Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis – September 2020


The Monster Hunter Collab returns to North America and contains an absurd number of different cards along with multiple evolutions. Furthermore, every single card has one Weapon Assist with the top rarity having two options.

This greatly decreases the frustration associated with duplicates as most cards will have value along with the several bottom rarity cards providing numerous Resists Jammer Resist Poison resist Blind Resist.

While the bottom rarity is not as strong relatively speaking to other options, they are still respectable cards and many can be used to help round out your inheritance options. As such, if you have never rolled here before, there is value to be found as almost every Weapon Assist will be helpful.

With this in mind, I would love to outline the pros and cons for each card to give players a better understanding of what to expect in the Monster Hunger Collab Rare Egg Machine.

On a different note, this is my longest article to date at 10,538 words.

Video commentary

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Monster Hunter Collab Pros & Cons – September 2020
  • BIG Weighted Stats all around
  • All cards have a Weapon Assist
    • 7-star cards have two
  • 1/5 chance for any top rarity card
  • Value at every rarity
  • Huge rolling pool
    • Harder to roll dupes
  • Has returned numerous times
    • Older players will have little motivation to roll
  • Bottom rarity is no longer as dominating as before
    • Less rolls should be used overall
  • 10 Magic Stone cost
    • More expensive to Monster Exchange
  • Overall, not as game changing as before
  • Huge rolling pool
    • Harder to roll what you want
Monster Hunter Collab REM
7 Star base
(20% total)
6 Star base
(40% total)
5 Star base
(40% total)
Monster Hunter Collab – September 2020

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Revo or Transformed state if possible

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them
Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Time Extend  ( Balance killer) – B
      Balance killer Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Imp ATK
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend 45 Healer Killer physical killer 37 ( Skill Boost) – B
    Poison resist Poison resist Poison resist Imp ATK
  • Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb 45 45 ( 45 ) – D
    Imp ATK Imp ATK Imp ATK Time Extend Fire Row Fire Row
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Blind Resist Blind Resist Poison resist Poison resist 45 ( 45 ) – B
    Blind Resist Blind Resist Blind Resist Imp ATK
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row 45  ( ) – D
    Imp HP Imp HP Imp ATK Time Extend Blind Resist Jammer Resist
  • TPA TPA TPA TPA TPA Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Boost 45 ( TPA 45) – C
    Balance killer 42 Time Extend Imp ATK
  • Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA TPA TPA  ( TPA ) – D
    RCV Latent RCV Latent Imp ATK Bind Clear awakening Bind Clear awakening
  • Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Healer Killer Healer Killer ( Time Extend ) – B
    Jammer Resist Jammer Resist Jammer Resist Imp ATK

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode or in 3-player coop.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Due to the rate of new cards being released, care should be taken when considering a trade as you want to ensure you gain long term value.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

My approach to Collab/Seasonal rolling

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt. If you wish to read about this more in greater detail, check out my other article HERE.

Reincarnated Evolution

A Reincarnated Evolution (Revo) grants  up to 8 Latent slots and is often times a stronger overall card. Sadly, pursuing these forms will lock the monster in this state as they cannot be reversed. As such, only commit to a Revo if you 100% know you will get significant value from them right away.

7 Star base

Note that the 7-star cards have the ability to use 8 Latent slots which in turn means an offensive card can have 4 Killer latents or 1.5x more personal damage compared to before.

Safi’jiiva (New) – A

  • Generates 10 Fire orbs
  • Powerful VDP potential
    • 3-4 awakenings
  • Massive HP from LS
    • Potentially large ATK multiplier
  • Can solve tiny RCV via Kuroyuri loop
  • 1 SB Skill Boost
  • Personal damage tied to VDP
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist unless SA
  • Requires Healing solution
    • 0.06x RCV
    • 2 Kuroyuri eats up 2 sub slots

Safi’jiiva is not only hard to spell but is also the first new 7-star card to be added into the Monster Hunter Collab and comes with a truly unique Leader Skill.

When using dual leaders, players will enjoy a massive 6.25x HP and up to 484x ATK with 12 connected Fire orbs. To offset this, your team will have essentially no RCV due to the 0.25^2 component which results in 0.06x RCV.

As such, matching Hearts will not provide virtually no healing and utilizing something like a Kuroyuri System can solve this. A Kuroyuri System is able to provide 40% max HP heal every turn but comes at the cost of dedicating 2 sub slots and actives to this Healing loop. This in turn can cut down on the amount of utility you can otherwise bring to a dungeon along with a heavy dependency on orb changers.

Of course, if you are able to bring ways to augment your HP, the 40% Auto Heal component can make you somewhat immortal as you could be potentially healing for hundreds of thousands each turn.

Taking all of this into consideration, I feel Safi’jiiva can function as a reasonable leader if you can address all of the mechanics required but clears will be slower due to the fact that they are terribly orb hungry.

