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Version 15.0 – Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem Review


Today marks the debut of Version 15.0 for North American players and with it comes numerous quality of life improvements; however, these changes comes with new interfaces that may require some adjusting. This article will summarize all the Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem (sometimes called Evolution Stone) mechanics along with how you can make the most of each new addition.

Full patch notes from GungHo NA’s Facebook can be found HERE.

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Monster Enhancements

After updating to Version 15.0, players will now gain access to the Monster Enhancements tab. This tab will provide a more seamless way to accomplish various tasks that used to be (and can still be) performed by Power-Up Fusion. Continue reading Version 15.0 – Plus Bank, Tamadra Stacking, and Evolution Gem Review

Version 14.1 Update Review – Evo Mat Stacking, New Evos, and More QoL Improvements


Version 14.1 is now live in NA and comes with the highly anticipated Evo Material Stacking feature. This allows all Evo Materials to only take up a single space and duplicates will simply “stack” on top. Thus, having 50 Keepers of Rainbow will only take up a single Monster Box Space instead of the previous 50.

In addition to this, several new evolutions were released along with some other Quality of Life improvements. This article will summarize all the notable changes as well as providing my perspective on how to take full advantage of Version 14.1.

Full patch notes can be found HERE.

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Evo Material Stacking

Monster Box space has always been a struggle for Puzzle and Dragon players as it is not intuitive in that things do not stack, especially drops that one tends to hoard such as Pys, Tamadras, and Evolution Materials. Continue reading Version 14.1 Update Review – Evo Mat Stacking, New Evos, and More QoL Improvements

[Guide] Egg MachineDra Challenge


North America has finally gained access to the exciting Egg MachineDra. This event runs from Monday, April 23 until Sunday, April 29 and has two types of rewards: personal and server-wide.

In essence, players enter one of three different difficulties and hope a special Egg Machine invades. These comes in three distinct forms and corresponds to the difficulty entered. However, as these are invades, their appearance is not guaranteed so one may have to attempt the same dungeon numerous times until one spawns.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Egg MachineDra Chalenge in order to not miss out on all of the Fantastic rewards available.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

Values of dungeon spawns (in Japanese) can be found HERE.

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Dungeon difficulty

The Egg MachineDra Challenge will feature three distinct difficulties that allow players across all skill levels to participate. This is important as a brand new player will still be able to enjoy the event and some of the rewards as the bottom difficulty can be cleared by virtually anything. Continue reading [Guide] Egg MachineDra Challenge

Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings


Version 12.6.1 comes with the highly anticipated Super Awakenings mechanic. These awakenings are a new way to add additional power onto some of your favourite monsters. However, you must first Limit Break your card, sacrifice a +297, and these special Awakenings only works in solo mode.

This article will explain the process, when to use it, and which awakenings tend to be more favourable.

As a forewarning, not every card can be Limit Broken and not every Limit Broken card can receive a Super Awakening.

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Super Awakenings will only be available to certain cards and those particular monsters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

Continue reading Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings

[PSA] January Monthly Quests – Problematic Scheduling


Monthly Quests are one of the better things to come to Puzzle and Dragons in the later part of 2017. These series of quests provide much needed structure and direction to newer players as they now have an obvious goal to pursue as PAD can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Most of us have become accustomed to the Monthly Quest Dungeon tab in the Specials section and could play/complete them any our convenience. Unfortunately, January’s Quests will be far more challenging to clear properly as it removes the monthly window to complete them. Instead you now have to clear specific dungeons on specific days of the month along with it being poorly highlighted/visible overall.

This series of Quests caused issues for many JP players and I find it strange GungHo is repeating a poorly designed scheduale again. Nevertheless, this article/PSA will hopefully reach enough people and better explain how to fully complete January’s Quests.

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Monthly Quests

As a whole, the Monthly Quests concept is amazing and provides wonderful direction for newer players as it presents a tangible goal to achieve that is only available for a limited time. The lack of direction was one is often cited as a major hurdle for newer players starting out as you go from a basic tutorial to relying on third party websites/databases for information and guidance. Continue reading [PSA] January Monthly Quests – Problematic Scheduling

Version 12.3.3 Update and Changes


EU has undergone an extensive maintenance to bring us Ver.12.3.3 and NA will follow suit tonight. This update comes with a large array of exciting changes and this article will summarize the new mechanics as well as how you can better utilize the new features coming out.

