Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016


The Bleach Collab is returning to North America this Boxing Day and comes with numerous improvements to existing cards along with new additions. Due to the timing of the release, all of the newer/improved cards are well positioned for Powercreep and we actually received this Collab quite quickly after Japan.

All of the rolls from the Bleach REM qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling.

Furthermore, all players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine Overview
6 star rolls 3353 3357 3359 3355
5 star rolls 3361 3363 Kenpachi Toshiro Kisuke
4 star rolls Rangiku Yoruichi Ishida Chad Orihime

6 star rolls

Ichigo has two viable evolution paths and both are worth considering. The choice of which path to take should be made based upon your monster box and available cards.

D/B Ichigo
God / Balance
3,330 HP / 1,915 ATK / 428 RCV
859 Total
Skill Boost Dark row Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

Active Skill:
ATK increases with each dark row awakening Dark row
1 + (0.5n) ATK
20 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / ATK for Dark attrtibute. 4x ATK when matching connected dark orbs. 7x ATK with 8. No Skyfalls
2.25x HP / 110.25x ATK


Dark/ Blue Ichigo is a dramatic change from his other form as he recieves a brand new active and leader skill. He is no longer a full board changer and instead becomes perhaps the strongest damage enhancer in the game from a raw multiplier point of view. His maximum damage eclipses the Gemstone Princesses at the cost of an outrageously long cooldown and only a single turn of enhance. However, he is able to achieve 1 + (0.5n) ATK bonus per dark row Dark row awakening. Thus, a team with 10 dark rows will benefit from 6x ATK.

As a leader, D/B Ichigo is able to form a 2.25x HP / 110.25x ATK team that is able to benefit from rows to deliver spectacular damage. Furthermore, there is no typing restriction and your only concern is matching enough connected dark orbs and managing your RCV. Without a recovery multiplier, your team will be vulnerable to gravity-based attacks and may struggle to restore your health in longer dungeons.

D/B Ichigo’s active skill is usually not needed twice and with such a long base cooldown, it will be challenging to inherit something over top. To address all of these, it may be advantageous to pair with Nobunaga Nobunaga who has a similar set of awakenings and leader skill. Nobunaga is also bind immune and possesses a devil killer Devil killer while being able to spawn 6 dark orbs every 7 turns and 3 turns of bind clear. A Nobunaga and D/B Ichigo pariing would result in a 1.5x HP / 94.5x ATK / 1.5x RCV team. This is more well rounded as you are not wasting an active slot on an overkill enhance. Just be aware that you will have to use Devil type cards to fully benefit from Nobunaga and that Ichigo will not be receiving the full multiplier.

One thing you have to keep in mind about D/B Ichigo is the no Skyfall clause. This will provide you with perfect damage control as nothing is left to chance. Furthermore, enhanced skyfall actives will not trigger additional matches and will grant you a chance to have a solvable board on the next turn (as the orbs can connect and not match).

D/D Ichigo
Balance / Devil
3,630 HP / 1,865 ATK / 468 RCV
892 Total
TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend God Killer Time Extend TPA 42 42

Active Skill:
All Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart
1.5x time to move orbs
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK when matching 4 elements. Max 4x with all 6. 2.25x ATK / RCV on turn skill is used
100x ATK / 6.25x RCV


D/D Ichigo is an upgrade from our existing Ichigos as he retains the same active skill and a revamped leader skill. Sadly, this evolution feels underwhelming as it mostly granted a time extend and TPA awakening as the dual enhance material killer awakenings feel out of place. Furthermore, while D/D Ichigo’s leader skill was improved, it has the problematic active skill clause that triggers additional damage and recovery. This is frustrating as you will effectively be unable to stall for skills as you require an active to achieve 6.25x RCV and while 100x ATK is a respectable multiplier, it is nothing special for a rainbow team.

When team building Ichigo, you have a lower dependency on running board changers, but absolutely requires a shield and bind clearer for most content.

Moving away from a leadership role, D/D Ichigo is in a somewhat awkward place as he lacks the God typing required for Ra Dragon 3265. Ichigo does have access to God typing in a less evolved form, but you do lose out on the additional awakenings. Outside of Ra Dragon, Ichigo is still a powerful option on other rainbow teams due to the dual TPA and God Killer, but none of these teams are as proficient as Ra Dragon.

