Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine Review and Analysis – December 2017


The Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine is one of the most highly anticipated events to come to NA/EU as it features brand new and powerful monsters who will shift up the end game meta.

There was a great deal of wonder and worry as to whether or not we would be receiving this REM but thankfully, this event somewhat mirrors the Heroine one. This is because both the Heroine and Dragonbound/Caller machines are part of a Collaboration or seasonal event as well as costing 10 Magic Stones per roll.

While 10 stones may seem steep compared to the norm of 5, the Dragonbound and Dragon Caller REM contains incredible cards overall at all rarity values and is worth rolling (heavily) in.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Cards at a glance

Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM Rarities
7-Star Base
6-Star Base     
5-Star Base     

The evolved forms of Ney  will also be available during this event. Full Ney article can be found HERE.

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM Rankings

Artwork Rankings by Pancaaake
S coming soon?
A  still moving
B so probably not
C  but her ideal roll is

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

Powercreep and timing

Powercreep is the notion that newer cards/evolutions tend to outpace/replace older or existing options. This is an essential aspect of any longstanding game and the key to success is releasing it at a steady rate instead of leaps and bounds.

Thankfully, one unique and wonderful aspect of Puzzle and Dragons is that cards go through cyclic patterns of dominance and inadequacy. Thus, a strong card of the past has a decent chance of becoming relevant again in the future.

However, if a new card is released that fulfills the definition of Powercreep, it is always better to acquire them as soon as possible to enjoy their time in the spot light for as long as you can. While the regular REM will always be available, special REMs like the Dragonbound & Dragon Callers are only available for a limited time and then dissappear for prolonged periods.

As a result, if you like any of these cards featured now, it is worth trying to acquire them this and not next cycle as they will be at their peak upon this release.

7-Star base

  Ideal – S
Pros download
Cons x
  • Is the Ideal card to roll
  • Two distinct evolutions
  • Both are amazingly strong
  • Powerful leadership potential
  • Is animated
  • 7-star rarity
  • Difficult evolution decision

Ideal is an incredible card to own and her largest drawback is her 7-star rarity which will prevent most players from rolling one. However, if you are fortunate enough to do so, you will be blessed with one of the strongest cards in the game.

Both forms share the same active skill that causes 2 turns of delay along with a Dark Kali Dark Kali-style board changer. In addition, both Ideals are bind immune.

Light form 

Light Ideal comes with three 7 Combo 45 awakenings. Three is not a typo. This grants far more damage than any Killer awakening as it is unconditional and beautifully stacks with itself to produce 8x damage against any spawn. Presently speaking, combo-oriented teams are some of the strongest at the moment and she would make an Ideal sub on almost any of them.

Looking beyond her ridiculous output, Light Ideal is also able to act as a powerful leader. She scales up to 13x ATK when matching all 6 elements but most of her damage will be coming from 7 Combos. Unfortunately, the major downside of Light Ideal as a leader is a lack of an RCV multiplier as her health is somewhat taken care of by the Enhance Team HP  awakening that will produce +20% total team HP when using dual Light Ideals. Finally, she also grants you +3 seconds to orb movement time.

While the bonus movement time can be seen as a crutch, it can allow you to focus your awakenings more on offensive ones as you have all the time in the world to match.

Dark Ideal 

Dark Ideal retains the same base active skill but trades all three 7 Combo awakenings for two Enhanced Team RCV  and a single Guard Break . While this is a significant downgrade, these awakenings help position herself as a stronger leader. Dark Ideal has a higher scaling multiplier at 15x while also granting 3 bonus seconds to orb movement time. Unfortunately, you require 10 combos for your 15x which is not feasibly on a 6×5 board. Now, pairing with Diablos  is certainly viable, but so many other leaders can do that and arguably stronger overall.

Thus, how can we Ideally use Dark Ideal? Well the answer may partially be found in Li . Li’s active skill acts as a Leader swap so you can enter a dungeon with a 7×6 leader and then swap in your Dark Ideal through a Li inherit (explained more in Li’s section). This will then result in a double Dark Ideal team on a 7×6 board. This means you will consistently high your 225x multiplier while also having +20% HP and +40% RCV with no conditions such as an active skill every turn.

Overall, this is quite formidable as you have easy access to damage through 7 Combo awakenings along with reasonable durability.

