Heroine REM Review and Analysis – April 2018


This coming Monday marks the triumphant return of the immensely popular Heroine REM. However, to mark the celebration of it’s third inception, three new cards will be added along with all the older cards receiving Limit Break and Super Awakenings.

These changes help ensure the machine stays exciting with the Super Awakenings giving the older cards significantly more value and versatility.

It is my belief that Collabs/Seasonal REMs should have value at their lowest rarity to help ensure there is enough collateral benefits to rolling. As such, it is vital that the 5* cards make for strong consolation prizes.

Despite having a wonderful roster, each roll will cost 10 Magic Stones but everything will sell for at least 15,000 Monster Points.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses in the current meta to help you determine if it is worth rolling in.

Video commentary

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Heroine REM
 7 Star base   
 6 Star base       
 5 Star base      
Heroine REM Rankings – April 13, 2018

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Super Awakenings

All of the older Heroine cards have received Super Awakenings which dramatically improve their viability in solo mode. However, it will cost you one Super Snow Globe and a +297 each time you try and randomly unlock one of the three available.

As such, it is a modest investment to make and are not automatically available. As such, you should only try to Super Awaken cards that you plan to use in solo mode provided they give a meaningful benefit.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

7 Star base

 Ilmina – S

Active: 100,000 True damage to all enemies. Change all orbs to Fire & Light (13 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Light and Fire combos at the same time. Change the board to 7×6 size.

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction 45
Super Awakenings:  

3274 Ilmina

Active: 100,000 True damage to all enemies. Change all orbs to Fire & Light (13 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x5, RCV x2 when reaching Fire & Light combos. Change the board to 7×6 size.

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend 37 God Killer Dragon Killer
Super Awakenings:  

  • Fluffy
  • Powerful active
  •  VDP Super Awakening
  • Two flexible forms
  • 3 Killers
  • 7×6 Leader Skill for swapping
  • Your Wallet will not like you
  • Active does not produce hearts
  • Killers can hinder damage control
  • You will want to roll many duplicates

Ilmina is one of the few Heroine cards that have two distinct evolutions that grant her additional flexibility without sacrificing any power. However, both evolutions share the same active skill, Super Awakenings, and ability to form a 7×6 board.

Ilmina’s active skill is amazing for farming, ranking dungeons, and for teams that rely on Fire and Light orbs. However, it can be seen a modest drawback that she does not produce hearts as many times you may wish to heal and deal damage.

In regards to her Super Awakenings, it comes down to either using Bind Immunity +  or Void Damage Penetration . With Bind Immunity +, Ilmina is able to function as a much stronger leader when you plan utilizing a Leader Swap like Macha However, the Void Damage Penetration may be better for general usage (or if you do not own a Leader Swap). This is because Ilmina is able to capitalize on her Killer awakenings and in turn can produce wonderful amounts of damage. Furthermore, her base active has synergy for forming a 3×3 box of orbs.

Void Damage Penetration requires a 3×3 box of orbs (9 in total) but will enable the owning card to ignore Damage Void mechanics and is often responsible for completely killing a spawn on their own. Thus, they do require either burst actives or Killers/7 Combos 45 to deal sufficient damage. Thankfully, Red Ilmina has access to three unique Killers and can make short work of Void spawns like Zeus and Gaia Dragon.

Overall, Ilmina is an amazingly powerful card to own and duplicates are always welcomed. Also, Fluffy.

Uruka – S

Active: Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark & Heart orbs. Ignores enemy damage absorb effects for 1 turn (24 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Change the board to 7×6 size. All attribute cards ATK x7, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Fire, Water, Wood, Dark & Heart orb types at the same time.

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Bind Clear awakening Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist 45
Super Awakenings: TPA  45


Active: Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark & Heart orbs. Ignores enemy damage absorb effects for 1 turn (24 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Change the board to 7×6 size. All attribute cards ATK x7, RCV x2 when attacking with Fire, Water, Wood, Dark & Heart orb types at the same time.