Until the release of a rainbow leader that can compete with Ra Dragon (doubtful), Ichigo may be regulated to a Skill Inheritance for Dark Kalis Dark Kali to provide skill delay protection and a stat bonus when the changes come to North America.

Physical / God
5,113 HP / 1,474 ATK / 131 RCV
850 Total
Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Skill Boost Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Water Heart Arrow Fire
+1 combo for 2 turns
12 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2.5x ATK for Fire cards. 4x ATK when matching 6+ connected fire orbs
100x ATK


Move over Shiva Dragon Shiva D, you have been replaced. Yamamoto has a blistering 100x ATK when matching 6 connected fire orbs and can take advantage of rows with this type of pattern. This results in spectacular burst damage and is perhaps the easiest 100x leader available. This mindless 100x will be invaluable for quickly farming content or future ranking tournaments. Due to only requiring 6 fire orbs for maximum damage, you do not have to build Yamamoto in the same way as Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei (it also does not help that Fire does not have an equivalent to Dios Ult Zeus Dios).

When playing through content solo, you may find value through your dated Scarlet Scarlet Icon system as you only require 6 fire orbs to deal lethal damage. Scarlets are able to generate 4 fire orbs every turn along with providing a turn of haste and 4 Scarlets are able to chain their actives to use one every single turn. Of course, you can also use other fire orb changers and will effectively be able to kill 6 floors with ease (10 in coop).

You still have to be wary of leader binds, but you will have an easier time against combo shields as you only need to connect 6 orbs along with a free combo from your leader’s active skill.

Sosuke Aizen
God / Devil
4,557 HP / 1,564 ATK / 394 RCV
900 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Bind Clear awakening Time Extend

Active Skill:
Green Arrow Dark
Fire Arrow Heart
Change own attribute to dark for 4 turns
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
6x ATK for Dark, 2x RCV for Water. 2x ATK for clearing each Dark Cross (maximum 2 in 6×5 board)
576x ATK / 4x RCV


Aizen is a new powerful leader as he is bind immune, has high recovery, and the ability to deal amazing burst damage. Aizen is also well designed as his awakening skills have synergy with his active as you are able to generate offensive orbs and hearts to clear binds. Furthermore, the three time extends help you form two dark crosses. To clarify his active skill, he will transform himself into D/D to provide more offensive capabilities at the cost of losing the RCV multiplier on himself (correct me if I am wrong).

As a leader, Aizen forms a 576x ATK team that has a wonderful scaling component as he is able to deal 36x ATK with no cross, 144x ATK with a single cross, and 576x with two. This will allow him to better control his damage which can be invaluable against absorption bosses while not requiring an enhance to deal burst damage.

When team building Aizen, you want to prioritize Dark/Water cards to better take advantage of his full leader skill. Thus, cards such as Awoken Haku Haku, D/B Oku Oku, Dark Metatron dtron, and Typhon Typhon have increased value. Granted these cards may not have the perfect actives, but you can easily customize via Skill Inheritance. For the most part, 4x RCV is overkill and you will be able to utilize other dark cards without a water typing in order to capitalize on better awakenings or base actives. The best card that comes to mind is Eschamali Eschamali as she is able to flood the board with dark and provides passive damage via her 7 enhanced dark orb Dark Orb Enhance awakenings.

Finally, due to the nature of Aizen’s leader skill, you will be able to speed through content with relative ease, even without a dark cross. This is courtesy of the unconditional 6x ATK to dark cards.

Rukai Kuchiki
Balance / God
3,515 HP / 1,613 ATK / 425 RCV
832 Total
Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA

Active Skill:
L Column Arrow Water
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x ATK & RCV for Water. 2x ATK with 5 combos, maximum 5x with 8
100x ATK / 4x RCV


Rukia has received a new evolution that dramatically improves their leader skill as they are now able to deal lethal damage with 8 combos along with an amazing amount of recovery. Furthermore, they still retain their scaling component to help deal with absorption bosses.

100x ATK is quite impressive at only 8 combos while being able to utilize TPA oriented subs. Most boards have at least 7 combos available and you are able to run skyfall enhancing subs to help hit your maximum damage multiplier. The 4x RCV will greatly aid in stalling, but you will still be vulnerable to large attacks and binds. This puts an overall damper on Rukia’s viability as their active skill is relatively low value. 7 turns for 5 water orbs and haste is alright, but is lacking when compared to Nut’s 4 turns and 5 orbs. This can make it more challenging to inherit something overtop as your team may require more utility to succeed.