The choice of which Ideal to make may be challenging and the simple solution is to roll many duplicates!

6-Star Base

 Weld – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • Best for Weapon assist evo
  • Powerful active skill
  • Grants an extra TPA TPA via assist
  • Average base form
  • Will be mostly used as
    Weapon assist

Weld has an average base form along with a powerful active skill that delays all enemies by 1 turn along with producing an Urd  board. However, his true value lies in his Weapon Assist Evolution.

Through the Weapon Assist Evolution, you are able to not only transfer his powerful active skill but also 3 awakenings: TPA TPA, enhanced water orbs blue + orb, and 5% Fire resist Fire resist.

One of the major problems plaguing various Weapon Assist evolutions is that they often times come with lackluster active skills so it can become challenging to ensure that inherited skill does not fully charge up. Thus, Weld is quite amazing as you will often want the active skill and being able to transfer over a single TPA can push one monster’s damage through the roof.

 Nees – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • 1,405 weighted stats
  • Powerful orb changer
  • 50% HP heal + 5 turn awoken bind clear
  • Leader skill uses 3 colour crosses
  • Beautiful on Kami  teams
  • Pretty
  • 4 awakenings

Nees has an outrageous 1,405 weighted stats which is heavily skewed towards her 9,200 HP. This kind of bulk can work wonders for HP-sensitive teams or those that are struggling to meet a specific threshold. However, Nees will be most at home on Kami  teams. Not only can she produce your 2 required orbs, but you can also restore 50% of your maximum HP to stay above your 80% zone while also having the added utility of 5 turns of Awoken bind clear.

Nees’s awoken bind clearing potential keeps them abreast with Green Odin 3390 but the heal is far more consistent (and larger) while also having a wonderful orb changing component that can be utilized by dark and wood teams. Furthermore, the 10 turn cooldown is manageable despite having several components.

However, Nees has only modest potential as a leader due to the fact that your damage mitigation component is tied to matching wood and dark along with only 4 awakenings.

 Tardis – S
Pros download
Cons x
  • Trivializes Gunma 440
  • Can replace Diaochan 
  • Amazing active skill
  • Provides +30% team RCV
  • 6,021 base HP
  • Inserts Doctor Who reference
  • Not as pretty as Diaochan 

Gunma 440 and Diaochan  are favourable subs for Anubis 3385 teams due to their 1-2 turn cooldown that enables you to trigger your full multiplier every turn. With Gunma you only require 1 but Diaochan requires 2 for consistent activation. This is problematic overall as Gunma boasts poor awakenings and stats while running double Diaochan tends to leave you with low health along with accounting for 1/3 of your active skills.

However, Tardis will be your new go-to choice for active skill clause teams. Not only does he have high weighted stats, but his 6,000 base HP will help you achieve specific thresholds while his 3 Enhanced Team RCV  provides you with +30% RCV. The only advantage Diaochan has over Tardis is her orb unlock which may be critical for specific encounters but will be largely unneeded for most content.

As a leader Tardis is able to produce 100x ATk which may seem underwhelming but it is 100x with an active skill clause. Thus, you only need 1 of your team leaders to be used for their base skill and the other can inherit something of your choice. As a result, you can activate Tardis and then produce 100x damage with no matching requirements/conditions. One could even use this for button farming if lacking Liu Bei  or not wishing to go through the effort to make Pixel Brachy .

 Li – S
Pros download
Cons x
  • Leader swap active
  • Allows for Ganesha 3071/7×6
  • Future of PAD
  • Best card in the event
  • 22 turn cooldown

Li or Rii is perhaps the most game breaking card of the entire REM as she enable you to enter the dungeon with a 7×6 card or Ganesha 3071 and then swap in your real leader of choice.

For example, if you enter the dungeon with Diaochan  (who has a terrible ATK multiplier) to trigger the 7×6 board and then swap in Anubis 3385 while being paired with another Anubis. This extends to almost any other leader as it is usually advantageous to play on a 7×6 board.

However, it may become challenging without  Coop mode to fully capitalize on Li. This is because the 22 turn cooldown must be inherited on top of your leader of choice. Thus, if you were wanting to use Blue Hunter , you would to deal with a 5+22=27 turn cooldown before you can swap back for optimal performance.

