Version 15.0 – Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem Review


Today marks the debut of Version 15.0 for North American players and with it comes numerous quality of life improvements; however, these changes comes with new interfaces that may require some adjusting. This article will summarize all the Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem (sometimes called Evolution Stone) mechanics along with how you can make the most of each new addition.

Full patch notes from GungHo NA’s Facebook can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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Monster Enhancements

After updating to Version 15.0, players will now gain access to the Monster Enhancements tab. This tab will provide a more seamless way to accomplish various tasks that used to be (and can still be) performed by Power-Up Fusion.

The goal of this tab is to simplify various mechanics that may have been overwhelming for newer players but can just as easily be used by veterans.

Each tab is reasonably self explanatory and will also display the total number of Pluses in your Plus Bank as well as Tamadras available for awakenings.

The included video will showcase a brief walk through of each tab.

Plus Bank

Prior to this update, players had to store their pluses in their Monster Box as well as finding efficient ways to add them up in hopes of reducing the space required which was quite tedious and Coin intensive.

As such the Plus Bank is a wonderful Quality of Life improvement as it simplifies the process of fusing Plus Eggs as well as reducing the strain on Monster Box space.

The Plus Bank is a virtual storage system that does not require Monster Box space and can be called upon to add additional pluses to a particular card. Furthermore, this system comes with it’s own interface that can quickly Plus up card to a specific value:

This menu can be found under the new Monster Enhancements tab and choosing + Enhance. The + Enhance will also display the total number of pluses your account has. While one can still utilize the original Power-Up Fusion process for fusing Plus Eggs, players will only have access to the Plus Bank via the Monster Enhancements tab.

What to do with current Plus Egg fodder?

Many players have been combining their Plus Eggs in their Monster Box in an attempt to save space. This could sometimes result in wasted Pluses or an uneven distribution. Thankfully, the Plus Bank just cares about the raw number of Pluses it has and poor distribution will not be an issue any more.

With this in mind, players should be selling all their current Plus Egg fodders/holders as it will free up Box space as they will now be stored in the Bank. This includes their +297’s and as well as any other amount of pluses lying around on non-important cards.

With that being said, players who have yet to achieve the 100 +297’s quest will still need to have them in their Monster Box. As such, players could either sell them now if desperate for Box space and then create 100 +297’s at a later date to unlock the +35% RCV badge.

On a final note, your Pluses are shared within the Plus Bank and the Super Awakenings tab.

Awoken Material stacking

Version 15.0 will now allow Awoken Materials (Tamadra and Latent Tamadras) to stack which will greatly reduce Box space as some players have been hoarding large amounts of each type.

This is now the second tab that is completely stackable and players should not think about selling any of these materials moving forward. The stackability has also shifted all the pluses that were on them into your Plus Bank and Awoken Materials can no longer be favourited.

On a side note, Baby Tamadras can now be traded in 2:1 for Adult Tamadras via the Monster Exchange system and can no longer be evolved in a traditional manner.

Evolution Gems

Version 15.0 would have already been amazing up until this point, but GungHo has gone the extra mile and included the exciting Evolution Gem mechanic.

This is a massive change overall to the Evolution process and will take some time to get used to; however, the system itself is significantly more efficient and is an amazing Quality of Life improvement overall.

Just be aware that any pluses found on a potential Evolution Gem trade will be lost when exchanged.

Evolution Gem
  • Frees up Box space
    • Evolution Gems are stackable
  • Opens up Evolution options
    • Several different cards can
      be traded in for the same Gem
    • Trivializes some Evolutions
  • New system
    • Confusing at first
  • Requires extra clicking
The Process

The first step to using the Evolution Gem mechanic is to go into the Monster Exchange tab to view the requirements for Small, Medium, Large, and Rare/Unique Gem.

The Small, Medium, and Large Gems come in all 5 colours and each one can accept several different dungeon drops:

This means players may not actually need to play certain dungeons any more for Evolution Gems as they can farm something more efficient and still end up with the same Stone.