The inclusion of a third Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist will allow dual Rukia to provide 120% resistance for your entire team. This may feel like overkill, but it will allow you to utilize subs such as Nut Nut or Scheat Scheat with ease. However, the numerous SBR may be more so intended when using Rukia as a sub so you can provide skill bind resistance on normally vulnerable teams.

Finally, one underlying disadvantage Rukia has is a lack of Time Extend. This may be viewed as a player skill issue, but it is challenging to form 8 combos when most of your subs lack additional movement time.

5 star rolls

Attacker / God
3,225 HP / 1,905 ATK / 353 RCV
751 Total
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark row Jammer Resist Jammer Resist Dark row Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Dark Arrow Dark Orb Enhance
1 turn delay
10 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
ATK x3 when clearing 6 connected Dark orbs. 20% Fire, Water, Wood & Light damage reduction
9x ATK / 36% Damage Reduction


Kenpachi received a dark row and skill boost as part of his buff and is helpful as he now provides a bit more passive damage. Unfortunately, he is still a bit lackluster as his active can be compared to a poor D/B Okuninushi Oku unless you require the enhanced orbs for a 5o1e team. This may have benefits on the future Yomi Dragon team if you lack the Haku Haku + Akechi 3110 combo.

Kenpachi can be used as a situational sub, but you must exercise caution due to his lack of SBR.

Balance / God
3,035 HP / 1,678 ATK / 333 RCV
750 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Water Row Poison resist Poison resist Time Extend

Active Skill:
All Arrow Water
1 turn haste
17 turn CD

Leader Skill:
ATK x2.5 when clearing 5 connected Water orbs. ATK x0.5 for each additional orb, up to ATK x5 at 10 connected orb
25x ATK


Toshiro will for the most part function as a niche sub on mono water teams that wish to quickly speed through dungeons. His active is able to generate a full board of water orbs along with a single turn of haste and can somewhat mimic the Zeus Dio Ult Zeus Dios for Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei teams as Toshiro possesses two Skill Boosts. This has most applications on the Heroine Meridionalis 3276 teams as this will form the faster button team due to the no skyfall clause. This results in your full water boards being only a single combo which dramatically decreases clear times.

Unfortunately, this is a rather luxury option for players as few will be able to acquire 1, let alone a full sub roster of them as he is a  5-star Collab roll. For the most part, Liu Bei is a much more reasonable alternative for the majority of the player base.

Perhaps Toshiro may see some playtime on the new Neptune Dragon as the full board can be helpful to remove hazards and 100x ATK on 30 water orbs should be spectacular.

3,310 HP / 1,570 ATK / 313 RCV
749 Total
Wood Row Wood Row Skill Boost Blind Resist Blind Resist Wood Row Wood Row Skill Lock Resist

Active Skill:
Bottom row Arrow Green
Question Orb Arrow Jammer
4 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2.5x ATK for Wood cards. 2x ATK when clearing 3 connected jammers. 3x with 5+ Jammers.
56.25x ATK


Kisuke’s buff is a feeble attempt to revitalize the never popular Jammer meta as he is now able to provide 56.25x ATK on a row oriented team. This is respectable on paper, but will be impractical in execution as a lack of HP/RCV multiplier and heavy reliance on jammer orbs will prove to be problematic overall.

However, Kisuke can make a powerful sub on mono wood teams as he provides passive damage through his awakenings and guaranteed wood row on a short 4-turn cooldown. Furthermore, you can combo his active skill with Australis Australis or Spica 3058 to remove the unwanted jammer orbs.

Finally, 4 Kisuke are able to form a system team in that you can use one active per turn. (there is no haste component so your other two skill will not charge up faster).

Ulquiorrra Shifar
Healer / Devil
3,310 HP / 1,570 ATK / 313 RCV
748 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Time Extend Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance

Active Skill:
ATK increases based on number of enhanced dark orb awakenings Dark Orb Enhance for 2 turns.
1 + (0.2n)
14 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2x HP / ATK for Dark cards. No Skyfalls. Heals 10x card RCV when matching orbs
4x HP / 4x ATK


Ulquiorra Shifar shares similar traits to the Gemstone Princesses as his active skill multiplies your ATK based on the number of enhanced dark orb Dark Orb Enhance awakenings. He will provide 1 + (0.2n) damage where n equals the number of awakenings. Thus, 10 enhanced dark orbs will provide 1 + (0.2*10) = 3x ATK for 2 turns. This can be easily augmented by Eschamali Eschamali subs.