As a result, it may be challenging to stall for your leader swap without the comforts of 2P coop and shared Skill Boosts. However, this can still result in prolonged stalling as subs charge up at half the rate in Coop.

If one wishes to maximize their rank experience/gold gained, they can utilize Ganesha as their leader and swap to ensure sufficient damage. This enables you to chain rank ups more efficiently or help an alternate account catch up to your main.

Essentially, the possibilities for Li swapping are endless and has tremendous staying power moving forward as it will be hard to top this mechanic.

 Enra – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • Three 7 Combo 45
  • Removes hazard orbs
  • Double orb changer that leaves hearts
  • Kind of like Yog  as a leader
  • 7 awakenings
  • HP clause with no self heal
  • 144x ATK

Enra is another triple 7 Combo awakening card that comes with an amazingly strong active skill. Double orb changers tend to remove heart orbs but Enra leaves them along with converting Jammers and Poisons into heart orbs. This can be amazing for mono-fire teams who may wish to flood the board with Fire orbs but one must exercise caution if used on combo teams.

Assuming you wish to use Enra as a sub on combo teams, it may be advantageous to use an inherit in order to avoid fire overflow from too many orbs becoming fire and thus lowering your combo potential. However, you can simply exercise caution and not activate until an appropriate board arises.

Active skill aside, Enra will be able to deal spectacular damage when hitting 7 combos and may possibly be your hardest hitting card on your team.

5-Star Base

 Rathios – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • Assist evolution available
  • Multi purpose active
  • Light rows may help Yog  teams
  • Not as flashy as other 5*
  • Mostly an Assist Evolution

Rathios is the first 5-star of the Dragonbound Caller REM and comes with an optional Assist evolution . One of the main purposes with Assist Evolutions is to add additional awakenings (and stats) to an existing card. Having a beneficial active skill can almost be seen as a bonus.

Thus, Rathios can be a solution for Yog  teams that require just a little bit more damage in Cosmic Trinity or other challenging content. The 2 additional Light rows Light Row gained via Assist can contribute modest damage which could be the difference between failure or success. Thus, inheriting Rathios onto Yog can result in a higher damage output and leaving Rathios unskilled to ensure you do not overwrite your base skill.

However, Rathios does not have a terrible base active as the columns of Light and Fire orbs can have meaning on Kenshin and Ilm/Ilmina teams while the 35% damage reduction can help you survive incoming damage.

While Rathios may not be as flashy as other options, he is still a solid card overall.

No.6 – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • 3 God Killers God Killer
  • No Skyfall active
  • Spawns fire orbs
  • Only effective against Gods

No.6 is the only card in the game to boast 3 God Killer awakenings which results in him dealing 27x ATK to those spawns. This can trivialize various encounters as you are able to deal outrageous amounts of damage with a single card. Naturally, he is only effective in these scenarios but is well worth owning when moving forward through challenging content.

The newer challenge dungeons have begun to introduce spawns with silly amounts of health that can be hard to overcome without Killer awakenings.

In addition to his triple Killers, No.6’s base active is quite interesting. Being able to spawn 7 fire orbs at random on a 5-turn cooldown has great value and the no Skyfall clause may not necessarily be a downside.

By voiding Skyfalls, you are effectively saying that you are confident in your given board and do not require any additional combos/luck to deal sufficient damage. However, by stopping skyfalls, you can exercise perfect damage control or prevent any colour absorbs from occurring. I have been the victim of far too many light Skyfalls against a Light absorbing boss after changing away all light orbs on the board. As a result, No.6 can prevent this scenario from ever happening as well as speeding up clear times.

All in all, No.6 has tremendous staying power moving forward and will be a fantastic addition to your Monster Box moving forward.

Kiri – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • 3 Dragon Killers Dragon Killer
  • Active changes Boss to Fire attribute
  • Cheesable as a leader
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Cheese teams are not for
    lactose intolerant/impatient players
  • 16 turn cooldown

Kiri is like No.6 except she obliterates all Dragon type encounters. This may be seen as overkill but may be vital to the success when playing through new and challenging content. Kiri has wonderful applications on efficient farming teams that wish to quickly speed through content.

However, Kiri does possess an interesting Active and Leader skill synergy. Being able to change a Boss’s attribute to a different colour can be used as a pseudo damage enhance but is more often used for Cheese teams.

