial runs that both yielded top 10% results and should continue to go up as more and more players complete the dungeon.

Shiva score

Sakuya combo

Sakuya high score

These score have room for improvement as I never managed to get off the 100x damage on my 134k score which lowered my max damage and average combos. With my Sakuya Sakuya team, I managed to strike a nice balance between time extends, 80% jammer resistance Jammer Resist , and using Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer ‘s God Killer God Killer awakening to ensure I could safely one shot the boss. Hatsume Hatsume is an amazing sub for this team because she provides 2 Jammer Resist resists.

For Fantastic and their Awoken Shiva Shiva team, I simply chose my highest damage subs (while prioritizing TPA ) and using Liu Bei Liu Bei as a means to manage the third floor who is a water attribute boss.

For players planning on taking rainbow style teams, you will need a certain amount of jammer resistance to provide more consistency and a few exceptional subs with 2+ Jammer Resist awakenings include :

  • Droid Dragon Droid Dragon (3)
  • Minerva Minerva (2)
  • Hatsume Hatsume (2)
  • Fuma Fuma (2)

You may wish to filter your monster box as shown below or visit PADx’s full page list of monsters with Jammer Resist awakenings.

Jammer Filte

Overall, this dungeon feels more “fair” as you are now rewarded for combos made. There is still an element of luck involved with skyfalls and orb troll, but at least the playing field feels more even. Furthermore, with only 5 floors, the chance of orb troll does go down and I hope you find a way to achieve a new high score for yourself.

Happy Puzzling!

5 thoughts on “Takeminakata Tournament – No Active Skills Strategy”

  1. Thanks, I got top 25%, first time ever with the Kirin strategy. Never occured to me to load up on fingers and to use Hatsume of all cards!!!! Really helped. That was with 100x against Take, with dark damage using A. Pandora and A. Yomi.


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