Brighter Futures Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


The Brighter Futures Godfest features the rarely seen 5x GFE rates. Furthermore, this Godfest has been broken up into 3 days to space out the featured GFE along with a different set of pantheon monsters.

All cards rolled from the REM will receive a +50 to a random stat. Furthermore, non-featured GFE will not be available from their respective days. This means you can completely avoid the less ideal Godfest Exclusives.

The new GFE, Aten, will also be making his debut and you can read my analysis of him HERE.

Video commentary

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Featured cards overview


Brighter Futures Godfest Lineup


Day 1

Greco Roman
3238 3239 3240 3269 3270
rodin Blodin Green Odin Kali Dark Kali Gadius Typhon
Ryune Saria Sylvie 3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233
Baby Satsuki Ult Zuoh 3236 Eschamali Scheat Australis Fenrir Viz
Fenrir 3268 Baldin Balboa Sherias Roots Sherias

No Sonias, Metatrons, Demons, & Norns


Day 2

Japanese 1
3271 Awoken Oorochi Susano Amate Awoken Yomi
Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia Metatron dtron Eschamali Scheat
Australis Kali Dark Kali 3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Baby Satsuki
3233 Ult Zuoh 3236 Baldin Balboa Sherias Roots Sherias
Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 3268

No Odins, Dragonbounds, Fenrirs, & Norns


Day 3

Wisdom Kings
3198 3200 3202 3204 3206
Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Metatron dtron Gadius Typhon
Ryune Saria Sylvie Eschamali Scheat Australis Ult Zuoh
3236 Fenrir Viz Fenrir Sherias Roots Sherias Balboa Baldin
Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 3268

No Odins, Kalis, Sonias, & JP Callers

Absence of non-featured GFE

This Godfest is somewhat unique as you are able to completely avoid certain GFE on particular days. This can be beneficial when trying to avoid duplicates or the more lackluster cards.

5x and 6-star GFE

As we saw from Player’s Choice Godfest, 6-star rolls are incredibly rare, but are somewhat irreplaceable on numerous endgame teams. This heavy reliance on 6-stars is taxing on players as the gap between pantheon/5-stars is ever widening.

With that being said, 5x GFE  events are the best times to acquire those coveted six stars. The corresponding pantheon is important; however, you should focus on the featured Godfest Exclusives this time.

Presently speaking, Kaede Ult Kaede, Dark Kali Dark Kali, and Kanna 3233 are the most relevant 6-stars from a purely endgame point of view. Kaede duplicates are instrumental on their own team along Ronove’s Ronove teams. On the other hand, you can never have enough Dark Kalis for both subs and inherits on Ra Dragon 3265 along with Kanna being a new staple sub for the same team.

As another general trend, the newer GFE tend to be stronger compared to the older ones (Sonia, Metatron, Odins). Granted this can change with new evolutions, but newly released cards tend to be better positioned against the next few months of Powercreep.

With all that being said, Day 2 appears to be the strongest day to roll from a GFE perspective as it features all the top 6-stars along with newer Godfest Exclusives.

Day 1 overview

Greco-Roman 1

3238 3239 3240 3269 3270

Day 1 features the newly Reincarnated Greco-Roman 1 pantheon. They are some of the oldest cards in Puzzle and Dragons and their viability was waning until they received their newest evolution. This allows them to form durable teams that have passive damage reduction against various colours while retaining a modest attack multiplier. Presently, Minerva 3238 is the strongest leader of the group as she has a reliable Arena 3 cheese team along with the option to pair with Ilm 3236 to form a 60x ATK / 2.5x RCV team with 50% damage reduction to fire, light, and dark monsters.

With their 1,000 weighted stats and triple typing, many of the Greco-Romans are able to act as powerful subs on a variety of teams. However, Venus 3269 tends to the most popular due to the prevalence of mono-light teams and the highest RCV in the game.

Finally, most of these cards have low value as duplicates as their base actives are relatively underwhelming outside of Hades as Gravity inherits are rare. Furthermore, many players use Hades in his non-Reincarnated form as a massive buffer for skill delays (30 turns).