Shifar can still be used as an inherit or as a sub on mono dark teams due to his synergistic awakenings and respectable base stats. This will have the most applications for the future Yomi Dragon teams as they rely heavily on enhanced dark orbs for success.

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
Attacker / Devil
3,565 HP / 1,625 ATK / 205 RCV
748 Total
Skill Boost TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist blue + orb blue + orb

Active Skill:
Light attack based on HP to all enemies (lower HP results in 250x ATK)
6 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2x ATK for Water. 1.35x HP for Wood. 2x ATK when Water and Wood attack at same time
1.82x HP / 16x ATK


Grimmjow will almost always be used as a button team sub or inherit due to his massive multiplier that is based on how low health you are. Unfortunately, this does not ignore defense and typing and will be unable to execute high defense cards. However, 250*1,625 will result in a 406,250 mass attack and is more than capable of sweeping most floors instantly.

However, Grimmjow’s main value will be when he is inherited onto a stronger monster. His active has the largest possible nuke of any card and has an amazingly low cooldown. This can allow higher attack cards (and most notably those with Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus) to achieve incredible damage that can make a fully button-able team for Star Den.

4 star rolls

All of the 4-Star rolls from the Bleach Collab qualify as assistants via Skill Inheritance.

Balance / God
2,458 HP / 1,485 ATK / 320 RCV
649 Total
Time Extend Bind Immune Bind Immune

Active Skill:
+1s movement time for 2 turns
1 turn delay
10 turn CD

Leader Skill:
Balanced type cards HP x1.5, RCV x1.5. All attribute cards ATK x2.5 when reaching 7+ combos
2.25x HP / 6.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV


Socks and Sandals are the highlight of Rangiku as she is underwhelming for the most part. Her best feature is being able to inherit her delay, but it is one of the lowest value delays available as the collateral benefit is one more second to move orbs for two turns.

2,595 HP / 1,810 ATK / 93 RCV
653 Total
Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Wood Row Wood Row

Active Skill:
2.5x ATK for Wood for 2 turns
10x ATK Wood attack to all enemies
Reset HP to 1
8 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x RCV for Wood. 3x ATK when HP is less than 30%
9x ATK / 2.25x RCV


Yoruichi received a sizable buff since the last time Bleach came around as she is now able to provide 2.5x ATK for wood cards for two turns. Granted the HP reset can be dangerous, but if you are lacking a Gemstone Princess and are a heavy wood user, it is worth rolling for Yoruichi.

2.5x ATK is makes Yoruichi superior to Freyja Awoken Freyja and being able to use Yoruichi one turn earlier is beneficial for Skill Inheritance. Unfortunately, you will require Woodpy to max skill her.

2,505 HP / 1,205 ATK / 483 RCV
653 Total
+light orb Jammer Resist TPA

Active Skill:
Light skyfall +15% 2 turns.
Question Orb Arrow Light
6 turn CD

Leader Skill:
3x ATK for 2 light combos. 4x for 3 combos
16x ATK


Ishida has a relatively unique active that is reasonably powerful for a 4-star Collab roll. With a short 6-turn cooldown, you can easily inherit Ishida onto a monster of your choice as a means to gain the skyfall buff. Skyfall buffs have varying degrees of viability as they tend to help you on future turns. Thankfully, the three light orbs provide some immediate benefit, but is still a low impact active overall.

A skyfall buff can be used to override boss debuffs or as a means to bait out status void attacks. Niche situations, but worth mentioning.

3,165 HP / 1,648 ATK / 13 RCV
650 Total
Enhnaced Fire Orb Blind Resist Fire Row

Active Skill:
Top & Bottom row Arrow Fire
13 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2x HP / ATK for Physical types
4x HP / 4x ATK


Chad remains one of the strongest skill inheritance options available from a 4-star Collab REM as he is able to immediately provide two rows worth of fire orbs. This has wonderful implications on Krishna 3068 teams as you are able to activate your maximum multiplier and form a row of fire orbs. This should be sufficient damage for most content and is a great alternative for optimal boards as it only uses a single active.

