Aten – New GFE Review and Analysis


Aten 3268 is the newest six-star Godfest Exclusive to be released and comes with an overwhelming 8 killer awakenings. Aten is not a viable leader and his main role will be as a situational sub that can deal amazing burst damage against virtually any boss.

Video commentary

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5,015 HP / 605 / 373
745 Total
God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Balance killer 37 physical killer Healer Killer

Active Skill:
All  Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart Jammer
5 turn cooldown

Leader Skill:
5x ATK when 5 colours attack. Board becomes 7×6
25x ATK / 7×6 Board


Aten could easily have been renamed to “I hate everyone” due to the 8 different killer awakenings. A Killer awakening provides 3x damage against any boss with that typing. Thus, Aten’s low base attack is misleading as he will be dealing significantly more damage to any encounter. Furthermore, these Killer awakenings stack if the boss has multiple typings. In fact, virtually every encounter in the game has at least 2 typing and this will result in a massive 9x ATK for Aten. This can quickly get out of hand as some bosses have three typings (eg. Zaerog Infinity) which will result in a blistering 27x ATK on top of your team’s regular multiplier.

For perspective, if Aten was used on your Myr Miru team, Aten would deal 533.61x ATK against any dual typing boss (1,600x ATK against a triple typing spawn). This is fantastic when dealing with exceptionally durable encounters or those with massive defense values. Furthermore, Aten can make an appearance on numerous teams due to his God typing and 5-turn base active. A 5-turn cooldown means you can easily inherit an active of your choice over top as not all teams desire a full board changer.

When using Aten as a sub, you have to be conscious about the number of Skill Boosts, Time Extends, and Skill Bind Resist awakenings on your team as Aten brings no utility awakenings.

When not to use Aten

Due to Aten’s potential to deal massive damage, he makes an unwise choice when playing through dungeons with absorption mechanics. Aten will be dealing significantly more damage than any other card on your team and will always heal the boss when trying to chip them down. This will relegate him to niche farming roles instead of Arena-style content. You have to be certain of all the spawns as you do not want to arrive at a boss and never be able to kill them.

Another interesting point to note is that Aten is unable to kill PreDRAs Fire PreDRA so you will still need to bring a counter to them.


Aten is a unique character in Puzzle and Dragons. His unprecedented ability to deal amazing damage to virtually any encounter allows you greater flexibility when farming dungeons without absorption mechanics. His low base cooldown allows you to easily inherit something over top of him to better customize your team.

What do you think of Aten and how would you use him?

Happy Puzzling!

25 thoughts on “Aten – New GFE Review and Analysis”

  1. I’ve check on YouTube to see how damage Aten can do, and most of the time it’s going to be half the damage of the other leader. Haven’t seen 2 Aten as leader. As a sub it doesn’t do much damage either. As General Akbar would say. “It’s a trap” 😅


    1. He actually does the most damage of any card provided the boss has dual typing in order to proc the 9x from killers. I would not use him as a leader, but more so a situational sub


  2. As good as x27 is I’d rather it just be loaded with dongs. 9 dongs would be 38x damage and more versatile. And if that’s too powerful you could take a few dongs off and add some utility awakenings.


  3. Personally, I want to roll Aten just to pair him with Fenrir ;). Make the one true glass cannon even more glass cannon, since Aten’s AS allows for a reasonably full activation, and since it’s a 7×6 board, you can calmly combo into a Fenrir active with much less risk of losing colors.


  4. Interseting.. not game breaking by any means, methinks. Simply because he brings no utility, and you can’t even use him in most of the current endgame content. Best in the early game I bet.. at this point. Later on, he could be an absolute staple somewhere, for his unique awakenings.


  5. So his base LS is 5x and with a 7×6 board it’s beyond easy to activate. And if your opponent has dual typing that’s 9×5=45x attack, how is he not a viable leader??? Run him with a Ra Dragon friend and there you go. Although damage control is definitely out the window.


    1. Vulnerable to binds, no utility awakenings, and no damage control. Also, even pairing with Ra Dragon, you have 12*5 = 60x ATK which is not that great even with 7×6


      1. You’re neglecting to add his killer awakenings to the multiplier. Also since he is L/F you can easily find subs to subvert the binding weakness… with a Ra dragon friend it’s a pure nuke team. Which has a solid place in the world of PD


  6. Just roll this guy and i find this thread. He surely is a sub cuz there’s many 7×6 greater leaders nowaday. I simply put him in Anubis team and he deals incredible damage. I even one hit zaerog inf (75% shield) with low xATK leader like Bastet.


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