Question Time with Mantastic – July 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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74 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – July 2019”

    1. I feel that everything will run its course and PAD is no exception. With that being said, it will be hard to move on as I love the community and it has become a pretty big part of my life


  1. 1)
    Do you ever played with yourself? And I mean with yourself on the same acc as your helper?
    Since this is real, I play like 60% of the time with just me (Sensui/Akuma).
    2) Do you know a team where NY Artemis can shine?
    3) How would you value Super Revo Meimei and many are needed? I have 3 of her.
    4) Are you hyped for something in the future?


    1. 1) I have done lots of self coop with my two accounts but coop is becoming less appealing for harder content due to no SA which often changes a team. Coop is still king for farming

      2) NY Artemis is her own leader and can be used in lieu of Yoh/Zela Kitty/Bastet. Basically the same team building requirements

      3) Meimei is nice but you have to remember the large investment required. She can be a potent VDP option but if you own other options like Zela/Bride Rushana/Zela Kitty/etc. you don’t need her

      4) Final Fantasy looks quite wonderful due to the recent buffs


  2. Do you think there’s merit in valuing rolling in seasonal machines/ in house collabs (DBDC, Orchestra, etc.) higher than rolling in third party collabs (mtg, monster hunter, etc.) since gungho owning the IP means that these events are more likely to be brought back with buffs? I’m not saying that it’s a determining factor, but do you think that it’s significant enough (or event true) to consider when deciding to spend stones?
    If it is, could it be taken even farther to give the seasonal events that come around on a schedule a benefit over the non seasonal events?


    1. Its really hard to say and depends on your monster box

      I feel that Collabs can be either hit or miss with buff sizes but may be tied to their availability. Eg. Final Fantasy has not been here for a while but received sizable buffs

      I would say roll in the events that can benefit you the most


  3. Is Edward Elric viable anymore? I mean 1/196/1 even with 50% something shield can hardly tank a hit from alt arena without being under 50% hp. Should I switch edward with yusuke as a leader?


    1. I would say both have similar potential due to similar effective HP

      You can still clear everything and the only notable thing you cant tank in solo is Goemons in AA/AA2

      He is not colour based which means he has more flexibility overall


  4. I know you will post an analysis of the draconic orchestra monster event in the future, but I am unsure how to spend the mountain of free stones the PAD gods have sent me.
    I am excited about the orchestra monsters, but this super godfest is very tempting and part 1 will be ending soon.

    Objectively, do you think that the orchestra monsters have more value than the monsters in the super godfest?

    Anything will benefit my box, but I just want to know which is the most bang for my buck overall.

    Also, your content is great and super helpful! Really appreciate all your work 🙂


    1. What kind of content are you clearing overall?

      Generally speaking, less developed boxes benefit more from Godfests as many of the cards (incl pantheons) offer the building blocks for team building whereas deeper boxes gain more merit from events as they tend to be more niche


      1. I have cleared almost all of the end-game content, but my teams are very baseline. What I mean is that I do NOT have a deep monster box, but I somehow get the job done (I am running seasonal leads like NYArtemis and B&J).

        Based on your advice, it might be better for me to roll in orchestra(?)
        I will also mention that I am lacking in the GFE category, but I don’t know how much those will help over the event monsters.

        So my uncertainty is how best to grow my box.


        1. If lacking GFE, choosing a Super Godfest that features the best line up is ideal

          As for your top teams, what things are you missing that would improve them? Depending on this, it may dictate where you spend your stones


          1. For my best teams, I am missing cards that have high personal damage, board changes (like bicolor fire/water for B&J) and spikes for extra damage on boss floors.

            Of course, I could use more monsters that have more resists to jammers, poison, clouds, etc. My rathian and trojan horse have helped this, but sometimes it’s not enough.

            I’m sure you’ve seen the lineups for the current Super Godfest. Do you think Ney would serve most of these functions the best? At least over Cotton?


            1. For myself, I run my Light Ney on Dark Karin as she naturally covers Cloud via SA along with a useful active for a5. This frees up an inherit slot for Resist weapons

              What in particular do you feel you are missing outside of high personal damage and bicolour cards


  5. Hey Mantastic! My question is what do you think are the top “game breaking” cards available in NA? (Could be leader/or sub) I’ve seen the Japan Aggregate tier lists (leader wise) and it puzzles me to see some cards in the top area (ex. Dark Saber/Phenon from Draconic Orchestra)

    And what cards are you excited about that are coming soon to NA from the Japan server? (I saw the new Light/Dark Myr!! Hopefully it’s not japan exclusive) I want to see your opinion so that I can decide if I should be saving my stones for anything exciting coming soon or saving up for trade fodder (like the draconian orchestra etc.) thanks a bunch for your wonderful content and looking forward to your response!