Outside of the natural fit on fire teams, Chad’s active can be used on Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei to help overcome combo shields. Using a Dios Ult Zeus Dios board followed by Chad will result in an easy to combo board that still retains wood rows.

One of the strongest collab rolls for Skill Inheritance and is reasonably worth pursuing if you run those types of teams.

2,405  HP / 1,085 ATK / 583 RCV
652 Total
Enhanced Wood Orb Poison resist +heart

Active Skill:
35% damage reduction 1 turn
Question Orb Arrow Heart
5 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2x ATK for Wood. 2.5x RCV when clearing 4 connect heart orbs
 4x ATK / 6.25x RCV


Orihime is the final rolls from the Bleach Collab and is underwhelming for the most part. She does make for a very niche inherit if in desperate need for damage mitigation, but will be largely passed over for stronger options.

However, Orihime may have value as a niche inherit on Heart Cross teams that are unable to survive a particular execution ability. If you choose to do this, I recommend you do not skill Orihime up to prevent the active from changing over outside of that situation.


The Bleach Collab is a wonderfully powerful Collab to roll in as it has value in all roll brackets. The top golds are solid cards along with several of the silvers having value as inheritance options.

If you can make use of the silvers on your primary teams, I would recommend rolling for them as they do provide niche value along with giving you the chance at something better.

What do you think about the Bleach Collab REM and how much do you plan on rolling?

Happy Puzzling!

72 thoughts on “Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016”

  1. I’ve been having more luck with collabs than the normal and event REMs lately, so I’m going to roll a bit on this. Hopefully I get something good; Aizen seems ridiculous, and I have a ton of the subs already developed, would be awesome to get him.


        1. Not sure what your team composition is, but Aizen commonly has 2-3 SDR and the rest HP for latents. I inherited Blonia on Aizen for burst, many people who have Ryune inherit her instead. Additionally, I have Awoken Susano on DMeta so that shields are covered. Beyond that, it starts getting pretty team specific (I’m messing around with Yomidra with Grodin inherited for bind clears right now).


        1. I’m still experimenting with different Aizen configs, I’m at the point where I’m swapping out D/B subs with other dark subs to optimize. Linthia legend-plus was super trivial since the awakening bind does almost nothing to the team and damage along the way is great. I wasn’t able to zero-stone C10 with the team though.

          Arena 1 is pretty easy, but I’m learning damage control still. (Sopdet ended up being super easy ironically). Additionally, latents and tans are eluding me, so getting everything just right is taking some time.

          The playstyle and durability is a blast though, so I foresee maining Aizen for a while 🙂


          1. He looks like a blast to play as he combines a high skill cap, flexible team, tankiness, and unique playstyle all in one

            With such a high spike damage, he is well suited for future content as he is somewhat future proof along with having an amazing starting kit.

            It is also nice to be able to use Eschamali


  2. Just a heads up, under Toshiro: “For the most past, Liu Bei is a much more reasonable altnerative for the majority of the player base.” I think you meant most ‘part’ and ‘alternative’. Not trying to be that grammar guy, they were just right next to each other which drew my eye. Great review as always Mantastic!


  3. I’m a bit disappointed about Rukia’s awoken skills. She only has 7 awoken skills, so there is hope for the future since this only covers part 1 of Bleach. I’m also hoping Nut gets an HP multiplier if the Egyptian God 2 Series gets new Ults.

    D/D ichigo’s double enhance killer seems like a waste. Vendor material killer seems like it would be more useful because of the PreDras. Though a part of thinks the PreDras would find a way to survive.

    Aizen, D/B Ichigo, and Yamamoto have easy LS activation compared to their multiplier. Anubis needs 11 combos and a skill to get 900x (even with a perfect 6×5 board you need to rely on skyfall!). Of course 9 combos and a skill might be overkill anyway.

    Does Grimmjow’s skill get a 2x atk vs Dub-Metalit?


    1. If D/D Ichigo was able to kill PreDRAs, it would greatly amplify his viability as that is a unique ability and does not require an additional active slot

      The other gold eggs have relatively easy leader skills and have huge payoffs by comparison. They are great for a starting player too

      As for Grimmjow, I can only presume so as it says light-based attack


  4. Hey mantastic! Its the same person asking about devil row team building!

    Would it be worth rolling for D/B Ichigo this time considering he’s quite strong? I have the notable devil row subs like Oda, Lubu, D/D Pandora and D/R Pandora, Zuoh, Loki, haku, and 2 cyberdragon Diadems (row haste). Should i roll up to 4/5 times to try to get him? Or do as you mentioned and just use my current team with a D/B ichigo friend? Or would using my current devil row team be better/ try to make a A.Pandora team to do arena? thanks!


