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[Small PSA] Reminder on how Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings Work


GungHo NA ha released a massive amount of content last night that includes numerous changes to existing monsters that include new evolutions, Limit Breaking, and Super Awakenings.

This post is meant to be a gentle refresher on how Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings work. However, you can also read my full detailed guide HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

New content

Full details of the new content released can be found through the following GHNA Facebook links:

Super Awakenings/Limit Breaking

New Evolutions

Limit Breaking

Limit breaking is the process of raising a monster’s level beyond 99 can is accomplished by fusing a Super Snow Globe. However, only certain monsters qualify for Limit Breaking and is indicated by their Max Lvl text being blue:

From the above image, Goemon on the left cannot be Limit Broken but Yamato (right) can.

Thus, if you fuse a Super Snow Globe into Yamato, you will allow him to push beyond level 99. Just be aware that the experience required to bring a card to level 110 is exceptionally expensive from a monster experience point of view.

Super Awakenings

Super awakenings are a special process that enables a card to gain an additional awakening. This can dramatically improve a monster’s viability and is worth pursuing provided you mean the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

Provided you have already Limit Broken a card, you should see a [?] box beside the monster’s original awakenings. If this is present, you will be able to fuse a +297 to unlock one of three Super Awakenings.


Limit Breaking and Super Awakenings are an expensive investment but can enable you to push further into end game content. However, always make sure a card qualifies for either mechanic before investing resources.

On a side note, Heroine REM Review will be released this weekend.

Happy Puzzling!

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Puzzle and Dragons Frequently Asked Questions


Puzzle and Dragons is one of the oldest and complex mobile games on the market. This can be attributed to it’s 6+ years of existence that has put players through a roller coaster ride of different metas, strategies, and mechanics. While the actual injection of Powercreep is reasonable for someone who has been playing for years, it can become quite overwhelming if you are new to the game.

This article will attempt to answer the more common questions new players may have and any feedback or suggestions are welcomed. I will be focusing on terminology, Box management, explaining the various mechanics, and answering what I feel are pressing questions for newer players.

This page will attempt to answer the more common questions and will provide links to my other articles if you wish to read a more detailed analysis.

This article was last updated on March 15, 2018

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Table of Contents

Click to jump to the respective subjects:

Continue reading Puzzle and Dragons Frequently Asked Questions

Combos and Spatial Planning Guide


The Puzzle and Dragons meta is shifting towards a more combo-oriented playstyle through new leader skill and the 7 combo 45 awakening. Furthermore, with Sunken Serpent Labyrinth arriving on Monday, players will need to push their puzzling skills to the limits.

This article will be focusing how I approach combo-ing a board when the raw number of combos is the main goal. My method works for me and is just one of many ways to tackle a given board and is not the only way possible.

Video commentary & sample boards

—video coming soon—

Understanding combos

A standard board in Puzzle and Dragons is 6×5 which yields 30 orbs and a maximum of 10 combos. However, it is very unlikely you will actually have perfect board distribution to hit those 10 and will more than often settle for 7-8 maximum combos. Continue reading Combos and Spatial Planning Guide

PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017


The Puzzle and Dragons community covers a wide range of platforms to inform, entertain, and educate the player base. All the subsequently mentioned resources are well worth a look as they provide content or points of view that differ from mine.

I plan on continuously updating this list every few months to keep you up to speed on the latest resources in the PAD community. I have also duplicated this post in my drop down menu at the top under Classic Help Guides. Let me know if I missed anyone and I will edit accordingly.

The ordering within each category is in no particular order; however, I place new additions to the list at the top to better help drive traffic to them. Furthermore, I try to categorize community members by their most notable platform, even if they have other mediums.

Video commentary

—–Video goes here—-

discord Discord

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that tends to be utilized by gamers. However, they are far more powerful than a simple chat room as they can help facilitate matchmaking, possess in-depth strategy guides, and help bring the community together. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to download and install Discord on your mobile device and/or desktop.

discord Awoken Liu Bei Server *New*

Liu Bei has quickly emerged to become the premier farming leader for the average player. Unfortunately, his relevancy is reliant on coop and you will actually have to find a partner and the ALB Discord Server is the best place to find them. Not only do they post strategy guides for all relevant dungeons, but you can quickly find a like-minded individual and button to your heart’s content. Continue reading PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017

How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide


Like you favourite monsters, dungeons are evolving in complexity and difficulty. Forgone are the days of simply having to survive a single 8,000 damage hit and instead it almost feels like you have to have an advanced degree in Puzzle and Dragons to decipher or interpret the dungeon at hand. Thankfully, we have access to two great resources and this post will focus not only on how to understand and comprehend the information presented, but how to also theory craft counters to each mechanic.


I plan to do a subsequent post that will teach you how to intelligently build a team that will use topics discussed in this article so stay tuned.

This article will focus on how to overcome various hurdles presented in a dungeon along with a specific example of the current One Shot Challenge and subsequent video clear with Yomi Dragon 3266.

Video commentary

—video goes here—

Yomi Dragon clear of One Shot Challenge 9

Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide

The two best database resources available to English PAD players are (padx) and the mobile app PadGuide. Both these tools provide the same kind of information and which you choose to use will be mostly based on personal preference. For myself, I prefer using padx for dungeon research and PadGuide for monsters/evolutions etc. Continue reading How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide

Puzzle and Dragons Abbreviations – A Reference Guide


All games and activities have a certain degree of lingo or abbreviations made by the fans to help streamline discussion or to convey complicated thoughts more easily. Puzzle and Dragons is no exception and for players who have been playing for several years, the lingo and abbreviations are not too difficult to keep up with. However, if you are just venturing out of Departure Tower (the starting dungeon), you may be overwhelmed with information and unable to understand what is being said on the various forums or Facebook groups. The purpose of this article is to provide a handy reference guide to all Puzzle and Dragons (PAD) terminology and if I miss any abbreviations, please let me know in the comments below.

