PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017


The Puzzle and Dragons community covers a wide range of platforms to inform, entertain, and educate the player base. All the subsequently mentioned resources are well worth a look as they provide content or points of view that differ from mine.

I plan on continuously updating this list every few months to keep you up to speed on the latest resources in the PAD community. I have also duplicated this post in my drop down menu at the top under Classic Help Guides. Let me know if I missed anyone and I will edit accordingly.

The ordering within each category is in no particular order; however, I place new additions to the list at the top to better help drive traffic to them. Furthermore, I try to categorize community members by their most notable platform, even if they have other mediums.

Video commentary

—–Video goes here—-

discord Discord

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that tends to be utilized by gamers. However, they are far more powerful than a simple chat room as they can help facilitate matchmaking, possess in-depth strategy guides, and help bring the community together. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to download and install Discord on your mobile device and/or desktop.

discord Awoken Liu Bei Server *New*

Liu Bei has quickly emerged to become the premier farming leader for the average player. Unfortunately, his relevancy is reliant on coop and you will actually have to find a partner and the ALB Discord Server is the best place to find them. Not only do they post strategy guides for all relevant dungeons, but you can quickly find a like-minded individual and button to your heart’s content.

discord Puzzle and Dragons Carry Server *New*

Looking to clear content that is beyond your normal means? Why not let someone else do all the heavy lifting! The PAD Carry Server is filled with wonderful people who are willing to help carry kind individuals through challenging content. They also have detailed guides should you wish to try and replicate them with your friends.

discord Puzzle and Dragons Community Server *New*

The PAD Community Discord Server is the largest Puzzle & Dragons server in North America, with over 13,000 unique users. Players have up to 20 channels dedicated to specific types of in-game content that can be cleared in multiplayer mode so that all players can quickly and effectively find a willing partner. Players also regularly participate in meta discussions, Monster Box help discussions, and more in their free time. A dedicated Mod/Trusted Advice team of veteran players volunteer 24/7 to help maintain the server and to provide assistance and mentorship to players of all skill levels

Wordpress Blogs

For those who enjoy written content, the following sites should satisfy your craving for all things PAD related. Unfortunately, all of them appear to be somewhat on hiatus until further notice.

Wordpress gl1tch3d *New*

gl1tch3d is a new player in the blog medium and is responsible for the majority of the theory crafting behind the PAD Carry Discord Server. gl1tch3d’s content revolves around creating accessible carry strategies that abuse the game mechanics and turns them in your favour. In addition, you can also find 100% farmable B sides for various dungeons and can help propel your game forward with a fresh approach to end game content.

In addition to the carry guides, he also dabbles in leader guides and efficient farming guides. Definitely worth the read and bookmark.

Wordpress Setsu

Setsu has been contributing to the Puzzle and Dragons community for several years and his most popular post is his JP Aggregate Tier List. This list helps weigh several popular JP site rankings to produce a more consistent ranking for the most popular leaders in Puzzle and Dragons. In addition, he does include Godfest help and Collab REM. They also play the game at a very high level (rank 900+) and provides inspiration in tackling the hardest content PAD has to offer in the most efficient manner available.

To help bridge the gap during his break, other notable community members including the cascading wizard Tevvie, Nez, and Pi will be publishing articles from time to time.

Wordpress Soranopad

Soranopad is the most prominent English blogger that plays on the JP server. This gives the NA population a chance to see JP content played (and translated) in a way we can all understand. A great place to get ahead of the curve and anticipate what new trends will be dominating the PAD scene once they come overseas.

Currently on break.

YT YouTube

All players have their own subtle playstyles in how they manipulate the board along with their orb management techniques. Watching high end and knowledgeable players is one of the fastest ways to improve your puzzling skills. It can also provide inspiration on team building and strategies used to overcome the most challenging of dungeons.

YT PadRagnarok

PadRagnarok is one of the largest active YouTubers for North America and publishes content on a regular basis. His videos are aimed at helping players overcome challenging mechanics along with full box reviews/team building for his viewers (a great way to determine what is good in your box as he may analyse you in a future video). He has also started a “Screw the Meta” series that showcases less popular leads along with game mechanics and meta discussions. PadRagnarok is also an avid streamer on Twitch along with diving into the written content medium through his website.

YT Yuki

Yuki is the second highest ranked player in North America and is truly on the cutting edge of end-game content. He has ever every card you can imagine and truly spectacular ways to farm the hardest dungeons. He also enjoys publishing exciting solo Arena 3 clears with less conventional leads along with having a complimentary Twitch Stream.


Alfuh is another wonderful YouTuber who provides players with various dungeon clears along with full commentary and analysis of his thought process and matching strategy. If you are looking to tackle your next descend, you may want to check out his page first to pick up any tips or tricks beforehand!


TylerPAD was one of the first players to document their Puzzle and Dragons journey and has one of the largest followings to date. Unfortunately, he has become inactive and has stopped posting videos on a regular basis. However, TylerPAD has numerous videos created to improve your comboing skills which will remain timelessly invaluable.