This process may feel daunting at first as any evolution that required a Descend drop now requires a specific Gem. Thankfully, GungHo has introduced a seamless transition screen when trying to evolve a card.

Evolving cards with Evolution Gems

The process in which players now evolve certain cards remains the same, except all Descend drops are now replaced by Evolution Gems; however, if you have just opened up PAD for the first time since Version 15.0, you will have no Evolution Gems made.

The following example shows a nearly complete Evolution but is missing one Evolution Gem:

Thankfully, by clicking on the Red Evolution Gem icon, it will take you directly to the Monster Exchange system to easily trade for the correct Gem:

Once this has been completed, players will be able to Evolve their desired card.

Making the most of the Evolution Gem system

From the above example Evolution, the Machine Golem Mk.III previously had a horrible evolution path as it required three evolved R/B/G Golems which made the entire process require 11 Keepers of Gold.

Through the Evolution Gem system, players can now utilize evolved forms of numerous Descend bosses (some even drop evolved) which drastically cuts down on the Stamina cost needed to acquire the materials as Keepers of Gold are reasonably inefficient to acquire.

This is just one example of utilizing the Evolution Gem system to your advantage and the key becomes finding dungeons you wish to play that drop evolved forms of Descend bosses that can be easily converted in to Evolution Gems.

Rare/Unique Evolution Gems

Under the Rare Evo tab within the Monster Exchange System, players will find Rare/Unique Evolution Gems that can only be acquired by trading in one specific monster. These are often reserved for more difficult evolution paths/rarer drops. For the most part, these should be pursued and one should not use those card’s less evolved forms for the Small/Medium/Large Evolution Gems.

Some Evolution Gems are tradable

All of the Small, Medium, and Large Gems are tradable along with some Rare/Unique ones. It is my belief that the Rare/Unique Gems share the same cost (only cards 99 and under can be traded) as their form that was used to trade in for the Gem. As such, players can still trade as freely as they did prior to the Evolution Gem process.

When not to make an Evolution Gem

For the most part, most cards should be instantly made into Evolution Gems as it will dramatically cut down on Box space but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Most notably are Descend drops that have several Evolution stages that can potentially be made into different Evolution Gems, most notably, those that have a Rare/Unique form.

Awoken Dancing Queen Hera-Ur is the only valid card used in making her Rare/Unique Evolution Gem but her less evolved forms can also be exchanged for a Medium Fire Gem:

With this in mind, it is better to not use her less evolved form to acquire a Medium Gem and instead rely on cards that do not have a Rare/Unique Evolution Gem.


Version 15.0 comes with a massive number of Quality of Life Improvements that can simply various process as well as dramatically cutting down on the Box space required to progress.

Overall, the new mechanics introduced are reasonably straight forward and should only take some time to adjust.

Let me know which aspect of Version 15.0 you are happiest about in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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20 thoughts on “Version 15.0 – Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem Review”

    1. I feel it is mostly best to play dungeons that can give evolved drops of bosses as they can be instantly made into Gems

      It also depends on your own level of skill/progression. Alt arena is the best place but also the hardest


  1. It is probably worth noting that the +35% recovery badge still requires having 100 different +297 monsters in your box at the same time. Many players will have to deal with one final box nightmare before being able to fully enjoy the new +Enhance feature.


  2. I know this is late but does anybody still have a copy of borma descended? I was late in getting it and now I have to rely on coop to get the drop.


  3. There was a list compiled on discord for all the Descended cards that are most efficient to turn into the large evo gems, seeing as they need the least possible amount of exp to max, then evolve. The list of ideal cards are:
    The three elemental grimoires
    Zhu bajie
    Sha wujing
    Both colors of Xuanzang
    Both ultimate forms of Zeus (if you have spare jewel dragons and can get the evolved base form of Zeus to drop)


  4. Hi, I’m a new player to the game and I’m around level 110. What’s the easiest way to farm + monsters?


  5. Do the monsters used to turn into the non-specific gems now require them to be fully leveled, all awoken abilities unlocked and fully skilled before it will let you? That requires a lot more grinding than just running a descend dungeon.


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