[Small PSA] Reminder on how Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings Work


GungHo NA ha released a massive amount of content last night that includes numerous changes to existing monsters that include new evolutions, Limit Breaking, and Super Awakenings.

This post is meant to be a gentle refresher on how Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings work. However, you can also read my full detailed guide HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

New content

Full details of the new content released can be found through the following GHNA Facebook links:

Super Awakenings/Limit Breaking

New Evolutions

Limit Breaking

Limit breaking is the process of raising a monster’s level beyond 99 can is accomplished by fusing a Super Snow Globe. However, only certain monsters qualify for Limit Breaking and is indicated by their Max Lvl text being blue:

From the above image, Goemon on the left cannot be Limit Broken but Yamato (right) can.

Thus, if you fuse a Super Snow Globe into Yamato, you will allow him to push beyond level 99. Just be aware that the experience required to bring a card to level 110 is exceptionally expensive from a monster experience point of view.

Super Awakenings

Super awakenings are a special process that enables a card to gain an additional awakening. This can dramatically improve a monster’s viability and is worth pursuing provided you mean the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

Provided you have already Limit Broken a card, you should see a [?] box beside the monster’s original awakenings. If this is present, you will be able to fuse a +297 to unlock one of three Super Awakenings.


Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings are an expensive investment but can enable you to push further into end game content. However, always make sure a card qualifies for either mechanic before investing resources.

On a side note, Heroine REM Review will be released this weekend.

Happy Puzzling!

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