Wisdom Kings Review and Analysis


The Wisdom Kings are the newest pantheon to be released in Puzzle and Dragons. None of these monsters have an ultimate evolution and to help compensate for the anticipated Powercreep, they have received additional awakenings along with a unique kit to keep them interesting (they should have new evolutions in the distant future). All of the Wisdom Kings provide something new and valuable that helps add dimension to your monster box.

As a forewarning, any defensive multiplier is lost if your leader is bound. Conversely, the multiplayer bonus Multiplayer Bonus provides 50% more stats to these cards which helps bring them more inline with Reincarnated/Awoken evolutions as their base stats are around 700.

Video commentary

Wisdom Kings

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
God / Physical
TPA Time Extend Time Extend
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
Deal 20% damage equal of enemies’ Maximum HP
18 turn CD

1.5x HP / 2x ATK for Fire. No Skyfalls. 6x ATK & RCV with 8 combos, 7x with 9+
2.25x HP / 196x ATK / 49x RCV
Trailokyavijaya is a name I fear to pronounce in my YouTube video and has the potential to be an incredible leader and unique sub/inherit. On paper, the sheer multiplier Trailokyavijaya has seems unrealistic, until you remember the no skyfall clause. We have already had a taste of Awoken Kushinadahime 2983 and her scaling leader skill. However, Kushi suffers from a lack of HP and RCV and it can be challenging to survive when given a poor board. On the other hand, Trailokyavijaya is a much tankier leader through her leader skill and coop bonus Multiplayer Bonus awakening.

In theory, you should be able to manufacture at least 7 combos every turn, but due to inappropriate orb distribution, it can be impossible to form 8. And 8 combos is required as Trailokyavijaya is a measly 2.25x HP / 2x ATK leader otherwise. This may force you to use actives more frequently in order to help correct your board and make her an inappropriate leader for easier/mindless content. Just be aware she is terrible at damage control as you jump from 4x to 144x ATK.

Stepping outside of her Leadership potential, Trailokyavijaya makes for an interesting sub/inherit. Her active differs from a regular gravity as it will deal 20% of the bosses’ maximum HP, not current. This means she can potentially execute a boss with her active along with providing a consistent amount of damage. This consistency can be beneficial when dealing with resolve bosses as you are able to guarantee a perfect amount of damage. On the flipside, you could kill a boss with multiple Trailokyavijaya actives and I am certain there are many cheese teams out there that do just that.

God / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Time Extend
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
 Heart Arrow Water
+1 combo
10 turn CD

No Skyfall matches. Passive 20% damage reduction. 3x ATK with 2 water combos. Max 10x at 4 combos
100x ATK / 36% damage reduction
Kundali is another no skyfall leader, but adds a few new elements to how he is played. First off, Kunali provides a passive 36% damage reduction from all sources. This has advantages over HP/RCV multipliers are you are more resilient to gravity based attacks. However, you may be yearning for a stronger defensive multiplier, but this is reasonable for a card without an ultimate evolution along with having the capacity of capping out at 100x ATK.

The inability to generate additional combos from skyfalls ensures perfect damage control. It also means you are better able to hoard your water orbs and deal damage when you want to. One issue I have found while playing mono colour-comob leaders such as Sarasvati 3069 is the difficulty in hoarding orbs as you sometimes run the risk of triggering unwanted matches.

No skyfalls aside, Kundali is quite an orb hungry leader as you require  12 water orbs for full activation (Sarasvati is 9 by comparison). This makes me evaluate Kundali as a lesser leader due to the defensive components having only a small impact and do not compensate for the additional 3 water orbs required.

