King of Fighters Collab is Coming to NA/EU


In a surprise turn of events, GungHo is releasing King of Fighters Collab across all regions at the same time. This goes against the norm of 2-3 month delay and in theory positions these cards well against Powercreep for NA/EU.

This is because we are used to receiving cards 2-3 months after JP and by having them now, it helps “future-proof” them for a longer time. As a result, these cards are quite powerful along with opening up new opportunities for Monster Box compositions.

Video commentary

At this point in time, puzzledragonx does not have the cards on their database which makes it challenging for me to make a review as I rely on their information and icons to do so.

As a result, I made a psuedo-First Impressions video based on GHNA’s Facebook announcement. The information within and the comments section should help give a relative idea of what to expect.

Written commentary

I enjoy the process I have for writing articles but with the padx delay and personal health issues (I have been unable to properly walk let alone stand up since last Sunday and sitting is horribly painful), it has made it challenging to create content.

However, I will try to summerize the key points from the above video as some viewers prefer a written format to consume information.


The King of Fighters Collab only features 5 and 6-star cards which makes it somewhat similar to Dragonbound and Dragon Caller (DBDC) REM. Thus, it would be a reasonably safe to assume the rates could be similar for the two different rarities.

Unfortunately, almost all of the value is focused on the 6-stars while leaving the 5-stars somewhat lagging behind. This can cause strains for newer/budget players as you may have leave empty handed with only a few rolls. The DBDC event had tremendous value at the lowest rarity and was one motivation to heavily roll. As a result, it is harder to push for liberal Magic Stone usage for the average player due to King of Fighters being top-heavy.

Pixel evolutions

Pixel evolutions introduced the Box  awakening that enables the owning card to gain bonus damage and ignore Damage Void mechanics. This has led to specialized teams being made to counter various spawns as they can be built around that one card’s unique capabilities and one shot lethal encounters.

However, not all Pixel cards are created equally and arguably require other specific awakenings to shine.

Pixel cards are expected to one shot an opposing boss and must do so on their own as all the other card’s damage will be voided. Thus, the Pixel card needs to have additional damaging awakenings to deal sufficient damage. As a result, it is ideal if they possess any combination of TPA TPA, 7 Combo 45, and Killer awakenings. All of these can propel their personal damage output and help ensure you sweep the floor.

Sadly, non of the King of Fighter cards have a Pixel evolution with these ideal awakenings and are stronger in their ultimate evolution form.

With that being said, the Pixel forms have amusing animations and icons.

Top prizes

The top prize of the King of Fighters Collab wil be Leona Heidern for her Fujin 3414 style active and 4 Killer awakenings. Not only will she help you bypass absorb bosses, she can also provide massive damage against popular spawns as well as owning Skill Charge  to help build up her active faster.

Aside from Leona, Kyo Kusanagi will be another amazing card to own for his offensive awakenings and powerful board changer. Presently speaking, only Yog  can produce a bi-elemental board with Heart orbs. This results in massive burst damage and healing capabilities. Thus, Kyo is able to perform admirably well with his Fire/Heart board changer that also provides a Fire orb skyfall buff.


The King of Fighters Collab comes as a Christmas miracle for NA/EU players. While the roster is not as flashy as the Dragonbound and Dragon Caller REM, it still has desirable cards at the 6-star rarity.

Unfortunately, the lack of value within the 5-stars may put off many players as they may have used most of their stones in the DBDC event.

Let me know what you think about King of Fighters Collab and if you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling and Merry Christmas!

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16 thoughts on “King of Fighters Collab is Coming to NA/EU”

  1. Thank you for all your hard work and effort! Also, doesn’t Pixel Iori Yagami have 7c awakening? I don’t have any of the 6 star FF pixels, so would the Iori I just pulled fufill that role on my Anublos team?


  2. Excellent analysis as usual. Just wanted to report that i have had great luck for the first time in a very long time on this game. I rolled 3 times and got Ryo and Leona. Merry Christmas indeed!


  3. I went a little crazy with rolling, but i got some great stuff. Kyo, Ryo, Iori, Terry and Leona.

    I am ecstatic about Leona as she is my first void damage absorb. So she does have some inherit ability. But beyond that, she is actually a great sub. Time extends, and multiple killers means she fits on my Ideal/Roots team and isn’t lacking firepower. Then her skill charge is amazing on that rainbow team for getting charged up. The secondary part of skill, the 3x Atk for Attackers and Devils means I can do a spike when needed.

    I ran the team in machine Athena and it was a cakewalk.

    Both my primary and secondary accounts got Iori. While I know you don’t place that much value on him as a leader due to consistency, he is a fun leader and can clear a lot of content. of course being able to MP with my 2 accounts makes using him much easier.

    As you mentioned, Kyo is pretty amazing and has found a permanent home on my Enra Team. Ryo and Terry i haven’t really used but its nice that i have a bind/awoken bind clear in Terry who is Fire/Light.

    Finally, i feel that the dungeon itself is pretty awesome. A free tamadra for 25 stamina(in MP) along with the ability to max skill my drops is pretty sweet. Since it was in conjunction with a 4x Machine technical event, it meant i could farm skill ups/tamadras, then pop over to machine hera to level up and keep going.

    For me, one of the better collabs.


    1. Wow congrats on your good fortune!

      Which team did you use for Machine Athena? And I do agree that Leona is a fantastic card. It is rare for a card to have 2, let alone 4 Killer awakenings and she is arguably the best of the Fujin-style actives to use as a sub

      It is also quite nice you managed to snag Lori on both accounts! I kind of felt the same way when both accounts got Meri as she is still their top collab roll.

      As for the dungeon itself, it is significantly shorter so it is cleared quickly and if you are gunning for skill ups, the Tamadra can be a nice boon to have


  4. I did 2 player for MAthena farming.

    Saria (any FUA Dragon or Devil card)

    Dark Kali
    Momiji (again, any FUA Dragon or Devil)
    Awoken Sarasvati

    Most floors were killed with whatever given board there was. There are enough killers and 7C on my team that even if i don’t meet Ideal’s full rainbow requirement, as long as i get at least 3 colours and at least 7 combos, most floors die.

    Only skills used were orochi on the puppet master, a board changer with heals for FUA on Star Justice, Roots for a rainbow board vs athena and Leona for absorb.


      1. Yeah, I do prefer Machine Hera for farming too. I do 2P Meri build that works out well (though stalling for the 5 turns of water absorb on the 6th floor is annoying.) I’m sure i could find a faster build, but its super reliable.

        Basically I needed 1 Machine Athena so I could max Evo Ragnarok Dragon(should have all mats in the next few days). So I haven’t gone back to do that dungeon.


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