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA
Super Awakenings: TPA  45

  • Perky butt
  • Blue form is stronger
  • Fujin  style active
  • Dark Kali  board
  • Can gain Skill Charge
  • Can gain a second 7c 45
  • Bind Immune
  • Recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening
  • Long base cooldown (fixed by )

Despite Uruka having 2 different evolutions, her blue one is superior in nearly every way. Blue gains more health along with the prized 7 Combo 45 awakening. As such, you are somewhat forced into going for her Blue form but regardless of which evolution you prefer, both feature the same perky butt.

Uruka was always viable, but with the introduction of her Super Awakenings, she can fulfill more roles than ever before.

If you pursue the Skill Charge  route, she will be able to charge up her active at a significantly faster rate and makes her akin to Zinogre . However, not everyone uses a Rainbow team so the Skill Charge may be impractical. As such, the second 7 Combo 45 helps propel her damage to significantly higher levels.

An example of where you would prefer to use the 7 Combo Super Awakening would be on Blue Sonia  teams as the added damage has merit along with you never being able to tap into the Skill Charge component.

However, Uruka’s main appeal is her active skill that combines a Fujin  absorption void along with a Dark Kali  board on a 24 cooldown. This is important because the secondary effect still has merits for combo-based teams or those that rely on rainbow activation. This helps ensure that there is still some value in the active if an absorption spawn did not appear.

Overall, Uruka is a Fantastic card to roll as she can be used across a wide variety of teams along with potentially providing you with access to your first Damage Absorb Void active.

Planar (New) – B

Active: +3 combo count for 1 turn. Change all orbs to Fire, Dark & Heart orbs (19 turn CD)

Leader Skill: ATK x2.5, RCV x2.5 when reaching 6 combos. ATK x3 for clearing each Dark or Fire orbs in a cross formation.

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend  45
Super Awakenings:


Active: +3 combo count for 1 turn. Change all orbs to Fire, Dark & Heart orbs (19 turn CD)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3.5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Fire & Dark orbs at the same time. All attribute cards ATK x4, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Heart and Heart combos at the same time.

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist   Fire Row Fire Row Dark row Dark row
Super Awakenings:

  • Two distinct evolutions
  • +3 combo count active
  • Tri-elemental board changer
  • Dark FUA 
  • Long base cooldown
  • +3 combo is somewhat redudant
  • Leader Skills are orb hungry

Planar is one of three new cards to be added into the Heroine REM and is unfortunately the weakest of the 7-stars. This is because they do not fulfill any particular niche in today’s meta and while the +3 combo count from the active may seem appealing, the long cooldown cuts down on her viability.

Tri-elemental board changers that produce hearts have a 9 turn cooldown (assuming no secondary benefit) and adding 10 turns for +3 combos may be a tough pill to swallow. This is because most combo teams do not require +3 after a board changer and the main usage for a large combo boost is to use in conjunction with a Void Damage Penetration . Assuming a 6×5 board, it can be challenging to form enough combos along with the box so this may be her best usage which is still niche overall.

Looking beyond her active skill, Planar is able to utilize two distinct evolutions that does help her overall viability. Her dark form does not have any wasted awakenings and helps provide dark teams with a Follow Up Attack . While FUA has become more common, it is still somewhat scarce for Dark so having Planar may help open up new possibilities.

As a leader, Planar is far too orb hungry for the most part to be effective. Her dark form requires dark or fire crosses which is manageable, but lacks an HP-multiplier to tank hits like Rushana. Fortunately, the +Combo active does have synergy with her leader skill as you are required to hit 6 or more combos. On the other hand, her Fire form is far too orb hungry as you require 6 connected Fire and Dark orbs for damage and shielding component.

In conclusion, Planar is a more niche card to own and has less overall viability compared to the other 7* cards available.

6 Star base

Meridionalis – A

Active: Change Dark & Heart orbs to Water orbs. +2 combo count for 1 turn (12 turn CD)

Leader Skill: No skyfall matches. Water attribute cards ATK x2.5, RCV x2.5. ATK x3 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Water orbs. ATK x0.5 for each additional orb, up to ATK x4.5 at 9 connected orb.

Awakenings: Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Skill Boost Water Row Time Extend
Super Awakenings:   

  • Damage control
    • No skyfalls
  • Massive burst potential
  • Efficient farming
  • Synergistic active
  • 6.25x RCV
  • +2 combo count active
  • Outclassed as a traditional leader
    • Relies on coop
    • Orb hungry
  • Farming team requires Toshiros Toshiro
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Poor Super Awakenings

Meridionalis was at one point the strongest leader I had in my box and enabled me to farm Arena 3 and Colosseum somewhat effortlessly over a year ago. Despite the fact that newer and flashier leads have emerged, Meridionalis can still clear those same dungeons, just not as quickly.