Featured GFE

rodin Blodin Green Odin Kali Dark Kali Gadius Typhon
Ryune Saria Sylvie 3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233
Baby Satsuki Ult Zuoh 3236 Eschamali Scheat Australis Fenrir Viz
Fenrir 3268 Baldin Balboa Sherias Roots Sherias

Day one does not feature the Sonias, Metatrons, Demons, and Norns. This is reasonable as you have the chance at Dark Kali and Kaede while avoiding some of the arguably least valuable cards. Unfortunately, this comes at the price of missing out on the newer Demon cards.

In my opinion, Day 1 is the second best day to roll solely from the exclusion of the Demons compared to Day 2.

Day 2 overview

Japanese 1

3271 Awoken Oorochi Susano Amate Awoken Yomi

The Japanese 1 pantheon is slated to receive all their reincarnated evolutions in the very near future. This will provide a dramatic boost to their viability as subs or leaders as they will gain significantly more weighted stats along with the potential for a new and exciting leader skill.

Presently speaking, Orochi still remains one of the strongest delays as either a sub or inheritance while Hino offers amazing TPA damage on Reincarnated Shiva teams. Susano has a valuable shield, but the overarching need for damage mitigation has been somewhat diminished due to the heart-cross meta and tankier leaders, but is still valuable nevertheless. Amaterasu features a full bind clear in her non-awoken form while her awoken form provides dual Skill Bind Resist. Finally, Yomi is a modest leader who will hopefully regain power and popularity with a reincarnated evolution.

Featured GFE

Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia Metatron dtron Eschamali Scheat
Australis Kali Dark Kali 3260 Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Baby Satsuki
3233 Ult Zuoh 3236 Baldin Balboa Sherias Roots Sherias
Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 3268

Day 2 does not feature the Odins, Dragonbounds, Fenrirs, and Norns. This is wonderful as you have eliminated many lower value cards while retaining the top six-stars and newer GFE. All of this combined makes it the most appealing day in my opinion and is when I will probably be rolling.

Day 3

Wisdom Kings

3198 3200 3202 3204 3206

The Wisdom Kings are the newest Pantheon and none of them feature an ultimate (or reincarnated) evolution. This places them a bit behind other cards, but all feature unique abilities. Unfortunately, outside of Acala, none have a solid place in the current meta and would be more so used to fulfil niche roles. If you wish to read  more about the Wisdom Kings, please refer to my article HERE.

Featured GFE

Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Metatron dtron Gadius Typhon
Ryune Saria Sylvie Eschamali Scheat Australis Ult Zuoh
3236 Fenrir Viz Fenrir Sherias Roots Sherias Balboa Baldin
Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 3268

Day 3 does not feature the Odins, Kalis, Sonias, and JP Callers. This means no Kaede, Kanna, or Dark Kali and feels quite underwhelming overall. Granted this is the only day to acquire the Norns, but they have far less value by comparison.

Overall, I would say Day 3 is the weakest day to roll in due to the most lackluster pantheon and featured GFE.


The Brighter Futures Godfest is an exciting event due to the 5x rates for featured Godfest Exclusives. This will be the best time to acquire the rarely rolled 6-stars and Day 2 has the strongest line up in my opinion.

My opinion is based on what would be the best cards to roll assuming you have nothing to being with. Each box will vary on a case-by-case basis and it is still up to you to decide which day to roll in.

Which day is most appealing to you and what do you hope to roll?

Happy Puzzling!

130 thoughts on “Brighter Futures Godfest Review and Analysis”

  1. My biggest wants are Escha and Ryune, and to a lesser extent Typhon. Somehow with all my rolls those guys have eluded me. Dupe Kaedes aren’t interesting to me at this time, and I already have 2 DKalis. I don’t have any Wisdom Kings, and have all the other pantheons, so I’m actually going to roll pretty heavy on Day 3.

