Challenge 8-10 Reincarnated Sakuya Clears


Reincarnated Sakuya  is live in North America and while she may be a frustrating leader to play, she still feels rewarding when you are able to trigger her full multiplier on a consistent basis. Below are my clears for Challenge 8-10. I used the same team for all of them as the subs itself are not that important and it is better to simply bring the required utility and time extends.

Challenge 10

Challenge 9

Challenge 8


Reincarnated Sakuya does feel rewarding when you are able to hit her maximum potential, but her lack of consistency is her main downfall when combined with her rainbow activation.

Let me know what you used to clear these challenges.

Happy Puzzling!

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4 thoughts on “Challenge 8-10 Reincarnated Sakuya Clears”

  1. Sakuya is just puzzling skills, way above my level. Great job with the clears.

    Also, Sakuya is just waiting for Tachibana Ginchiyo to come over.


  2. Oh also thought I’d share my clear…I 1-stoned C10 with Fenrir XD

    It was actually a super fun dungeon for him but I had to use a really weird team since I played solo

    Fenrir (Aten) / Fenrir (Jormungandr) / Diaochan (Penelo) / Gainaut / Awoken Amaterasu / Fenrir (Fenrir)

    It’s really quite luck-based, board troll is real and Ama’s active is a lifesaver. Basically, get lucky and stall 2 turns on Linthia after using Penelo, or take a risk and inherit Green Odin and stall on Venus, and jam the rest of the floors. Healing before entering Lifive’s floor was the scariest part, getting heart trolled and not having Ama’s active up/not be enough was basically game over.

    Jormungandr is the key to defeating the last floor, I stoned on this floor due to messing up Jormungandr’s board once. Thankfully the poison didn’t go away, then I popped Aten and managed to kill. :\

    I wouldn’t say I’d do C10 with Fenrir again solo. Co-op would have been less stressful.


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