Current top-tier leaders are able to waltz through those dungeons much faster (and safer, especially in solo) due to being less orb hungry and more durable. Even though Meridionalis has a 6.25x RCV multiplier, it does little good if you cannot survive an incoming attack and is one reason why she somewhat hinges on coop game play if used as a traditional leader. This modest dependency on coop prevents using her lackluster Super Awakenings so it is perhaps not too big of a loss there.

However, Meridionalis is still a favourable farming leader due to her amazing burst damage combined with a no Skyfall clause. This usually results in ample usage of Toshiro Toshiro inherits but Zeus Mercury is able to act as a budget alternative. The only downside is that he is far less efficient compared to Zeus Dios which makes it more challenging for the average player to use Meridionalis in this fashion.

Julie – A

Active: Reduce enemies’ defense to 0 for 1 turn. Effects carry forward on sweep. 50% damage reduction for 1 turn (11 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Water & Wood attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Water and Wood combos at the same time.

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist 37 Dragon Killer God Killer
Super Awakenings:   

  • Can become bind immune
  • Triple Killers
  • Reasonable leader
  • Merits as a sub
  • Can use God Killer latents
  • Lackluster active
  • Somewhat replaced by Sonias  
  • Killers prevent damage control

Julie used to be a potent leader upon her original release but is now outclassed by the new Sonias   evolutions. All three share the same HP, ATK, and damage reduction multipliers, but the Sonias both have a 2.25x RCV component. This is crucial because having a large HP pool does little good if you are unable to heal back up. Furthermore, the Sonias both have significantly more powerful actives and leaves Julie struggling as you rarely need one, let alone two in a dungeon.

Despite these shortcomings, Julie is still a reasonable leader and through her bind immune Super Awakening, she is able to perform better. Just bear in mind the majority of her damage comes from Killers which also means she will have little to no damage control.

Moving away from her leadership role, Julie is able to function as a powerful Killer sub. This is because her Killer awakenings can stack and enables her to deal 3x, 9x, or even 27x damage to various spawns. This can alleviate some team building constraints as you may not require a burst against certain spawns.

Sadly, Julie still suffers from a lackluster active skill. Sure the 50% damage reduction can be meaningful, but on an 11 turn cooldown and only lasting a single turn is difficult to justify. This longer cooldown is attributed to her 100% Defense break which can trivialize high Defense spawns. However, Guard Break  is a much cleaner solution as it does not occupy an active skill slot and is not too difficult to build around.

Elgenubi – C

Active: Change Wood, Heart, Jammer, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Fire orbs. Increase skyfall chance of Fire orbs by 15% for 4 turn.(10 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Machine type cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5. Matched attribute ATK x5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb

Awakenings: Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire OrbSkill Boost Skill Lock Resist
Super Awakenings:   

  • 7 Enhanced Fire orb Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Rides a flying saucer
  • Double orb changer
    • Also removes hazards
  • 4 turn fire skyfall
  • 7 Enhanced Fire orb Enhnaced Fire Orb
    • Hard to use efficiently
  • The least enhanced of the Eschamali series

Elgenubi has always struggled to find a home where she can fit in. This is because Fire has generally had a strong pool of Enhanced orb Enhnaced Fire Orb awakenings to draw from which makes her 7 somewhat redundant. Furthermore, there is no elite 5o1e leader and the meta has mostly shifted towards combo-focused teams.

Taking all of this into consideration leaves Elgenubi without a solid place to use her on as her active tends to flood the board with Fire orbs and makes it challenging to combo.

Perhaps if the meta shifts back to rows there will be a place to use Elgenubi as a board full of Fire orbs enables one to match numerous rows.

Finally, Elgenubi has the least prominent assets of any Eschamali which is simply unacceptable.