Weapon Assist

  • 3 Fire Rows Fire Row
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Active creates 10 Fire orbs
  • No Resists
    • May be harder to fit on a team

Safi’jiiva’s first Weapon Assist is able to provide both 3 Fire Rows Fire Row and a single Dragon Killer Dragon Killer along with their original orb changer that will create up to 10 Fire orbs on 6×5.

As a whole, this Weapon can help augment the output of your mono Fire teams but one has to be mindful that the active tied to this Weapon is just an orb changer and will not counter any mechanics nor will the Weapon provide Resists.

I feel that this can make it problematic inheriting as it is often much more important to Resist/counter mechanics compared to additional damage. With that being said, if you can afford to utilize this Weapon, it can have a meaningful result, especially if the harder floors are Dragons such as in AA4.

Weapon Assist

  • Full Bind Immunity
  • 3 Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Powerful active
    • Provides ATK buff
    • Bicolour Heart and Dark
  • Cannot use Safi’jiiva’s other forms
  • 1 turn of Burst
  • Long cooldown if requiring regular ATK buffs

Safi’jiiva’s second Weapon Assist is able to provide Full Bind Immunity , 3 Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance, SBR Skill Lock Resist, and a powerful active for mono Dark teams.

These awakenings add a nice layer of Passive Damage and utility with the SBR helping Transform teams who may lack this awakening at the start of a dungeon.

In regards to the active skill, it is able to provide an ATK buff that scales with the number of Enhanced Dark Orbs and will initially provide 1.75x but this can quickly jump up with more awakenings. Furthermore, the bicolour of Hearts and Dark ensures a kill along with the ability to quickly heal back up.

As a whole, I do feel that this Weapon is quite powerful but one must be mindful that it is a long cooldown along with only a single turn of Burst being provided.

Velkhana – A

  • Massive LS multipliers
    • 2x HP / 22x ATK / 35% Damage Reduction
  • Powerful active
    • 3 turn 3x ATK
    • 3 turn Water Skyfall
  • Massive personal damage
    • Huge ATK stat
    • Triple 7 Combo 45
    • 4 Killer latents
    • VDP
  • Strong pairing with Norza
    • Easy to hit 100,000 heal
    • Huge damage
    • Easy orb generation
  • Must heal 100,000 HP to trigger Damage Reduction
    • Have to use a Healing solution with Enhanced Hearts +heart
    • Or pair with RCV card
  • ATK multiplier can be inconsistent
    • Maxes out at 10 combos

Velkhana retains their position as a massive Damage solution due to their impressive ATK stat, triple 7 Combo 45, VDP , and ability to use 4 Killer latents. Furthermore, their active skill will grant 3x ATK for 3 turns which helps ensure something will die.

While Velkhana can naturally function as an offensive sub, their leadership potential is also quite potent. As a leader, they will grant a flat 2x HP and up to 22x ATK when matching 10 combos but they also have a 35% Damage Reduction shield when healing 100,000 or more with Heart orbs.

This Damage Reduction clause has no impact on your ATK multiplier and does not have to be pursued every match, only when you know there is a preemptive or cannot kill the opposing spawn. With that being said, you will require any combination of an RCV boosting leader pair, RCV badge, and/or using subs with Enhanced Heart orbs such as Lakshmi or Mut .

If finding a Healing solution feels cumbersome, pairing with Norza can alleviate many of these problems due to her active providing 3 Heart and Water every turn along with 1.5x RCV. Furthermore, the bonus combos from Norza’s Leader Skill ensures you are able to consistenly hit bigger numbers.

Weapon Assist

  • Cloud Resist
  • Enhanced Heart Orb +heart
  • High burst active
  • Better served with Base form

Velkhana’s first Weapon Assist is able to provide both Cloud Resist and an Enhanced Heart Orb +heart which can help bolster the healing capacity of any given team. Furthermore, the active skill will grant a significant boost to mono Water teams.

With that being said, outside of Velkhana teams, most mono Water options are able to function without the extra boost to healing which leads to a Catch 22: Velkhana teams want the additional healing but making this Weapon requires Velkhana.

With this in mind, I would not be inclined to pursue this form as Velkhana will provide more value in their Base form.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Full Bind Immunity
  • 2 Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb
  • Generates 4 column of Water orbs
    • 20 orbs on 6×5
  • Not worth making for the most players
    • High opportunity cost losing Base form

Velkhana’s new Weapon Assist is able to generate 4 columns of Water orbs which translates into 20 orbs on a 6×5 board. This is an impressive number and can be combo-ed with non-Water mono boards to produce a 20-10 split. These orbs can be easily rearranged into any position desired and can help make certain Farming aspects easier.

With that being said, I feel that this Weapon has too high of an opportunity cost as you are giving up a truly powerful card to pursue something that has less applications overall.