    1. I would not use your stones in pursuit of Ichigo and simply pair your devil-row team with a friend who has one. If you are rolling for Ichigo, your goal is to run dual Ichigo and in all honesty, you will be better served using your own Oda and a friend


      1. Thanks for your reply! I really have terrible luck in Godfests now and can’t roll anything useful; I gave up on building a ronove this way. Should I just be hoarding stones for the future? If so, when would be a good time to use them all?


        1. One nice aspect of Ronove is the ability to farm many strong subs such as Gainut and Linthia. Furthermore, the MP gained can be used for Ragnarok Dragon

          Hoarding stones for a godfest that features cards you need is ideal


  5. Toshiro can be used as a subs in NeptDra new evo too for a ALB-like water team 😛 and some people talked about inheriting Orihime onto Ronove, I’d like to know what you think about that 😮


    1. Neptune Dragon does certainly have a stronger multipler than ALB, but he is bindable which can be problematic in all honesty

      As for Orihime inherit on Ronove, it does work as you are mimicing his base active skill while providing a larger shield (can save you from a hit and not require heart orbs). Just be aware you can override wood orbs and you no longer remove hazards. But a good thought nevertheless and worth experimenting


  6. D/B Ichigo is awesome i played him just for luls with A.Pandora friend lead xD nearly 50k HP and only used D/B Ichigo,A.Haku,Gremory,D/D Akechi,A.Pandora A.Haku+Akechi board with Ichigo buff was awesome just 2 rows and 40mil dmg for each card and i only used a A.Pandora friendlead i think i will use D/B Ichigo as my go to go tank team now and i think 10 row enhance are just enough for his skill when u have more its just overkill


    1. just thinking to give D/B ichigo the A.Isis skill so he can be sort of a situational bindclear/Dmg mitigation and buffer depending i think 1 of is buff is just enough


      1. I would probably inherit a stronger active skill instead of Isis as she is naturally a low impact one.

        Regardless, I am happy to hear you are enjoying yourself with Aizen and I look forward to future tales of glory when you play him!


        1. i dont have mnyself aizen only ichigo but my friend has aizen so when we co´op zeus dios together its quite interesting but aizen/IChigo ist better to play as Row instead of a Mix thing


  7. I rolled with my only 10 stones, got two gold eggs, was super hyped, and then pulled the two worst five stars possible in this collab 😦 Merry late Christmas everybody


  8. Hi Mantastic! I recently discovered your website and I must tell you how much I appreciate that you take to time publish these informative reviews!
    Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to reading more of your reviews.


  9. Four rolls on my main account:
    – Sosuke Aizen
    – Toshiro Hitsugaya
    – Yoruichi
    – Uryu Ishida

    Sosuke was a very lucky roll, wondering about a future team, I own AHaku, DMeta (SDK SI) and Okunikushi… what about Shinji&Eva? They generates blue and dare orbs, but break hearts

    Hope to get another couple of rolls before the end of the collab, Chad would be a fantastic roll 🙂


      1. Congrats on Aizen!

        As for your question about team building, you do not need to only run D/W cards as you should have more than enough RCV from Haku and Dark Metatron. You may not need to run Oku unless you wish to TPA down trash floors. His base active is situational and longer than Dark Metatron’s and he does not bring much outside of those TPA

        Orb changers are ideal as they allow you to have sufficient orbs for a dark cross. You also want to stack OE to ensure you have enough passive damage available


        1. I did a last chance with the compensation stones: Yasutora Sado, one of the most desired cards from this collab, my Krishna is super happy. 🙂

          Well, I usually skip collabs, but this time there were some really useful cards and two out of five rolls were nothing less than fantastic (Aizen, Sado).