    And get lots of Urds, Australis and Fenrirs, just you watch. I’ve probably gotten 15 of those guys collectively, if not 20. *grumble*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, rolled a ton, didn’t get Escha or Ryune, but I did get 2 Atens, 2 new Typhons, and at least 1 of all the wisdom kings. Also got my first Sylvie and Delgado(!), but I really don’t have a green team these days. Tons of Norns, Australis Zuohs and Gadiuses went to the MP hopper, giving me a lot of room to purchase stuff in the future, and I got a dupe DMeta that might be useful for Aizen in the future.

      All the 3k-5k pulls got saved up for plus eggs, so I think I have enough plusses saved up for almost a full team of new 297s (including some leftovers from the + pal machine).

      Ah well, what is xmas money good for but frittering away on a mobile game lol 🙂


      1. Well I am glad you managed to walk away with a reasonable haul of 6 stars along with enough MP and pluses to jump start your box

        Hold onto a second Dark Metatron as she is a great base for SI in general due to massive HP/ATK and 3 skill boosts


      1. So I’m pretty new to the game, rank 69 and I’m pretty nooby to pad. I have 20 Magic stones and mainly use my Haku team with subs like Yomi, Castor, Lillith, Sirius,. I also have DQXQ, Liu bei, And zhuge liang.

        Based on the cards I already have, what days should I roll?


        1. I would roll Day 2 as you have very little and as a general statement, Day 2 has the best line up for newer players.

          With Awoken Liu Bei, you can farm numerous Zeus Dios and easily coop through content


  2. Hoping for Another Baede since my team is pretty strong already. And since I’m just 1 d kali away from the RaDra team I’ll probably be pulling heavy on day 2


  3. Hey Mantastic! It’s that dark row devil Oda Lubu/ a. Panda user again!

    I was wondering, if right now I only need an akechi (dark roll from samurai god pantheon) or kaede, should i roll in day 2 or 1? I have all but amasterasu from the pantheon roll, but only have venus and hades from day 1 pantheon. Any advice for when to roll? thanks!


    1. Akechi is not featured at all this godfest so kind of hard to pursue him at this point

      As for which day to roll, none of the featured pantheons can benefit a devil row team. If chasing GFE, day 2 is generally the best day to roll =)


      1. Hey thanks for the reply! If i’m going to run devil row teams, should be focusing on them (noton ronove teams such as for kaede)? therefore, what other stuff should i be stoning for? (such as samurai godfest as an eg)? I also heard the high value heroine rem is coming soon; should i instead roll for that?

        thanks for you patience!


        1. Dark Devil row teams are on the decline atm for end game content while Kaede/Ronove are very strong

          If you have a Ronove and a single Kaede, I would strongly suggest pursuing that team. You can acquire a Gainut or Linthia as colour coverage if you are lacking Ragnarok Dragon or Rozuel


            1. Rozuel is the best fire/water sub for Ronove and Dark Kali is a reasonable option for dark coverage. You can always farm up a Linthia or Gainut for additional board changers or acquire a Ragnarok Dragon

              What other wood cards do you have?


              1. I have Lui Bei, Perseus, Awoken Parvati, Zeus-Dios ×2, Spica x2, Mitsunari, Odin x2, Griffin Rider, Marine Rider, Jormungandr, & Zhuge Liang


                1. I would use Rozuel, Dark Kali, Reincarnated Parvati (for light), and flex. The flex could be either Linthia (preferred), Gainut, or Perseus. All would work well. You can inherit an active skill of your choice on Parvati to gain more utility


      1. Did five rolls. New cards were Ceres, Sumire, and Balboa. Nothing great but, I’m pretty satisfied. Wish I could do more but, I really need to save more for Heroines now.


  4. I’ll be rolling Day 1. I have just about every GFE except the Demons, but the collector in me is hungering for Minerva and Ceres. At least two Ceres cards, one to make into Ceres Armor and the other for Reincarnated. Neptune also wouldn’t go amiss, he’s a hole in the collection too.

    That said, if I somehow rolled a second Kanna then I’d view that as PAD telling me to get Ra Dragon when he comes around again.


