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How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide


Like you favourite monsters, dungeons are evolving in complexity and difficulty. Forgone are the days of simply having to survive a single 8,000 damage hit and instead it almost feels like you have to have an advanced degree in Puzzle and Dragons to decipher or interpret the dungeon at hand. Thankfully, we have access to two great resources and this post will focus not only on how to understand and comprehend the information presented, but how to also theory craft counters to each mechanic.


I plan to do a subsequent post that will teach you how to intelligently build a team that will use topics discussed in this article so stay tuned.

This article will focus on how to overcome various hurdles presented in a dungeon along with a specific example of the current One Shot Challenge and subsequent video clear with Yomi Dragon 3266.

Video commentary

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Yomi Dragon clear of One Shot Challenge 9

Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide

The two best database resources available to English PAD players are (padx) and the mobile app PadGuide. Both these tools provide the same kind of information and which you choose to use will be mostly based on personal preference. For myself, I prefer using padx for dungeon research and PadGuide for monsters/evolutions etc. Continue reading How to Research and Plan for a Dungeon – Puzzledragonsx & PadGuide


[Videos] Challenge 9 & 10 Clears


I managed to record both level 9 and 10 clears on my Monday Twitch Stream. Hopefully it provides some insight into how you can approach these two dungeons and the various mechanics they have.

Challenge 10 with Lakshmi

Lakshmi is becoming one of my favourite leaders to use as she provides a healthy mixture of damage control, survivability, and large spike damage. She may not be as well suited for Arena 3, but is more than capable of handling Challenge 10’s.

Challenge 9 with Reincarnated Shiva

My mom and Pancaaake managed to tackle Challenge 9 in coop with their Reincarnated Shiva team. It may have had many heart attacks, but they were successful in the end!


Hopefully these videos provide some inspiration or clarification for Challenge 9 and 10.

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] Challenge 8 – Fixed Team with Awoken Okuninushi


This set of Challenge Dungeons features a fixed team that utilizes Awoken Okuninushi 2985 along with intelligently chosen subs. The given team is more than capable of clearing this in solo mode, but I recommend you at least enter in coop to save 40 stamina.

Due to the nature of this being a fixed team dungeon, any account can enter with you and is a great way for underdeveloped accounts to acquire a Py.

Video clear & Strategy

Awoken Okuninushi is capable of achieving spectacular damage via high combo count and multiple dark combos. However, the team is very TPA TPA oriented with Satsuki Baby Satsuki providing 3. This can allow for wonderful burst damage that can allow you to pierce through the high defense floor 1.

Your priority should be forming dark TPA along with trying your best to optimize your combos. You will most likely clear through most/all of the floors if done correctly and should use your actives to compliment your progression.

You should be using your leader’s actives for the 2 turn delay component, not enhance. With that in mind, you should simply delay a floor that would otherwise be problematic or as a means to survive the floor 2-3 preemptives by delaying floor 2 and healing.

The only time you need to use an active is on floor 5. Floor 5 has a 76% resolve and the easiest way to deal with this is by using Hades Awoken Hades for his 25% gravity which will push the blue elephant under his threshold. The additional orb movement time is also welcomed.


I enjoyed this fixed team challenge outside of the high stamina cost. It is always a pleasure to play new teams that are intelligently designed and appropriate to today’s gameplay.

Happy Puzzling!

[Videos] One-Shot Challenge 6 Clears


My Zeus and Noah Dragon clears from my Mantastic and Fantastic account. Both runs killed the Radar Dragons very quickly and should provide some inspiration on how to deal with them. I have been having a challenging week, but content should begin to flow out once again.

Lakshmi vs Zeus Dragon

Myr vs Noah Dragon


Hopefully these two clears showcase how to efficiently deal with this set of One-Shot Challenges. Many teams are capable of clearing them and I would like to know who you used.

Happy Puzzling!

One-Shot Challenge 6 Guide – How to deal with Zeus, Noah, and Gaia Dragon

Important change

You will not face the same Radar Dragon as you did the first two times as these challenges rotate so everyone will eventually face all three.


This set of One Shot Challenges will allow players to acquire a Radar Dragon outside of Arena 3. This is Fantastic for the general population as these dragons are required for the new evolutions for the original Monster Point cards as Arena 3 is out of reach for most teams. The problem with Arena 3 is that you have to encounter the correct dragon AND have it drop which can prove a frustrating experience. Conversely, this set of Challenges provides a fixed spawn and a guaranteed drop. However, you do not get to choose your encounter and are instead assigned one based on your starter dragon choice. This can be easily found as the coloured orb beside your in-game name. Finally, this challenge must be completed in solo mode, but you are able to stone to continue (unlike Arena 3).

Just be aware that this is meant to be an end game challenge and many players will be unable to successfully clear it. I would place the difficulty of the One-Shot Challenge to be similar to Arena 2. This is because you know the spawns and can carefully plan around each encounter unlike the randomness of Arena 2; however, the Radar Dragons are significantly harder than any other spawn.