Alatreon – A

  • Potent VDP damage vs Gods or Devils
    • Can use any Killer latent
  • Super Poison Resist
  • RCV only granted to Water cards
  • Requires ideally 9 connected orbs
  • 1 SB Skill Boost
  • May be hard to find a place to use

Alatreon is one of the newer cards within the Monster Hunter Collab and in their Base form they are able to function as a potent VDP solution against Gods or Devils. 4 Latent slots should not be underestimated as an extra Killer Latent translates into +1.5x ATK. To top it off, Alatreon comes with a Super Poison Resist along with large Weighted Stats.

With that being said, it may be challenging to find a true home for Alatreon as the top Fire teams who regularly match VDP require Transformation and a single Skill Boost Skill Boost will be problematic.

While it is not impossible, it will require some reshuffling around and if that proves too difficult, their Weapon Assists are quite powerful.

In regards to their Leader Skill, Alatreon boasts solid multipliers but the activation clause requires 9 connected Fire or Water for the full 18x ATK along with only Water cards gaining RCV. On the bright side, players could pair with either Remu or Dante but this pairing will be inferior to Remu with Dante.

Weapon Assist

  • 80% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • 2 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Reliable orb changer
  • Lacks SB Skill Boost
    • Comparing to Samurai 3

Alatreon’s first Weapon Assist is able to grant the owning card 80% Poison Resist Poison resist along with 2 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb. This mixture of offense and defense is beneficial and the main drawback I can see for this card is a lack of Skill Boost Skill Boost if comparing to Samurai 3 cards.

While this is a small point, it can make a difference for Transforming teams so be mindful when choosing an inherit. At the same time, the additional Firepower added will be meaningful.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • 4 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • 20% Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist
    • Combos with Samurai 3
  • Powerful active
    • 2 turn Damage & Colour Absorb Void
    • 22 turn CD is reasonably fast for the effect
  • Primarily restricted to mono Fire
  • Resists are ideally used

Alatreon’s new Weapon Assist is able to provide 2 turns of Damage and Colour Absorb Void on a 22 turn cooldown. This is important because Damage Absorb has become mandatory in virtually every dungeon and having a Colour Absorb is icing on the cake. In fact, Colour Absorb has become increasingly important as more spawns feature this mechanic.

Taking all of this into consideration, the active tied to this Weapon Assist is quite powerful and the 20% Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist can be meaningful if you are able to utilize other 20% options to secure 100% coverage.

Furthermore, the 4 Enhanced Fire orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb will add meaningful Passive Damage to a given team but at the same time, somewhat locks this Weapon Assist to mono Fire teams as the enhancement will be wasted otherwise.

Amatsu – S

  • Quadruple 7 Combo 45
    • 16x personal damage to all spawns
    • 4 Latent Killers
  • Massive HP stat
    • Truly a work of art
  • Useful active
    • Generates Hearts & Water
    • Unlocks board
    • Removes Hazards
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • No VDP
  • Lackluster LS
  • Low ATK
    • Greatly offsets personal damage
  • Terrible RCV

Amatsu returns to North America with a massive buff to their awakenings as they are now able to gain access to four 7 Combos 45. This translates into 16x personal damage against any spawn which can be further augmented by 4 Killer latents to create an potent offensive solution. Just be mindful that Amatsu does not come with a VDP which prevents him from contributing against Void spawns.

In addition to their offensive potential, Amatsu boasts one of the highest HP stats in the game and surpasses most cards by several thousand. This will translate into a noticeable increase in survivability when playing through challenging content.

To top it off, Amatsu owns a useful active that can generate Water and Heart orbs along with Unlocking the board and removing Hazards.

While all of these are valuable points, Amatsu is not without faults as they only provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, terribly low ATK (offsets their quad 7 Combo), and abysmal RCV. As such, once they have outlived their value, they can be converted into their powerful new Weapon Assist. Finally, I want to stress that Amatsu’s damage output can be misleading due to the low ATK.

Weapon Assist

  • 2 Team HP
  • L
  • Not worth pursuing
    • Does not offer enough

Amatsu’s original Weapon Assist is able to provide a single L along with 2 Team HP which will provide a noticeable increase in Health but is underwhelming in the grand scheme of things.

This is because additional HP tends to be less important compared to Resists and Amatsu has much more value in either their Base of new Weapon Assist form.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Cloud
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
    • 3 Effective SB with Haste
  • 2 Team RCV
  • Valuable active
    • 2 turns Haste
    • 4x ATK
    • 4x RCV
  • Will be relevant for a prolong period of time
  • Have to give up Amatsu’s Base form

Amatsu’s new Weapon Assist is incredibly potent as it provides a Cloud Resist , Skill Boost Skill Boost, and 2 Team RCV awakenings. This puts it reasonably close to the coveted Fagan Rai Weapon but goes a step further by providing a valuable active skill.

This active will provide 2 turns of Haste on a 13 turn cooldown which means it can be potentially inherited on a short cooldown card and then used to add 2 Effective Skill Boosts. For example, Yuri on Yomi x Norza can inherit this Weapon and use the Haste to help Transform Norza as the total cooldown would be 2 + 13 = 15 which is 3 less compared to Norza’s 18 needed to Transform.

