Question Time with Mantastic – March 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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101 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – March 2019”

  1. My friend wants dark rows to be meta, what mechanics or buffs would rows need in order for his dream to come true?


    1. Row teams suffer from so many issues that includes but not limited to low combo count, activation consistency, and slower clears

      Things that would improve them is something like Chun Li’s active for Dark (99 turn Dark skyfall) and a leader with flat HP/RCV/Damage Reduction so the team can actually stall for Dark Orbs (most of those teams need their primary colour for damage reduction which prevents stalling)

      Another thing to help combo count is modify the Combo Orb awakening. Perhaps if it was a range of 9-12 orbs it would have more merit or even a LS that had a +1 Combo naturally built in to combat the loss combo from the row


      1. Just fyi, m bison is about as meta as legitimate endgame content (non farming) dark row teams go as he halves damage with linked non dark orbs thus allowing perfect stalling


    2. Best Dark Row Team for High end Content.

      Im running Wandering Spirt Dragonbound lajoa on both my account, and it destroys just about everything.

      1st Account: WSDL, 3 Specter Castle Veroah, and Emperor of Evil Bison

      Assists: Zuoh Weapon, Vajrabhairave, Odin Weapon, Paolumu Weapon
      (8 VDPs, 2 Combo Orbs, Full Cloud and Immobility Resist.)

      (Dark Row)
      2nd Account: WSDL, Spirit Lajoa, Phantom Souls Veroah, Dragonbound Distel (or Awoken Lu Bu), Reincarnated Pandora (Flex)

      Assists: Two Zuoh Weapons, 1 Hanzo Weapon, Ren Anamiya & Arsen, and Behemoths Koto (Distal)
      (21 Dark Row, Full Cloud and Immobility Resist)

      Pair the two together and everything dies, High Combo Bosses need to be prepared for with combo orbs, or a good VDP board.

      Lu Bu active takes down anything with VDP or Rows and Distals makes the team Ridiculously Tanky

      (I don’t whale I got lucky with the Veroah, I have 4 on my first account)


  2. Hello! I have a lot of Combo orb Cards yet only 3 combo orbs can be generated at any given time! Is there any viable way to make combo orb teams work? Is combo orb VDP a valid way to go? Thanks! With the info app gone and padx taking too long to load on my phone you are my only real source of info for this game!


    1. You can only have 3 Combo-Enhanced Orbs on the board at any given time and each awakening grants 1 per 12 orbs matched

      Thus, having more than 3 on a team does no good

      With that being said, it requires far too many orbs to be truly viable at this point in time


      1. Seems like the only practical way to make that happen is on 7×6… at which point you are probably not too worried about getting enough combos, with the board being expanded.


  3. What should be my priorities for clearing dungeons? Should I try and finish all of technical dungeons or should I try and clear all the arenas? And what about the machine descended dungeons would there be any relevance in clearing those dungeons?


    1. Generally speaking, being able to clear Arena 1 is a good first goal as it provides a good introduction to longer content while also having nice rewards

      The Machine dungeons have some relevance for niche teams as boss drops or for rank grinding but I would still say Arena 1 is the best goal


  4. If you use a card with god and dragon killer, and the monster you fight is both god and dragon, would you do double damage to them with each killer skill? 🙃 I have no idea how damage works in this game. Thanks!


          1. I would say the top prize cards from 10-stone events and I have wanted Ideal for the longest time. With that being said, she is starting to lose her edge as she fits on less and less teams


  5. I started to play Akuma and it is somehow challenging=fun. I sub in RevoTsukuyomi, VNey and Nees. But for rainbow action I need a red sub. RevoDurga, RevoOkuni, Kuro or Myne. What do you think would be overall the best?


  6. I’ve been using Valk on my D.meta team, but I noticed no one else does. Is Valk not a good choice for D.meta?


    1. I think Ciel is a fantastic choice for dmeta teams, especially vs God/dragon spawns ie arena Kali. That’s 108x personal damage (incl SA) against god and dragon spawns, not even counting latents.

      I play solo and my dmeta team uses dmeta / eir / hverd (FUA)/ izanagi/ ciel/ dmeta. Move time is tough so I’ll sometikes switch out izanagi for yomi. Looking to get planar ok the next heroine series return.


      1. On the subject of good alts, I just subbed in Akuma (evolved) for Kamisubi. Akuma hits like DMeta, with built-in damage absorb pen. So far, so good.


  7. With how older pantheon cards are barely, if ever, viable in the current meta, it’s about time for Gungho to give new life to them. After Awoken evolutions, then Reincarnation evolutions, what are some ideas you have for what you think may happen/would like to happen?