          Time to do some work on Aizen, maxskill him was a pain, I did the Bleach Collab dungeon tons and tons of times only to get SIX Zanpakuto (and tons of Rukia’s weapon), lukily I’ve got three skillup from these, two out of three of my Bubpys to max him out.
          Time to do some team building, AHaku and Dmeta(SI SDK) are staple subs:
          – APandora, Bankai Pandora (better awakenings on this one? TPA and second TE), active has some overlap;
          – Zuoh
          – Hanzo (too low stats, some overlap)
          – Lumiel (lots of TPA, unbuindable, too random active)
          – D/D Haku
          – Reincarnated Voice (useful active that doesn’t overlap, three OE, two TPA)
          – Hamal
          – Okuninushi (situational)
          – Gremory (when the buffs will come to NA/EU)
          Aaaah, Eschamali and Akechi, I want you two ^^’


          1. fix: Lumiel > Aizen for a dark heavy board plus water and hearts (unbindable, one OE, three TPA, true damage)

            hmmm things are going to be interesting…


            1. Lumiel is def a good option for Aizen as the TPA is great for mowing down things at 36x ATK. You also help preserve bind immunity.

              As for other subs, Awoken Pandora is better than D/D due to the haste. Gremory is also a good choice when buffs go live. You should have more than enough RCV with Lumiel, Haku, and Dmeta


      1. Pulled more boobies on my main from free Bleach machine. Bad sign of things to come from soft smothering pillows. I waited until after the NYGF ended to roll. Was hoping to see Aizen, Yamamoto or Ichigo. Good luck has to be coming right? right??

        I said limit myself to 5 pulls each, but you know how that goes…
        Main: Chad, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Urahara and Kenpachi
        Alt: Ulquiorra, Ishida and Kenpachi. Went back for one more try. Yamamoto!

        Not all bad? I got a couple push buttons maybe(?), Chad and Yamamoto? Down to under 100 stones on both accounts. time to hibernate and cry for a few months while I recoup some stones.


        1. Congrats on the Yamamoto! He can be built either as a push button or row oriented leader that is amazing at farming. Chad does of course work, but you can use essentially any orb changer that will produce enough fire orbs will work well

          Hopefully you are able to find uses for the other rolls =)


  10. Pulled a gold out of my free roll and got super excited…just to pull Shifar. Then I decided what the hell and spent stones on one more roll and got another gold…and it was Toshiro. I don’t have a use for either of them. I think I would have preferred silver eggs – at least then I could get the disappointment out of the way immediately.

    On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to try my first run of Myr Descended with Kaede today. Wish me luck?


      1. My Kaede team isn’t the dream, but it works really well. Kaede, RParvati, Verdandi, Thumbelina, Ronove, friend Kaede. All max skilled, friend Kaede and Verdandi hypermax. I usually don’t use Thumbelina, but I brought her to combo with RParvati to bypass Myr’s 6-turn bind. Ronove put it so much work with jammers and poison everywhere, and all the heart generation let me stall whenever I needed. I only died to user error and orb troll – I kid you not when I tell you I had Verdandi give me exactly 4 wood orbs once (somehow I won still).

        It’s a fair challenge but it’s fun and rewarding. i won’t be trying mythical for a while because I can’t reliably clear predras and I’m waiting til NA gets the skill inheritance update to put my Ra on anything (gotta save dem Tans).


          1. I ran it about 5 times total that day, but I only got one skill-up. However, with this 4x event going on, I’m planning on farming Myr exclusively on the day she returns. I’m saving my Experience of a Lifetime just for her, and possibly even a few stones. I’ve also been working on acquiring her evo materials for a while now – I’m even going to use the Elia that I +297’d a while ago because forget trying Ultimate God Rush to get another at this point lol. I am sooo ready.


  11. Hey Mantastic, love the work that you do, big fan! I rolled a few days ago and pulled all the 6 stars except Rukia. I THOUGHT Ichigo and was the prize until I slapped together my Aizen team. I have to tell you, I hope you rolled him because he is by far the most fun lead to play in the whole game. I need some help with Arena 3 farming skill inherit tips though. My current team is all fully leveled and +297’ed:

    Aizen- 3 sbr and 2 hp latents
    Ronia- 5 hp latents
    A. Persephone- no latents
    Tpyphon- 5 multi color latents
    A. Haku- no latents
    Friend lead: Aizen

    I am IAP and I have a considerable amount of other sub options. Which skill inherits, or team options would you come up with to farm Arena 3? Thanks for the advice


      1. Congrats on Aizen and I do not believe I will ever acquire one as I do not roll collabs as I am missing so many regular cards and tend not to pull them still

        As for your team, the Blonia is great for the HP stick, but you may not need that nor a full team of only d/b cards

        Subs like Yomi Dragon (high HP) and Eschamali (amazing all around) are great options as you should have more than enough RCV with Haku and Persephone. Do you have any other options?