This additional layer of flexibility can be meaningful for other Transforming teams and if you are able to charge the active towards the end of a dungeon, the 4x ATK burst will help ensure even the tankiest spawns fall.

One thing I want to mention is that a Weapon Assist will often outlive the value of a sub so once Amatsu is no longer as optimal to use or you no longer have a place for them, converting to this Weapon Assist would be wise.

Diablos – B

  • Easy to use 7×6 leader
  • High personal damage
    • Triple 7 Combo 45
    • Massive ATK
  • Lackluster active
    • 24 turns
    • Not that strong of an effect
  • LS multipliers are not that great any more

Diablos was the premier 7×6 leader back in the day as his multipliers were superior to almost all other options while still providing the larger board.

Over time more cards have gained access to strong 7×6 multipliers and then GungHo decided to heavily punish larger boards in newer dungeon.

Regardless of that, Diablos has become less ideal to use due to his problematic active skill. This is because dungeons are becoming more of a Box-check in the sense that we must bring a wide assortment of actives to counter all of the mechanics within. Thus, a 24 turn cooldown that does not counter any mechanics is deadweight along with being unlikely to carry a meaningful inherit.

Taking this into consideration, it makes it challenging to run Diablos in any capacity as you are essentially forfeiting 1/6 of your active slots.

Weapon Assist

  • Full Bind Immunity
  • Horribly underwhelming for a top rarity Weapon
  • Retains same lackluster active
  • Awakenings provided are lackluster

Despite the fact that I have somehow rolled 4 Diablos, I have never once considered pursuing his original Weapon Assist as it horribly underwhelming. This is because it retains the same lackluster active as their Base form while also providing relatively weak awakenings.

Full Bind Immunity is helpful but not terribly uncommon and we are now at a point where we can start being picky with which additional awakenings are included. As such, a single TPA TPA is not what we are looking for in most cases and the single Dark Resist along with a couple of different Orb Enhances is not enough value.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Cloud Resist
  • Full Bind & Awoken Bind clear
  • 500k Button x 3
  • 40% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • Cloud Resist options are quite strong
    • May cause this to be overlooked

Diablo’s new Weapon Assist is a significant improvement over his old one due to the fact that the active skill has been change as It will now provide a full Bind and Awoken Bind clear along with 500,000 Button three times (1.5M total).

Full Bind clears is meaningful and the low cooldown Button Damage can be beneficial if quickly Farming through content. In addition to this, this Weapon will also provide Cloud Resist and 40% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist.

As a whole, this Weapon does provide reasonable value but my main concern is how Cloud Resist is arguably oversaturated or at least overshadowed by the commonly seen Fagan Rai which provides a Skill Boost Skill Boost and 2 Team HP which I feel is more universally helpful compared to 40% Jammer Resist.

While this may be nit-picky, it is a logical conclusion as you will only be running one Cloud Resist for a given team and often want the best possible solution.

Nergigante – A

  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost or big personal damage
  • 3 Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Active generates a column of Dark and Hearts
    • Provides 4 turns of Dark Skyfalls
  • Only truly shines with 10 combos
  • 2 Strong Weapon Assists available

Nergigante has been upgraded to now own a 10 Combo which can combo with their 7 Combo 45 Super Awakening which results in 10x personal damage. This is a meaningful amount of damage but the main drawback will be hitting 10 combos as Nergigante wants to be used on mono Dark teams due to their 3 Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance and valuable active.

As such, there is incentive to use them on 7×6 but the lack of Balance typing prevents them from being used on Nelle teams.

With that being said, Nergigante can still resume their Skill Boost+ to bring their total number of Skill Boosts up to 4. On the other hand, players may find more value in their Weapon Assists.

Weapon Assist

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • 3 Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Useful active
  • No Resists

Nergigante’s Weapon Assist is able to provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost along with 3 Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance which will add significant Passive Damage to your entire team while also helping you Transform.

This is naturally best on mono Dark teams and the active skill will also grant a column of Dark and Hearts along with 4 turns of Dark Skyfalls.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • 2 forms of Passive Damage
    • 2 Rows Dark row
    • 2 Orb Enhances Dark Orb Enhance
  • 40% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • Active generates a Row of Dark
    • +50% Damage Reduction for 4 turns
  • Competes with original Weapon and Base form

Nergigante’s new Weapon Assist grants 40% Blind Resist Blind Resist along with two forms of Passive Damage: 2 Rows Dark row and 2 Orb Enhances Dark Orb Enhance. Together, these awakenings grant a wonderful mixture of offense and defense and will be a boon to any mono Dark team.

Furthermore, the active skill will generate a row of Dark orbs along with 50% Damage Reduction for 4 turns. This can be used to survive >100% gravities if no Damage Reduction is found within a Leader Skill or just to simply gain access to 6 more Dark orbs.