Inactive for the foreseeable future

YT PuzzleBoss

Puzzle Boss is one of the pioneering faces of PAD on YouTube showcasing his high end gameplay and detailed full tutorials on some of the most challenging dungeons. Sadly, like Tyler, PuzzleBoss has stopped producing Puzzle and Dragons content.

Inactive for the foreseeable future

Twitch Streaming

Watching a pre-recorded clear is helpful as you can skip or pause at your own pace, but being able to directly interact with the star of the show in live time is amazing. Twitch streams offer some of the best viewing experiences as you can ask questions and will usually receive a relevant reply.

Twitch iamEurachu *New*

A comfortable space to just hang out, meme, and talk with other people while watching me be bad at video games -Eura

What she means by this is come watch her Boosted and entertaining gameplay along with healthy doses of dank memes and “good” jokes. In all seriousness, she is one of the most entertaining streamers around and also plays a wide variety of video games.

Twitch Sweetily *New*

Sweetily has actually been streaming Puzzle and Dragons for a prolonged period of time and has a massive following, especially with the Mandarin community. Her streams are done in both English and Mandarin and she is one of the sweetest people you will encounter as she takes the time to read chat and interact with her viewers. Sweetily is also talented in PAD and continuously pushes end game content on her somewhat late-ish streams.

Twitch Flandre *New*

Flandre was recently featured on the official GungHo stream and is renowned in the PAD community for his vital role as a moderator for the Puzzle and Dragon Forums. He plays on both NA and JP while having a fondness for Anubis and pure combo leaders.

Twitch HanzoPAD

Hanzo is another popular streamer who has made the transition to Twitch from Kamcord. Hanzo has a wonderful music playlist and frequently plays with viewers via coop. He tries to keep the stream light-hearted and engaging by utilizing a variety of leads to reduce monotony as well as actively reading chat and interacting with his audience. He lives in Toronto so his streams tend to be more East Coast friend. Finally, HanzoPAD promises to do a sexy Hanzo cosplay one day.

Twitch DzyDzyDino

DzyDzyDino is a partnered twitch streamer who has an extensive broadcasting schedule that is bound to have a convenient time for watching. His goal is to provide a haven for players who love and enjoy PAD that is not only about end game content. He strives to foster a balance between informative gameplay and entertainment while engaging his viewers through his dialogue and comment reading. DzyDzyDino also has fabulous hair and enjoys playing other video games in his Dzy After Dark streams.

FB icon Facebook

Facebook has numerous groups to help improve your PAD experience along with a place to rant, share your achievements, or look for friends. There is no rule forbidding you to join all of these groups and even scrolling through the news feed may provide inspiration on your own Puzzle and Dragon endeavors.

FB icon Operation Annihilation @OA *New*

Operation Annihilation is a newer Facebook group that is geared towards tackling end game content. While the community may be smaller, it is filled with a veteran players who are eager to push the limits of their Puzzling skills. At OA, you can find advice, coop partners, and strategies used to tackle the newly released dungeons along with adequate Player Skill.

FB icon PAD Advice and Assistance @AA *New*

Advice and Assistance is a Facebook group that is dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere for all things Puzzle and Dragons related. Not only can you ask for advice and assistance, but you can discuss the latest meta changes, dungeon strategies, and newest cards.

FB icon PAD Global @PG 

PG is the largest of the Facebook groups and has a wide range of players and you are bound to find other members who run similar leads. Posts cover all aspects of Puzzle and Dragons and the sheer size of the community helps ensure you are given a meaningful response and you can scroll through countless posts until your fingers are sore.

FB icon Help Group @HG 

Help Group is (as the name implies) a group dedicated in helping their members. Here you can find tools and tips to propel yourself forward in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where your questions will be answered by a caring community.

FB icon English USA Players Group @US

@US is the second largest and second oldest Facebook group who are committed to helping the PAD community. Members are knowledgeable and hail from all skill levels who can answer your queries and concerns. You do not need to be American to join.

FB icon GungHo Official FB Page 

The GH Facebook page is where all the official announcements are made and is ideal to like and follow as everything published comes from the creators of PAD.


The real hidden MVP’s, these resources provide vital news and monster/dungeon details that help us plan our PAD life accordingly. Use them, embrace them, and check them out.


PuzzleDragonX is your forefront runner of both reporting the news, daily urgent dungeon schedule, and monster/dungeon details. PadX is one of my most frequented bookmarked sites and I use it for all of my dungeon planning.


PadGuide is an amazing app that can be downloaded to your phone and simply search for it in your respective app store. PadGuide is another tool to quickly look up dungeon or monster details. I prefer to use PadGuide for monster related queries as it is quite fast and I enjoy the tapping aspect through a touch screen.


PADherder is a tool to easily manage your monster box while assigning notes and reminders of key materials required for evolutions. Is also a fantastic way to share your monster box when asking for team building help on my site as I can quickly see what you have at your disposal.


