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North America has finally gained access to the exciting Egg MachineDra. This event runs from Monday, April 23 until Sunday, April 29 and has two types of rewards: personal and server-wide.

In essence, players enter one of three different difficulties and hope a special Egg Machine invades. These comes in three distinct forms and corresponds to the difficulty entered. However, as these are invades, their appearance is not guaranteed so one may have to attempt the same dungeon numerous times until one spawns.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Egg MachineDra Chalenge in order to not miss out on all of the Fantastic rewards available.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

Values of dungeon spawns (in Japanese) can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Dungeon difficulty

The Egg MachineDra Challenge will feature three distinct difficulties that allow players across all skill levels to participate. This is important as a brand new player will still be able to enjoy the event and some of the rewards as the bottom difficulty can be cleared by virtually anything.

With that being said, even more veteran players will need to play all difficulty levels to earn each tier of rewards (explained below).

Thankfully, even the highest difficulty is manageable overall and has deflated stats compared to Ultimate Descend Rush which is what is currently being displayed by PADx. With this in mind, the actual damage numbers are significantly lower and will enable players to clear the dungeon with relative ease. Just bear in mind the spawn that can appear in each floor is drawn from a fixed pool so each run will be different.

Thankfully, there are only a few floors that can give trouble overall

Notable spawns

Some notable spawns include, but not limited to:

  • Linthia (awoken bind)
  • Hanuman (1M damage absorb)
  • Myr (5 turn damage void)
  • Sopdet (200k damage absorb)

There are various preemptives, but the highest one only hits for around 26,000 which should be manageable for most teams.

With this in mind, one would only need a way to stall out Myr (or use a Box  awakening), a way to clear Awoken binds, and possibly a Fujin  active. However, the two absorption spawns are less terrifying compared to what you may be used to. As such, using a team with some form of damage control may suffice. Thankfully, pairing with a friend’s Fujin may be enough as the odds of you encountering both spawns in a single run are quite low.

Furthermore, all difficulties can be done in coop for both an easier time and stamina saving.

Reward structure

The Egg MachineDra Challenge features two distinct reward structures: personal progression and server-wide.

Personal rewards

All players, regardless of the server progression, will be entitled to numerous rewards for clearing and encountering an invade 6 times per difficulty.

Just be aware that the Victory Count will only go up IF you killed a Egg MachineDra.

These rewards will be sent immediately to your Mail Box upon achieving each threshold but will expire within 60 days.

This reward structure highly incentives players to complete all difficulty levels and I highly encourage you to play until each tier has been completed.

5 Year Anniversary Tamadras

Each 5 Year Anniversary Tamadra can be sold for 55,555 Monster Points and may help you achieve the 1 Million threshold required to purchase Cotton. More information on this can be found HERE.

Server-wide rewards

Each successful clear with an Egg MachineDra drop will contribute to the server’s total count for additional rewards.

The thresholds of 80,000 and then 120,000 Victories should be reasonably manageable overall just based on the speed in which NA players have already played in the first 12 hours. Granted many players may just hit their personal 6 and stop, I do not foresee us missing out on both tiers of rewards.

If all rounds are completed, players will enjoy 2 pulls in each machine which translates into 2 Dungeon bosses, 2 REM pulls (Pantheon or 5/6* GFE), and 2 Dragonbound & Dragon Caller pulls.

These pulls will be sent to our Mail Box once a tier has been completed so we may receive them in a mixed up order.

You can always check the personal/server-wide progression levels in game:

What to do with Egg MachineDra drops?

Each of the Egg MachineDra drops can be used for Monster Experience; however, selling them for Monster Points is the best thing to do with them. With that being said, you can always keep 1 as a trophy.

While this dungeon is not as predictable compared to Rogue Descends, being able to acquire 500 MP a good chunk of the time is a reasonable rewards even after personal progression has been achieved. As such, it would still be worthwhile to play to help bolster the server total.


All dungeon difficulties can be completed in Coop and this will both lessen the degree of difficulty and save 50% of your stamina. Furthermore, if a Egg MachineDra were to appear and drop, both players will receive progression for their personal completion along with contributing to the server-wide tally. Thus, a drop in Coop will yield 2 total victories for the server.


The Egg MachineDra is an exciting event to come to Puzzle and Dragons and features amazing rewards for relatively low effort. However, I still encourage players to at least achieve their own personal progression for the 5 Year Anniversary Tamadra. If this is done by most players, we should hit be able to hit both tiers of rewards for the server.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and how much do you plan on playing.

Happy Puzzling!

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