Cotton Wins the MP Shop Survey! Do’s & Don’ts

Do not nuke your box for MP


The Monster Point Shop Survey has come to a wonderful conclusion with Cotton  being the most voted card in NA! This if Fantastic as she is one of the most valuable and flexible cards in the game and there is no real downside in owning duplicates. By comparison, cards like Fujin  and Yog  are powerful, but are less valuable in duplicates or if owning a different Fujin-style active. Thus, Cotton is arguably the best card to have won the survey as players would not be disappointed when rolling more of her in the future.

This article will summarize Cotton’s power along with helping you decide which evolution is best for you and your Monster Box.

Unfortunately, Cotton will cost 1,000,000 MP to purchase which may place her out of reach for the average player and you should not nuke your box for MP. As such, this article will also help you decide who you can safely sell if you are close to the 1 million threshold. Just be aware that Cotton will only be available to purchase for a limited time.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

1,000,000 Monster Points

Up to this point, the most expensive card for purchase from the MP shop was 750,000 and while this may seem daunting, older players will have probably acquired well over a million from just login bonuses. As such, there will be many players who are nearing the million MP cutoff and may be interested in purchasing Cotton.

However, liberally selling your Monster Box for MP is a terrible idea as you can be potentially losing out on a card that may have actual value. For example, Ganesha 3071 was considered quite lackluster/semi pointless upon their initial release; however, they gained a new evolution that made them incredibly valuable for all players. This is just one scenario where a card is transformed into something amazingly valuable and you do not want to end up with seller’s remorse.

While it may seem perplexing to spend 1,000,000 Monster Points on a sub, you have to remember that Cotton is oftentimes the best option to use. A leader is only as strong as the subs supporting them and by gaining access to something powerful is incredibly valuable. Furthermore, I do not foresee Cotton being replaced anytime in the near future so she should be a reasonably safe purchase moving forward.

6* Godfest Exclusives

6* GFE are all able to be sold for 50,000 MP which may feel tempting but this can be quite a risky scenario in the long run.

Blue  and Green  Sonia both received special Mega Awoken Evolutions that dramatically changed their viability and usage to the point where they are now some of the most desired cards in the game. With this in mind, it is not a far stretch/assumption that other 6* GFE will follow this Mega Awoken route and we have no idea just how valuable they could become. Thus, I would be loathe to sell any of them off at this point in time along with 6* GFE being required for the Future Trading Post.

What is safe to sell?

Provided the card is not something incredibly valuable, I would say a good rule of thumb is to keep at least 3. This ensures you will have both sufficient duplicates in the event of a split evolutions or Weapon assist options. However, this is not an absolute truth and room for personal preference is always there.

To a certain extent, non-Pantheon cards that come out of the REM tend to be quite lackluster and are often neglected by GungHo. This is because Pantheon cards tend to follow a set path of evolutions: Ultimate -> Awoken -> Reincarnated with a Weapon Assist sometimes thrown in. However, non-Pantheon cards do not receive this kind of treatment and it would be reasonably safe to sell them provided you keep at least 1. For example, the Swordsmen Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight will probably never see much love from GungHo but keeping 1 enables you to at least have the option of using them as an assist.

Fastest Magic Stone to MP conversion

Assuming one has Magic Stones to blow, the most efficient medium to acquire Monster Points is through rolling 10-stone REMs. This is because these events give at least 15,000 MP for the bottom rarity which is significantly higher than the regular REM (lowest is 5,000 but you get two rolls).

With this in mind rolling Heroine or Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC) would result in the fastest way to acquire Monster Points. However, assuming you have no cards from either event, one should be rolling in DBDC as it not only offers Cotton as one of the pulls, but also has arguably the best value of any machine in Puzzle and Dragons

Just bear in mind you should keep several copies of each card as they are actually quite powerful.

Gatchadragon rewards

One last point to consider is that Gatchadragon will debut on Monday and will grant players three 5-year Anniversary Tamadras which can be sold for 55,555 MP each. As such, these may be enough to propel yourself up to 1 million Monster Points.