Cheese teams are able to not take any damage and gently chip down the opposing boss. However, some scenarios require you to stall of more than 999 turns and is not for every player. In the case of Kiri, her cheesing potential comes from her ability to change the Boss to Fire and then resist 75% damage on her own. Thus, dual leaders will enable 93.75% damage reduction. This essentially makes you semi-immortal as it would require a massive attack to kill you. However, the playstyle is long and grindy along with being completely void if your leaders become bound.

When bound, you lose access to your damage mitigation and are subsequently killed. This forces you to bring a bind clear of some sorts which inevitably slows you down. Thus, when compared with Minerva 3238, Kiri wins out in the damage department but is less consistent due to binds.

Kulia – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • Julia but with a K
  • Can be used to produce higher combo count boards
  • Time extend buff active
  • Pretty
  • Arguably the worst in the event
  • Worse than Shantotto Shantotto for bonus combos

It was inevitable that this event would have a weak card but even though Kulia is the weakest overall, she can still add value to your box.

For many full-board farming teams, their biggest hurdle is overcoming combo shields. Thus, they often rely on active skills that spawn fixed amounts of orbs in predetermined places. This results in a guaranteed number of combos and more efficient farming overall.

However, most of the best actives come from Collabs which are often under-rolled by the average player. As a result, it is quite likely that one may not have a solution in their Monster Box. Thus, Kulia can be of use as she can help you achieve a 6 combo board after using a full board changer like Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios.

 Shazel – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • 3 Devil Killer Devil killer awakenings
  • Efficient orb changer
  • Does not remove heart orbs
  • 7×6 Leader Skill
  • Changing dark to wood is
    not always ideal

Shazel is another amazing card like Kiri and No.6 as she possesses triple Devil Killer Devil killer awakenings. This enables her to deal 27x damage to devil spawns. As a result, you can somewhat replace Mito  unless you needed the bind immunity and shorter base active.

However, Shazel can offer more interesting utility than a Devil killing machine. She can be useful for her orb changing potential as she can convert dark and hazard orbs to wood. This can have some benefits on wood teams but may not be as ideal when using multi colour teams as you may be losing out on overall damage. However, not removing heart orbs is usually a positive scenario.

Finally, in the spirit of Li  and her leader swapping active, you can use Shazel as a 7×6 leader while also having merits as a sub when swapped back.

What I plan to do

Perhaps this section can be useful moving forward as readers often ask me what I plan to do in this event. For the most part, I am conservative with my Stones and only try to roll when there is significant value to be had.

With that in mind, I plan to liberally roll in this event as I have just over 100 Magic Stones.

My top prize would be Li  as her leader swapping active will be relevant for a long time to come.


The Dragonbound Caller event is one of the strongest and most highly anticipated REMs to come to NA/EU. Compared to the Heroine REM, the Dragonbounds have more value overall across all rarities as essentially every roll has a purpose.

As a result, I would highly encourage you to roll in this event as it will grant you access to cards that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Let me know what you think about the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine as a whole and how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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80 thoughts on “Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine Review and Analysis – December 2017”

      1. Yeah, It did sneak up on us. But so far, I rolled two Kulia’s, a W/D Ney (and loving her as a my green lead) and a Rathios. I plan to roll one more time in hopes of something juicy.


  1. I have saved 100 magic stones for this,(would’ve been 130, but I wanted to roll in the GFE) I wanted this REM for such a long time, hope I get my cuties


  2. I rolled in the godfest 6 times before the news, and even after hearing the news, I don’t regret rolling (3 6* godfest exclusives)!


  3. Hey!

    I deleted the game over the summer (I spent an entire day doing Wednesday dungeon for masks to revo liu bei (which was new at the time I think) and after grinding for an entire day, I had not collected enough and I was really mad… I had like 350 stamina!!!), now I’m kind of regretting my decisions. Is it worth trying to get my account back and if so, how do I do so? also is the game still fun? did I miss out on a ton of free stuff?
    sorry of this is off topic, but thanks for help


    1. I forgot to mention I was quite advanced ( I forgot what level though…) I had a pretty good Dathena team and revo Anubis (are they both any good anymore? Once again, thx


    2. If you just lost your account yesterday then yes, you don’t even need the secret code, just email the support, fill in blanks they provide (mostly about your rank, account, recent leader, recent dungeon, blabla) and you are good to go. The supporters are nice, I did this once and got my precious account back!
      But in your case, I think you must provide your secret code, it might have been too long and they can’t track down your acc like it was in my case. Still, just email them and hope for the best 🙂
      As for the game, the only thing I can say is that Anubis and Diablos team is wreaking stuff atm. There are not many freebies recently so I believe you don’t potentially lose anything at all. Just remember to preserve your secret code for later use (I know they warned this several times but still).