    1. Well if you are missing the demons, it may be better to not roll Day 1 as the pantheon cards are still relatively easy to acquire during regular godfests

      Do any of the JP 1 cards interest you?


      1. I am missing Kagutsuchi and have been chasing Orochi a long time. Hmm, well it’s something to think about. Paimon would be nice to slot into a Myr team.


  5. On my main acct, I am missing the most gfes from day 2 so I will probably pull there even though I have 4 of the 5 pantheon cards from day 2.

    My alt needs almost everything. Have not decided whether to spread pulls around or concentrate on one day.

    Also note that the Forest Gala is running at the same time so there will be some wood pulls mixed in.


    1. If your alt is missing most things, may be best to pull on Day 2 as it is the best day for GFE. None of the Greco Romans have immediate value for an alt as they all need to be reincarnated which is a large resource sink


            1. Day 2 was a dup fest with some good cards mixed in.

              Main: Sherias, ronia #3 (back in the day I would have been happy, now … not so much), zuoh #3, zuoh #4 and Balboa

              Alt: kano #2, meimei #3, Tsubaki, tsubaki


                1. I have a pretty steady stream of pluses coming in, your button team for mech dragons helps minimize farming time 🙂 Sometimes I miss StarDen cause of work or other commitments. One day of stamina can easily produce 36 pluses playing mech dragons coop.

                  I have 400k MP on main, 100k MP on alt. Kind of underwhelmed by the current crop of MP dragons. Hoping something will be released in 2017 that will appeal to me. Although I took a closer look at the Puppets the other day. Neat situational subs.

                  I sold the dup kano on my alt cause I have one on main and never needed to use her…one is enough. As long as there is no space crunch, I plan to hang on to rest of the dupes. GH has been tweaking the game to make dups more useful for a long time. Hopefully that trend will continue.


  6. Hey!
    If I don’t need the demons would day 1 be a better day to roll in? I’m looking for a dupe escha, kaede, dkali, and maybe minerva. I know the chances for 6* is still quite low, but I’m gonna roll nonetheless.


  7. Sumirex2, Nut, Andromeda, Awoken Isis
    Krishna, Awoken Cao Cao, Urd, Ronia, Dino Rider
    Saria, Awoken DQ&XQ, Raphael, King Arthur, Thundering CyberDragon Shedar(2188) this team carried me along way Viper Orochi, Ilm, Liu Bei, 2 Ronove, Rozuel are 6 of the 14 gold out of 18 pulls from PCGF have 1 Dark Kali also what would you do save stones or try for another 6* on day 2


    1. Does Day 2 have many cards that can greatly benefit you? That is usually the motivation to roll or not.

      Granted chasing 6* is a costly venture, but this is supposedly the best time to do so


      1. Day 1 +50hp Mistrain Day 2 Yomi & Kagutsuchi didn’t have those 2 so I’m grateful now time to work on what I got from PCGF & this Godfest especially the new work in progress Ilm, Gadius, 2 Sarias, & Raphael


        1. Well I am glad you managed to acquire numerous cards that can help you! I would take the next 1-2 months to develop your box as you now have numerous toys to play around with.


  8. My optimal krishna team

    Reincarnated Minerva is a must
    Ultimate Cao cao
    Ultimate Sonia
    Ultimate Gaddius

    That gives you some low cool down fire generation and heart creation skill resist bind clear and armour reduction

    Another option is to stick Sonia skill on an awoken Horus which has a low cd and great stars and Awoken skills.


  9. Decided to roll a couple Day 1 (mostly because I dread more LMeta for my collection on Day 2!). Got a dup WeeJas and 3rd DKali. Not what I was hoping for, but hard to complain when many would kill for a DKali. Should make for many option for RaDrag team tho!


      1. Day 2 was mostly a washout for me as I pulled a dupe Zuoh, dupe Jester, WeeJas #3 and Woodbahn. Was going to take one pull on Day 3 just for the heck of it but decided to pull Bleach instead as a couple silvers there have use for me (would really like Sado for both Krishna and Alb). Got Aizen. Back to working on some dark subs!


