Video Clears – March Level 8, 9, & 10


A new month is here along with a new set of Monthly Quests to undertake. This time around, Level 10 featured a painful No Awakenings clause while 9 forced players to rely on 4 seconds of orb movement time. Finally, Level 8 was another Fixed Team with a subtle twist at the end. Regardless, I decided to upload all three of my clears to help provide inspiration as well as hopefully saving some stamina for my fellow players.

Level 10

The key to my Cheese strategy is to use Hades 3270 for massive Dark Damage Reduction paired with an auto healer like Odin Dragon 3264. This combination greatly lowers the chance of accidentally pushing the first floor below 50% (which transforms the spawn to Water and thus losing Damage Reduction) along with making stalling both faster and easier. Other keys are having bicolours with Dark orbs along with the first one used having Orb Unlock.

Level 9

Level 9 only gives players 4 seconds of orb movement time but is also only 1 floor long. Furthermore, it is Gaia Dragon which is easily one shot via VDP which can be easily done via a full board changer + double row maker. This combination yields a 7 Combo board that is easy to manipulate into position.

Level 8

Level 8 if a Fixed Team dungeon that requires players to match 6 or more connected Light or Dark orbs to deal damage. The main hurdles are a single leader bind on Floor 3 and a Light or Dark Absorb on Floor 4.

The leader bind is solved via a row of Heart orbs and the 6-match of Dark/Light while the Absorbs are countered via No Skyfalls fromTokugawa Ieyasu and appropriate orb changers.


This month’s Monthly Quests provide a new twist on current content as it presents players with an interesting set of challenges. For the most part, all dungeons can be cleared with proper planning and it becomes an issue finding what works for your own Monster Box and matching skills.

Let me know how you tackled these dungeons in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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18 thoughts on “Video Clears – March Level 8, 9, & 10”

  1. There are a lot of options for 9, we did it 2p with Yusukes. Stacked Whaledors with +2 combo and Apolluo actives on player 1, passed to player 2 who then used Saline, Phact, Eugeo, Mel to make a kill board. Had Helen assist on Saline (probably unnecessary but better safe than sorry). Thanks as always for the ideas!


  2. Helpful videos!

    I play solo and just Kiri cheesed lvl 9. Really easy to do.

    For 10, would it be possible to cheese it solo? I have dual hades so I can pair with myself, maybe inherit bicolor boards on them, along with 2x z&h and Zeus verse, and one more sub?


    1. Cheesing 10 solo would probably require more time and maybe a stronger auto healer

      I caution against dual hades as matching 2 dark will almost deal too much dmg vs joker


  3. hey mantastic im a big fan and yesterday i went to the train tracks and decided against killing myself. im diagnosed with a chronic skin disease and ive been bullied my entire life, forever alone and at 21 years of age i have not met anyone who has seen any value in me and i know for the remainder of my time alive no one will. relationship experience is what 90% of peolpe statistically have and i dont, and the pain of knowing i will forever be unloved is just too much. why shouldn’t i kill myself?


  4. I cleared C10 with Kaede leader swap and gravities inspired by your team. I had both Odindar and Hade swapped to Kaede, used 4 bicolor boards and Gravities last flr.


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