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6th Anniversary Tournament Crowning Run


The 6th Year Anniversary Tournament is in full swing and is one of the most straight forward Ranking Dungeons. In essence, if you can combo well you will achieve a high score as it only becomes a manner of luck hitting Damage Cap on Floor 3. Furthermore, the top 6% of players will receive a Crown so this should be an ideal time for those who have been close in the 3% events to push a little harder.

Due to the No Skyfalls clause, scores will be somewhat capped as one cannot get lucky and fall into numerous combos.

138,758 (1%)

Speed is king

No Skyfalls will put a cap on the possible number of combos that can be achieved on a given board along with punishing cascades (combos that fall into place after other orbs have been removed). In essence, each combo made is worth 5000/7 = 714 points (minus minor animation time) while each second remaining yields 500 points.

Thus, if you are able to make an additional combo within a single second, it is worthwhile. If you have already secured enough combos to kill a floor and additional ones will take too long to move into position, just stop comboing.

On this same train of thought, the first 2 floors can be quickly swept with minimal combos and can be pursued assuming the combos can be made in a blazingly fast manner.

Actives to use

In essence, players should use Zuoh on Floor 3 to try and achieve Damage Cap (10,000 points) and Red Valkyrie on the final floor to ensure Slepnir dies along with possibly granting an extra combo to overcome the 8 combo shield.

In theory, Bastet can be used throughout the dungeon to sweep other floors with minimal combos and can be done if one is trying to have a blisteringly fast clear. If pursuing this path, one must ensure the 4-5 combos are done within a second or less.

Style Points

Style Points are a relatively new mechanic that grants additional points for matching a specific pattern. For the purposes of the Ranking Dungeon, they are not worth pursuing with only Guard Break  having true relevance as it will naturally occur on many floors.

With that being said, if you already have a specific pattern ready made due to the No Skyfall clause, preserve it and continue matching as normal.


The 6th Year Anniversary Ranking Tournament is an enjoyable event as the amount of luck required is reasonably low along with the 6% Crown threshold providing a larger window of opportunity.

Let me know how well you have been doing and whether or not you have managed to achieve a new personal best.

Happy Puzzling!

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Xiang Mei Ranking Dungeon Score Tracking

What is this?

I plan to pin the current daily NA Ranking Dungeon chart compiled by pandaa for the duration of the Ranking Tournament. Due to the fact that I am usually not awake at Midnight, it may take some time for the new current day to be added.

Generally speaking, NA tends to start significantly higher than JP on non-fixed teams as we are able to see the top strategies right away. This leads to much higher scores but also a faster plateau as players hit their maximum potential. With that being said, NA should be able to score higher on non-fixed teams due to the fact that we have more time to prepare and have the winning strategies already made.

On the other hand, being 2-3 months behind JP provides little benefit for Fixed Teams as the strategy is to usually just puzzle your way through.

Use these charts as a rough guideline for your own scores and possible rewards.

Current day NA cutoff for Crown: 152,646
JP Crown: 153,060

Current day NA cutoff for Rainbow Event Medal & Xiang Mei: 138,258
JP Event Medal: 140,039

Corresponding article detailing teams and strategies can be found HERE.

Happy Puzzling!

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[Videos] October Monthly Quests: Level 8-10 Solo


October is upon us and with it comes a new round of monthly quests. These dungeons are always interesting as it showcases different spawn combinations that can prove lethal if unprepared.

Clearing all of the quests will yield 2 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: along with a Beach Valkyrie B Claire.

Level 10

The hardest part of Level 10 is resisting the urge to kill Floor 2 before your Leader has been swapped back. Failing to do so will result in Floor 3 doing their 99% gravity followed by a large attack which will end most runs unless some form of damage reduction is present.

Level 9

Level 9 features a Rogue-style system in that all your cards start at level 1. This means you will have significantly lower HP and may be in danger from DQ Hera preemptive of 46,238 along with invalidating any Super Awakenings if your card does not reach level 100. This can make your Super Awoken FUA  not work against Hino on floor 5.

Level 8

Level 8 features a terrifying Fixed Team that has a poor ATK multiplier and awakenings. Furthermore, players will only have 6 seconds to move orbs which can place constraints on your total combo count. Playing in coop grants additional HP which can make the dungeon potentially more forgiving along with access to a second board changer. For my run, I entered via coop and disconnected to save myself 40 stamina.


The October Monthly quests provide a fun play experience as it features an interesting Fixed Team along with unique spawn combinations that may prove challenging to the unprepared.

Let me know how you tackled these dungeons in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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You Yu Tournament Strategies


The You Yu Tournament is another Ranking Dungeon where players will be able to use a fixed team in pursuit of obtaining a Crown (3%) and You Yu  prize (20%).

The notion of using a fixed team is always exciting as it puts players on an even footing as there is not Monster Box advantage. With that being said, fixed teams can also be frustrating as skyfalls can play a major role along with potentially utilizing an unfamiliar play style. In the case of the You Yu Tournament, the only foreign matching pattern is the 3×3 Heart Box matched on the final floor to trigger FUA2 . Unfortunately, the dungeon is riddled with RNG/luck hurdles and can be quite frustrating to play.

This article will outline strategies for achieving a high score along with tips and tricks for the dungeon at hand.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Continue reading You Yu Tournament Strategies

Challenge 8 – Fixed Team Guide


This round of Challenge 8 has a throwback Horus team that has us playing without awakenings through Satan Descended. This dungeon has a no RCV condition and our only source of healing can come from Parvati.

Due to the low 16x ATK for the team, you will need to either combo spectacularly well or find intelligent places to stall.

It is advisable to enter in coop and then disconnect on floor 1 to save stamina.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Floor-by-floor strategy

Horus relies on matching any 4 colours to proc his 16x damage and in a no RCV dungeon, this should not be too difficult. You are able to heal via Parvati’s water to heal active and should do so in emergencies.

The goal of this dungeon is to stall enough for your Zeus’s active to come up in order to do as much Gravity damage as possible on Satan.

  • Floor 1: Stall as long as possible and kill at 1 turn. Mass attacks can make it easier. Conversely, you can stall on 1 Kraken if it is at least 3 turn timer as you can use Parvati and hoard heal orbs
  • Floor 2: Kill on last turn possible
  • Floor 3: Can survive 2 hits if full health. Stall as much as possible
  • Floor 4: Always target and kill the lowest turn vampire. Can survive 2 hits if full HP. Can also stall on a single Vampire provided it is above 20% HP
  • Floor 5: Chip away at Hades every single turn, but try to kill on the last turn. Use Parvati to heal to full HP during this time. You must have more than 6,005 HP to survive Satan’s preemptive
  • Floor 6: Echidna to delay and use all Gravities available on turn 1. It then becomes a matter of killing before he kills you. Satan’s turn order is status shield, small hit, small hit, execution.


I enjoy fixed team challenges, but prefer those that give us current and exciting teams. This Horus team felt cumbersome, but is manageable with good luck on the turn timers.

Happy Puzzling!

Ch10 – Reincarnated Lakshmi

Somewhat off-topic, but I did record my Challenge 10 clear with Lakshmi.