    1. GH has now created a special new evolution for Haku which requires horribly high amounts of EXP and evo mats but it did change her LS and awakenings. Sadly, she is still not worthwhile but sets the tone for future pantheon cards gaining a new form

      With that being said, I feel the best way to boost Pantheon cards is to give them meaningful Weapon Assists


    1. Jhoira is often desired but I find her awakenings tend to be wasted. As such, inheriting her on a bind immune card is better (since 10c can never proc)

      As for VDP, Blue Saber would be the best but I have been using Blue Odin or Baldin for various content


  8. Are there any “old meta” teams that are still viable today, and if there are, which one would you recommend for just playing around with?


    1. How old are we talking? Most leaders from 2 years ago have tiny multipliers now which makes it hard to compete with today’s options

      One thing that has aged reasonably well is Diablos as we now have more pairings available (eg Roche and Akuma)


  9. 2 questions,

    If I want a specific collab card, do you think it’d be better if I roll the rem during the collab or gfe rems?
    Do you think the new YYH collab with (possibly) more 6 stars will get the rem cost up to 6 stones + 5 gfe for 6 star bases


    1. For a specific card, it depends on how strong the collab itself is. If it has numerous useful cards, it may be worth rolling in, otherwise, trading is the best option

      For example, the first time YYH came, Yusuke was the only good card and it was better to trade. This time around, if the other cards get buffed enough, it could justify rolling in


  10. Hello, I’ve only been playing for about a month now so my box isn’t super developed but i’ve been rolling 5+ times in each collab/GF since the end of January. So far I’ve cleared A1, A2, and a few annihilation descendeds with my Ciel team: NY Amaterasu, R.Ishida Mitsunari (only healer FUA+green), Lugh, Val. Venus. Noah drag killed me so I haven’t tried A3 since.

    Notable leads I’ve rolled recently are: Madoo, Sagat, BB&J but I don’t have the most optimal subs for them
    What should I do to be prepared for end game content? (I can usually hit 8 combos) Should I be farming certain descendeds? What should be some long-term goals?


    1. Arena 3 should be your next goal as it will yield Killer latents and chain rank ups

      Noah Dragon is 1/5 spawns which can occur and is quite annoying without VDP as most leaders deal too much damage now

      With that being said, BJ or Madoo teams may also find success and Madoo’s evolved form has VDP


  11. What is the highest damage doable by a unit at the moment? Considering the highest skill/awoken skill and leader skill combination


    1. The easiest way to hit damage cap is to use either double Amen (10,000x) or colour cross leaders on 7×6 boards

      Stacking 7c/killers will push that unit’s personal damage even higher


      1. This game’s damage cap is 2,147,483,647, because that is the maximum number that system can display. The highest multiplier is 21,474,836.00 times(not 2.1 billion because “.00” at the end takes away the space).


  12. Hi mantastic, what do you think of the incoming shinrabansho collabs, any noticeable leaders compare to the big three? (Edward, Dmeta, BJ ^^)


  13. Hi mantastic,
    I have three aife you reviewed her as a powerful sub but Im having trouble fitting her on teams so wonder what teams you would recommend her on (I understand its open but 3 other than bbj?).


    1. Any combo based team can work for her as she brings 3x 7c

      Can work on Yusuke teams but the main issue is her lower weighted stats and middling active that makes her essentially just a damage stick


  14. Are you farming for the Nidhigg system? Since it’s on the March quest.

    And what do you think of the leaders beside Valentine Sonia/Mandoo? ie. Sakura Kasugano, Awoken Lumiel… Mega Scheat? Anything seems interesting to you? 🙂

    Thank you for your time as always.


    1. Not super interested in Nidhogg system despite having Scheat

      Main reason is I would lack VDP to truly cheese harder content

      In regards to interest, I am currently enjoying Scheat and using her to farm a bunch of Machine Noahs


        1. Only 2 notable things I have are Beach Fujin so I can sweep the absorb spawn right away and Blue Odin (Suou would be better) for VDP

          Basically I use Blue Odin, Gemstone, R Yomi inherit and then use base Scheat active to one shot


  15. Any chance for Karin and Chun Li to be meta? I pulled my baes from SFV and want them to be good, but not sure what teams to make w/ them.


    1. They are nice but not top tier sadly

      They have neither the multipliers/activation consistency overall but can still be used to clear plenty of content

      Meta often means Most Efficient Team Available and implies that higher consistency is favoured


  16. In your opinion, when it comes to specific Annihilation dungeons (Machines, Quetz, Collabs), which is the most important awakenings on a meta team out of the following?
    Combo Orbs (For leads/units like Kamimusubi w/ Shirou/Rin)


  17. How do I determine what killer latents to put on my monsters? Are there monsters that need specific killers? Or is is just up to personal preference?