PADListener was developed for PADherder users who do not wish to manually enter their monster box. This app dramatically saves you time and should be utilized.

Forum1 Forums

Another medium for discussion and PAD related discourse. These platforms may allow for more detailed responses and have thriving communities.

 Puzzle & Dragon Reddit /r 

The Puzzle and Dragons Reddit is over 20,000 members strong and is a Fantastic discussion platform that has daily megathreads to streamline your content along with postings on all the various topics you can imagine. Their members are knowledgeable and friendly with great interaction and commentary.

 Puzzle & Dragon Forum @PF 

The official Puzzle and Dragons Forum has a massive members list and topics range from PAD Meta discussions to team building advice and everything in between. Even if you do not post, you can find topics of interest and happily browse away.

 Puzzle and Dragons 4chan @vg

The PAD 4chan forum offers another medium in which to explore PAD. Their topics are wide and varied, but do note that some of their content may not be suitable for younger audiences.

JP Content

Due to the fact that all PAD content is released in JP prior to North America, is can be beneficial to tune into the latest happening is padx leaves you hungry for more. *will update this in the next few days*


Your Input

If you feel I have overlooked a key member or site in my posting, feel free to leave me a comment and I can edit accordingly. Also, let me know where you frequent on a daily basis.

Happy Puzzling!

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39 thoughts on “PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017”

  1. Isn’t PuzzleBoss’ channel on Kamcord bigger than PADRagnarok’s? Also thanks for the list, found a few more places to spend my time 😀


    1. From my research, puzzleboss has been less active and Ragnarok surpassed him. Regardless, both are very large in the pad community and worth a look =)

      Also, hope you find more fun places to be productive XD


          1. Most browsers will automatically translate (yes, it’s bad translations but you can get an idea where they’re going with the team).


            1. That’s essentially my experience with poor translations. For myself, I like to read (probably why I made this site) but I guess I could include game8 as they are one of the more notable JP sites


  2. I just stumbled on your blog today. Great information for a person trying to get out of the novice levels and into the higher end content. you’re information is wonderful.

    thanks for the blog, it has been bookmarked and I’ll be a regular.


      1. my username is puzzleanddragons_. just look at my follow list, 100-150 active users, its a nice way to see people’s achievements, discuss teams, get help, etc


    1. You are very welcome =) Its all extra exposure and it has been sending in a couple hundred clicks thus far and most likely from users who have never been to your site before. You have a different perspective which is great as you cover topics I do not so everyone is happy!


  3. Here are some other resources that I have personally been enjoying are (w/ links):

    AlfuhPad: a youtuber who regularly posts dungeon runs/tutorials with commentary, similar to the style of puzzleboss.

    Padbros podcast: a helpful little podcast on iTunes in where the hosts talk about pad related new, tips and tricks, and other random puzzle and dragons stuff.


  4. (P.S. Pin this to your Classic Help Guides drop-down in the top bar. Then I won’t have to search for it again the next time I want to look something up. Cheers!)


  5. Hi Mantastic. Thank you for your written analysis & your YouTube videos. They’ve been very helpful & informative. Please keep them coming. Just wanted to let you know that PadRagnorak has switched from Kamcord to Twitch in case you wanted to update his section. Happy gaming.


    1. Thank you for the heads up! I was planning on updating this page in the next week or so as more community members emerge and modifications to existing ones need to be made =)

      Also, thank you for the kind words and encouragement!


      1. You’re welcome Mantastic. It’s nice to know there are people like you & Nick out there that are willing to take the time & effort to help those of us who are fairly new to the game & struggling to get better. Maybe someday I’ll get my own Zaerog & even beat Arena 1&2. Lol. Thanks again


        1. I am confident you will continue to progress =) Everything takes time and you have to keep in mind I have been playing for almost 1,000 days and I am pretty GungHo about it =P


  6. Hi, you are my favorite player Mantastic. (ok, you and Setsu are sharing top 🙂

    Secondly, Reco’s youtube channel is fun to watch. I am learning certain way of making combo from his videos. But, it is not as educative as the channels in your list.

    Thank you for postings. It is fun to read!


    1. Glad I am at the top =D I mostly kept this list as a way to see the NA content as I want to try and build up the other community members =)

      Maybe I will add a JP section when I have time


  7. Thank you for the “new” info from across the interwebs. You’re content alone has help me immeasurable in the last month. Clearing content I thought I never would. Again thank for your input for this great game and keep it coming!


  8. Hey, could you possibly add in a section for good discord servers? I found a decent one a couple of days ago and playing multiplayer has become so much easier.


  9. punpun1000 on Reich usually streams daily and interact well with his community. also has a discord page. he is smaller but might be worth checking out


  10. PadGuide also has a small community, where people can ask for carries and such. In the ultilties, there are boards, the most active board is the free board, and you can talk about whatever you want, for carries and such. The people there are really nice (unless you are a spammer) and a lot are really helpful. I hope to see you there on the boards Mantastic!


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