Sarasvati is essentially the ultimate glass cannon as she can easily achieve an amazing multiplier while stacking water rows. You do not bring her into dungeons with complicated mechanics and instead use her to defeat short dungeons with large health pools. Thus, Kundali does not fulfil this niche as well due to the additional orbs required. Yes the defensive multiplier is nice, but it comes at the cost of a more challenging to activate leader skill. Stacking TPA is the most logical approach for Kundali as a row may be impractical due to the 4 water combo requirement. Unfortunately, Sarasvati is capable of hitting higher damage due to the ability to stack more rows along with the more offensive awakenings.

From an active skill perspective, Kundali can be favourable compared to Hermes BL Hermes as he is a double orb changer who has new combo synergy with a few board changers. Unlike Hermes, Kundali is able to combo with Skuld Skuld ult evo and may open up some team building options. Lastly, Kundali makes a viable orb changer for Awoken Umisachi Yamasachi 2982 as he is able to flood the board with water orbs as you remove the unwanted fire and hearts.

God / Balance
Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
+1 combo for 1 turn
1 turn haste
7 turn CD

1.5x HP/ATK/RCV Wood. No Skyfalls. 3x ATK for each wood or fire cross (max 3 in 6×5 board)
2.25x HP / 1640.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV
Acala is another no Skyfall leader who has the capacity to achieve an unbelievable 1640x ATK with 3 colour crosses. This is far from easy to achieve as it requires a certain degree of orb manipulation. However, they are compensated by a passive 2.25x to HP/RCV. This allows them to more easily stall and set up the board. Unfortunately, Acala’s active does not actually help you form a cross as it only adds an additional combo and haste instead of generating wood or fire orbs. Thus, you will be reliant on subs such as Verdandi Verd for activation. However, the haste can allow for a more system-like team and with cards such as Osiris Osiris, you may be able to activate more often. Keep in mind that tri-colour board changers that do not produce fire can still be used as 2 wood crosses should be sufficient.

3 crosses is a bit outrageous and you are more realistically going to form 2 which will yield a 182.25x ATK multiplier which should be sufficient for most content. The no skyfall clause has less of an impact on Acala teams as you are very unlikely to actually skyfall a fire or wood cross and is mostly a barrier to combo shields.

The ability to achieve 1640.25x ATK is invaluable as you can use a single board changer and deal lethal damage to PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and are not reliant on bringing a damage enhance. Furthermore, you have perfect damage control and the ability to stall with ease due to the RCV multiplier.

Outside of a leadership role, I do not foresee Acala seeing much gameplay as her active is somewhat lackluster in most scenarios and there are better Time Extend wood subs. Some may argue that the additional combo helps for combo based teams, but a tri-colour board changer will provide more stable burst.

God / Attacker
Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
2x Light ATK for 3 turns
1 turn haste
15 turn CD

4x ATK when 4 elements match. 6x ATK for all 6. 30x Leader ATK after every match
36x ATK
Vajrayaksa is an interesting card as he has an improved Norse style active as he is able to provide 3 turns of damage enhance for light cards. This makes him an appealing inherit as his base body is rather lackluster. Three turns may seem excessive, but it can make a large difference in Arena when you are nearing the end floors as the bosses become quite tanky and hard to burst down. This can allow you to conserve actives and does improve your chances of success.

As a leader Vajrayaksa has a low multiplier, but that is okay as he is not meant to be used all the time. In fact, you should be pairing him with someone like Ra Dragon 3265, Ronove Ronove, DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, or any other high multiplier rainbow leader as a way to easily deal with resolve bosses. This is because Vajrayaksa deals a fixed amount of damage after your cards deal damage, before the boss’s ability. This means you can trigger the resolve (places boss at 1 HP) and then have Vajrayaksa’s special damage component finish them off and completely avoid the boss’s enrage ability. You won’t be needing this all the time, but is invaluable under the right conditions.

