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King of Fighters Collab is Coming to NA/EU


In a surprise turn of events, GungHo is releasing King of Fighters Collab across all regions at the same time. This goes against the norm of 2-3 month delay and in theory positions these cards well against Powercreep for NA/EU.

This is because we are used to receiving cards 2-3 months after JP and by having them now, it helps “future-proof” them for a longer time. As a result, these cards are quite powerful along with opening up new opportunities for Monster Box compositions.

Video commentary

At this point in time, puzzledragonx does not have the cards on their database which makes it challenging for me to make a review as I rely on their information and icons to do so.

As a result, I made a psuedo-First Impressions video based on GHNA’s Facebook announcement. The information within and the comments section should help give a relative idea of what to expect.

Written commentary

I enjoy the process I have for writing articles but with the padx delay and personal health issues (I have been unable to properly walk let alone stand up since last Sunday and sitting is horribly painful), it has made it challenging to create content. Continue reading King of Fighters Collab is Coming to NA/EU