Version 12.3.3 Update and Changes


EU has undergone an extensive maintenance to bring us Ver.12.3.3 and NA will follow suit tonight. This update comes with a large array of exciting changes and this article will summarize the new mechanics as well as how you can better utilize the new features coming out.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the ability to enable a monster to push beyond level 99 and eventually reach 110. This 11 extra levels will grant your card improved base stats but the cost is exceptionally high. Just bear in mind that only certain cards are able to Limit Break and the full list can be found HERE.

In order to achieve Limit Break, you must first acquire a Super Snow Globe Dragon and then use it in Power-Up Fusion. This will enable your card to reach level 100 and then be subsequently allowed to be leveled up towards level 110. However, each level costs 5 million experience for a grand total of 50 million to hit level 110 (going from 99 to 100 is “free” via the Super Snow Globe).

With 50 million experience you can level a full team (and their inherits) to 99 and possibly have some experience to spare. As a result, the Limit Breaking mechanic should only be used by players who have copious amounts of resources available, have a burning desire to level a specific card, or want a new long term goal to pursue.

In fact, the total stats gained through Limit Breaking is rather small overall and is mostly done for min/maxing or for the love of a specific card.

Amusingly, the actual stats gained is sometimes only a small percentage and may not be worthwhile for the average player. If you want to read more about the stats gained, check out this Reddit post HERE.

Who should I Limit Break?

The simplest answer is a card that you use on a regular basis and do not foresee yourself replacing any time soon. This is a massive resource investment and you want to have the most return and longevity from that particular card.

For example, Reincarnated Anubis 3385 is one card that can be pushed beyond level 99 along with being one of the best leaders in the game. As a result, it may be advantageous to Limit Break Anubis if you plan on using him moving forward.

Where to acquire Super Snow Globes?

Super Snow Globes will now act as a rare invade in Extreme King Metal Dragon!, King Dragon Infestation!, and King Carnival. This applies to Limited Time Dungeons, Coin Dungeons, and mail-reward Dungeons.


Pys are an amazing resource within Puzzle and Dragons as it enables players to skill up their cards without having to farm for their specific skill up material. In fact, Pys have become quite common due to the relative ease of Arena farming and it is not uncommon for players to have max skilled teams.

However, GungHo has now released a Rainbowpy that will provide 2 Skill Ups when fused regardless of the base card’s attribute. Unfortunately, this only come from the new Alt. Arena which will be out of reach for the vast majority of players.

It is still better to mindlessly farm Arena 1 for Skill Ups.

As a side note, I would probably not feed away my Rainbowpy just because of how cute it is.


The Downpy is often referred to as the Sadpy as he looks so sad and probably needs a hug. However, the Downpy provides an interesting mechanic as he enables you to reset a monster’s Skill Level back to 1 when used via Power-Up Fusion.

Now, this seems quite counter intuitive as you spend resources in skilling up your cards but actually has wonderful applications later on.

With the introduction of the Weapon Assists (inherits that transfer active and several awakenings), many players have been equipping these types of inherits to capitalize on the additional awakenings.

However, many of the Weapon Assists come with poor base actives and may have already been skilled up from prior usage. As a result, it can become a bit of a struggle to avoid the inherited skill from becoming charged up. As a result, the Downpy can be used to fully reset the Weapon Assist card back to Skill Level 1 and thus providing a larger window to work with.

While this may seem like a niche scenario for the most part, it will have value moving forward.

With all that being said, I would suggest you do not skill up any card that is not being used to avoid the wasted resources and need to acquire a Downpy if that card gains a Weapon evolution.

Changes to Extra Latent Slot Tamadra

Version 12.3.3 does come with a change to how Extra Latent Slot Tamadras function, but a future update (1-2 months from now) will fully remove the +297 component. Thus, I strongly encourage you to wait for that update and not waste +297’s as we will be needing them for a new mechanic in about 3 months time.

Limited Time Dungeon Button

For just under 5 years, we have had to rely on (wonderful) third party websites/apps to find our Limited Time Dungeon schedule which is strange to say the least. However, we have recently gained a way to check in game but it took several clicks to achieve. Now we will gain a special button in the top right corner to simplify our lives even further.

What a time to be alive.

New evolutions

Version 12.3.3 also comes with several new evolutions along with the implementation of Skill Charge  and Super Follow Up Attack .

Acubens gains a 7 Combo 45 awakening to compliment his God Killer God Killer but may still struggle to find full relevancy at this point in time. Ronove gains a God Killer but will never be able to re achieve his former level of prowess as a leader.

However, the new Weapon Assist for Zaerog grants him either 2 Redeemable Material or 2 Awoken Material Killer awakenings. Most notably is Redeemable Killer as these 2 awakenings enable a card to deal 9x damage to PreDRAs Fire PreDRA which will make their 10 million defense feel like butter and possibly saving you an active skill.

New Ranking Dungeon and Alt. Arena

The Dragon Bound & Dragon Caller Ranking dungeon and Alt. Arena will be making their debut after the update and both of these will be covered in separate postings.


Version 12.3.3 has many exciting features in store for NA/EU. Which aspects are you planning to capitalize upon and who would be your first Limit-Broken card?

Happy Puzzling!

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18 thoughts on “Version 12.3.3 Update and Changes”

  1. I think I’ll have to wait for the next farmable snow globe event to even consider limit breaking anyone, that’s a -lot- of xp.

    While I still find A3 super annoying, I suspect I can build a cheese team for a clear of Alt Arena just to say I did it. Should be interesting.

    -Definitely- looking forward to HNene’s awakening, about time.


      1. I really like the card, but she’s pretty rough to use as a leader due to (obvious) lack of damage control. At least she can do A1 reliably now 🙂

        I think she could work as a board changer on Dark Ideal, since she only has 2 “wasted” row awakenings, but it’s admittedly a bit of a forced fit.

        She’d also be good on a Gremory team, although that’s again a more for fun team and not particularly meta.

        Poor, poor dark row teams.


  2. The first level break card for me will be shivadra. I use it a lot and the 12.5 upgrade just announced will be great for shivadra. An extra tpa would rock.

    After that, King Masterling because… well, King Masterling!


  3. That’s a lot of EXP dude! 😩

    I think the limit-broken feature must be limited to a card that will make appearance in multiple teams.
    So I love Anubis, but I believe my first shot will be Odin Dragon.😎


  4. Hey man! Love your work. You did mention Ronove in this article but I evo’d him to his killer evo and want to know if I made the right choice. He is the card that let me reach end-game content so I have a soft spot for him. I should mention I only use him as a leader still (although rarely). Also if you have any reccs for his team building in the current meta? Currently using killer ronove/kaede/ragdrag/r. kush/r. Isis but I’m sure I could do better


    1. Glad you are finding value in Ronove but I feel the heart cross meta is fadding/dying down as it is hard to accommodate all the various patterns (eg FUA or 7c) efficiently

      In terms of your team, Kush doesn’t serve a purpose and I presume Isis is for dual colour coverage? Kush can be a board/orb changer instead


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