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PAD Island REMDra Descended Arrives!


Starting on Monday, October 8, the North American server will enjoy a beach-themed Gatcha-Dragon event in which players can participate for lucrative individual and server-wide rewards.

The event lasts for a week and comes in two difficulties with each one having a chance for an Egg MachineDra to spawn. Each successful clear with an Egg MachineDra appearance will count towards your personal progression as well as the server total and once certain thresholds have been met, rewards will be distributed.

This is a wonderful event as it gives players of various levels of progression the chance to grind towards something meaningful.

With that being said, there is the chance that players will receive 2 free pull in the Beach REM which means one should hold off on using the Monster Exchange system in case fortune smiles upon you.

Just be aware that the dungeon follows a Limited Time Dungeon (LTD) format so one must check each day to see their play times.

Video commentary

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How it works

The Beach/PAD Island REMDra Descended functions like the previous REMDra event North America had last April in that players have the opportunity to play for both personal and server-wide rewards. Continue reading PAD Island REMDra Descended Arrives!


[Guide] Egg MachineDra Challenge


North America has finally gained access to the exciting Egg MachineDra. This event runs from Monday, April 23 until Sunday, April 29 and has two types of rewards: personal and server-wide.

In essence, players enter one of three different difficulties and hope a special Egg Machine invades. These comes in three distinct forms and corresponds to the difficulty entered. However, as these are invades, their appearance is not guaranteed so one may have to attempt the same dungeon numerous times until one spawns.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Egg MachineDra Chalenge in order to not miss out on all of the Fantastic rewards available.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

Values of dungeon spawns (in Japanese) can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Dungeon difficulty

The Egg MachineDra Challenge will feature three distinct difficulties that allow players across all skill levels to participate. This is important as a brand new player will still be able to enjoy the event and some of the rewards as the bottom difficulty can be cleared by virtually anything. Continue reading [Guide] Egg MachineDra Challenge