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6th Anniversary Tournament Crowning Run


The 6th Year Anniversary Tournament is in full swing and is one of the most straight forward Ranking Dungeons. In essence, if you can combo well you will achieve a high score as it only becomes a manner of luck hitting Damage Cap on Floor 3. Furthermore, the top 6% of players will receive a Crown so this should be an ideal time for those who have been close in the 3% events to push a little harder.

Due to the No Skyfalls clause, scores will be somewhat capped as one cannot get lucky and fall into numerous combos.

138,758 (1%)

Speed is king

No Skyfalls will put a cap on the possible number of combos that can be achieved on a given board along with punishing cascades (combos that fall into place after other orbs have been removed). In essence, each combo made is worth 5000/7 = 714 points (minus minor animation time) while each second remaining yields 500 points.

Thus, if you are able to make an additional combo within a single second, it is worthwhile. If you have already secured enough combos to kill a floor and additional ones will take too long to move into position, just stop comboing.

On this same train of thought, the first 2 floors can be quickly swept with minimal combos and can be pursued assuming the combos can be made in a blazingly fast manner.

Actives to use

In essence, players should use Zuoh on Floor 3 to try and achieve Damage Cap (10,000 points) and Red Valkyrie on the final floor to ensure Slepnir dies along with possibly granting an extra combo to overcome the 8 combo shield.

In theory, Bastet can be used throughout the dungeon to sweep other floors with minimal combos and can be done if one is trying to have a blisteringly fast clear. If pursuing this path, one must ensure the 4-5 combos are done within a second or less.

Style Points

Style Points are a relatively new mechanic that grants additional points for matching a specific pattern. For the purposes of the Ranking Dungeon, they are not worth pursuing with only Guard Break  having true relevance as it will naturally occur on many floors.

With that being said, if you already have a specific pattern ready made due to the No Skyfall clause, preserve it and continue matching as normal.


The 6th Year Anniversary Ranking Tournament is an enjoyable event as the amount of luck required is reasonably low along with the 6% Crown threshold providing a larger window of opportunity.

Let me know how well you have been doing and whether or not you have managed to achieve a new personal best.

Happy Puzzling!

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Thoughts on 7 Combo, Guard Break, Follow-up Attack, and new Awakenings


This past month, we have been given a taste of the next wave of Powercreep for awakenings: 7 Combo 45 and Guard Break  while also being teased by the Follow-up Attack  mechanic. In addition, there are going to be minor shifts/changes to existing awakenings and latent awakenings.

All of these add tremendous potential and diversification to your teams and this article will take a look and examine how to make the most of them.

Video commentary

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Powercreep awakenings

Powercreep is a healthy aspect of any long standing game as it is what drives content forward as you need newer toys to tackle harder dungeons. However, one of the best aspects of PAD is that older cards become revitalized through new evolutions/buffs that can incorporate these new awakenings. This is great because you are not always chasing new cards and may have some hidden sleepers lying around in your Monster Box.

Since some of these awakenings are new, it will take time for more cards to acquire them and may feel restrictive as you can only use a few cards in the mean time.

7 combo awakening

The 7 Combo 45 is perhaps the most powerful awakening to be released as is provides 2x damage for that card when achieving 7 or more combos. While 2x for a single card may feel okay at best, you have to remember that you have the potential to run a whole team of 7 combo cards which effectively grants you a total 2x multiplier that is controllable. Continue reading Thoughts on 7 Combo, Guard Break, Follow-up Attack, and new Awakenings