Reincarnated Ra Farming Machine Zeus Guide


The concept of farming/cheesing Machine Zeus Descended with Awoken Ra Ra is nothing new or original. However, with the release of Reincarnated Ra 3273 and being fortunate enough to finally pull a Ra on Mantastic, I have begun exploring ways to easily clear this normally challenging dungeon. Reincarnated Ra dramatically upgrades your damage potential as you are now able to achieve 225x ATK when using an active skill and matching all 5 colours. This greatly diminishes the burden of one player having perfect subs/inherits as you have more wiggle room for error as the dungeon has a no RCV clause. As such, you are able to easily farm Machine Zeus barring human error or extremely bad luck in terms of board distribution.

The original Dacho Machine Zeus team was where most of the team building inspiration came from; however, you are able to utilize a wider variety of cards through Reincarnated Ra and if both players have somewhat developed boxes, there is even less burden on the “carry” side.

Mantastic video clear/guide

–video goes here—

Original Dacho carry video/guide

Why does this team work?

Machine Zeus is a very challenging dungeon as it has no heart orbs, numerous preemptives, a resolve, skill delays, and a combo shield that requires 8 or more combos to overcome. All of these can be daunting; however, Ra’s kit is well suited to a no RCV dungeon along with almost all the floors being vulnerable to delays.

Thus, the weaker side is able to utilize three Nagas to delay various floors in order to both set up the board and conserve pass turns. Conversely, the carry side is heavily reliant on the correct inherits and Machine Killer Machine Killer awakening to deal sufficient damage.

Naturally, you can emulate the above team, but not everyone has access to those niche subs and the cards I employ are a bit more manageable, especially if both sides have developed boxes.

Mantastic & Fantastic’s teams

The following teams use what I have at my disposal, provided you can address the following points and retain colour coverage, you should be fine. Using different delay cards with Skill Boosts Skill Boost allows you to more flexible team building.

  • 30% Gravity
  • 1 Light Kali Kali-style board changer
  • 3 delays
  • Super Gunma 440 with 3 SDR Skill delay resist
  • A 50% (or greater) 2 turn shield inherited on Gunma
  • Damage enhance inherit/sub
Reincarnated Ra Teams for Machine Zeus

Team A
Inherit Hathor Susano Muse
Card 3273 440 Oku 3159 Kali

Team B
Card 3273 A Sun Quan W Echidna Awoken Oorochi Hera-Is
Inherit none

Inheriting Hathor Hathor is mostly for insurance for the final floor in case I do not do enough damage as there is no other way to gain more damage (outside of a full board enhancer) as I already run a damage boost. A Gemstone Princess will result in more damage but are more rare.

Running Susano Susano is not an ideal choice as his shield is only 50%. However, I lack better options and if your team has sufficient HP, you can survive all the preemptives. A larger shield allows a less plussed B side to join. Just make sure your shield lasts for ideally 3 turns (2 is acceptable, but more risky).

Khepri 3159 is a new and wonderful option for this team as you are able to give yourself +2 combos which almost guarantees you overcome the 8-combo shield on Zeus.

A longer delay means more room for error as you can take additional turns to set up your board. This is best used on floor 9.

You must leave one of your Ra’s uninherited as you need to use his base active on floor 4.

Team B or your other Ra MUST have a 30% (or greater) gravity for floor 10. As an inherit, this can be non-awoken Hades. I use my max skiled Hera-Is Hera-Is to fulfill this role.

Using Tengu Tengu as a base for Skill Inheritance is advantageous as you gain 4 Skill Boosts, but is not mandatory.

Dungeon strategy

The following template has proven successful for me provided you follow it exactly and match your 5 colours for activation (and using Gunma when required).

Team B should always try and set up your board when able and should clear as much as possible if you have an unactivatable board. I tend to like matching at least 1 combo/set up my board instead of quickly swiping and matching nothing.

Match 1 refers to either matching 1 combo/setting up board or trying to gain enough orbs for activation.

When going for a kill shot, you should always try to match as many combos as possible to better refill your board with enough colours.