I plan to release an article covering Gachadragon in the next day or so.


Cotton is one of two 6* Godfest Exclusives who has 5 distinct evolution paths that essentially redistribute her stats, modify the colours created from her active, and typings. As such, she can be perfectly customized for any team and is one of the main reasons why duplicates are highly desirable.

All cottons are able to generate their primary colour orb along with hearts on a 5-turn cooldown with a No Skyfall clause. This is incredible value as it is both a useful active to own, but makes inheriting over top easier. While the No Skyfalls may seem like a drawback, it is part of the reason why her cooldown is only 5 turns. Furthermore the No Skyfalls provide damage control or preventing an un-ideal colour from being matched.

In addition, all Cotton evolutions feature the same valuable awakenings:

Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend  45 45

Combining bind immunity with double 7 Combo 45 and Follow Up Attack (FUA)  grants her wonderful damage output and is often a best in slot option for many teams. These awakenings combined with her ability to become any colour gives her amazing flexibility.

Where to use Cotton

Cotton can essentially be used on any team that requires a FUA and is combo oriented in nature. This will take advantage of all of her awakenings and the only hard part left is deciding which evolution you wish to pursue.

The following summaries are intended to be a guideline, your unique Monster Box situation may lead you to using one particular colour as it will shore up any weakness you may have.

Just bear in mind you can always reverse an evolution if a new colour becomes more favourable.

 Base Cotton

Base Cotton has one the strongest Leader Skill of any form which is somewhat perplexing; however, it is still a mediocre Leader Skill overall and should not be the reason you are purchasing Cotton.

 Red Cotton

Red Cotton is generally not the most popular option due to the lack of potent Fire leaders along with having her stats mostly skewed towards ATK. By not excelling in HP or RCV places some constraints on the teams she can be used on as it is often advantageous to run subs with desirable stats and correct the active via Skill Inheritance.

 Blue Cotton

Blue Cotton is the most universally beneficial Cotton to make as she has the highest base HP of any form along with her active not disrupting key colours for various teams. Furthermore, she provides Blue to rainbow clause teams as the number of strong cards with a Water attribute is quite short.

Blue Cotton is often compared against Amatsu , but most players were not fortunate enough to roll him. However, Blue Cotton does retain an active skill that does not break Blue Sonia  activation requirements along with having synergy with some Blue Hunter  teams.

All in all, Blue Cotton is usually the default choice if no other option is calling out to you.

 Green Cotton

Green Cotton’s main usage is on Mega Awoken Green Sonia  teams. This is because she is the best FUA option as she is the only Wood Dragon that does not disrupt Green Sonia’s activation requirements.

In addition, Green Cotton’s balance typing enables her to equip any Killer of her choice.

Essentially, you should only be pursuing Green Cotton if you have a strong Green Sonia team as her usage beyond this is not too high.

 Light Cotton

Light Cotton is in a somewhat awkward place due to the fact that Light has so many quality double 7 Combo cards available. This combined with no unique sub attribute colour prevents her from shining on teams with a rainbow clause activation (eg. Rikuu or Edward).

Thus, it may be more challenging to gain enough value from Light Cotton. With that being said, Light Cotton has the highest RCV stat of any form and she may help solve some healing problems.

 Dark Cotton

Dark Cotton does provide the somewhat rare FUA for dark cards, but lacks an ideal home to use her on. This when combined with no unique sub colour attribute can make it challenging to use her on rainbow clause teams.


Cotton is an incredible card to own and having duplicates of her is never a bad thing. This is because you will be able to evolve her into various colours that will help provide as much value for your teams as possible.

While the 1,000,000 price tag may seem daunting, it may often be worthwhile for the majority of players since no stellar MP cards exist. Outside of Odin Dragon 3264, Ragnarok Dragon , and maybe Amen , none of the other options are providing much value. Furthermore, there are no new buffs/cards being released in JP so it may be a long period of time before something new/powerful comes along.