    3. I had a similar situation happen to me but luckily I had a padx account which had my secret code and i was able to get my account back


  4. I rolled Kulia “the weakest overall” but I can console myself by thinking that with the 6×7 meta now being so popular, a card that makes two columns plus a time extend is an easy way to get a guaranteed seven combos. Probably more if I spend some time thinking.


    1. Same situation, I’m probably going to stick with light as I have an Anubis which functions similarly to Dark Ideal and I would like to start playing Rainbow again. Although I need to buy ragdrags in that case since after 3-4 years playing, Ideal is my only DKali board active


  5. I got Li but I don’t play much multiplayer so I’m not all that excited. I love the mechanic but I’m just not sure it’ll be useful in solo. Perhaps I just need to do more multiplayer.


    1. I feel that she performs just as well solo than Multiplayer. But I guess it depends on the content and the ability to stall on an early floor


  6. I got Enra and Chazel for the free pulls on my main. I have enough stones for 7 more, but I’m afraid my luck is spent for today. Are you and Pancake doing a rolling video? I love those! (Big money)


  7. I pulled two Li’s and I also pulled a Tardis for my Revo Anubis team. Didn’t get Ideal tho. Makes me sad but well I’m fine since I got 3 neys and cotton from the last godfest.


  8. Pre-emptively spent some xmas money and rolled a pack and a half… got Ideal, Li, couple Enras, and a bunch of 5 stars (PLZ NO MORE SHAZELS). Pretty good luck, both Ideal and Enra look like fun leaders (especially since I’m one of the Yog-less).


  9. Rolled 16 times and got 2 Neys a Li, Tardis, Enra, and Weld. The rest were 5 stars. So about a 33% hit rate. Im not too sad. Really wanted ideal…


  10. Make that 7 Kulias. I’d be willing to bet they rigged US IPs to have the lowest possible hit rate on decent eggs to make up for having to disclose their rates in other countries. I’m officially done with this game


  11. Do you think double Enra leaders with Awoken Uriel, Awoken Yamato, Urd, and Awoken Krishna/revo Leilan subs is a good team? lots of 7c awakenings and orb changers as well as the heal on Uriel


    1. To use Enra successfully, you should be running a Uriel active/inherit on your team to mimic the Yog base skill

      As for the rest of your team, the only concern is a lack of time extends so just be mindful of that when pursuing 7c


  12. Rank 50 roll: Rathios
    Ultimate Endless roll: No.6

    I think I’ll leave it at that, and at 10 stones a pull the odds are stacked against me. If Mantastic rolls Ideal, I’ll roll some more.


      1. By your suggestion, I decided to go for broke:


        There’s still time to gather more magic stones; is it worth continuing for Shazel?


          1. I already got No. 6 from the Ultimate Endless roll. And I’m not likely to roll Ideal, so I think I’ll save the rest of my stones for the next Godfest and Christmas machine.


  13. Just pulled Ideal, she’s already hyper maxed, but now I don’t know what evo is the best for me.

    Right now I’m extremely busy, I just finished ney evo, and now i’m working in the tedious Odin dragon evo, so I think I’ll keep her “in the light” until I figure out where I gonna use her.


    1. The dark version seems built to go with Li for a 7×6 board, but that level of stalling each run seems kind of onerous to me. Light is already really powerful, so I’m sticking with that form for now.


    2. If it is your first Ideal, you Ideally want to keep her Light as it is more universally beneficial. Dark Ideal has decent leadership potential but pales compared to other options overall.