  10. Rolled Day 1 hoping for Venus or many Wood Gala cards (Osiris, Vishnu, Liu Bei, etc.), sacrificing the GFE Demons was okay since out of all of them I only really wanted Sitri or Gremory.

    Three rolls with the few stones I have left, I got Fenrir #2, Sumire (NEW), and Australis (NEW). I honestly can’t complain because they were all GFEs but eh, nothing terribly awesome. Second Fenrir will work much better than Awoken Yomi on my Fenrir team that’s for sure, Sumire came after I needed her (just like my Andromeda and Haku and Wukong lol), but what do you do with Australis? He’s useful if you have a Liu Bei I guess. But guess who doesn’t have one…. *cries*


    1. Congrats on 3/3 GFE rolls =D

      As for Australis, he can make a budget ALB replacement. up until today, I had used ALB + Australis to button content and it worked fine. Just need to double check damage and be aware of binds, but it does work!


  11. Day 1 5Pulls
    I got

    Green Angel,Ruel
    CyberBeast,Phact [G/L]

    Cant wait for Day2 i Will pull about 30Pulls

    *Note* IMO,Rate for Greco Roman is really high from 5 pulls I got 3/5 of this serie.


  12. While I’ll probably roll mostly on day 2, I decided I would roll just a couple times day 1, hoping for a Venus. I only planned on going twice, but I pulled Grodin and Rodin back-to-back, so I just *had* to see if I could score a trifecta with Blodin. Sadly, I got Avalon Drake instead. So close.


    1. Update: 10 rolls day 2. I swear Gungho forgot to put in the 5x GFE rates because this shtick was more disappointing than PCGF.

      My only GFEs:
      Sherias (NOT Roots, and I already have one)
      Ronove (also a dup)

      Everything else:
      Earth Dragon Swordsman

      And after all that, with 2 rolls left, I thought I had to get something good at this point. It just got worse. Chester and Unicorn Rider aren’t even wood gala! WTF


      1. Avalon Drake is still a rare roll so pretty good Day 1 =P

        I agree that the rates seem to get worse and worse judging from my 3/25 GFE rolls… least Cameo is a Gemstone princess!


  13. 4 pulls. Viz, Satsuki, Earth Dragon Swordsman, and the Minerva I was hoping to pull. All but Minerva are dupes. Not a fan of the jammer meta so I’m not sure what to do with Viz. Satsuki #3… here’s hoping she gets an Ult as awesome as Kanna’s .
    I want to try tomorrow for Orochi, Hino, Kaede, Kanna, Ilm, and a dupe Dkali for a potential Radra team. Fingers crossed that RNGesus is kind!
    Avoiding day 3 like the plague. I have 2 Acalas already that I can’t use because I don’t have the subs, and Sitri, Ronove and Fenrir seem to really like me too:/ Good luck on your pulls tomorrow too! Will you be streaming them?


    1. Update: somehow pulled back to back Eschamali, my 3rd and 4th :/ and then a dupe Gremory. And of course dupe red Sonia, Ronove AGAIN, Durga, Zhuge Liang, and Kagutsuchi. Orochi remains my white whale. Thinking I will save my upcoming stones for Three Kingdoms 2, whenever that will be. Shouldn’t complain because I got several 6 stars. They’re just all duplicates.


      1. You did get pretty amazing 6-star luck and pretty much have half my grand total from 1200 days of playing. It is a shame they are dupes, but that are powerful ones at least.

        I would still keep ahold of them as they have so much value as SI or bases. As for Satsuki, keep all 3 as she should get a new/split evo tree in the very near future

        Viz can be a niche sub for God Killer (inherit something overtop) but for now there is not much value


        1. Oh I’m definitely keeping all of them! I don’t know what to do with 4 Eschamali especially (it seems ridiculous that I managed to pull that many to begin with!) but I know better than to sell off any 6 stars. I’m not chasing any MP monsters and I’m not a whale, just an occasional IAP-er. Not in any hurry to sell those cards back. I hope you did well! Thank you again for all of your helpful PaD advice , btw!