Romia – A

Active: Change all orbs to Fire, Wood & Dark orbs (8 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Change the board to 7×6 size. All attribute cards ATK x5 when reaching Wood, Wood & Dark or Wood & Dark & Dark combos

Awakenings: Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Dragon Killer 45
Super Awakenings: Dragon Killer 45 

  • Generous movement time
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer & 7 Combo 45
  • Wonderful Super Awakenings
  • Low cooldown active board changer
  • Creates 7×6
  • Board changer does not produce hearts
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Lowish base stats

Romia has been transformed over the years into quite the powerhouse due to the addition of a 7 Combo 45 and now her Super Awakenings.

Romia is able to receive either another Dragon Killer or 7 Combo and both aid in propelling her damage upwards. However, it is generally best to pursue the 7 Combo awakening as it is more universally beneficial.

The difference between 7 Combo and Killers is 2x vs 3x; however, Killers only work against their specific typing. As such, you will more often than not be missing out on additional damage and this is why 7 Combo is generally the way to go.

The only main drawback to using Romia is her vulnerability to binds and board changing active that does not produce hearts. This may feel quite nit-picky, but it is a valid concern if you plan on using her in challenging content. This is because most top tier cards come with bind immunity along with many players wishing to heal or form a FUA  after a board changer.

One last point to mention is that Romia can form a 7×6 board upon entering a dungeon. This is valuable if you plan on utilizing a Leader swap like Macha  as Romia may already be a card you wish to use on your team.

Navi – B

Active: Change all orbs to Fire, Water & Wood & Light & Dark orbs. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn (9 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Change the board to 7×6 size. All attribute cards ATK x3, RCV x3 when attacking with 3 of following orb types: Fire, Water, Wood, Light & Dark. ATK x0.5, RCV x0.5 for each additional orb type, up to ATK x4, RCV x4 for all 5 matches.

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend 45
Super Awakenings: 45  

  • 4 SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Powerful Super awakenings
  • Forms 7×6 board
  • 4 SBR Skill Lock Resist is a bit redundant
  • Active does not make hearts

Upon her initial release, Navi was quite lackluster. Thankfully, her various buffs and now Super Awakenings enable her to be a formidable card to use.

Being able to wield double 7 Combo 45 helps her pump out meaningful damage on a variety of teams. However, her second 7 Combo is tied behind a Super Awakening which means it will take modest investment to unlock.

However, once this has been done, Navi will have some prowess in solo mode. Unfortunately, her other awakenings and active skill are a bit lackluster. Having 4 SBR Skill Lock Resist is redundant and wasteful on traditional teams and will only have merit on certain farming builds that naturally have none. This is a shame because there is a farmable option that grants 5 SBR and Navi’s 4 mostly clogs up her awakenings. With that being said, Navi will help the SBR-less Valentine’s Kushinadahime  achieve 100% resistance while also being able to dish out damage.

In addition to her cluttered awakenings, Navi possesses a problematic active skill. While she is a board changer, her inability to spawn heart orbs means you will be unable to heal and deal damage.

One final note is Navi’s ability to form a 7×6 board which can be meaningful if you plan on Leader swapping through something like Macha .

Barbera – B

Active: Change all orbs to Fire & Dark orbs. Dragon & Machine type cards ATK x2.5 for 1 turn (16 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Can no longer clear 3 connected orbs. Machine type cards All Stats x2. All attribute cards ATK x4 when reaching Dark & Fire combo

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend TPA Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer
Super Awakenings:  Machine Killer TPA

  • Three SB Skill Boost
  • Triple Killer
  • Gains second Machine Killer Machine Killer via SA
    • Can use Machine Killer latents
  • Dual purpose active
  • Leader Skill is awkward
  • Long active cooldown
  • Uses are situational/niche

Barbera has always struggled to become relevant due to her highly restrictive leader skill (poor sub pool) and what effectively amounts to a Red Sonia  board changer plus damage boost. These two components have merits on their own, but when combined, it is hard to fully take advantage of both components in order to justify the longer cooldown.

4x HP / 64x ATK / 4x RCV made her quite tanky before, but the leader skill has become somewhat dated and the fact that she cannot match 3 connected orbs spells certain doom against combo shield spawns. As such, few players use Barbera as a leader and her focus has now shifted into more of a niche killing sub.