Blue is for Team A

Red is for Team B

Step-by-Step Machine Zeus
Floor 1 Match 1
Match 1
Gunma 440 (inherited shield), kill
Floor 2 Pass turn OR delay if missing 5 colours
Gunma 440, kill
Floor 3 Match 1
Gunma 440, kill
Floor 4 Mass attack to prevent skill delay
Ra 3273 (kills floor)
Floor 5 Gunma 440, kill (can technically use no actives)
Floor 6 Delay or pass (opposite of floor 2), match 1
Gunma 440, kill (eats the skill delay
Floor 7 Delay, match 1
Gunma 440, trigger resolve
Kill while setting up your board
Floor 8 Gunma 440, kill
Floor 9 Biggest Delay
Juggle around until you have an activatable board
Do not match Mortal Poisons
Gunma 440, kill
Floor 10 Hera-Is Hera-Is Gravity DO NOT MATCH ORBS
Muse Muse, Khepri 3159, Kali Kali, kill

You must not match orbs on the first turn against Machine Zeus after using your gravity. This is because the gravity will force him to bind all God cards for 10 turns. Since your leaders are immune, this has no dangerous effect and is a free pass turn. Matching orbs would result in you healing Machine Zeus due to the combo shield and would put him above 70% and then doing a different skill set that would kill you.

This strategy does not use Team A’s pass turn so you are able to utilize it to correct a mistake to get back on track.


Reincarnated Ra is a wonderful leader to use when farming Machine Zeus. 225x ATK lowers the dependency on using Machine Killer subs or a more restrictive team, thus opening the door for more players to attempt.

Let me know what you have been using and what modifications have you made to your team.

Happy Puzzling!

13 thoughts on “Reincarnated Ra Farming Machine Zeus Guide”

  1. Great post! Now for finding a non ra team to take this on, awoken kush perhaps??

    How do I get access to machine Zeus descended? Do other multiplayer dungeons have to be cleared first?


      1. Anonymous is correct and as to your Multiplayer question, the only time you have to do multiplayer is for the Quest reward (play one game). Otherwise, all other content can be unlocked via solo mode

        Awoken Kush will require a large damage inherit or machine killer subs to succeed as her damage is relatively low as you cannot stack TPAs or rows


  2. I am so excited to try this. my alt is not developed, but it has team 2 pieces! I have team one and two on my main, so I’ll be looking for a partner to try it out!

    thanks for the post!


  3. Long time no post. I’ve been playing but very casually. Just haven’t had the interest so been farming with my Myr team. However something did perk me up a bit lately and that is Ra Dragon. Thing is I did a couple rolls for Xmas and on my first roll I got Kali. That along with my D Kali, Isis and Indra I think gives me the ideal team (or one of them) for Ra Dragon. So I will be buying him next time he comes around. I do hope we get the third one of those one shot challenge dungeons because the only one I didn’t get so far is Zeus Dragon. I do have Reincarnated Ra and hopefully this team you have here can get me through that dungeon once to get Mech Zeus.

    Anyway you have any thoughts on inherits for a Ra Dragon team? I take it five turn or four turn delay on Isis but other than that I don’t know what I could put on. I don’t have any more Kali actives hanging around for ghetto skill delay. Not sure what’s considered good to put on Dragon himself either. (Don’t have Meiji) Anyway the forums are sparely sparse on Ra Dragon threads so since you’re in the know with Japanese vids I thought you might have a clue on Ra Dragon team building.


  4. No Kanna though. I guess with Ra Dragon getting SBR I don’t need to be held to Isis/Indra for the last two spots. Not sure what utility would be better though.


    1. Congrats on rolling a Kali! As for the ideal Ra Dragon team, it is Kali x2, Isis, and L/L Kanna. Kanna is a significant upgrade to Indra due to the lower dependency on shields with the HP multiplier and 4x TPA. Isis is kept for her dual colour coverage and low base cd. This team is also completely bind immune

      As for Ra Dragon inherits, those are based on what the dungeon requires, but there is often a gemstone princess inherited.

      We will get the Zeus Dragon rotating back at some point so just be patient =)


  5. Hi Mantastic, great article again.
    Got a question. What is the purpose of Gunma. I know it has a 1 turn skill and it make the inherit skill ready faster. But why don’t just use the card itself instead of inheriting, you would gain an extra turn and probably improve the team. I’ve seen Gunma used in different YouTube video but just understand it purpose. 🤔???

    Keep up the good work


    1. Gunma has a 1 turn CD which is critical to proc the full leader skill for Ra. Ra only has 25x ATK for 5 colours without an active skill. With an active skill and 5 elements, you jump up to 225x


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