REMDra Descended Returns to NA!


Starting on Wednesday, January 2, the North American server will enjoy another Gatcha-Dragon event in which players can participate for lucrative individual and server-wide rewards.

The event lasts for a week and comes in two difficulties with each one having a chance for an Egg MachineDra to spawn. Each successful clear with an Egg MachineDra appearance will count towards your personal progression as well as the server total and once certain thresholds have been met, rewards will be distributed.

This is a wonderful event as it gives players of various levels of progression the chance to grind towards something meaningful.

With that being said, there is the chance that players will receive 2 free pull in the Heroine REM which means one should hold off on using the Monster Exchange system in case fortune smiles upon you.

Just be aware that the dungeon follows a Limited Time Dungeon (LTD) format so one must check each day to see their play times. This can be done in game via the LTD tab.

Video commentary

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How it works

The Descended functions like the previous REMDra event North America had last October in that players have the opportunity to play for both personal and server-wide rewards.

Within each difficulty, there will be the chance to encounter a special Egg MachineDra spawn that when successfully killed/cleared, will contribute to your own personal and server-wide progression Victory Count. Just be aware that these Egg Machine spawns are not guaranteed so one will have to run the dungeon multiple times over the course of the event.

Victory Counts will only increase if an Egg MachineDra was encountered and the dungeon was cleared.

Limited Time Dungeon

Limited Time Dungeons (LTD) are dungeons that only appear for three hours at a time randomly throughout the day. This can be quite frustrating as it can force players to build their schedule around PAD instead of the other way around. As such, the REMDra event follows a LTD format so it cannot be cleared when is convenient for players. One can check their schedule in game by clicking the LTD button in the top right corner.

Personal rewards

There are three types of Egg MachineDra spawns: PEMDra, REMDra, and Sonia REMDra. In order to receive the maximum personal rewards, players must successfully encounter each one 7 times. Doing so will unlock the following rewards along with a Rainbow Event Medal :eventmedal:.

Server rewards

With each successful encounter and clear of an Egg MachineDra, players will not only help their personal progression, but the progression of the server.

When enough Egg MachineDras are cleared, all players will receive a special bonus that includes a special Evolution Gem pull, a regular REM pull, and a Heroine REM pull. Each reward can be achieved twice provided the Round 2 total of 120,000 is met.

Just remember that the Victory Count will only increase if you killed an Egg MachineDra and completed the dungeon.

Due to the fact that these may be completed in any order, we may receive each reward at an unpredictable schedule. With that being said, we have historically received the highest tier reward last due to the lower spawn rate.

You can check both your personal and server-wide progression levels in game.

What to do with Egg MachineDra drops?

Each of the Egg MachineDra drops can be used for Monster Experience; however, selling them for Monster Points is the best thing to do with them.

With that being said, you can always keep 1 as a trophy.


All dungeon difficulties can be completed in Coop and this will both lessen the degree of difficulty and save 50% of your stamina. Furthermore, if a Egg MachineDra were to appear and drop, both players will receive progression for their personal completion along with contributing to the server-wide tally. Thus, a drop in Coop will yield 2 total victories for the server. One thing to consider is that the dungeon can be swipe farmed for even more efficiency.

Another thing to remember is that if your coop partner has a different LTD schedule, you can play during their time and thus expanding the window of opportunity to farm Egg MachineDras.


The REMDra is an exciting event as it gives players another chance to acquire a Rainbow Event Medal along with lucrative personal and server-wide rewards.

If each player is able to achieve their 7 clears for each Egg MachineDra, there is a strong likelihood that we will receive the full server rewards.

Let me know what you think about REMDra event in the comments below along with who you rolled for your server-wide rewards.

Happy Puzzling!

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17 thoughts on “REMDra Descended Returns to NA!”

  1. Always enjoy your content! This is my favorite event, too. 🙂 Maybe I missed it above but I see this: “Players will receive 1 Super Snow Globe Dragon after defeating 3 of each type of Egg”


  2. Are the REMDra/PEMDra/SoniaDras useful for anything? They show as Redeemable type, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to sell them or exchange them or what.


  3. This event is the best Im a f2p player and had rolled in 7 times for mel…and got her in the free heroine roll!..btw thanks for the article I didnt understood a thing before I read this XD


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