        As for latents, outside of a rainbow, you should have SDR or HP when viable.


          1. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I do not have a D. Escha, but I was lucky enough to get both her sisters! I even spent about 100 bucks between yesterday and today to try to roll her during this great godfest, yet D. Escha still eludes me. I have a Yomidra and Indra for the shield inherit. I have switched my team up a bit and have been clearing Arena 1 very easily, other than user error fails. Currently I am running:

            Aizen- 2 hp and 3 sdr latents (Akechi Inherit)
            Blonia- 5 hp latents
            A. Haku- 5 hp latents (Castor Inherit)
            A. Persephone- 5 multi resist latents (A. Sun Quan Inherit)
            D. Meta- 5 hp latents (Satsuke Inherit)

            This is currently my best Aizen team I believe. I will switch the D.Meta inherit to Indra and A. Persephone to a board change and see if this will help out with the Arena 3 runs. Thanks for the advice!


  12. You are very welcome and let me know how it goes =)

    It will take quite a few runs in A3 to get comfortable with all the spawns and mechanics so it will take some time

    How much HP does your team have in total?


    1. You should inherit them on an orb enhance heavy team (eg. one that uses Eschamali). Can also be used as a sub as he provides a reasonable amount of awakenings himself


  13. Did a yolo roll on my alt and got Aizen today 🙂 Not enough time to skill up though. Its pys or wait until the next Bleach event.

    Also did one on my main and got Ichigo, not sure that will receive much use though.


  14. Hey Mantastic, love all you do for the game, and I can not even begin to imagine the time and effort put into crafting such a hub of info and insight on a game such as this, so thank you first off…. Anyways, I know I’m way late on the comment, but the collab just ended today and I finally have some questions for you for the first time..
    1. How do you feel about ” Shinji&Eva Unit-01, First Awoken Form” (No.2326), as a sub for Aizen? Aizen and his subs often leave the board with numerous hearts, which is great if RCV is needed, but if not then Shinji AS can turn those wasted hearts into some serious damage while both possibly saving another card’s AS that might previously have been needed to gain more dark orbs, and also provides the board with some water orbs for more damage potential from team members with a water attribute. With dual Aizens, yomidra, Shinji, Akechi, and nobunaga, I’m able to easily hit 52mil damage almost every turn once my actives kick in, and that’s without any cards having skilled up AS, and only two of them actually having Awoken skills maxed… Thoughts? Perhaps a better team comp as I know you suggest water/dark team which I happen to lack in.
    2. My very last roll in the collab before it closed granted me one more Aizen to add to the collection bringing me to a whopping total of 2 Aizens.. Is this worth keeping as a sub, or would it go to better use as dinner for my original Aizen in hopes for skill up?
    -Sorry for the Novel everyone!! As I’m sure none of you picked up on, I’m not too online blog savvy, and I tend to have issues paraphrasing on the few occasions I decide to make a fool of myself for everyone online to look at lol… If you could set aside even a small portion of your time to jot down even just some very basic and brief answers to my questions it really would be much appreciated, as I finally feel that I have found the leader card I have been looking for throughout the past 3 years or so of playing this game, and some expert advice would be much appreciated in any form it comes in.. If not though, then no worries at all I’m sure I can get some great advice from some of your followers on here which is also highly appreciated, and just keep up the good work and know all that you do is very much appreciated by me and I’m sure many many others.


    1. I can chime in with some opinions here.
      1) Shinji looks like a decent mid-game sub for Aizen, but his weighted stats are low (under 700) and he has 3-4 less useful awakenings (the row and auto heals at a minimum). If his active skill turns out to work for you, later on it would be better to inherit his skill on another member of the team.

      2) I would suggest -never- feeding a dupe rare card for a chance of a skill-up. Even selling it for monster points would be better. A very common use of dupes like that is to leave it UNskilled, and inheriting it on your first copy. This gives a large pseudo-skill delay resist effectively for free, and you can always rely on the right skill being available.


  15. Why hasn’t Bleach collab returned? it’s been over a year… I feel like something as popular as Aizen was when he was released shouldn’t just vanish into thin air… I was really hoping to get him “the next time around” because no stones left D:


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