With 3 Skill Boosts and 3 Killers, she fits wonderfully well on numerous farming teams but ironically, she cannot tap into her Super Awakenings if used in coop. This is a shame because the double Machine Killer would enable her to obliterate Machine spawns (eg. Machine Annihilation dungeons). Regardless, you can still use her effectively as Killers are always prized assets.

Sadly, her longer cooldown prevents one from inheriting a different active skill over top as it will be challenging to overcome the 16 turn cooldown.

Erika (New) – S

Active: Delay 2 turns to all enemies. Change all orbs to Wood, Light & Dark & Heart orbs (13 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Light attribute cards ATK x2.5, RCV x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x4, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Wood, Light & Dark orb types at the same time

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend 45 45 37 Healer Killer
Super Awakenings: 

  • Double 7 Combo 45
  • Two Killers
  • Board changer + Delay
  • Modest leader skill
  • Balance typing
    • Can use any Killer latent
  • Cute
  • Has less valuable Killers
  • Vulnerable to binds

Erikia is the second new card to be introduced into the Heroine REM and is quite powerful overall. Light is somewhat saturated with strong double 7 Combo 45 cards and having more is always welcomed.

Erika is a strong fit on most combo teams and her active skill is quite valuable despite having two components. This is because a board changer is never a wasted aspect and the delay only adds a few turns to the total cooldown. Furthermore, we are starting to see many more difficult spawns that can be delayed (Eg. 3P Metatrons, Gaia in Alt Arena, etc.) so one may still find merit in a 2 turn delay.

Looking at Erika’s two Killer awakenings, they are somewhat less valuable overall due to the scarcity of threatening Healers and Attackers. Thankfully, the Metatrons in 3P Arena/Alt Arena have either Attacker or Healer and this augmented damage enables Erika to deal 12x damage which can help overcome the 20 million Defense. Furthermore, Erika can wield any Killer latent due to her Balance typing. On the bright side, Erika does not overkill Sopdet so there is still some hope for damage control.

Overall, Erika is an amazing card to own and will be a boon for most combo teams.

5 star base

Kuvia – D

Active: Change Wood & Light orbs to Fire orbs. Increase skyfall chance of Heart orbs by 15% for 2 turns (9 turn CD)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3.5 when reaching 2 set of Fire combos. ATK x1.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x5 when reaching 3 combos. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds

Awakenings:  TPA TPA TPATPA Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend
Super Awakenings:   TPA

  • 5 TPA TPA with SA
  • Double orb changer that does not break hearts
  • TPA TPA is less valuable and harder to utilize
  • Heart Skyfall is only 2 turns

Kuvia was released during an era when TPA TPA was beginning to be phased out and is now in a period where it has even less value. This is problematic as her main value was the potential for large burst damage but we lack a team to optimally use her on.

As such, we need to see if there is any other scenario where we can efficiently use her. Sadly, the double orb changer hinders combo teams and while the heart Skyfalls may feel appealing for no RCV dungeons, 2 turns is not sufficient and you would probably better off with a board changers that produced hearts if you needed to heal.

Overall, Kuvia has lost too much traction and has little value at this point in time.

Mel – B

Active: Change 2nd column from the right into Heart orbs (5 turn CD)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x7, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Heart and Heart combos at the same time. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds

Awakenings:  +heart +heart +heart +heart +heart +heart TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
Super Awakenings:   TPA

  • 6 Enhanced Heart +heart awakenings
    • Enables any team to gain massive healing potential
  • Spawns a column of heart orbs
  • Gains Follow Up Attack 
  • Wonderful healing stat stick
  • Enhanced Hearts don’t help high RCV teams
  • Column of hearts is spawned on the second from right

Upon her initial release, Mel was somewhat of a meme due to the underwhelming nature of the Enhanced Heart +heart awakenings. However, this awakening has been significantly buffed to function in two distinct ways.

Firstly, each enhanced heart orb will grant a modest RCV bonus but it is the new TPA-like effect that facilitates massive healing. Matching heart orbs in a four-connected fashion grants a sizable boost to healing and enables low RCV teams to rapidly heal back up. Furthermore, having more Enhanced Heart awakenings stacks and further propels your healing output.

This is most valuable on teams that have high HP/low to no RCV bonus or teams that need a boost in their healing output. As such, Mel is sometimes used across a variety of teams, even if she is off colour/wrong typing.

