Latent Tamadras in Monster Exchange


Until March 10th, players will be able to utilize the Monster Exchange to acquire various Killer Latent Tamadras at a 2:1 ratio. This is valuable because players can trade away their less valuable Latent Tamadras for something useful. Sadly, this can only be done once but is worth the effort.

Trades can be found via the Monster Exchange Event tab.

More valuable Killers

At this point in time, God God Killer, Dragon Dragon Killer, and Devil Devil killer Killer latents tend to be the most valuable due to the popularity of these spawns in challenging content. This is also the reason why players may see Trades asking for these while offering something else.

in the advent that players have less options for the Monster Exchange system, it would best to try and acquire these three.


Players have the opportunity to acquire valuable Killer Latents from the Monster Exchange system at a 2:1 ratio. This is a great time to find value from less desirable Latents as they can be traded away with ease.

Happy Puzzling!

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5 thoughts on “Latent Tamadras in Monster Exchange”

    1. Well… after ver.16.2 update.
      It upgraded the three latent: “RCV”, “RCV+” and “all stats”
      So currently we have:

      6 HP: 1.5% x 6 = 9% HP
      3 HP+:4.5% x 3 = 13.5% HP
      6 Atk: 1% x 6 = 6% Atk
      3 Atk+: 3% x 3 = 9% Atk
      6 RCV: 10% x 6 = 60% RCV
      3 RCV+: 30% x 3 = 90% RCV
      3 All Stat: 3/2/20 % x 3 = 9% HP, 6% Atk, 60% RCV

      And we shall hear what Mantastic think.


      1. All stat latent has been significantly improved but the problem is SDR and Killers tend to be better choices overall

        The only niche scenario using them on Enhance Heart Orb cards to boost their RCV and subsequently the amount of healing


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