Let me know if you plan on purchasing Cotton in the comments below and how much MP you have saved up.

Finally, do not nuke your Monster Box for MP.

Happy Puzzling!

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120 thoughts on “Cotton Wins the MP Shop Survey! Do’s & Don’ts”

  1. As someone who made the mistake of purchasing D.Athena without an optimal team and having since acquired numerous superior leads for my box, would selling the D.Athena for 100k mp be a huge mistake in pursuing a Cotton?


  2. Really wanted Fujin but at the same time didn’t feel like she’d win because to those with a Fujin, she was the worst thing to vote for, and for those without she was the best thing to vote for. That said Cotton was my second choice with Ney 3rd, so I’ll be enjoying Blue cotton on my Mizu/L.Ideal/Blonia team!


  3. As always mantastic, Thanks so much for writing this up! I will be choosing default blue cotton. I have 2 neys, each a different color, and while I lack a fujin, I am excited for this! (I would be one of the weird ones who would not mind another MH collab debut after dragon caller!) Here’s hoping – Gatcha!


  4. I’m currently running L. Ideal/ Odindra/ Nees/ skuld for my Ed team. Will it be worth switching skuld for B. Cotton? I have exactly 1mil MP.


    1. I already have Amatsu, but no Gronia. Can I justify getting Green Cotton since she can take any killer latents, and my main leaders (Rikuu, Anubis, and Future Kaede) are not color restrictive leads? The only other one I’d consider is Dark Cotton, but I can’t see myself using it unless I was using VNey as a lead.


        1. Even just buying Cotton and having her sit in your box is not a bad thing. You can then evolve her into any form if a new team comes out as it would be hard to actually roll her

          Green Cotton can certainly work for those teams, especially if you already have Amatsu


  5. What about silver(and sometimes gold) collab cards? I usually only see the top tier of collabs get ultimates. Would you still stick to 3 of each card for those?


  6. I definitely will buy Cotton. I have 1mill MP saved up from all the free MP GH has been giving. Only MP shop purchase I made so far was DAthena. And I agree with your analysis. My problem now is having a strong sub for my teams and Cotton will definitely help solve this problem.


      1. I have both Gronia and Blonia but my Gronia team is not that solid. For now, I settle for blue to solidify my Blonia team.


  7. I have an Ed team clears pretty much everything. However, I am still using a D.Kali and Fenrir Viz as far as subs go. Should I replace D.Kali with a Light Cotton or get rid of Viz in favor of Blue Cotton? Erika is covering dark.


      1. I am using Alphonse for FUA. Currently, my Ed team is Alphonse, Erika, Kali and Viz. I am just stuck on which Cotton to get, but I am leaning towards Blue to replace Fenrir. I know Kali isn’t ideal either. Any suggestions?


        1. Dark is covered by Erika so you can safely drop Dark Kali for another (ideally double 7c Light card) and Viz is mostly for Alt Arena but can easily be replaced by Blue Cotton for more generic content. However, Odin Dragon may be needed if you do progress into Alt. Arena

          There is nothing wrong with 2 FUA options on a team


  8. I have somehow pulled two Ideals from the DBDC egg machine. One this time and one last time. Apparently this egg machine loves to give me moving dragon girl things.


  9. Might as well buy cotton.
    Have groan and blown teams and the MP without nuking more than extra wizards and 4th copies of 5* gfe.

    You’re right about holding 3 of things… I had 3 of each colour Sonia and sold one of the extra blue and green.


  10. Got 960k mp, buying a Cotton after mp from this event comes in.
    Don’t even have a team in mind; could get pretty close to an optimal Blonia team with Bcotton but Im pretty happy with my Ameno gang for now. Seems like the new 6* gfe megas are going to be at least partially 7c focused though (hoping for a sick Rodin evo reveal soon) so Cotton seems easily the most future-proof of the current crop of mp cards.