God / Attacker
TPA Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Multiplayer Bonus
2x Dark ATK for 3 turns
1 turn haste
15 turn CD

3x ATK at 5 combos. Max 6x ATK at 8. Deals 30x Leader ATK after every match
36x ATK
Vajrabhairava follows the same pattern as Vajrayaksa in that he provides 3x ATK for dark cards for 3 turns. Again, this is fantastic for longer content that requires heavier burst damage or as a means to help compensate for his lower multiplier if used as a leader. However, you should not be using dual Vajrabhairavas and instead pairing him with a dark combo leader (such as Awoken Oku 2985) to help achieve a higher multiplier.

Vajrabhairava’s main usage will be a Resolve killer and wold otherwise be used as an inherit for his wonderful active.



The Wisdom Kings are the newest cards to be released in Puzzle and Dragons. They provide a unique set of actives and leader skills that help add dimension and diversity to your monster box. You may not find a use for them for every day usage, but their novelty and niche capabilities will help you moving forward.

Who are you most excited to roll and where do you plan on using them?

Happy Puzzling!



24 thoughts on “Wisdom Kings Review and Analysis”

  1. Love the analysis. Great job like always. I’ll probably yolo in hopes of Green Jedi. Rest seem meh. More looking forward to the 7×6 leaders


  2. Not planing to use those cards as leaders, but sounds amazing news, looks like GH is (slowly) turning back their eyes to the tank leads. We got Krishna, and now new cards coming with some kind of survivability.
    I like that 😛


  3. Great Analysis! But I have a question.

    Can’t Kundali run a TPA oriented team as opposed to Sarasvati and her rows? 2 combos + a row is twelve water orbs, which is only a few less than the 12-16 Kundali will use. (Only reason I ask is because I got lucky and have two Scheats I have no team for :P).

    What do you think?


    1. It would probably be more practical to run Kundali as a TPA leader, but rows > tpa in terms of max damage

      In addition, Kundali still requires more orbs overall to hit 100x. (Sarasvati has a row and 100x at 12)

      If you do get Kundali, you should def run Scheat as a sub for both the active and tpa


  4. At their initial reveal, I was super hype for Trailokya. As an old-school PAD player, it was kind of always my dream to be able to play Anubis one day and I’ve gravitated towards combo leads ever since. Unfortunately, the lack of damage control and being in my worst color has put a damper on my excitement. Besides her, I obviously want Kundali for my Water collection and I’ve warmed up to Acala after her buff to include Fire crosses. None of this matters right now though since Heroines REM has a vice grip on my stones.


    1. If Trailokya had a more forgiving LS and a scaling component, they could have been so much stronger =(

      Acala is quite potent once you can form fire AND wood crosses as 180x ATK is enough for most content

      I wonder how long it will take use to get Heroine…


  5. Hi, so, I got Acala and did some tests today, and definitively I can do one fire and wood crosses consistently when I have the orbs.
    This is awesome for this future team.
    Team building…
    Verdandi x 2 and Kaede.

    Now, I not using ronove man, really! I have no Subs for him right now, and gungho give me 3 zuoh’s recently 😦
    I’ll inherit zuoh in the other zuoh (for Oda team) and I have one spare.
    So, how about zuoh in ronove? Since he’s already hyper maxed I can make some use for now.

    For Acala inherit not sure atm, but griffin rider is collecting dust in my box, so…maybe.

    Thank you.


      1. Zuoh is not ideal on Ronove teams as he does not form heart orbs and you need 4 elements at the same time.

        Your Verd x2 and Kaede x2 team is quite strong for Acala as you do not always need to have fire orbs.

        Acala inherit can be any utility you require as he active is not crucial to your team’s success


        1. Thank you for the replies.

          Oh no, i was referring to use ronove as sub in acala team with zuoh inherited, however I remembered that I don’t have bind clear in that team, so zuoh in acala and ruel with bind clear inherited probably make more sense for now.
          Now I just need acala friends 😦


          1. It is always challenging to find friends who run the newest leaders as they are so rare. One of Acala’s biggest weakness is her vulnerability to bind as you do lose your defensive multiplier

            Liked by 1 person

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