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Male & Female Hunter Review – November 2019


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and one of the more exciting features is the inclusion of the Male and Female Hunters. These cards are able to be evolved into a total of 12 distinct evolutions while also having the option of exchanging either 3 Evolved Male/Female Hunters for a Super Hunter.

This article will provide a brief summary of what each Hunter does and where how they can be used along with advice on whether the 3 Super Hunters are worthwhile.

One thing to keep in mind is that none of the Hunters have received buffs which potentially lowers their overall value as they will have  harder time keeping abreast with current options. Furthermore, these are free/farmable cards so their power is kept in check.

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Acquiring Hunters

During the current Monster Hunter event, players will receive one base Male Hunter in the mail and an earn an additional Male and one Female from clearing the Monster Hunter dungeons. As such, some players will be in possession of several Hunters. In addition to these free Hunters, each base form can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points. These Hunters will only be available if players did not login/clear the dungeons last time as none of these were reset outside of a free Female Hunter. Continue reading Male & Female Hunter Review – November 2019

Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and with it comes the special Skill Leveling Dungeon. This dungeon enables players to enter with their newly acquired rolls to skill them up for the low price of 50 stamina.

Generally speaking, this is an amazing medium as it can potentially allow for 5 skill ups for 50 stamina (1 per card) and is the most stamina efficient place to do so.

With that being said, players should NOT be skilling up all Monster Hunter cards, especially those being used as a dedicated Weapon Assist .

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Skill Leveling Dungeon

Skill Leveling Dungeons are one of the best parts of a Collaboration as it enables players to efficiently Skill Up their newly acquired cards. In essence, players check the levels available and simply populate their team with those respective cards. Continue reading Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards

Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis – April 2019

**All pulls will cost 10 Magic Stones**
Review of the Hunters will be done separately


This coming Monday marks the exiting return of the Monster Hunter Collab which was last  seen in January of 2018. Amusingly, the Weapon Assists from Monster Hunter have become arguably more powerful with end game content heavily featuring problematic mechanics that are best dealt with by resisting them.

For the most part, the Monster Hunter Collab can be thought of as the Weapon Assist Collab as all of the cards are able to assume a Weapon Assist evolutions which grants the 5-star cards incredible value. As such, it is worth rolling in this event for just the 5-star cards as some are able to provide 60% resistance to Blind Blind Resist, Jammer Jammer Resist, or Poison Poison resist attacks.

Furthermore, all cards (new and returning) are able to be Limit Broken and receive Super Awakenings which pumps their weighted stats to amazingly high values.

Despite the fact that the top rarity cards are able to be acquired via the Monster Exchange system, the cost is far too high and would be difficult to justify for the majority of players.

This article will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all the featured cards to give players a better understanding of whether or not Magic Stones should be spent. With that being said, the answer will often be yes if one should be rolling in this event as it holds so many valuable cards for pushing into the higher levels of Arena and end game content.

On a different note, I have hidden a special Easter Egg in this article =)

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—You are beautiful and Happy Easter!—


Monster Hunter Pros & Cons – April 18, 2019
  • All cards can be Limit Broken/SA
    • Massive weighted stats
  • Some of the best Weapon Assists in the game
  • Huge value at the 5-star rarity
  • Introduces a new Leader Skill mechanics for row/blob teams
  • Puts the Dragons in Puzzle and Dragons
  • One of the prettier Orb Skins
  • All rolls cost 10 Magic Stones
  • Large rolling pool
    • Harder to roll specific card
  • No cards have Voice Awakening
    • GH missed out on ROARS
Monster Hunter Collab REM
7 Star base   
6 Star base      
5 Star base   
Monster Hunter REM Rankings – April 18, 2019

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

All icons show non-Weapon Assist form

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

Continue reading Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis – April 2019

NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them


Yesterday’s GungHo North American Stream was jam-packed with variuos goodies and surprises and i want to take this time to address all of the upcoming content.

Firstly, all North American players will be receiving 100 Magic Stones for just logging in. This is wonderful and will give players more flexibility in rolling and improving their Monster Box. With that being said, there are more “optimal” ways to spend your Magic Stones and I will be providing my perspective and where I plan to spend them.

In addition to this, numerous new evolutions were released along with buffs to existing cards as well as announcements for future Collabs. Furthermore, North America will enjoy various resets including Best Friends so try to use them before the next update (date is to be announced).

Video commentary

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100 Magic Stones

In the past, we have received 200 Magic Stones spread across 2 months but there will still be players who are new to the game and this may be the most they have ever had at any given time.

With this in mind, I want to stress that one does not have to spend them all at once and these can be held for an ideal event as there is no cap on Magic Stone count. Continue reading NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them

10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review


The upcoming 10-Magic Stone Super Godfest is arguably the best Godfest to date. This is because it features an incredibly high rolling rates for rare cards along with the most collateral benefits thus far as all cards come out at 8-stars, level 88, fully awoken, and +297. As such, 5-star Pantheon cards will come out Reincarnated and have a large chunk of their 16 million EXP curve already finished.

All of this almost demands players to liberally spend their Magic Stones as it will be hard for a Super Godfest to top this; however, North American players have the advantage of being 2 months behind the JP server and know what is on the near horizon.

From my 7-year Anniversary Stream recap post, we now know that Monster Hunter and YYH Collabs will be returning with Monster Hunter being one of the best events of all time. This is because the 5-star cards hold incredibly powerful Weapon Assists that can provide 60% coverage against Blind Blind Resist, Poison Poison resist, or Jammers Jammer Resist. Furthermore, a return of any event promises various buffs that should improve the viability of the higher rarity cards. Despite not knowing what will be improved, Monster Hunter is worth rolling in just for the Weapon Assists.

With this in mind, players will have to make a tough decision as to where their Magic Stones should be spent as both the Super Godfest and Monster Hunter are 10-stone events.

Official GH NA post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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Super Godfest overview

Super Godfest Pros & Cons – Feb 22, 2019
  • High Rolling rates
    • 1% Hats and Samurai 3
    • 2% Featured Seasonals
    • 0.75% 6-star GFE
      • 38.5% for any of the above
  • Strong line up of GFE
    • Many have received Mega Awokens recently in JP
  • Strongest collateral benefits to date
    • Comes out 8-star (Reincarnated if possible)
    • Level 88
    • Fully awoken
    • +297
  • Can exchange Witch Hats for base card
    • Limited time offer
  • Only 5-star Pantheons featured
  • No Saline or Veroh
  • Monster Hunter Collab is coming soon
1% chance each (8% total)

Continue reading 10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review