    1. Yeah just having her is a good investment and you can work towards her evos when the time is right

      As for an optimal Blonia team vs Ameno, Blonia can clear more content due to her natural tankiness but both can waltz through A3


      1. Yeah Blonia is definitely better, but I’m not sure the upgrade is worth it at this point – power creep marches ever on. I’m not farming A3 anyway, so no hurry.


        1. Well maybe Blue Cotton can help you get to A3 clearing =P

          Regardless, subs tend to be powercreeped slower than leaders. New leader skills emerge but they often require the same type of subs so unless GH is gonna do a major overhaul (doubtful) Cotton should remain relevant for a long time


  11. Not sure which evo to do for her, but possibly fire, wood or water. I have 3 Skulds, but as you commented earlier in response to someone Cotton could replace Skuld (though then I’ll have 3 Skulds rotting in my box).

    For teams I use Diablos/Anubis, Ideal, Blue Hunter, Ilm (husband and I have a pretty strong fire/light no-brainer/lazy team that can tackle up to mythical plus), but I have green Sonia, Kaede, Rikuu and Amenominakanushi as well as some other popular leaders. The latter 4 I haven’t even tried to build teams for since I usually just bulldoze through with Diablos, but I enjoy Ideal board solving a lot more in all honesty. I do not have Yog or Fujin.

    So… not sure which Cotton to choose since I usually use rainbow teams, but I’m short a strong Fire card however you said Fire isn’t the best choice. I have 3 Baldin so I throw him on teams to cover fire a lot. My fire cards are decent but with reincarnations and new evolutions none of them really burst through to be hyper relevant unlike my cards of other colors. I have Momiji for my wood card with FUA but rarely use her, so there wood Cotton would be great as well and I could use her for GSonia, LiuBei

    I have time to decide, I’m short 85,000MP but should be able to cover that with the anniversary Tamadra from MachineDra.


    1. Skulds can be eventually traded via Trading Post so that is a nice consolation

      Fire is generally not a good choice due to a lack of strong leaders and the less ideal stat distribution

      Based on what you have told me, Blue would be the way to go assuming you do not use Green Sonia. This is because she fits on the most teams and the HP stick is great along with covering the colour Skuld originally did (Blue Cotton is arguably the best water coverage for Rikuu too)


  12. Hey Mantastic, can you look at my box and tell me if cotton is a worthwhile purchase? I’m NIAP and was able to farm 1 mil MP. Obviously will wait until the end of the event to see if I roll, but just curious if I don’t get her, should I buy?


  13. I have had a cotton since the last time DBDC was here and still never used her. I know she is good I just haven’t found a good fit for her. I totally use Diablos, Yog, Kamimisubi, and B Hunter. Is it worth it to buy another one when I don’t use the first one I have?


  14. I was freaking out thinking about getting multiple Cotton due to her many evolutions but I’m glad to hear that her blue is the most relevant, especially since I happen to own two Blonias. Question — should I keep one of my Blonias in her Dragon/Healer form or should I Mega-Awake both of them and use one as a sub? I’m currently using her Dragon/Healer form as a sub and I do appreciate the RCV plus she does hit pretty hard with her 7c, but was wondering your opinion 🙂


    1. You should mega awoken both of them, she is far stronger overall and Mega Sonia teams want herself as subs. This is because when you form your L, she also benefits and this is important when using optimal boards

      I do have a Blue Sonia article in the works but got sidetracked by all of the new content. You can somewhat use the RCV badge and Mitzune (MH card) to solve healing issues

      As for purchasing multiple Cottons, it is not a bad idea since she does not really go bad and can make basically any team better


  15. I just purchased Cotton with having 470K MP left. Should I try to get more MP to purchase another one with hoping to roll one of its other colors? I already max skill and +297 it without evolving it to another color.


    1. 530k is a large gap to try and close so idk if it is feasible without heavily nuking your box

      Where do you plan on using this current Cotton as well as the potential second one?