Either way, the main crutch of this Weapon will be the competing choices of Nergigante’s other forms. Furthermore, it is best to try and take advantage of the 40% Blind Resist without a Super Resist to prevent it from going to waste.

Zinogre – A

  • Amazingly high Weighted Stats
  • 2 Skill Charge
    • Can charge up 3 turns with each 5 colour match
  • Active provides 1 turn Damage and Colour Absorb Void
    • Cooldown reduced via Skill Charge
  • High personal damage with 10 or more combos
  • LS is unreliable
  • Must be used on Rainbow teams
    • Ideally is hitting 5 colours each time

Zinogre has always had higher Weighted Stats but in this rerun, he is now able to have 1,889 which is absurdly high overall. These are mostly distributed in HP and ATK which goes hand in hand with his offensive awakenings.

A single 7 Combo 45 and 10 Combo results in 10x personal damage to any spawn which can be further supplemented with 4 Killer latents.

To push him even higher, Zinogre has a powerful active that will provide a single turn of Damage and Colour Absorb Void on a 21 turn cooldown. While this may feel longer, it is greatly cut down by the inclusion of 2 Skill Charges which enables them to charge up 3 turns every time 5 colours are matched.

This can theoretically have a fully uncharged active ready in 7 turns which is a boon in longer dungeons with multiple Damage/Colour Absorb spawns. Of course this means Zinogre should be used on Rainbow teams and there are plenty of options available.

Weapon Assist

  • SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Active provides 1 turn Damage and Colour Absorb Void
  • 40% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • 21 turns is far too long
    • No Skill Charge to offset this
  • Better served in other forms

Zinogre’s original Weapon Assist is able to provide a single SBR Skill Lock Resist along with 40% Poison Resist Poison resist. All of these are reasonable awakenings but the active skill now has a terribly long cooldown at 21 turns. This is because it was originally offset by Skill Charge which is sadly not the case for Weapon Assists. As such, it may take too long for this to charge up, especially if playing through content with multiple spawns with Colour or Damage Absorb.

With this in mind, I would be most inclined pursue their other forms.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • 2 Light Rows Light Row
  • Full Bind Immunity
  • TE+
  • 2 turn Gemstone-style Burst
    • Scales with Light Rows
  • Active also generates 6 Light orbs
  • Only works for teams with Light Rows
    • Narrow usage

Zinogre’s new Weapon Assist combines both a 2 turn Gemstone-esque active with the ability to spawn 6 Light orbs. The ATK bonus scales with the number of Light Rows Light Row on your team which can easily climb to massive levels with the right set up (just 4 more rows on top of this Weapon yields 4x ATK).

As such, this Weapon can be a wonderful Burst and orb generating solution but is highly restrictive as only mono Light teams with Rows can truly take advantage of this along with this Weapon not providing any Resists or other utility.

Fatalis – B

  • BIG ATK stat
    • Allows for big VDP potential
  • LS rewards L play
  • Active generates 10 Dark orbs + 2x ATK boost
  • Wonderfully tanky LS
    • 2x HP
    • 25% Damage Reduction
    • 3x RCV
  • Weak vs Voids as Leader
    • Requires 14 Dark orbs
  • Must match a Dark L
  • Harder to find a use as a sub
  • Combo shields may be hard

Fatalis returns with an improved Leader Skill as they are now able to lead one of the more tanky teams available as they offer 2x HP, 25% Damage Reduction, and 3x RCV for Dark cards when matching 5 Dark orbs in an L.

This is a wonderful spread of durability but the main issue is the reliance on Dark L’s. This is because not all boards will have 5 Dark orbs but a larger issue of facing Void spawns, let alone Void + Resolve spawns will be terribly hard to overcome.

This was the main issue I faced when using Fatalis during his original release as dungeons are littered with mechanics that are just awkward to overcome when one must match a Dark L to trigger the full Leader Skill.

In regards to Fatalis’s usage outside of a leader, it may be challenging to use as a sub as they offer mostly VDP damage and an orb changer but will contribute little outside of 3×3 matches.

Weapon Assist

  • L
  • 40% Poison Poison resist and Jammer Jammer Resist Resist
  • Active generates 10 Dark orbs + 2x ATK
  • Super Resists hinder the 20% Resists
  • Jammer Resist is often less prioritized

Fatalis’s original Weapon Assist was once a highly prized card as it is able to provide a single L along with 40% Poison Poison resist and Jammer Jammer Resist Resist. These can be used in conjunction with other 20% Resists to hit 100% protection but I have often found myself not using this in favour of pursuing Super Resists .

