Let the Good Times Roll


The current Super Godfest is one of the best to come to North America as it features an exceptionally high rolling rate for GFE/Seasonal cards. In my previous article, I broke down the pros and cons for rolling in this event and decided to do some rolls on my Twitch Twitch Stream for both of my accounts.



This Super Godfest is a good time to roll and has significant value for newer accounts as all the cards come out nearly ready to use.

Let me know if you rolled in this event and if all of your dreams came true.

Happy Puzzling!

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28 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll”

  1. I rolled and got a Yog and a Zela hat. Theres something else significant that I got that I’m forgetting, but now the last thing that I’m hoping to get is a Reeche hat.


  2. 10 rolls. Yog, haku, horus, kushinadahime, Raphael, Ilm, Lucifer, vishnu, wukong, and scheat. I could roll 5 more times, but decided to save. Need one more for full haku team :/


  3. Got mostly second-rate seasonals on my main account, with both Lucifers and an Anubis on top, while I got Ameno, Halloween Cotton and a Zela hat on my alt, the last of which I am really happy about, because I used to be a mono-wood player when I started out, and I wanted to get Zela since the beginning. Now I can finally play double-Zela teams in solo-multiplayer, which might not be meta, but it has been my dream so to speak, so I am still really happy.


    1. I was tweaking my main BB&J team, when I noticed that my freshly hyper-maxed Beach Fujin could really use the bind resistance from a Reeche hat. Since I had exactly 10 stones at the time, I did a YOLO roll, and guess what? Reeche hat!

      Life can be kinda cool sometimes…


  4. I rolled six times, got 2 R. Leilan (both repeats), repeat Karin, Sarasvati (third one), Liu Bei repeat, and finally a non-repeat: Ilm. Definitely lackluster from my point of view.


  5. Very first roll: Halloween Cotton! Probably should have stopped there, but rolled about 10 times, and get a Madoo Hat and Beach Fujin.


  6. Im very tempted to roll here, but with the return of MH and the possible DMC collab around the corner i really dont want to waste stones. DMC and MH are two of my all tiem favorite series and i really hope DMC gets some great cards.


  7. Did 8 rolls and got Anubis, sarasvati, Isis, Uriel, hino, Yamato, liu bei and sakuya. All dupes as usual, all trash as usual, and all 5-star base gold that’s NOT as usual, because, well I’m sure if there r any silvers in it, I’ll be getting their evolved forms too,


  8. Amatsu#3, Haku#5, Horus#2 & #3 (almost stopped rolling here); Beach Barb & Julie, Mei Mei # 2 & #3, Pandora, and finally Beach Yog and Astaroth
    Glad I got a few new things instead of neverending duplicates, but I have no idea how to build a team for either BB&J or Beach Yog


  9. I rolled a Madoo Hat on my main and was kind of excited about the combo orb awakening. Turns out you have to match exactly 12 orbs to activate, pretty underwhelming… But I have a Madoo on my alt. Should I trade the hat?


      1. For the most part, the Combo Orb awakening is underwhelming and challenging to use effectively

        With that in mind, if you do not own any Madoos on that account, it is worth trading in the Hat as she is a potent leader overall


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