      1. I was thinking on evolving it to Blue Cotton, but I would need 5 Blue Pys to max skill it. I already have 7 of the 5th Anniversary Tamadras where I just found out that I would be 200K MP away from getting a second Cotton if I got rid of 6. I would have to see what 4 50K MP copies with low skill that I would have to get rid of where I’m being careful on which 4 should go.


  16. Hi Mantastic. Thanks as always for the analysis.
    I have a question. If we consider only Blonia & Gronia teams, since Ryune is Dragon Type and has a FUA, would it be better to choose the Green Cotton Evo?
    Silvye has a similar role on Gronia teams (Dragon type & FUA) but the board change disrupt Gronia activation. Ryune makes Blue/Dark/Heart so it’s still fine for Blonia i think?

    Thank you!


    1. Green Cotton is the only real viable source of FUA for Green Sonia so if you plan on using her extensively, she is a somewhat must have

      Blonia has the advantage of more FUA options (Amatsu, Mitzune, Ryune) so if you use both teams, it may be better to use Green Cotton if you plan on extensively using your Green Sonia


      1. I’m in the process of building blonia and gronia teams. I would like to try both. With my Box i can make: blonia/blonia/ryune/RKarin/RAndro (or a second RKarin or Ryune) and for green: gronia/gronia/odindra/ragdra/sylvie. So the better choice would be green. But i use rikuu right now and i have a lot of fun using him, but i don’t have amatsu. I use saria when i need a FUA. Do you think that BCotton would be a fondamental upgrade for Rikuu?


        1. Blue Cotton and Amatsu are pretty much the best options for blue on Rikuu teams so it would be a huge upgrade there for sure

          However, your Green Sonia team would be pretty stellar with a Green cotton


  17. Thanks for the nice writeup! I’ve got the MP to buy Cotton, but would it be worth it?

    Probably go Blue and put on Blonia team that is: Blonia/Blonia/Ryune/Karin/AAndro or Distel.

    Is Cotton a big enough upgrade to warrant the pickup?


    1. Cotton is a pretty big upgrade over Karin or Distel

      Karin does not make hearts so thats not as nice as Ryune and Distel is not very offensive overall

      You could inherit a delay, Distel, Fujin etc over your Cotton since she has a short base cd


      1. OH MAH GERD!
        I’m that lucky basterd who just rolled a green Cotton off of the Ney REMDra Round 1 clear! I guess it’s a good thing that I’m so indecisive today! Happy Dance Might be smart for people to save their MP until after all the DBDC rolls. Who knows, you might luck into a free Cotton.

        Thanks for the reply too, Mantastic!


  18. I’m off by 80k MP and I’m wondering if I could sell some of my duplicate GFEs. I have 2 dantalions, 2 rathios, 2 kiri, 2 enra, 2 sitri, 2 fenrir, 2 scar, 2 valentine karin, and 2 zweihandlers. I kinda want to sell some in order to get a cotton but im not sure.


    1. I would not sell any 6* GFE and I would keep both Kiris, Enras, and Dantalions

      You could possibly sell 1 copy of the rest if truly desperate but have you done the Egg MachineDra for 3x 5yr tamas?


  19. Ironically, the red cotton would be perfect for my needs. Unbindable Attacker card that covers fire, brings FUA and double 7c… sounds the Raijin sub that i am missing atm.
    Also, probably works in my Dark Ideal team where Isis is covering fire and Kami (with no 7c) brings FUA.
    This would open a free slot on that team…

    Just dreaming anyway… lol


  20. I got 2 dark cottons from the REM, would it be better for me to devolve one of them and make her a blue cotton? Or would it be better for me to just buy off a cotton with 1m mp and make a blue cotton?


      1. I don’t know actually. XD
        After reading your review on the Dark Cotton, I’m not sure how she could fit in any of the dark teams at the moment. =/
        Would there be a possibility that some dark meta would use 2 cottons?