For example, some Rushana teams (4x HP / no RCV bonus) utilize Mel as a healing stick because she ensures you are able to quickly replenish your health after taking large amounts of punishment.

However, Mel is purely defensive/utility in nature so before using her as a sub, one should make sure they have sufficient damage. Thankfully, with her FUA  Super Awakening, Mel is able to provide more value and synergy with her active.

Mel can spawn a column of heart orbs which immediately gives you a FUA but the drawback is that it is not created on the outside. This means you will either have to manipulate the column one spot to the right or simply accept the fact that some of your board is “cut off.” On the bright side, Mel boasts a short 5 turn cooldown so one can inherit something easily over top.

Mito – A

Active: Recover RCV x8 HP. Bind recovery for 3 turns (4 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Healer type cards ATK x4.5. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Bind Clear awakening  Devil killer Devil killer
Super Awakenings:   

  • Guard Break 
  • Double Devil Killer Devil killer
    • Can equip Devil Killer latents
  • 4 turn cooldown
  • Competes with Shazel 
    • Requires 3 Devil Latents

Mito is a wonderful card to own due to her ability to deal massive damage to Devil type cards. However, she faces intense competition against Shazel  who naturally boasts 3 Devil Killers Devil killer and a similar stat line and active skill cooldown.

Despite Shazel having one more Devil Killer, Mito can technically surpass her output if she has 3 Devil Killer Latents. While this is a relatively expensive investment, it is worth considering if you require a Guard Break, bind immunity, or shorter base cooldown.

Momiji – B

Active: Change all orbs to Wood, Light & Heart orbs (9 turn CD)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3.5 when reaching 2 set of Light combos. ATK x1.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x5 when reaching 3 combos. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds

Awakenings: Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend TPA TPA Skill Boost 
Super Awakenings: TPA  

  • Tri-elemental board changer with hearts
  • Follow Up Attack 
  • “Easy” to roll
  • Underwhelming Super Awakenings
  • TPA TPA is less ideal
  • Low weighted stats
  • Quickly replaced

Momiji can be best described as a budget Follow Up Attack  option. This is because she requires minimal investment to succeed and comes somewhat ready to use.

This is important for newer players who have either not acquired a board changer or FUA card. However, her other awakenings leave much to be desired and will often be replaced by more offensive options. However, she may still find merit as a board changer, especially if you play Rushana as the Light and Wood orbs are required along with having the option to heal.

Overall, Momiji will mostly serve as a stepping stone into stronger characters and will provide merit for newer accounts.

Sheena – A

Active: Change all orbs to Light & Dark orbs (12 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Dragon & Attacker type cards ATK x2.5, RCV x2.5. All attribute cards ATK x2 on the turn a skill is used

Awakenings: Dark row Dark row Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist 45 physical killer Machine Killer
Super Awakenings: 45  

  • Unique bi-colour board changer
  • 2 Killers
    • Can use them as Latents
  • Amazing Super Awakenings
  • Can only use 1 Super Awakenings

Sheena has become one of the strongest tools for killing Machine and Physical cards due to her killers and 7 Combo 45 awakening. This prowess is further amplified by her amazing Super Awakenings. Furthermore, Sheena is able to equip either Physical or Machine Killer latents to further boost her damage.

The only downside is that you can only choose 1 Super Awakening to use and this is where things become somewhat tricky. You can either gain a double 7 Combo or a Void Damage Penetration  awakening. Both have their uses and while 7 Combo has more general usage, the Void Damage Penetration may be the better choice due to it’s relative scarcity.

Furthermore, Sheena becomes one of the few Void Damage Penetration cards with offensive awakenings which helps ensure she can one shot those spawns.

Sheena’s active is able to produce a board of Light and Dark orbs which is reasonable overall but is perhaps most important in helping her take advantage of her Void Damage Penetration and forming a 3×3 box.

