Puzzle and Dragons Christmas Songs


To get everyone into the festive spirit, I have composed several ballads based on popular Christmas songs and gave them a Puzzle and Dragons twist. I do not use autotune and am patiently waiting for my Grammy nomination.

Dashing through the dungeon

—dashing video—-

Dashing through the dungeon
In a Snowglobe open sleigh
Over the bosses we go
Pew Pew-ing all the way

TPA matches ding
Making damage high
Oh what fun it is to combo in
a PAD wonderland

Hey jingle bells
Shiva smells
Chiyome laid an egg
Yamato lost his sword
and Hino learnt ballet

Oh magic stones
Players moan
with their 3 star eggs
Oh what fun it is to roll
In every godfest now!

A turn or two ago
I thought I’d try to stall
but no hearts did appear
on my little board

The bosses were so mean
And multi hit very hard
but luckily I combo big
and hearts skyfalled in place

Hey magic stones
Red Kali
is so rare to roll
IAP all day now
Just to get Gung-trolled

Hey magic stones
in game gold
doesn’t have much use
sell away your silver eggs
just for monster points!

12 days of Godfest

—-12 day video—-

On the first day of Godfest, GungHo gave to me:

  1. A 3-star Mystic Knight
  2. Two pretty girls
  3. Three plus eggs
  4. Four Sarias
  5. Five Magic stones
  6. Six team slots
  7. Seven Sea Serpents
  8. Eight Best friends
  9. Nine turns of skill bind
  10. Ten-thousand Pal Points
  11. Eleven Gaia Dragons
  12. Twelve latent Tamadras


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and Gold Eggs!

Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “Puzzle and Dragons Christmas Songs”

  1. Hey, I still remember the dashing through the dungeon song video you made back then, you did a great job this year, congrats and happy christmas! 😀 Keep it up


  2. I’ve been singing 12 Days of Godfest as I delivered presents today, and I adjusted some of the lyrics to fit within the syllables of the original song:

    On the first day of Godfest, based GungHo gave to me:

    A 3-star Mystic (Flame/Ice/Wood/Light/Dark) Knight
    Two pretty girls
    Three plus eggs
    Four Sarias
    Five magic stones
    Six shining team slots
    Seven swirling Serpents
    Eight brand-new best friends
    Nine turns of skill bind
    Ten-thousand Pal Points
    Eleven Gaia Dragons
    Twelve latent Tamadras

    For the Mystic Knights, you rotate which Mystic Knight you get on each day. For example, the first day you get “A 3-star Mystic Flame Knight,” the second day you get “Two pretty girls and a 3-star Mystic Ice Knight,” the third day you get “Three plus eggs, two pretty girls, and a 3-star Mystic Wood Knight,” and so on so forth.

    An alternate line for seven could be “Seven Salamanders.” It fits syllable-wise, doesn’t cut off the name of the card, and it’s a roll within the same group! \( ; ヮ ; )/

    Anyways, these songs are fun to sing, and I hope you will compose new puzzle-y, dragon-y songs next year too. Merry Christmas! 😀


    1. I am glad you were able to keep in the festive Puzzle and Dragons spirit while delivering presents!

      The slight lyrical modifications sound great and probably do fit the original rhyming scheme better XD

      Maybe I will be able to come up with a third hit single to release next year =P


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