Greco-Roman 3 Review


The Greco-Roman 3 series is a new Pantheon consisting of 6-star base cards. This means they will harder to roll than other Pantheon cards but are compensated by powerful actives and awakenings.

While the series has 5 different cards, you essentially have 10 different monsters as the active skill dramatically changes from base to Awoken form.

This article will summerize my thoughts on the series as well as provide advice as how to maximize their performance.

Video commentary

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Two distinct forms

The Greco-Roman 3 Pantheon is similar to the Samurai 2 in that their base and Awoken form dramatically changes their usage.

Base form     

The base form of the Greco-Roman 3 Pantheon all possess a 4-elemental board changer (that makes hearts) along with 1 turn of colour absorb void. This means you are able to bypass encounters like Noah Dragon a bit more more easily as you can void/ignore the colour absorption mechanic.

This active comes on a 15 turn cooldown which is well justified for the two effects given. Furthermore, you are able to utilize the board changer all the time which helps provide value when facing spawns without the colour absorb.

Just be aware that all of the base forms have low weighted stats and 4 awakenings which will relegate them to Inheritance status.

Awoken form     

The Awoken forms of the Greco-Roman 3 series adds more awakenings, weighted stats, and a different active skill. This enables them to work as either a sub or inherit based on the situation at hand.

Looking at their active skills, they all retain their 4-elemental board changer but instead of a colour absorb void, it imposes a No Skyfall clause for 1 turn.

As a result, you have perfect damage control along with preventing a new colour from Skyfalling into place. Thus, you have pseudo colour absorb voiding as only the given elements can be matched that turn. Furthermore, the No Skyfall clause is often viewed as a negative when determining cooldowns and shorted the Greco-Roman 3’s to only 7 turns.

In terms of overall power/potency, Cronus  and Uranus  are the two strongest due to their triple 7 Combo 45 awakenings. These awakenings enable them to deal 8x damage when achieving 7 or more combos and can be instrumental in clearing end game content.

With that being said, acknowledgement should be made for Hestia  as she has Follow Up Attack , bind immunity, and 3 Enhanced Orb +heart awakenings. This enables her to provide a significant healing boost when matching a TPA (4-connected) hearts due to the recent buff to that awakening.


The Greco-Roman 3 Pantheon provides new and exciting cards that can help round out your Monster Box. The ability to void Colour absorbs can be crucial for speed farming teams while also having the option to use them as potent subs.

It is also nice that these are Pantheon cards so they should be a bit easier to acquire and utilize compared to the large array of Godfest Exclusives.

Happy Puzzling!

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17 thoughts on “Greco-Roman 3 Review”

  1. Rolled some xmas money and saved stones, around 2 packs. Didn’t get a single one of these guys, wth. On the flip side I got (my first) 2 Yogs, and 3(!) Cottons. Love/hate relationship with the REM remains strong.


      1. Dark Cotton is a given for FUA, and then Light and Blue are the other strong candidates. I play green and red the least, so I’ll have to do some R&D and figure out if I’d ever use those variants.


  2. Hey, any plans to talk about the L enhance, L unlock, fog and strip immunity, 12 awakens for norse reincarnates (loki, idun, freya)

    Its like they snuck those in overnight


  3. Oh good. I got another Red Effing Knight Effing Nim to add to my Effing Knight Pile that Gungho thinks I want.

    “Excellent, another effing Knight” said precisely no-one, ever.


  4. Rolled a bit and happily got Cronus and Tethys. Also managed to pull my first Yog, but because I don’t have any light damage void cards or Fuijin, I feel like I’m hard pressed to figure how to team build for newer content (1st world problems, haha). Any tips on building a Yog team without those things, or should I just wait until FF comes back?


    1. Yog can still be built to smash through shorter content that has large damage requirements.

      The Pixels are for Cosmic Trinity farming and you can always find a friend with the correct set up

      I would flexibly use Yog to tackle harder content as you can mix and match as needed


      1. Thank you for your response. I suppose I was so fixated on trying to use Yog for Cosmic Trinity and Arena that I didn’t think about his uses for other things. I’m super self-conscious, so I rarely head into 3P, much less look for friends with the right setup to tackle that stuff.

        Anyway, with a team of Ilmina, Ilm, UltEvo Wukong, and a flex slot, I’ve been making short work of tough shorter dungeons for certain, and I imagine he’ll be super useful for the upcoming January quests.


  5. I was pretty tapped out after the dragonbound so i only managed to scrounge together enough for a pull on day 1. Quite happy though as that one pull was Kami.


  6. I got Tethys. Was happy about in the 1st moment. Looks like a good inherit for Ameno. Then I realized that she is not able to produce light orbs. White having no blue team, she will die in my box.


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