    1. Depends on what dungeon those cards will play through

      Eg, I want to farm A5, I would want to have Devil Killers as most of the largest/dangerous spawns are Devils


  18. What factors contribute to keeping duplicates of a card, especially for those with branching evolution and/or equips?


    1. I like to keep 4 of each card for the most part as we do not know what will come along with not desperately needing the box space/MP

      Those with Weapon Assists are great in numerous dupes


  19. What are your thoughts about the Shinranabsho Choco collab coming to NA? (Don’t spend too much effort on replying to me if you’re making a post/video about this soon)


  20. Will we get 100 stones gift like in JP server in the future? This godfest looks surprisingly promising but MH collab is dope and I dunno, should I go all in or save up for later use?
    Also I have a feeling that collab gachas are not as stable as 10-stone super godfests, I never rolled anything good from collabs but it’s opposite for super godfests, kinda odd though. What do you think?


    1. There is a strong chance we will get those 100 stones in the near future but nothing is set in (magic) stone.

      As for Collabs vs Godfests, Collabs tend to have worse rates overall as there is often numerous filler cards


  21. Hey mantastic!
    Here’s the situation…

    I am currently clearing A1 with ease A2 is challenging and A3 I’ve only beaten once.

    My best rounded team is Leo Bloomfield with subs being Tardis Jhoira Lakshmi (with carat inherit) and Top Droidragon (with Fujin inherit)

    It’s consistent but lacks a VDP.

    I have a cotton that could swap with Lakshmi but I am afraid to evolve it and regret the color!

    Other leaders I have that are lacking consistency due to subs are:

    Barbara and Julie with Jhoira Lakshmi Mori and Haku

    Metatron with izanagi Haku Lakshmi and a dupe Met

    Madoo “farming” tpa team

    Other notable leaders include Sylvie Ciel and Kage

    I hit consistently 6-7 combos though rarely 8+ without Skyfalls or board changers

    Which path and how should I follow to clear machine dungeons and A4
    (I actually cleared the 200 stamina with luck and a magic stone revival for the boss)

    My box has a bunch of pantheon monsters but only the GFE from above…

    PS how should i become unreliant on droiddragon given he doesn’t do much besides blocking hazards


    1. Based on the given information, Blue Cotton sounds like she would be an ideal choice for you. This is because she can be used on many of your teams while also having the highest HP of any form which means she is used on combo-oriented teams as well. This would be a significant upgrade over Lakshmi. With that being said, you do not need a VDP for A3 but something to think about in the future

      For your Leo team, why are you running Fujin as an inherit? Is is because you have her in the G/x form? If you never run Fujin as a sub, it may be worth switching to this form to use as a natural sub

      I feel swapping to Cotton and using G/B Fujin you would have better success


  22. Hello Mantastic 😀
    PadX is unfortunately a hollow shell of what it once was. I beleive it still lacks some of the recent descendeds. Where is a good place to go to research dungeons? I don’t like losing a 99 stamina dungeon because of improper skills and mistimed stalling. It’s actually why I stopped playing for a while because I thought I was just throwing away stones and stamina, which could of been avoided.


    1. the past year would be my first AA2 clear on stream when I suffered through Keela and all the wonderful mechanics

      However, my favourite stream moment of all time was my first Colo clear as it was incredibly challenging and I had a huge audience =D


  23. Hi Mantastic. If you could built the card of your dream. What would it be like. LS, Active and Awoken skill. I know it’s not a question that gonna improve game play. Just curious to see what would help you improve your already superb gameplay. 😀


    1. That is hard to say tbh

      I have enjoyed Dark Metatron long before her Mega Awoken evolution as the juggling of HP and damage was interesting but I am not sure how to really improve upon her current form


  24. Hi there!

    Perhaps the most popular and well-known lead, we have had mega dmeta for quite some time now. As of now, she’s still sitting comfortably on her sss throne on most tier lists.

    Could I ask your opinion on the longevity of this current meta? We know how pad loves to introduce mechanics to mess with the meta: combo count, absorbs, voids, locking etc etc. More specifically, if you were tasked to introduce some mechanic/design to give dmeta problems, what would you do? In that regard, what would the next form of power creep look like?