    1. I feel the big trend now is Zela and subsequently Zela in every colour

      She is the strongest sub in a vacuum and makes any mono-colour team significantly better, especially if we get more SFUA weps with useful effects

      GHJP made a boat load of money from Bride Zela so I would not be surprised to see her in events moving forward

      Regardless, we have enough tools to handle current content so these things just make it easier or add waifu-ness

      As for tier lists, they tend to look at the consistency of A5/AA2 and assumes perfect teams and may include cards we do not have in NA


  6. My main all-purpose team is a dual lead Reeche, which is obviously rainbow. I was previously using Konohanasakuya as a Red healer, but recently bought and upped Green Odin Dragon who is a superior healer. What is the best Red sub these days for rainbow teams? I have at my availability RCotton, Yukimura, Ares, Kagutsuki, Madoo, Minerva, Sakuya, Amen, and many more. Just wondering what the best desired Red sub for Reeche was?


  7. Hey Mantastic! Love your content and hope your body is keeping up 😦

    I was wondering what the best way to proc VDP is. It’s hard for me to get 9 orbs just by trying not to match them. Specifically, I run a D-Meta team. Is there a certain sub or assist you take to produce a sufficient amount of dark orbs? Thanks!!


    1. Generally speaking, using bicolours (eg Dark Metatron’s active) is the best way to secure VDP and combos

      The optimal boards post that is pinned to the top of my website shows how to arrange them for maximum combos


  8. I’m basically running a bi-color team of Green/Purple. I was wondering who be a better leader between Green Ney, Kamimusubi (#4738), Date Masamune (4850) & Mega Awoken Green Sonia. Can you list them in your order of preference as a leader of this team? I always thought Green Ney is the best because of her 8x ATK, but am I missing other factors that make a great leader? If so can you educate me in this situation for this team? Some of the other supporting cast is: Ishida Mitsunari, Zuoh, Tao Jun (#5268), Nees (#3940), Romia, etc…


    1. Green Sonia is the tankiest of the bunch and her main drawback is Dragon types are required and lower ATK

      With that being said, if you have dupes of her, Green Cotton, Odin Dragon, and/or Ragnarok Dragon it works well. Just be aware her damage output is on the low end

      Not a huge a fan of Kami due to the HP clause


    2. Using Ney as leader is not effective in end game. This is because 8x attack (64x for dupe leader) is very low, although the +5 seconds is nice. However, If you’re still clearing early game content, Ney is good enough, and the orb move time provided can help you practice.


  9. If you could make and collab for PAD, what would it be?
    Personally, I’m hoping that the McDonalds collab will come at some point (no matter how unlikely) because that Cotton is too cute 🙂


      1. Hey mantastic I love your videos and I would just like to know if you’ve seen the FF collab buffs and reworks as well as your thoughts and if you’re excited for any of the cards there. I remember you pulling some good cards last time we got. Sorry for the multiple parts. As I said before I love your videos and thank you for all the info you make for the community keep up the good work.


        1. I haven’t really taken too close of a look at them. My only standout pull was Yuna and I am not that excited for her changes. With that being said, her pixel form does make for a pretty nice VDP option


  10. Do you expect to see a return of Magic: the Gathering collab? I missed it while taking a break from the game, and returned about 2 or 3 months after it had come through. I was pretty sad.


  11. Two questions, sub for fire yog?

    Also what kinda leads are good for light Zela

    Bonus question: how often is qilin coming back… I’m trying to make a fun farming team with three srevo haku and a Lajoa with amen x amen/veroah

    Thanks for this channel!!!!!


    1. I would say any Fire subs as he would primarily be used in shorter dungeons where actives are ready

      Light Zela is amazing on any mono-light team such as Dark Karin, Edward, Superman, etc.

      Descends should rotate on a regular basis but I do not know the exact schedule


  12. Hi, mantastic, what are the best/top tier leaders for 3p dungeons in your opinion? Particularly the harder ones that cost you 99stam per run. I find that without SA, certain S leads like blue zeta becomes extremely difficult to use, especially when other players been sleep walk through the whole dungeon


    1. I would still say most of the top leaders are still great in 3p, you just need to modify the team a bit (eg. putting in VDP for DZeta/DKarin)

      With that being said, some teams like Dark Metatron function perfectly well with SA


  13. Same here, I don’t have him but might pull one someday, Also, are there any good rainbow leader tanky enough to stall 30 turns in a hardcore dungeon?


    1. With his awakening if you match all colors his active only takes like 10 turns. Even if you can’t do it every turn when ever you do he charges 3 turns per turn so you don’t need to stall for 30.


      1. That’s true, but Orb troll usually come with harder dungeons, that means you can’t rely on his awoken to charge skills most of the time, however, 30 turns may sound unrealistic, how about stall for 15 rounds on a hard dungeon with multiple vdp floors, Any thoughts?


    2. I feel Shelling Ford is nice to have but relatively niche overall

      His three unique evolutions do give him flexibility and his Void Damage Void is quite nice if you can take advantage of it. Of course, 30 turns is horrible unless Skill Charge is taken into account as it becomes 10 turns assuming rainbow boards every time


      1. That’s essentially because Hao and Ford were made specifically for rainbow teams which, as we have clearly seen, have trouble performing VDP to clear dungeons, hence their niche uses as a sub


  14. What resources do you use to track Japan content (to give you an idea of what’s to come in NA?)

    Separate question: do you think any new awakenings will be invented in the next few years that will be critical to the meta? if so, what would be your guesses as to what these might be?


