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Bleach Collab Review and Analysis – May 2020


The Bleach Collab returns to North America after a prolonged absence. This is good news as all of the cards have received various buffs along with some gaining new evolutions.

Sadly, only the top rarity will gain Weapon Assists which does lower the value of duplicates at the 4 and 5-star rarities. While this is saddening, two out of the five 4-star cards are quite powerful and may be enough justification to do a few rolls.

This is further facilitated by the 5 Magic Stone price tag but at the same time, players should be aware that the overall Weighted Stats are on the lower end.

This article will outline the pros and cons for each card within the Bleach Collab event to give players a better understanding of what each monster can do.

Video commentary

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Bleach Collab Pros & Cons – May 7, 2020
  • 2/5 bottom rarity cards are valuable
  • 5 Magic Stones per roll
    • Worth doing a couple
  • All cards have Voice awakenings
  • Only top rarity has Weapon Assists
    • Lowers value of dupes for 4/5*
  • Low weighted stats due to 5-Stone cost
  • Somewhat average event
Bleach Collab REM
6 Star base
(2.5% each, 12.5% total)
5 Star base
(38% total)
3361 3363 Kenpachi Toshiro Kisuke
4 Star base
(49.5% total)
Rangiku Yoruichi Ishida Chad Orihime
Bleach Collab Rankings – May 7, 2020
A    Chad Orihime
B 3363 Kenpachi Toshiro
C 3361 Kisuke Rangiku Yoruichi
D Ishida

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them
Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

  • Rangiku Time Extend Bind Immune Bind Immune Balance killer Balance killer God Killer Skill Boost ( ) – C
  • Yoruichi Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Wood Row Wood Row ( ) – C
  • Ishida +light orb Jammer Resist Jammer Resist TPA TPA God Killer Devil killer ( TPA ) – D
  • Chad Enhnaced Fire Orb Fire Row Fire Row Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost ( ) – A
  • Orihime Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb +heart +heart +heart Skill Boost (  ) – A

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Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016


The Bleach Collab is returning to North America this Boxing Day and comes with numerous improvements to existing cards along with new additions. Due to the timing of the release, all of the newer/improved cards are well positioned for Powercreep and we actually received this Collab quite quickly after Japan.

All of the rolls from the Bleach REM qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling.

Furthermore, all players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Bleach Collab Rare Egg Machine Overview
6 star rolls 3353 3357 3359 3355
5 star rolls 3361 3363 Kenpachi Toshiro Kisuke
4 star rolls Rangiku Yoruichi Ishida Chad Orihime

6 star rolls

Ichigo has two viable evolution paths and both are worth considering. The choice of which path to take should be made based upon your monster box and available cards. Continue reading Bleach Collab REM Review and Analysis – Winter 2016