        1. We would first need a good dark leader for that to work and nothing is in the works as of now (based on JP news)

          Also, I am not sure if you would want to run two of them either


  21. Thanks for your hard work on keeping us up to date!!!

    I was surprised when I looked at the Cotton evo requirements. It is worth noting in your write-up that making a color Cotton evo could be an evo job akin to the old Myr days. I had to make a chart for myself of what goes into a blue Cotton and it filled up the whole page. I have the 1M mp but I am not sure I have the patience to recollect most of the misc. mech, mystic, flower, number dragons, etc.


  22. Great write up. I’m considering blowing all my MPs on Green Cotton since I’ve just weaned myself off my Dath and Julie teams for Sonia Fio.

    My current team (not optimal) is:

    Gronia Fio
    Past Life Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
    Green Dragon Caller, Terraguard Sonia
    Reincarnated Susano no Mikoto
    Odin Dragon (light form)

    I don’t own a RagDrag yet. Should I but Cotton? Any other general thoughts? Everyone’s +297 but I haven’t done my latents/inherits/weapons yet really.

    BTW, the other team I’m playing with is Cronus as I have 2 of those and he pairs well with Diablos so that I can have a Dark attacker and keep everyone else G/L. Damage is nuts, but damage control kinda sucks.

    Thanks as always!


    1. The only main issue with your team is that not all of your Sonias are in her Mega Awoken form. Once that is achieved along with Cotton, you would be pretty golden

      That team should be able to watlz through a3 without too much difficulty and only need 1 Fujin if you dont want to calculate vs Hera Dragon

      On that team, I would drop Susano for Cotton


      1. Thank you sir! I guess unless I’m in a no dupes scenario I’m way better off with 3 Fios. I’ve been stalling because I like having all 3 gronias on the team from a character perspective. Theme team vs. an actual good team … at least I’m not running a bowl dragon rainbow 🙂


  23. Having no decent leaders for end game content, I’m torn between cotton and D. Athena. D.A. would help me complete more content immediately, but I don’t know if it will hurt me long term.


    1. I feel like dark athena without good subs like haku is not be enough to do more endgame content. cotton on the other hand will help out in general both as a stat stick and as an unbindable FUA sub. the active also helps to get a column of hearts more or less.


    2. I would strongly suggest you do not purchase Dark Athena simply because she does run out of steam quite quickly along with the possibility you don’t have the subs for her to function. Yes she can clear a3 but so can many other cards.

      On the other hand, Cotton will help any team perform better and is much more future proof by comparision


  24. Purchasing her was not a hard decision…now where to put her. I have so many teams that could use her. I wish I could buy 2 more :/


      1. I’m definitely in no rush to make a decision. Not that I could quickly anyway lots of farming to do to evolve her. Playing with a blonia, and light ideal as leaders right now.


          1. They sure are. I have my second box section dedicated to gathering what I need for cotton. I will be going blue or yellow probably. I have a strong blue box, and i don’t feel like i need her on my haku or my anubis team as much.


            1. My mom also has a WIP folder and it helps her figure out what to work on next and I am glad you are using them as well =)

              it is a long grind but well worth the effort


              1. Almost there. After a few days of grinding I am 1 super king gold dragon away from blue cotton.


  25. I have currently purchased one cotton and am thinking about buying another. I am not sure if it is worth it as I have only 1 million mp left. I am going to put the cotton I have onto my dark anubis team ( anubis, tardis, dkali, nohime, dark cotton). However, I am unsure if purchasing a second one would be of any benefit either for my current teams or future teams. would it perhaps be useful on the new Kaede evo? Thanks!


    1. Another cotton will always be helpful as she will most likely not go out of fashion any time soon. You can purchase the second one and hold onto her and see which colour makes more sense down the road (which is what I’m doing)


  26. Hey Mantastic,
    Great right up!
    Really stuck on which way to go with cotton. Just purchased her my Ed team. Layout below:
    -Sweet Ney
    -L/R ilmina (for HP and predras/pys/etc)
    Switch between her and UEvo L/R Saria (quicker cool down)

    Strictly a solo player so wondering which Cotton would be solid addition
    I also recently received Enya from the Dra dungeon should I cycle her in as well?