This is because Super Resists are just more efficient and there is a certain degree of juggling 20% Resists to ensure none are wasted which can be problematic.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Tape Resist
  • FUA
  • Unique active
    • No Skyfall for 2 turns
    • Only Fire, Wood, Dark, and Hearts may appear for 2 turns
    • +1 combo for 2 turns
  • FUA is seldom needed as an awakening
  • Active does not guarantee a good board
    • Cannot be used for Rankings due to No Skyfall

Fatalis’s new Weapon Assist is quite interesting as it provides a Tape Resist and FUA along with a unique active. This active skill will cause No Skyfalls for 2 turns along with +1 combo for those 2 turns. On top of that, only Fire, Wood, Dark, and Heal orbs may appear for the duration which can in theory help prepare the next 2 boards to have your required orbs.

With that being said, there is no guarantee the orbs you actually want will appear and leaving things up to chance will probably come to haunt your run at a crucial moment. As such, I feel that this active is unreliable overall and does not actually overcome/counter any mechanic.

One final point I want to address here is that despite this being a Quad-Skyfall active, it cannot be abused in Ranking Dungeons due to the No Skyfall clause which prevents the chance at many Skyfalls occurring.

Akantor – A

  • Super Jammer Resist
  • High personal damage
    • Triple 7 Combo 45
    • VDP
    • 4 Killer Latents
    • High base ATK
  • Fast charging 4 elemental board changer
  • LS requires 4 total colours and 6 Fire or Dark match
    • Lower consistency
    • Low Effective HP
  • 2-3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Does not excel in any particular area

Akantor in their Base form has mighty Weighted stats along with a fast charging Rainbow board changer, triple 7 Combo 45, Super Jammer Resist , 4 Killer Latent slots, and a possible VDP via Super Awakenings.

While all of these are noteworthy aspects, I feel they are not truly specialized as Akantor is not the premier option in any scenario for a given role. While his offensive prowess is quite high, Aten will surpass him for Rainbow and for mono Fire, Grandis will provide significantly more value.

As such, I feel Akantor may somewhat fall into a strong Jack of All Trades, Master of None category. With that being said, perhaps I am wrong in this assessment and if you have found success for Akantor in a particular team, please let me know in the comments below.

Weapon Assist

  • 60% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • Team HP & RCV
  • Super Resists have lowered this value
  • Samurai 3 tends to be superior
  • Shorter cooldown
    • Riskier for non-Rainbow teams

Akantor’s original Weapon Assist is able to provide 60% Blind Resist Blind Resist along with a single Team HP and Team RCV . This translates into a modest increase in bulk which will never not be appreciated but the main issue with this Weapon Assist is that it feels a bit dated due to the availability of Super Resists ( ) and Samurai 3 Weapons (80% Resist plus Skill Boost Skill Boost).

This is because trying to fish for an additional 40% (2 Resists) may be awkward compared to finding a single Resist for Samurai 3 Weapons. As such, Akantor’s original Weapon Assist will often not be your first choice if blessed with a deeper Monster Box and more options.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Full Bind Immunity
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
    • Possible 4 Effective SB
      • Haste plus chance at Skyfall from Refresh
  • L
  • TE+
  • -2,000 RCV
    • Quite a large penalty

Akantor’s new Weapon Assist is able to provide 4 beneficial awakenings at the cost of -2,000 RCV for the owning card.

This is a hefty penalty as being able to heal back up after taking damage is a vital part of harder content. As such, one should be mindful of using this Weapon Assist on teams who struggle to heal or even those that are just acceptable as -2,000 is an absurdly high number.

With that being said, the four benefits are quite extensive as they include Full Bind Immunity , Skill Boost Skill Boost, L , and a Time Extend+ . Furthermore, the active skill can provide 75% Damage Reduction for 2 turns along with a full Board Refresh which may result in a Skyfall for a net 3-4 Effective Skill Boosts assuming Floor 1 can be survived with the shield.

As such, if all of these benefits outweigh the negative RCV penalty, this Weapon can provide a significant amount of value.

Yama Tsukami – B

  • Exceptionally high HP
  • High VDP potential
  • LS is terribly orb hungry
    • Requires 6+ Light AND Wood
  • Poor RCV and lower ATK
  • No where to use them on
    • Wood lacks a premier leader

Yama Tsukami continues to languish in an awkward place as Wood lacks a premier leader to take advantage of a high VDP potential mono Wood sub. This is unfortunate that Wood has not received any truly stand out leader which in turn makes any mono Wood oriented sub weaker overall.

With that being said, if Wood does receive a leader pairing that can take advantage of 3×3 Boxes, Yama Tsukami may find some value. While they do have a high multipliers leader skill, it is going to be quite impractical to use as it requires minimum 6 Wood AND Light orbs to trigger.

Weapon Assist

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • 2 Wood Rows Wood Row
  • Physical Killer physical killer
  • No where to use this on
  • Physical Killer is more niche

Yama Tsukami’s original Weapon Assist is able to provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, 2 Wood Rows Wood Row, and a Physical Killer physical killer but has no good place to use it on as Wood lacks a premier leader. Furthermore, the Physical Killer, while helpful, is not a “meta” Killer in the sense that the Arenas seldom feature this typing the more dangerous encounters.