Video commentary

Puzzle and Dragons abbreviations

In order to streamline your search and reading experience, I have tried my best to categorize the various terms.

Magic Stone related

Magic Stones are the premium currency in Puzzle and Dragons. These are used to expand our box space, friends list, continue a failed dungeon, as well as rolling the Rare Egg Machine (REM). These can be acquired via clearing a dungeon for the first time, logging in every day, or by purchasing with real life money.

  • Stones simply refers to Magic Stones. Sometimes used in the past tense (stoned) to imply you continued a failed dungeon
  • IAP or In App Purchases is a term used to convey spending real life money for additional magic stones
  • F2P / Non-IAP stands for someone who is Free to Play and does not purchase Magic Stones
  • Whale or any other aquatic animal is a term used to describe someone who purchases a lot of magic stones. The larger the animal (with Whale being the largest), the more they spend.
  • MP or Monster Points is a secondary currency that can be used to purchase various powerful monsters
Godfest related
  • GF is a Godfest where certain monters are featured at increased rates. Often confused with Girlfriend.
  • PCGF is the short form of Player’s Choice Godfest. This is a special Godfest in which the players vote for the featured monsters. I do not know when it will occur next
  • GFE are Godfest Exclusives that are only able to be rolled during Godfests
  • 4x GFE indicates that certain GFE are featured at 4x rates. This number can change/vary
  • Pantheon is the featured non-GFE monsters
  • Troll Gold is a monster that comes out as a gold egg, but is really just an evolved silver

Continue reading Puzzle and Dragons Abbreviations – A Reference Guide

Best Friend Guide


This Best Friend Guide will help you find more friends, explain how the process works, helping you improve your friends list, along with what you can use Pal Points for. Building up a strong friend base will allow you to choose from a variety of powerful leaders, have constant access to your favourite monsters, and passively generate pal points to spend on the Pal Egg Machine (PEM).

Even with the introduction of coop, it is still advantageous to have best friends as you may play in solo mode and best friends provide more pal points when used in multiplayer.

Video commentary

Finding Friends

The first step to Pal Point domination is to find friends to populate your list. As you rank up, your friends list will max out at 50 players. You can add 5 additional friend slots for 1 magic stone, up to a maximum of 300 friends. In all honesty, the sooner you add space and expand your friend list, the more pal points you will be rolling in. You can view this as an opportunity cost as for each day you have more friends, the more pal points you will generate in future days. Because PAD is very much a patience game, the sooner you invest, the more you will be rewarded. Thankfully, making friends in PAD is quite easy and I have found the community to be incredibly warm and welcoming. We can find friends via:

  • Posting your ID on various forums, Reddit threads,  and Facebook groups (@PG, @US, @HG)
  • Typing in a player’s ID under Friends -> ID search
  • Choosing Users from the helper selection list

Continue reading Best Friend Guide

Heart Cross Matching Guide


I have been playing Myr Miru since her release and is my go-to leader for end game content provided I do not need to hit outrageous damage on a regular basis. As such, I have a strong understanding of how to form heart crosses along with the strategies used to successfully clear various dungeons. Thus, I wish to take this opportunity to share my thought process when trying to form heart crosses while matching offensive orbs in conjunction. As with any combo/matching guide, everyone’s approach may vary and while my methods are successful for me, they may not be always work for you. In addition, all of my heart cross experience comes from Myr as the only other leader I own is Anaphon Cross Typhon who has no sub support.

I highly encourage you to check out my Cascading Combo Guide as I will be referencing strategies outlined there. I also regularly broadcast my Arena 3 clears on my Twitch Channel and it is a great way to see my gameplay and thought process live.

Video commentary

A written guide is great, but it may also help to see the video guide that goes alongside this article as you can see the heart crosses matched in real time.

What is a heart cross?

The heart cross mechanic is currently the strongest ability in Puzzle and Dragons as it combines a survivability and offensive component when matching exactly 5 heart orbs in a cross formation. This allows you to survive gravity/percent based attacks along with having the ability to deal spectacular damage. This has proven to be amazingly powerful as you combine the ability to stall along with burst potential provided you have at least 5 heart orbs present on the board.

Acceptable heart crosses

The following images will show you the acceptable patterns for forming a heart cross. You can only match exactly 5 heart orbs to trigger your leader skill and will have a shielding animation pop up on screen if done successfully.


shield-animation Continue reading Heart Cross Matching Guide

Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?

Note: All values are doubled during half stamina as every run is twice as efficient.


After years of hating Mondays with the rest of the population, GungHo has finally acknowledged the existence of Mondays through the new Monday Dungeon! Unlike the other weekday dungeons, Monday will grant a sizeable amount of rank experience instead of evolution materials and will grant lower rank players the opportunity to rank up very fast and efficiently. However, before attempting any dungeon to farm/play repeatedly, always make sure your clear rate is nearly 100% and investigate the dungeon prior to entering.

Monday Dungeon comes in two difficulty levels:


  • 60,000-63,000 rank experience (1,230 / stamina) – 50 stamina
  • 6 floors
    • Floor 1-3 provide 2-5 turns of stalling and about 355k HP
    • Floor 4 has up to 1.2M HP and give a few turns before killing you
    • Floor 5 has low-HP, 433k defence monsters that can be easily bypassed with poison (eg. Lilith Lilith) or true damage (eg. Ra Ra)
    • Boss Floor: 300k defence & 840k HP. Requires sizeable burst to kill

Continue reading Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?