I am Moving again, 5 Million Website views, and 1,500 Day Box Tour Coming Soon!

My life has been quite hectic this past week and I finally get to move out of MOMtastic’s condo and begin painting my new place today! As a result, I may be more absent than usual as I am painting and moving this next week but I will still try to reply to comments if possible.

On a different note, I managed to hit 5 million website views! This feels like a monumental milestone and I could not have achieved this without your continuous support. So thank you once again for visiting my site and contributing your voice to the discussion.

Happy Puzzling!

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Full image if anyone is wondering or wants to have a sweet new phone wallpaper.

5 thoughts on “I am Moving again, 5 Million Website views, and 1,500 Day Box Tour Coming Soon!”

  1. Hello, I’m a bit indecisive on whether I should roll this godfest with the 30 stones I saved or save for diablos. I play with myself like 99% of the time and have been using Anubis and BH a lot but sadly I don’t have a diablos or a good 7×6 lead on any of my alt. Which made me want to save for diablos. Neither do I have cotton nor nay and only yog,
    What do you think would be most beneficial for my coop experience?
    Thank you.


    1. I’m not Mantastic but I’ll chime in anyway. I think you should look on reddit or discord for some diabolos friends and possibly offer up your next BF reset to the people who are most consistently using Diabolos. Having 30 stones and trying to bank on getting diabolos is possibly but unlikely. You’re better off using the 30 stones for the new Dragonbound series that will be out next week and getting some of those monsters. Yog and BH are enough for decent coop and if you get Rii you’ll be able to have more 7×6 options.


    2. It may be better to roll in the Dragonbound REM as it has amazing value across all rarities. Gunning for Diablos is not a realistic prospect as he is the top rarity card and MH has less overall value compared to Dragonbound.

      As mentioned by someone else, it would be in your best interest to try and Best Friend more Diablos players


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