Challenge 8 – Fixed Team Guide


This round of Challenge 8 has a throwback Horus team that has us playing without awakenings through Satan Descended. This dungeon has a no RCV condition and our only source of healing can come from Parvati.

Due to the low 16x ATK for the team, you will need to either combo spectacularly well or find intelligent places to stall.

It is advisable to enter in coop and then disconnect on floor 1 to save stamina.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Floor-by-floor strategy

Horus relies on matching any 4 colours to proc his 16x damage and in a no RCV dungeon, this should not be too difficult. You are able to heal via Parvati’s water to heal active and should do so in emergencies.

The goal of this dungeon is to stall enough for your Zeus’s active to come up in order to do as much Gravity damage as possible on Satan.

  • Floor 1: Stall as long as possible and kill at 1 turn. Mass attacks can make it easier. Conversely, you can stall on 1 Kraken if it is at least 3 turn timer as you can use Parvati and hoard heal orbs
  • Floor 2: Kill on last turn possible
  • Floor 3: Can survive 2 hits if full health. Stall as much as possible
  • Floor 4: Always target and kill the lowest turn vampire. Can survive 2 hits if full HP. Can also stall on a single Vampire provided it is above 20% HP
  • Floor 5: Chip away at Hades every single turn, but try to kill on the last turn. Use Parvati to heal to full HP during this time. You must have more than 6,005 HP to survive Satan’s preemptive
  • Floor 6: Echidna to delay and use all Gravities available on turn 1. It then becomes a matter of killing before he kills you. Satan’s turn order is status shield, small hit, small hit, execution.


I enjoy fixed team challenges, but prefer those that give us current and exciting teams. This Horus team felt cumbersome, but is manageable with good luck on the turn timers.

Happy Puzzling!

Ch10 – Reincarnated Lakshmi

Somewhat off-topic, but I did record my Challenge 10 clear with Lakshmi.

6 thoughts on “Challenge 8 – Fixed Team Guide”

  1. You can echidna the vampire floor and it’ll be up in time for satan (at least 4 turns charge on vampires, 6 turn charge on hades). Helps a lot.

    Also use the horus actives on satan, because every little bit helps.


    1. Yeah I forgot about Horus on Satan, but delaying the Vampires runs the risk of skyfalls and not having her ready on Satan. Of course use if needed, but wouldn’t otherwise


  2. Another way you can eke out a few extra turns is to start the dungeon in multiplayer mode, kill one Kraken and take a hit (above 50%). After that, switch apps on one device, “give up” and change to single player mode – your health will be full, as it’s reduced to the lesser of your current health and your single player max: (multi: 28232 HP – 8986 = 19246 HP; single: 17121 HP) Then you can stall for at least two more turns–take another Kraken hit if you want–and proceed. Both accounts beat the level after doing this 🙂

    As mentioned in your conclusion, I much prefer the newer fixed teams as opposed to the old throwbacks. With the bevy of silver and troll gold I’ve received from the most recent Bleach and PCGF “REMs” (200 stones between 2 accounts, nothing deserving a high five), it’s nice to play teams I don’t own.


    1. That is an interesting strategy to deal with poor Kraken spawn timers. There is a decent amount of RNG involved in this challenge with both spawn timers and skyfalls

      It was nice being able to play around with Acala and I hope we get similar chances again


  3. The skyfalls literally make or break this dungeon. I tried to stall on the krakens but I got a few too many skyfalls when I went to kill one and ended up shooting the second kraken down to below 50 at 1 turn left. Cerebus spawned with 2 turns. My vampires spawned same as yours and skyfalls ended up ballooning my damage and killing all of them. At this point I was so annoyed that I just stoned through Hades’ execution to get Zeus to full charge and be done with it. It was worth it for a Py of my choosing.

    Yeah, I had a lot of fun with this one. /sarcasm


    1. I completely agree that skyfalls are a terrible blessing/hindrance in this dungeon. Also, if you fail to get a Kraken with 3 turns, the run is pretty much lost zz

      At least you get your stone back n a free py!


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