Runelis (New) – C

Active: Change Fire & Light orbs to Wood orbs. Increases time limit of orb movement by 150% for 1 turn (8 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Dragon & Devil type cards HP x2, ATK x2. Matched attribute ATK x2.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

Awakenings: Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost  
Super Awakenings: 

  • Potential Green Sonia  sub
    •  Enhanced Wood Orb  Synergistic awakenings
  • Double orb changer that does not remove hearts
  • Niche uses overall
  • Orb enhances throw of damage control
  • Personal damage is reliant on L’s

Runelis is the third and final card to be added into the Heroine REM and is unfortunately a little lackluster. While she does have the the correct typing and L  awakenings for Green Sonia , Runelis may be more of a liability than asset.

This is because Green Sonia teams tend to not have any Orb Enhances Enhanced Wood Orb which leads to easier damage control/calculation. As such, one may not be able to deal with Sopdet, Parvati, Vishnu, or Hera Dragon as easily (in fact, you will probably fail on Sopdet) so this is a major problem for a team that could handle those spawns in Arena 3.

As such, it will be hard to find a real home for Runelis as she does not fit well on combo teams due to her active flooding the board.

Perhaps she will find some love on Valentine’s Astaroth  teams where her awakenings are ideal.


The Heroine REM is an exciting event for players as it features reasonable value at the 5* rarity as well as valuable top cards. However, there is some speculation (not officially confirmed) that Dragonbound & Dragon Caller may return which has arguably the most value of any event.

As such, it may be advantageous to at least watch the official GungHo NA Stream on Friday, April 20th if anything is teased since Heroine will be still around.

Barring now announcement, Heroine is still a valuable machine to roll in, especially for a mid-range player who has some REM already and is looking for more box depth.

Let me know what you think about the Heroine REM event and how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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54 thoughts on “Heroine REM Review and Analysis – April 2018”

  1. 500+ stones in already, and I never rolled a single 7 star card in this event, just couple barberas and truck load of 5star dupes. When GH said one percent chance, they really mean it…


  2. Rolled Planar just now, not bad seeing as the only 7 star I rolled was Uruka. I’ll let my gf rolled the rest of the stones in the morning.

    But..I’m happy so far, lol. Great work as always Manstastic.


      1. Thanks! And right now, i got dupes, but I got about 100,000 mp off of them. So a win win? I plan to roll this friday so we’ll see!


    1. I rolled 8 times, I got two barabaras, three sheenas, two runelises, and FINALLY a Momiji, my first Fua, no matter how budget it may be 🙂


  3. Picked up Mito, Mel, Meridonialis, Romia and Elgenobi. Not sure who I should start using and for what purposes. Leader/Sub.


  4. I find that Kulia’s best/only use for me has been as an inherit on Dantalion teams. Danta can clear a lot of floors using either just 7c/firecross or firecross + healx2, and a Kulia active can help you clear a floor and set up double heal combos for the following floors (as well as clearing annoying color skyfalls) so that you don’t have to blow further actives.

    On a similar note, Planar would be an amazing sub on Danta teams because in practice I’ve found that the additional dark cross component on Danta’s LS inadequate for clearing trash floors (the dark sub atts don’t do enough damage). Not to mention, red has very few good options for fua or fingers.

    Sadly, Danta is not a meta leader and it’s hard to find friends who play him. But this is where I’d say these two characters fill a unique niche.


    1. If anything, Diara is the better option for Kuvia as you still wish to make fire crosses. Main drawback is the TPA all go to waste.

      However, Planar would be a reasonable sub option provided you can accept the fact that you are wasting the row awakenings


    1. I would take those roles over the 7 rolls I took in the Godfest: 2 Wee Jas, 2 Avalon Drakes, my third meimei, Ares and typhon.


      1. Yeah, since I have 3, I’m going try to put a 7c on one, and killer on the other and vdp on the other, and use the last one as an assist.


  5. I’ve gone a little crazy lately with the collabs and special REMs for getting key cards. Luck has been with me so i haven’t spent too much.

    I got NY Yomi, Edward, Diablos, Leona. But the 10 stone cost of the Heroines made me stop and assess. I realized that if i got anything but Uruka, I wouldn’t be satisfied. So i did not want to spend oodles of stones chasing her.

    I imagine as i accumulate enough stones from completing dungeons I might spend them on the Heroine REM, but my wallet says its not worth the chase. Maybe if it weren’t 10 stones a pull….


    1. GH makes it 10 stones per pull as the average value of each card is stronger than a normal event and is somewhat compensated by the higher MP selling price

      If you are only chasing Uruka it is not worth the 2% rates.