If this changes in the future, the value of this Weapon Assist will increase.

Weapon Assist (New)

  • Five 20% Resists
  • 4 turn Delay
    • Potential for many Effective Skill Boosts
  • 4 turn Wood Skyfall buff
  • It is not 5 of the same Resist
  • Jammer Resist Jammer Resist is often not pursued
    • Constitutes 3 of the awakenings

Yama Tsukami’s new Weapon Assist comes with five 20% Resists but it is sadly not five of the same kind. In fact, it features 60% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist which is often the last pursued of the set and the 20% Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist will have to be combo-ed with something like the Samurai 3 Weapons (80% Resist plus Skill Boost Skill Boost).

As such, I feel that this Weapon somewhat wastes their potential by not being truly unique and providing 5 of the same Resist as Samurai 3 Weapons or Super Resists will usually be the preferred method.

On the bright side, the 4 turn Delay can used to gain additional Effective Skill Boosts if inherited on someone with a short cooldown. Just be mindful of the 14 turn threshold along with most cards Transforming at 18 turns.

6 Star base

Lagiacrus (New) – A

  • Triple 7 Combo 45
  • Cloud or Tape via SA
  • Powerful active
    • Fully removes Unable to Match Orbs
    • Fully clears all Awoken Binds
    • Spawns 5 Light and Water orbs
  • Easy to use LS
    • Just needs Water & Light match
    • Auto Follow Up
  • Too many L
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • LS only boosts HP for Water

Lagiacrus is the new 6-star card added to the Monster Hunter Collab and comes with a powerful kit overall. Firstly, their awakenings grant them solid personal damage due to triple 7 Combo 45 along with L’s to counter Locked Orbs. Having at least one on a team is meaningful and while 3 is excessive and somewhat wasteful, hopefully the rest of their kit can make up for it.

Thankfully, their active skill is wonderfully potent as it can fully clear all Unable to Match Orbs along with all Awoken Binds. These 2 mechanics are valuable throughout essentially all forms of content but the inclusion of 5 Light and Water orbs being generated helps ensure at least one aspect will always be valued.

Furthermore, their Leader Skill is wonderfully easy to use as it only requires Light and Water combos to fully trigger the ATK and Auto Follow Up Damage. Just be mindful that he will only boost HP for Water types.

If none of these aspects sounds appealing, pursuing their Weapon Assist will be a boon for mono Light teams.

Weapon Assist

  • 3 Enhanced Light Orbs +light orb
  • L
  • Powerful active
    • Fully removes Unable to Match Orbs
    • Fully clears all Bind/Awoken Binds
    • Spawns 5 Light and Water orbs
  • Less universally helpful
  • Little in the way of Resist

Lagiacrus’s Weapon Assist is able to provide 3 Enhanced Light orbs +light orb which in turn will bolster the damage output of your entire team. Furthermore, the inclusion of a single L is always meaningful as it can grant players the option of Unlocking the board at any given time.

But the main value of this Weapon will be found in the active skill as it will completely counter all Unable to Match Orb Effects, Binds, and Awoken Binds while also producing 5 Light and Water orbs.

This multi-component active will ensure at least one aspect will be meaningful and players should not be fearful of it charging up.

With that being said, this Weapon will shine brightest for mono Light teams and be modestly helpful for mono Water as they can at least take advantage of the generated orbs.

Rajang – A

  • BIG Button
    • 500x ATK
    • High base ATK
  • Two 10 Combos
    • 25x personal damage
  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 25 turn cooldown for BIG Button
    • Harder to have ready in time
    • Less flexibility
    • Hard to inherit over

Rajang is a truly interesting card as they offer a massive 500x ATK Button along with two 10 Combo awakenings and 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

This 500x Button can be used to efficiently execute numerous spawns when attempting to Farm a dungeon repeatedly and will outpace other available options. With that being said, it comes with a 25 turn cooldown which cuts down on their flexibility.

This is because it will be challenging to have it charge up in time, let alone think of an inherit if trying to play through Arena-style content. As such, I feel Rajang will be mostly regulated to either Farming or for specific dungeons where their long cooldown can be worked around and you are in need of universal damage stick.

Weapon Assist

  • <50%
  • L
  • Tape
  • 500x Button
  • Long cooldown if afraid of accidentally charging
  • -5,000 HP
    • Harms any team that relies on HP multiplier
  • Long cooldown makes it harder to use Button

Rajang’s Weapon Assist is also truly unique as it offers a myriad of beneficial awakenings including <50% , L , and Tape Resist . As a whole, this outpaces almost all other Weapons from an awakenings point of view but is offset by the inclusion of -5,000 HP .

This awakening will reduce the HP of the Base card by 5,000 which can be problematic for teams that rely on their large HP multipliers to survive. As such, only use this Weapon if it will not negatively impact your ability to survive incoming damage.