  14. I managed to roll Tardis and dumped one Diaochan on my Anubis team…..question is, who do I replace the second with?
    As to all the multi-Kulia rollers here – I know, right? You’d think with 5 star being 5 star, we’d roll more variety, but I rolled twice as many Kulias as any other card with identical rarity! On both my main and alt. Every time I farmed up enough stones for a roll I was like…. please no more…nnnnnnNNNNOOOO, another Kulia!!!


    1. Not Julia with a K!

      As for Tardis replacing, the second Diaochan can be changed to whatever you need to counter the dungeon at hand.

      You will probably want a FUA somewhere, tardis, flex, flex based on what the dungeon throws at you. The main idea with Tardis is that he occupies only 1 sub slot


  15. Hi Mantastic. Ive been watching all of your videos man. Great work. I use Shivagon for all my speed farming. Do you think Enra is a stronger card than Shivagon. Should i replace Shiva Dragon with her?


    1. Enra’s definitely stronger than Shivagon, but you need to try her out before using her for farming. You have a) keep your health full, b) 7-combo, and c) need 6 orbs instead of just 4. So while she -might- work better for some farming (especially if power is an issue), I find her to be a bit high maintenance. YMMV of course.


    2. For mindless farming, Shiva Dragon is probably better (assuming solo mode n not ALB buttoning)

      Enra as pointed out by frontend requires far more effort to trigger along with being more orb hungry. She is like Yog but wants combos as she has lower multiplier while also not having a self heal, equally orb hungry, and HP clause


  16. Knees should be rated higher
    HP is over 9000
    my 3 pulls:
    Free Pull Kulia
    If you clear this dungeon:Knees
    But I was hoping for Ideal or Li…
    Or Tardis for my Anubis team.


  17. I’ve kept going with the pulls on both accounts. Some pretty good luck after the initial day. Both got Enra, which is nice. My main got Li and my alt got Ideal.

    Which is great, but I really hope i get a Tardis(or 1 on each account) before the event ends.


  18. I rolled:

    Kulia x 2

    I have set Li as my assist monster for Ideal, but I find it difficult creating a team that can stall for 35 turns in end game dungeons so I can switch Ideal in for the 7×6 board. I have Pixel Tifa, Diochen, Ilminia, Sima Yi, and Halloween Ruel that can set up the 7×6, but how can one stay alive for that long! Has anyone tested this assist combo with end game success and consistency?




    1. With Li, you try and put her on a 7×6 leader who ideally has value for your team Eg. on Rushna teams using Ma Chao as your 7×6 n Li on Rushna (who has a shorter cd)

      Thus, you need to figure out which leader you want to use and from those listed cards, choose the most synergistic for your 7×6


  19. …and as soon as I posted that I decided that i decided to roll one more time since my husband did, and I got Ideal. Nice play, Gung-ho. Keep me hanging on.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Sorry for late post lol, just wanted to share DBDC pulls
    Me sniping for Li and Ideal basically turned out like this:

    No.6 😀
    Kulia 😦
    Kiri 😀
    Rathios :/
    WELD… first one I guess
    Rathios… cool, got both splits
    Shazel 😀
    Shazel 🙂
    G-NEY!!! GUNGHO PLEZ TAKE MY MONEY (a pack later)
    Shazel :/
    Shazel 😦
    Kiri 😀 Cool
    Shazel… My gawd, fuck off (sorry for explicit language lol)
    NEES!!!… wait is she even relevant?
    Kiri 😀 Still good, 100% waifu material
    Kulia… Jeez, get lost
    TARDIS again… … awkward
    Rathios… Two is enough, thanks
    NEES!!!… Knees
    Kiri :D… wait I’m out of stones?

    So, yeah. Pulled literally everyone but my two desired pulls. Not that I can’t live with these pulls, but it’s still pretty troll. On a positive note, pulled Iori Yagami today!!!


  21. I have 7 dragon caller and dragonbound ppl. I’m trying to figure out which one is best to lead. I have nees, kiri, kulia, no.6, shazel, blue dragon caller sonia, and sonia gran reverse. If you could please give me tips on who should lead and who i should run with that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  22. A bit late to be commenting on this, but I’ve been thinking that Aten is the perfect lead to start a dungeon with if I plan to swap someone else in as lead with Li. 7×6 board and his low AS cooldown allows me to inherit anything I want onto him to have the inherited skill available by the time I make the swap. Probably Aten with Fujin assist, BHunter with Li… thoughts?


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