    Thanks for any tips and appreciate all the help you’ve provided over the years


    1. Glad you enjoyed it =)

      Is sweet Ney Valentine’s Ney? If that’s the case, there is no need to run ilmina as you have the box covered.

      Navi is easily replaced by cotton in virtually any colour

      You are missing green but enra can cover it so your cotton can be any colour. However, green or blue would be best

      Your team would look like

      That should offer much higher overall output and less wasted awakenings (aka Navi 4 sbr)


      1. Thank you!
        I was getting severely tired of the trial and error with an all rainbow team. This is my first stab at a multi combo rainbow team,
        and yes it’s Valentines Ney
        I have regular Ney who I evolved to Blue prior to pulling Ed

        Thanks again and best of luck with the site!


  27. Hey Mantastic!!
    I am at the crossroads.
    I want a Cotton, but my luck isn’t quite there.
    Going carefully through my box and selling some dupes I can muster 850k MP
    I have 2 monsters I am considering selling to complete this road:
    1) Xiang Mei… Never used her, the only sub I have for this monster are Mitsuki, Party Mitsuki, Xmas Hatsume and Red Riding Hood, like not even a good team whatsoever (0 Gadius) when this leader was meta.

    2) ROdin. Strangely I would be more inclined to sell two Xiang Mei than this guy, who I have never used. But current changes to Gronia and Blonia makes me want to keep him.

    My other option for getting the last 50k, is deleting some stuff I have never even touched like Sorcs Wee Jas (both colors xD) and stuff from the Batman and DC collabs.

    Either way I can reach the 50k and Cotton will most likely find a home in a Sonia team (My ed team has his bro, Blonia has Amatsu, Gronia doesn’t really have anyone, but she doens’t have RagDrag either)


    1. You will get ragnarok for may quest rewards =)

      As for selling, I’d do the random bad collaboration rolls n wee jas instead of Rodin or Xiang Mei as those are much harder to acquire by comparison.


  28. I want to purchase the cotton, just don’t have a clue what lead I should use. My current leaders are sub par and my box is pretty weak.


    1. I would just keep at it, and eventually your box will grow. My second account cannot afford a cotton either, but in terms of power it is finally getting to the point where I can clear most descends. Persist.


  29. My gsonia team right now is gsonia/odindra/r.susanoo/nees/baldin. Pretty sketchy, but I if I already have a skuld, should I still go for b.cotton in this case? Or would g.cotton be a good investment as well?


    1. If your Green Sonia team has the chance to do well (you will get a Raganrok Dragon for May quests) Green Cotton is a worthwhile investment

      Your team would look like Odin dragon, Rag Dragon, Green Cotton, flex and it can perform quite well. In theory, adding a second Ragnarok Dragon works and somewhat completes the team


  30. I may evolve cotton to blue for blue hunter but if I’m not in mult I may use her in my yog team if I get 2 B Sonia’s (may not happen anytime soon) );


  31. For the fun of it, I was trying to make a team for the non-evo Cotton, and also because I can’t evo it yet, but I can’t seem to find a list of subs for her. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand how to do some Magical Sewing… what non-collab DB or DC are? For example, Gadius should be a DB because it’s in his name, right?

    If anyone can point me to the right direction, I’ve searched everywhere I think 🙂


    1. Use dragon bound and dragon callers. Any card with the that in the name will work. Just find a mix of stats and skills you like.


    2. Use dragon bound and dragon callers. Any card with the that in the name will work. Just find a mix of stats and skills you like.


  32. I just recently rolled a No. 3897 Sorched Claw Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton. Should I un-evolve it and use the normal form No. 3896? I also can make a B Cotton cause I have a B Sonia, B Ney, 2x Ryune, B Odin, and other blue monsters.


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