          1. I managed to roll 3/25 GFE (one 6*) so I am on the lower end of the normal distribution curve once again.

            As for Eschamali, they are pretty much one of the best dark inherits so you can use them there

            And you are very welcome and glad to be of help!


  14. Day2 23Pulls I got
    Australis 5*
    Basilisk 4*
    Phantom Thunder Dragon 5*
    Freyja 5*
    Loki 5*
    Red Riding Hood 4*
    Tsubaki 5*
    Liu Bei 5*
    Balboa 5* + Balboa 5*
    Earth Green Dragon 4* + Earth Green Dragon 4*
    Undine 4*
    Delgado 5*
    Radious 4*
    Aten 6*
    Orochi 5*
    Sumire 5*
    Amaterasu 5*
    Kanna 6*
    Unicorn Rider 5*
    Berry Dragon 5* [WTF]
    Anima 5*

    *Note* I’m really want Kaede T_T.
    Can anyone tell me What Kanna good for which team?


    1. Dark Kanna is a solid dark combo/tank lead, and Light Kanna is an optimal Uvo Ra Dragon sub. LKanna’s 4 TPAs/unbindable make her good on a lot of light teams, but her active isn’t always the most useful.


      1. Thank you I will keep Kanna For Ra Dragon.
        I try to Build Light Team
        right now I only have Full Fire Krishna and Dark so so Team.
        Hope Ra Dragon Come to MP shop again not so soon need to farm MP Point anyway lol


        1. L/L Kanna is often used on a wide variety of mono-light teams outside of Ra Dragon due to the unbindability and 4 TPA. However, you will need to inherit a more relevant active regardless of which team you pursue


  15. I rolled on Day 2:
    Jester Wizard, Chester
    Ars Nova (It’s a duplicate… :/)
    Sleeping Beauty….

    I’m not sure if I should roll again.

    Given my wip teams are
    A. Idunn/ Ryune
    A. Freyja/ Slyvie


    1. Congrats on the heavy gfe but it’s unfortunate none are that helpful to you. Dupe Balboa isn’t that helpful but still niche inherit and may have more value with future split evo.

      Sitri is one of the best water orb changers and more is good


  16. First day rolled once and got Venus (woot!). Second day: Finally caved and made my first (and only planned) IAP and got the one time bargain set that’s been calling to me. With my ten stones I got Kraken rider (good on my re lakshmi I suspect) and a dupe Liu Bei. For bargain egg machine I got Amaterasu. Pretty happy! Thanks again for all your help on this site, you continue to do the rocking. Your new skill inherit is: 50 percent more PAD information for 2017! Happy new year!


    1. Congrats on Venus! As for Kraken Rider, it is an okay option for Lakshmi (I prefer water/heart makers) while Ama is a wonderful bind clearing option

      Happy New Year to you too and thank you for the special new skill =)


  17. Rolled 30 times today (day 2), hoping for my first Orochi, AMA, Kaede or second DKali.

    After selling all the silver eggs (4 of them were Ruka) and five stars that I know for certain are useless (e.g. Prometheus), these are what’s left in the box:

    1. GSonia (very dated even as a sub by now?), 2. Zweihander, 3. Ruel, 4. Diadem (dupe), 5. Kakkab, 6. Unicorn rider, 7. Acala 8. Shinning Dragon Swordsman (kept this for possible bind clearance inherit) 9. Osiris 10. Artemis 11. Baldin 12. Sitri 13. Sumire (dupe) 14. Kagutsuchi 15. Kagutsuchi 16. Venus 17. Zuoh (dupe) 18. Creuse

    Among all these, maybe Venus could be a good addition to my Myr team, other than that it’s pretty much all useless.

    I know some people probably wants Acala but I don’t have good wood cards and she is not really good either, beaten by Aizen in pretty much all aspects.

    Kagu is nice for fire TPA teams but teams cannot tank hits don’t do much these days.