      Do you have many of the DBDC cards?


          1. Ah! Quite a few. Enra, No.6, Weld, Kiri, Shazel, Tardis, Rathios, Li…come to think of it…i think my main has all except Ideal.

            Alt does have ideal but is missing many of the others. Fortunately both accounts have Enra which has been useful.


  6. I pulled a Meridionalis and was wondering how effective a team with andromeda, Mori moratori (both blue/blue) then maybe like sumire and someone else. Who would make a good leader I would like some feedback


    1. She certainly makes a powerful leader but you will need to address the lack of SBR (Andromeda), vulnerability to bind (somewhat Andromeda), low HP, and modest orb hungry nature. However, if you can overcome those she can certainly work and the three subs you listed will work well


    1. Yeah she is certainly a lovely card to own and like I mentioned in the article, she will be a stepping stone/transitional card until you do roll the more “desirable” cards


  7. Hello old friend, I got Planar with my free roll (of all things) and was pretty excited until I checked out your review of her. Hopefully they give her a little boost in the future.


  8. I rolled heavily in this REM the last time it came out so I have a lot of the 5* (got quite a few dupes). Meri was my only 6* from that time and no 7*. I kind of want Ilmina or Uruka but I am not sure…maybe I’ll do like what you suggest and wait for the stream.


      1. Yay! DBDC is coming back! I’ll roll in that then. In the previous DBDC, I rolled about 80 stones I think (all saved up). I am expecting a lot of dupes this time but hopefully with another 80 stones, I can get at least one good thing. =)


  9. Very odd that Planar is so underwhelming, Gungho has been pretty good lately about making 7* collab cards really desirable, likewise the cards they’ve decided to animate.
    (Rikuu, new sonias, Ideal)
    Maybe we’re just missing something (Rodin mega?) but those 4 mismatched rows are making my eye twitch.


    1. Yeah I agree that is is a strange thing to do overall but you could be right that future mega evolutions may help but she really needed passive damage reduction instead of one that is match-conditional


  10. 30 stones 3x Runelis, and in my free roll I got Sheena. I like Sheena active, so I’ll keep her around. Runelis probably will be turned in MP.

    good luck guys.


  11. Got my 4th free roll today and i got Planar (other two i rolled were uruka, runelis and momiji) So now what do i do with Planar since u say shes really bad. Even with the cottons coming this week?(i can buy two of them)


    1. This guy couldn’t be more wrong about her. Planar is not bad at all. I recently rolled one and after getting a planar friend she easily out damaged any other team I’ve seen because it’s easy to pull off her skill requirements. She does x4 with two heart combos, and another x4 for a row of red OR dark and if you have a another planar leader then you can easily hit x256 consistently


  12. Lol well it did not work this morning with the free roll(though my one free roll usually sucks) I got your favorite, Julia with a K, lol.
    if anything been lurking for a year and change, finally had a chance to add you as a friend lol, perhaps Planar power will bring you some luck.


  13. This guy couldn’t be more wrong about her. Planar is not bad at all. I recently rolled one and after getting a planar friend she easily out damaged any other team I’ve seen because it’s easy to pull off her skill requirements. She does x4 with two heart combos, and another x4 for a row of red OR dark and if you have a another planar leader then you can easily hit x256 consistently


    1. I made a team using
      R/d Planar
      Awoken Uranus
      Re Pandora
      Re Hino Kagutsuchi
      Re Haku
      Friend R/d Planar
      I hit at least x16 every turn and burst for x256 every two or three turns even if I dont use an active and yeah her cool down is long but she has awesome awakenings and reduces damage when you get her to pop off which is actually pretty common for me. I’ve been blowing through mythic plus and annihilation dungeons like it’s nothing using my team.

      Plus she pairs well with alot of other friend leaders as well and she has one of the highest multipliers in the game. I dont think this post gives her the justice she deserves.


      1. Planar as a leader is still lackluster as the form you are using must have 6+ fire/dark or 6 hearts to deal damage and damage reduction

        Sure this is easy enough in shorter content with less mechanics when you can use actives liberally, but when you begin to play the higher arenas, you will struggle to survive

        Also, 256x ATK is not that high overall considering your combo count will be lowered due to the row


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