With that being said, a wide variety of teams are capable of clearing this dungeon, but it is vital to be fully plussed, latented, and inherited where required.

If you wish to see my clears on Fantastic and Mantastic for Gaia and Zeus Dragon, check out my next post HERE to see the full team set up/latents/inherits.

For this set, I will be using Lakshmi on Mantastic and still deciding for Fantastic. Regardless, I will upload the videos when completed.

Video commentary

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Which Radar Dragon do I fight?

Players are assigned a specific Radar Dragon to fight on floor 20 based on their starter dragon choice. This choice is indicated by the coloured icon beside your in-game name.

  • Fire Fire fights Zeus Dragon
  • Water Water fights Noah Dragon
  • Green Wood fights Gaia Dragon

For example, Mantastic started with fire and will fight Zeus (Fantastic has Noah):

Crown rank feature

Hurdles of solo mode and no duplicates

This Challenge must be completed in solo mode along with imposing Continue reading One-Shot Challenge 6 Guide – How to deal with Zeus, Noah, and Gaia Dragon

Challenge 8 – Fixed Team Guide


This round of Challenge 8 has a throwback Horus team that has us playing without awakenings through Satan Descended. This dungeon has a no RCV condition and our only source of healing can come from Parvati.

Due to the low 16x ATK for the team, you will need to either combo spectacularly well or find intelligent places to stall.

It is advisable to enter in coop and then disconnect on floor 1 to save stamina.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Floor-by-floor strategy

Horus relies on matching any 4 colours to proc his 16x damage and in a no RCV dungeon, this should not be too difficult. You are able to heal via Parvati’s water to heal active and should do so in emergencies.

The goal of this dungeon is to stall enough for your Zeus’s active to come up in order to do as much Gravity damage as possible on Satan.

  • Floor 1: Stall as long as possible and kill at 1 turn. Mass attacks can make it easier. Conversely, you can stall on 1 Kraken if it is at least 3 turn timer as you can use Parvati and hoard heal orbs
  • Floor 2: Kill on last turn possible
  • Floor 3: Can survive 2 hits if full health. Stall as much as possible
  • Floor 4: Always target and kill the lowest turn vampire. Can survive 2 hits if full HP. Can also stall on a single Vampire provided it is above 20% HP
  • Floor 5: Chip away at Hades every single turn, but try to kill on the last turn. Use Parvati to heal to full HP during this time. You must have more than 6,005 HP to survive Satan’s preemptive
  • Floor 6: Echidna to delay and use all Gravities available on turn 1. It then becomes a matter of killing before he kills you. Satan’s turn order is status shield, small hit, small hit, execution.


I enjoy fixed team challenges, but prefer those that give us current and exciting teams. This Horus team felt cumbersome, but is manageable with good luck on the turn timers.

Happy Puzzling!

Ch10 – Reincarnated Lakshmi

Somewhat off-topic, but I did record my Challenge 10 clear with Lakshmi.

[Videos] Mion Descended – Snow Globe Challenge Clears


Mion Descended features the Wood Snow Globe Challenge and grants players the opportunity to acquire up to 5 for clearing both difficulties. There is now a separate dungeon just for the Snow Globe Challenge and clearing it awards an additional stone.  Furthermore, the background music is truly enchanting and should be reason enough to play the dungeon.

I used Awoken Kushinadahime 2983 for Mythic and Reincarnated Lakshmi 3242 in Legend Plus (the higher difficulty). You are able to complete the challenges in solo or coop mode, but I was unaware of this at the time and simply entered solo.

Clearing Mythic awards 2 Snow Globes while Legend Plus grants 3 for a grand total of 5. You cannot use continues.

Background music

If you wish to relive the magic of Mion Descended without wasting stamina, you can simply listen to the following video:

Awoken Kushinadahime – Mythic Solo

I still need to practice true combo leaders and planning out my matches. It is also nice to know the boss has a hidden resolve mechanic.

2983 Cross Bastet 522 MeiMei Verd 2983

I was using Ace Bastet because she is already developed, has dual time extends, and already has a board change inherited.

Reincarnated Lakshmi – Legend Plus Solo

Reincarnated Lakshmi is a fun and exciting 100x leader who is capable of easily stalling due to her 4x RCV. She is also able to deal incredible burst damage and I should have been more liberal with my actives throughout the dungeon.

3242 Bankai Andro Ryune Ult Sumire 522 3242

The Snow Globe has Skuld inherited (I should have done that for my Kushinadahime run) and it was more so for safety and did not end up using it. My Lakshmi has Hatsume Hatsume inherited to combo with Ryune.


Mion Descended – Snow Globe Challenge is a fun and exciting way for players to acquire 5 more Snow Globes. A wide variety of teams are capable of clearing this challenge and the background music is one of the best to date.

Who did you use to successfully clear the challenges?

Happy Puzzling!