    1. For JP content, either word of mouth from various chat groups, FB/Reddit, or BloggingMama

      As for new awakenings, GH will probably create a hard counter to a mechanic.

      Maybe a reverse L where it locks orbs (to counter spinners) or a way to bypass damage absorb

      At this point in time, GH creates a problem that is horrible to deal with and then releases a card with a direct counter to encourage rolling


  15. I don’t understand how GH picks which trade fodder gets selected for trade ins.

    Basically, I have enough fodder to get Bzela, but knowing that Heroine series is coming back, I also want to trade in for a Planar for my Dmeta team. Do you think those two cards will have overlapping trade fodder?


    1. Planar should have the same fodder requirements as the last time Heroine came around

      As for Brize Zela, who would you be trading and where would you use her?


  16. Struggling with team building a mono light team and picking an awoken bind clear option for a 7cc team. Any that I should aim to obtain? Orin dragon is always an option, but I checked Ilmina and struggled to find an option I liked. What do you use to fulfill that role?


  17. Hey, I’m having a hard time beating Eir, and I guess I just have a hard time with spinners in general. Do you have any advice on how to combo when there are spinners? Thanks.


    1. a couple of workarounds for spinner are actives that lock orbs (ie R. Mika from street fighter or Raijin etc) or using “move orbs freely actives” (lower evos of yomi, or myrhh) as spinners are frozen for that fixed amount of time and matching becomes easier as well


    2. Ideally you’d have an active that locked orbs, otherwise you’d just have to watch the pattern until you had the timing down.


    3. The cleanest solution is a locked board active but bringing a team that can stall effectively works as you can always make Hearts from the spinners

      A bit off topic, but i just Py-ed my Eir once I got her


  18. You’ve probably answered this before, so I apologize for the rehash, but what devices do you use for playing? I have a Adonit stylus with my large screen phones, but it looks like you like to play with iPads?


  19. Hope it’s not too late.
    I was curious what you’d think of an equip assist that would change the sub attribute of a card. Which teams do you think that would affect the most, and would it upset the balance of the game significantly?


    1. I feel it would open up team building options on rainbow teams or those that like to have extra colours (eg Phenom). With that being said, teams like Shirou would love to have it as they can now use more subs due to fire/light clause


      1. I’m sure you’ve field this question before and shared your thoughts on the direction of GHs direction of developing the game in a 1 mechanic to 1 solution. Undoubtedly it’s part of the monetization model, so my questions are going to assume GH doesn’t stray from that.

        My question is would you rather see GH revitalize older cards by adding new Revos, Weapons, Assists to make viable situational tools for universal game play and stay relevant with power creep or repurpose/rework dungeons by adding restrictions to them that would limit card pools for the dungeon?

        Ex. A greco roman dungeon series where only certain pantheon waifus can be used?


        1. I agree about the 1:1 monetization model and doubt GH will stray from that outside of throwing in waifus

          I would love to see the older pantheon cards gain Weapon Assists as hardly any have merit at this point in time as they dont fit in the tanky-one shot meta

          As for dungeon restrictions, it would be best if it was just fixed teams as not all players have each specific card regardless of how old they are (think of newer players)


  20. Is the farmable monster guide that you made a while back still viable today? If not could you make a updated guide on which monsters you think are viable to use in end game content/ button builds today


  21. Hey Mantastic what latent awakenings should I put on my DMeta team? Specifically, for my Archangel Lucifer sub. Do I just put on the standard god killers and skill delays, or should I put on move time, buffed stats etc. And in general, when should I use the color dmg protection and buffed stats latent awakenings?


    1. I personally find Killers best on VDP cards and usually SDR otherwise as the Killers often go to waste if they are voided

      Buffed stats and colour resists are niche/significantly worse compared to Killers/SDR and bonus movement time does not contribute enough

      Thus, Devil+SDR mix on Dark Meta (2-2) and probably SDR on lucifer unless you find yourself encountering Gods with no Void on a regular basis

      Liked by 1 person

  22. I don’t particularly feel like pulling FF all too much as I’m only looking for 3 specific cards (Aerith, Cloud, Yuna) yet I already have 2 Lightning and a Tifa
    Would you say it’s still worth pulling?


  23. Hi mantastic, I rolled a couple times in orchestra machine and ended up with 3 eva’s(the wood one). I feel like she’s one of the weaker ones in this event and is it true that having multiple copies of her is not something too useful? All I have for wood is Zkitty and I already have a complete team of hers. I’m thinking about trading them in for either lutina(for skuld team later) or phenom(I have a couple akechi and gremory’s, also kuroyuri). Any advice?


    1. If you were to trade, how much value do you think Skuld teams would have as Zela Kitty should be much stronger. This event will rotate back on a regular basis and should see buffs and new cards. As such, it may be better to hold on and see if Eva gets buffed or new 7* cards


  24. I just got my BZela and my first SA roll was Cloud Resist. Is that worth keeping on her, or should I roll for something else ASAP? I’m playing mostly intermediate dungeons, so I’m not sure if I need the VDP at the moment, but is that the one I ultimately should be after as I go for harder content? Thanks!


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