10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review


The upcoming 10-Magic Stone Super Godfest is arguably the best Godfest to date. This is because it features an incredibly high rolling rates for rare cards along with the most collateral benefits thus far as all cards come out at 8-stars, level 88, fully awoken, and +297. As such, 5-star Pantheon cards will come out Reincarnated and have a large chunk of their 16 million EXP curve already finished.

All of this almost demands players to liberally spend their Magic Stones as it will be hard for a Super Godfest to top this; however, North American players have the advantage of being 2 months behind the JP server and know what is on the near horizon.

From my 7-year Anniversary Stream recap post, we now know that Monster Hunter and YYH Collabs will be returning with Monster Hunter being one of the best events of all time. This is because the 5-star cards hold incredibly powerful Weapon Assists that can provide 60% coverage against Blind Blind Resist, Poison Poison resist, or Jammers Jammer Resist. Furthermore, a return of any event promises various buffs that should improve the viability of the higher rarity cards. Despite not knowing what will be improved, Monster Hunter is worth rolling in just for the Weapon Assists.

With this in mind, players will have to make a tough decision as to where their Magic Stones should be spent as both the Super Godfest and Monster Hunter are 10-stone events.

Official GH NA post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Super Godfest overview

Super Godfest Pros & Cons – Feb 22, 2019
  • High Rolling rates
    • 1% Hats and Samurai 3
    • 2% Featured Seasonals
    • 0.75% 6-star GFE
      • 38.5% for any of the above
  • Strong line up of GFE
    • Many have received Mega Awokens recently in JP
  • Strongest collateral benefits to date
    • Comes out 8-star (Reincarnated if possible)
    • Level 88
    • Fully awoken
    • +297
  • Can exchange Witch Hats for base card
    • Limited time offer
  • Only 5-star Pantheons featured
  • No Saline or Veroh
  • Monster Hunter Collab is coming soon
1% chance each (8% total)


2% chance each (14% total)


1.5% chance each (16.5% total)

2991 3233 3236 3416

Just note that each card has 2 different evolutions so they may appear as a different form than listed above. Generally speaking, you want to make the Mega Awoken in the end if possible.

1.58% chance each (61.5% total) All come out Reincarnated

  3238 3269 3271 3386 3387 3272 3384 3273 3385 Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin MeiMei 3449 A Liu Bei

Notable prizes

The following list consists of cards I feel are valuable at this time and will most likely find use for most players. To a certain extent, all 6-star GFE are valuable due to their potential in becoming Trade Fodder.

   3386 3449

Strong but generally less valuable compared to the above (includes 6* GFE who will receive Mega Awokens in NA soon)

3236 2991 3385


This Godfest does feature a solid line up of 6-star GFE along with powerful Seasonal cards along with the chance of acquiring the Great Witch Hats and new 7-star Samurai Series 3 pantheon.

At this point in time, 6-star GFE are largely used as Trade Fodder for lucrative Collab/Seasonal cards but many are now starting to gain renewed value through their Mega Awoken Evolutions. In addition to this, excess dupes of lackluster Seasonal cards are sometimes used as sacrifices for the rarer Collab cards from 10-stone events.

Despite the 10-Stone cost, it is still superior to roll in this event compared to vanilla Godfests as the chances of rolling something of value is significantly higher. Furthermore, the collateral benefits here are actually quite significant compared to previous events due to the +297s and Reincarnated cards coming out at level 88. This instantly saves numerous Snow Globes along with evolution materials.

Taking all of this into consideration, the only major hurdle for this Godfest is the future return of Monster Hunter Collab. For myself, I failed to roll a Rathian (and his Weapon Assist ) on either account and have 500+ Magic Stones per account at this point in time. With that being said, Rathian is a 5-star card and should be “easy” to roll overall. Thus, I do not foresee actually needing 500 stones for a Rathian and plan to roll this Super Godfest a few times.

To roll or not to roll

The major thoughts to consider going into this Super Godfest is how much can Monster Hunter benefit you and your Magic Stone count.

Monster Hunter offers unprecedented value from their Weapon Assists at the bottom rarity and will greatly improve a player’s Monster Box when pushing into the higher Arenas and Challenges. with that being said, a newer player will gain far less value from Monster Hunter compared to the Super Godfest as the Weapon Assists have less merit in the early/mid game. Furthermore, the Super Godfest will grant cards that are immediately ready to use and and will require minimal investment to finish (11 levels and running the Skill Up Dungeon).

With that being said, players should be mindful of how many Magic Stones they currently own. Both events cost 10-Magic Stones and we do not know exactly when Monster Hunter will return. Using myself as an example, I have 500+ Stones so I plan to do 10 or so rolls in the Super Godfest and then rolling Monster Hunter until I can complete the Resist collection from the 5-star cards or Raithian at the very least.


The upcoming Super Godfest is a strong event but it will heavily compete for your Magic Stones with the upcoming Monster Hunter Collab. Both events have tremendous value and it comes down to the your own Monster Box needs.

Roll in this Godfest if your Monster Box is less developed and are not currently playing through end game content. On the other hand, if you already have a well rounded collection but lack the Resists, roll in Monster Hunter. Just be mindful that both events will cost 10 Magic Stones.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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37 thoughts on “10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review”

  1. This is most definitely a difficult decision as I have been waiting for Monster Hunter, but this Super Godfest is looking a little juicy…


      1. Ugh. I’m the guy that rolled his 80 stones in SF. I have 140 stones left, this is gonna be tough. I have a decent dmeta team but missing izanagi so I’m gonna roll a few and then dump the rest in MH (don’t have any from there)!!


        1. Well then, further to this I just rolled my first B&J so I’m really happy about that! I have a dmeta but it’s nice to have a card with an easier play style =) for subs I have Suou for VDP, Mel or Kuro system, b cotton and some flex (my 4x dhalsim could be useful if killers match the dungeon). Horay!


  2. I have 450+ stones, still don’t have Reeche on either account nor other top cards on one account or the other . . . So I guess I’ll probably do 10 rolls here and hope not to be too disappointed.


  3. A reminder for everyone who knows or don’t know that there is another exchange for a free godfest 7* exclusive but it has totally different monsters from the first ones I don’t want to type their names but there is another exchange (note to self roll on the godfest with d Metatron because my stupid luck got me d Meta subs but no d Metatron to use them for)


  4. Well I do my only pull of the event and get, in my opinion, the worst of the exclusives…. beach eschamali. Not even sure she will be exchangable In the future.


  5. I used up all my luck with this one. 😊 I figured 5-6 rolls to get at least one thing good. Hoping for beach B&J.
    Lucifer (4th)
    Zela’s hat!!!
    At this point I decided to keep rolling until I got something that wasn’t awesome. I proceeded to roll B.Yog, B.Fujin, and B.B&J!!!!


  6. I did a couple of rolls and only pulled Revo cards I already have. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any use for the dupes and they’re not ones I need for any teams. What do I do with them?


  7. 5 rolls:
    2nd Ameno
    2nd Kagetsuchi
    2nd U&Y
    2nd B.Escamali
    7th Haku

    Unless there’s a big upgrade to the above, I just see trade fodder or monster points/+s. Meanwhile, my friend who’s half my rank rolls B&J and HCotton then asks me if they’re any good.


  8. Dammit I was not prepared for the Monster Hunt coming soon! Oh well, I burned all 130 of my stones on this, time to rebuild my stones and salvage what I can before Monster collab comes. I may not roll in it and wait for it to come the next time Monster Collab arrives though, we’ll see….


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