    And if I understand correctly, Zweihander, Ruel, Diadem, Kakkab, Unicorn rider, Osiris, Creuse can’t even be used as subs, while Artemis, Baldin are niche subs at best. Zuoh and Sumire dupes have really low values as well.

    So the only hope is Gungho gives Sitri some ridiculous UEVO but that is very very unlikely.

    Now I am just sad.


    1. Green Sonia is an okay-ish sub for Awoken Liu Bei to help overcome combo shields

      The swordsman is an offensive and powerful SI bind clearing option

      Osiris is a useful sub on Ronove, Kaede, and even Acala teams due to the active and awakenings

      Sumire is amazing in dupes as they are the best sub for themselves

      Kagu is amazing on Shiva teams and can SI a stronger active to help improve his value

      Venus is one of the best light subs available with her reincarnated form

      Sitri has one of the strongest actives for water, but her base form is lacking so she is mostly an inherit for now

      You got a modest amount of nice things, but I do feel your pain in that you did not roll anything that amazing =(


  18. In 20 rolls, got x2 Kaedes (making 3 total :D), Gremory, Aten, Dantilion, and a Dmeta. All in all, a good run, though I still didn’t what I wanted, an Eschamali. 😦


    1. You have simply amazing luck! I wish I was as good at pulling as I am at clearing content.

      25 Rolls got me 3 GFE with only (dupe) Baldin as a 6* and numerous silvers and riders

      With those 20 rolls, you have 50% of my lifetime 6* rolls


  19. Midnight here. Rolled late day 2 after late new year’s eats and drinks. My brother told me he pulled but nothing great…blah blah Kaede blah!! What?!!! You pulled Kaede? Yeah ok. So I’ll shoot for the stars then. I’ll get something right? Dkali, Ronove, Kaede…something!

    Main= Kali(3rd), Leeza, chimera, Vishnu (3rd one), Kali (4th!!), Mitsuki!!! FML! Quit.
    Alt = Griffin, Metatron, GZL, Avalon, Sherias, quit again…pulled last minute… salamander(SMH)
    I thought PCGF was bad… I’m gonna do a few Bleach pulls and call it quits for 6 months. #+%(#(%!! Gung Troll duped me again. I’m so gullible. Wishing everyone else better luck this New Year with the REM!!


    1. Looking back after sobering up these weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great. Probably sad not hitting anything I wanted out of this GF as usual. Guess I’m just a greedy piggy!


      1. You are right in that you didn’t pull terribly from a GFE perspective, it is just unfortunate they are the wrong ones!

        One thing about Leeza is she is a great option on ALB teams due to the low base CD and Dragon Killer

        Hopefully 2017 proves more fruitful for both of us!


    2. The rates seem to be quite poor this time as my 25 pulls across various accounts only netted 3 GFE (with a dupe Baldin being the only 6*)

      On the bright side, Leeza is a great card for ALB due to low base CD and Dragon Killer


  20. Pulled on day 3: got my 2nd Hathor… No idea where she came from :I Pulled from my first Rank 250 REM and got Skuld! I am very happy right now. On the note of dupe Hathor, should I keep her, sell her, or use her for skill inheritance?


    1. Keep Hathor as she is one of the few gravities you can inherit. Will have uses towards late game when you want to circumnavigate resolve bosses

      Also, congrats on your Skuld!


  21. Only two rolls, got 2nd Zuoh and Ceres.

    Zuoh would be nice for SI (or an emergency 15k MP to reach 500k MP eventually), wonder how to use Ceres, my green box is rather schizophrenic and underdeveloped. :/


  22. I pulled a bastet during this fest, and seem to have pretty good subs for a team. How does revo bastet compare to ace bastet as a lead? Which one is superior?


    1. Both are glass cannon leaders. Acetet requires numerous wood combos for damage while Reincarnated needs an active skill. Either way, you will most likely need to use actives to have sufficient damage, but I would be leaning a bit more towards Acetet as you have better scaling with only a single wood combo


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