    1. Right now, what makes a “good” leader is the ability to have high effective HP that ideally features damage reduction. This enables them to survive the Gravity+Hit combos seen in A5/AA2

      Furthermore, combos are just the cleanest method for matching orbs as they over come combo shields and tend to not run into activation inconsistencies

      Taking all of this into consideration, we may eventually see a combo leader with high effective HP with no HP-condition that can take advantage of the more prized subs


  25. Hey Mantastic, long time reader here, funnily enough started playing like two months before the first MH collab.

    Anyways, what type of buffs do you think the top tier MH cards will receive? I personally think they’ll all receive super awakenings, but I don’t know if that’s enough to push a lot of the 7-star cards back into stardom. MH is a notoriously high-power machine, but a lot of the cards have been power-creeped by other options. Do you think GungHo will try to bring up their power back to the top, and if so, how do you think they’ll go about it?

    Personally, I’m hoping for Amatsu buffs(3rd 7c please!) and maybe some Diablos buffs to make him king again(and subsequently bring back Anubis haha, I know a man can dream).


    1. Limit Break/SA are almost a given with perhaps LS buffs for the top tier cards

      Main drawback of LB/SA is it does not help Weapon Assists which is where most of the power comes from

      With that being said, it would not surprise me if GH buffs Diablos back up as he does have viable pairings once again


  26. Hey Mantastic, love your page! Been playing pad almost since the very beginning (i.e. valkyrie days) and I mainly keep playing because of the artwork. So my question for you is, what are your top 3 favorite mons strictly in terms of artwork and aesthetic?

    I’m a huge fan of Kali artist, Kazama Raita, but my top 3 are: Sparkling Goddess of Secrets Kali, Yuna (all evos), and Xiang Mei (uvo).


    1. I have always had a soft spot for Sakuya as she was my first real leader when I started playing

      After that I do not really have a preference as Sakuya was life


  27. Hey Mantastic! I want to ask you a team building question about my farming team (Shishio Makoto). Apart from L awakenings, do you think it’s better to have more killers or 7c on the team? I understand that killers are preferrable but there’s more cards with double or more 7c that can do more damage usually. For example, do you think mega awoken baldin is a better card compared to red/purple Ney for my team?


  28. Hi, I can clear A3 fairly consistently with blue saber. What are the next dungeons I should focus on in order of difficulty?


  29. what do you feel about mega awoken paimon? i feel like he could be a top tier leader with his 1 cross multiplier being at 196x. but I just dont know how to build a team with good subs and what inherits i should use.


    1. For myself, I found using 7×6 with Guard Break made life quite easy but this was when it first came out.

      The logic was 7×6 enabled me to overcome 9c shields and guard break could pierce through 30m DEF

      With stronger options this should not be as much of an issue


  30. Who is a better sub on DMeta teams? Akuma or Beach Fujin? Also I find it funny that Metatron is meta right now and it say it in her name as well (METAtron). Also, is omega a good sub for beach Barbra and Julie teams in coop mode, as kuroyiris can be inconsistent? And would omega be better than mel? See you on your next stream!



    1. For Akuma vs BFujin, it depends on what you need. Do you need TE? If so, BFujin works well but Akuma is on-colour and has FUA so he may fulfill different roles. With that being said, he has no TE so if you are hurting for movement time BFujin may be the better choice


      1. Nice to know, I do have planar and ny yomi, so I figured that beach fujin and akuma would fulfill similar roles of damage absorb void and damage. I am working on a reeche hat for beach fujin, but it seems that akuma might be the right way to go. (But time extend doesn’t hurt right? lol)


        1. I feel 10s is usually sufficient and the on-colour aspect of Akuma may be better

          Also, keep in mind that with Akuma you can inherit a resist Weapon Assist which can improve consistency. You can do the same with each Fujin but leave yourself open to binds


  31. Is Yusuke worth trading for? I currently have 3 dmeta dupes (got super lucky), 1 bsonia, 1 kali, I can exchange for. I recently cleared alt arena. I don’t think diamonds will roll if the YYH collab comes by so…


  32. on collab dungeons which do you think is the most efficient token farming leader: double veroah, single veroah or non veroah? And what difficulty should I focus on? I usually run double veroah on 40 stamina dungeons in easy collabs (like the ongoing shinrabansho), single veroah on 50 stam dungeons for the rest, the only collab I didnt use veroah was the fate collab with that void damage saber urghhh. Some folks suggested running 40 stam collabs for the best result but I don’t know, even with double veroah they dont guarantee 100% drop. Or should I just abandon Veroah and go for swipe leaders instead?


    1. I am not 100% sure on drop rates on dif difficulties but using Veroah will always be more stamina efficient. Sadly, she is much slower and for myself I simply swipe farm in coop


      1. Speaking of swipe farm, is brachy lead with zeus dios still relevant? And what should I do with a newly created alt account (after tons of rerolling haha) cuz I’m going to get another device and want to self-coop in the future?


          1. Thanks for the reply, guess I’m gonna do some old school dios farming then
            Nice blog man, keep up the good work!


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