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Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the ability to enable a monster to push beyond level 99 and eventually reach 110. This 11 extra levels will grant your card improved base stats but the cost is exceptionally high. Just bear in mind that only certain cards are able to Limit Break and the full list can be found HERE. Continue reading Version 12.3.3 Update and Changes

Assist Evolution Overview


The latest patch for Puzzle and Dragons has introduced us to the new Assist Evolution mechanic. This mechanic enables your assisting card to not only provide their active skill, but to also grant additional awakenings. As a result, monsters are now able to surpass 9 awakenings. The current roster of Assist Evolutions is small for the mean time, but future options can spice up your team building options.

Just be aware that once a monster achieves Assist Evolution status it cannot be reversed so choose wisely.

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How to determine if you should make an Assist Evolution

The most important question to ask yourself before committing to an Assist evolution is to determine if it is your only copy of the card and how likely are you to use them as a sub/leader. This is important as the process cannot be reversed and you do not want to waste your resources and base card.

Points to consider when determining if you plan to use the card as a sub is mostly if they have valuable Killer awakenings. For the most part, subs are chosen for their awakenings and correct typing/base stats. This is because with Skill Inheritance, base actives are less important as they can be overwritten. Thus, the most potentially powerful awakening a card could have is Killers, especially if they have 2 or more (Killers mostly apply to more niche farming situations or Ch10’s etc.). Continue reading Assist Evolution Overview

Version 11.2 Update, Ragnarok Dragon Evo, and if Arena 2 is Worth Running


Version 11.2 is now live in North America and Europe and brings with it some very minor changes and small additions. I had almost completed my write up for the new Norn evolutions (  ) but it looks like that will have to wait for another day.

Regardless, Version 11.2 provides a revamp of Arena 2 with the introduction of new Latent Awakening Tamadras, minor quality of life improvements, two new Awoken Skills, and a new evolution for Ragnarok Dragon .

This article will touch upon all the new changes introduced along with determining the viability of the changed Arena 2.

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Latent awakenings

Latent awakenings are a way to add further customization to your favourite monsters as they can significantly alter the way they function.

Each Monster comes with 5 default slots with the (expensive) opportunity to add a 6th slot. While most Latent awakenings occupy one slot, some will require 2 spaces, but tend to have stronger benefits to compensate. Continue reading Version 11.2 Update, Ragnarok Dragon Evo, and if Arena 2 is Worth Running

Version 11.1 Update and 3-Player Coop Review


Puzzle and Dragons was updated to Version 11.1 and with it comes new evolutions, quality of life improvements and a brand new gameplay mode. This article will not focus on the new evolutions (that article can be found HERE) and instead will be reviewing the other changes with particular focus on 3-player coop and the strategies used to approach it.

Video commentary


—sample 3p coop—

Bonus/Follow Up Attack Awakening

Completing what I call the holy trinity of powerful awakenings is Bonus/Follow Up Attack  (Guard Break  and 7 Combo 45 are the other two). Bonus/Follow Up Attack is often referred to as the Resolve Killer awakening as it provides you with 1 additional point of damage AFTER your matched orb damage is triggered.

Bosses with Resolve will survive with 1 HP after all your regular damaging abilities and this Follow Up Attack will deal the final blow before they can cast their 1% ability. As a result, Resolve Bosses will no longer be a threat to most teams as you can simply combo away on a 5×5 board and no longer need to worry about damage control, delays, gravities, or execution abilities. Continue reading Version 11.1 Update and 3-Player Coop Review

New Evolutions: Metatrons, Angels 2, and More – May 18, 2017


7 new split evolutions have been released overnight that breathe significant new life into some older cards. With this article, I wish to explore how these new evolutions fit in the current meta as well as discussing which path you should pursue.

Cards to receive new evolutions:

  • Rozuel 
  • Ruel 
  • Lumiel 
  • Nephthys 
  • Light Metatron 
  • Dark Metatron 
  • Amaterasu 

Video commentary

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Split evolutions

Split evolution paths tend to push cards into either a more sub or leader oriented role and are Fantastic overall as it allows you to better customize each card to your liking. Sometimes there is an obvious winner, but there may be times that where you wish to retain the older evoluton. This can occur when new split does not warrant enough benefits or they lose a particular typing/sub element.


Rozuel was a potent fire sub due to her triple TPA, unbindability, recover bind, and God typing. This granted her flexibility as she could perform the role of both a bind clearer and offensive powerhouse when matching a TPA. In addition, the water typing had merits on rainbow teams and her low base cooldown enabled you to inherit an active of your choice over top. Continue reading New Evolutions: Metatrons, Angels 2, and More – May 18, 2017