Awakenings aside, this Weapon still retains the same massive 500x Button on a 25 turn cooldown which has two distinct uses. Firstly, it can be used for the actual Button component as it will ensure a high ATK card can deal meaningful damage. On the other hand, players can leverage the 25 turn cooldown to ensure the Base card will never accidentally charge up or to protect themselves against large Skill Delays.

Kirin – C

  • Makes an instant Row of Light
  • Easy to use Swipe Farming
  • Lower ATK multiplier
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost

Kirin comes with the ability to instantly generate a Row of Light orbs which has synergy with their own Leader Skill or other Swipe Farming builds.

With that being said, their own Leader Skill requires 9 Light orbs for the full and low ATK multiplier which may make them less appealing compared to other options.

Weapon Assist

  • 4 Light Rows Light Row
  • 20% Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist
  • Relatively few places to use
    • Mono Light and no using Super Resist

Kirin’s Weapon Assist can be a meaningful choice for mono Light teams that require 6 or more connected orbs for activation as the 4 Light Row Light Rows will bolster the team’s total damage. Furthermore, this Weapon will also provide 20% Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist which does combo well with many of the other Resist-oriented Weapons in this event.

While these are beneficial aspects, only mono Light teams that rely on Rows will be able to truly take advantage of this as the Resists are not the main focus here.

Rathalos – C

  • Modest card in most metrics
  • Does not offer anything exceptional
    • Relatively generic
    • Does not excel in any metric

Rathalos’s Base form is able to provide reasonable offensive capabilities through their own personal damage and 2 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb while also providing additional bulk via two Team HP .

While all of these are nice aspects, Rathalos does not excel nor stand out in any particular area which in turn makes them a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None. As such, there will always be a card who can perform any role better while possibly countering various mechanics as Rathalos’s active is a simple orb changer with Enhancement.

Weapon Assist

  • 4 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Team HP
  • Essentially only offensive
  • Resists/blocking mechanics is more important
  • New 5* Weapon is better due to Killer

Rathalos’s Weapon Assist is able to add a significant amount of Passive damage due to 4 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb. While this will have a noticeable impact on your offensive capabilities, extra damage is seldom needed for the vast majority of content and it is far more efficient to completely counter a problematic mechanic through Resists.

As such, the use of this Weapon will be possibly limited to more predictable/shorter dungeons where all important mechanics can be addressed.

Glavenus – B

  • Exceptionally high damage against Machines
    • 2 Killers Machine Killer
    • 2 7 Combo 45
    • Killer latents
      • 121.5x ATK
  • Active generates orbs and gives ATK boost
  • Only truly shines vs Machines
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • Can put pressures on Transforming

Glavenus’s Base form has often been neglected as their Weapon Assist provides a unique edge but with the introduction of Shura Realm, anything that can deal meaningful amounts of damage to Machines have become valued.

As such, Glavenus can be utilized by mono Fire teams as he combines 2 Killers Machine Killer, two 7 Combo 45, and Machine Killer latents which in turn provides an outstanding 121.5x personal damage which surpasses nearly every other option.

Of course, there is more to a valuable card than overwhelming damage and thankfully Glavenus’s active is able to provide a column of Fire orbs along with a 2x ATK buff which will overwrite any existing debuff.

With that being said, Glavenus only provides two Skill Boosts Skill Boost which can put pressures on Transforming while also only being truly effective against Machine spawns. As such, the value Glavenus can bring to your Monster Box will hinge on whether or not Shura Realm is something you are currently playing through along with what other options you have available.

Weapon Assist

  • Two Enhance Material Killers 42
    • One of three Weapon Assists to have this
  • Tape Resist
  • Highly situational Weapon
  • Farmable Gawain provides 3 Enhance Material Killers
  • Relatively weak option for Tape Resist
    • Does not provide much more

Glavenus’s Weapon Assist is one of three cards that can provide 2 Enhance Material Killers 42 which will be meaningful on the rare occasions these spawns appear.

With that being said, these spawns are seldom seen and the farmable Gawain’s Weapon is able to provide three of these awakenings which in turn drastically lowers their value.

On the bright side, this Weapon can be used as a lower quality Tape Resist option.

Mizutsune – C

  • Three Team RCV
  • Naturally high RCV
  • Modest personal damage with 10 combos
  • Bigger stats in Coop Multiplayer Bonus
  • Enhance Heal Orbs +heart tend to be more efficient
  • Active is a bit overkill
  • Hard to fit on a given team

Mizutsune is notable for their naturally high RCV stat which can be further augmented via Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus along with 3 Team RCV awakenings.

This can enable them to function as a potential Healing solution but Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart tend to be more efficient along with Mizutsune being less helpful in solo due to the wasted Coop Boost.

As such, I feel it will be challenging to find a viable place to use them as their active skill is a bit overkill in the sense that it excessively improves your Healing potential for 6 turns but does not solve any other metric.

Perhaps if you need to stall for a prolong period of time this can be helpful but I feel there are better workarounds.

Weapon Assist

  • Powerful Healing Solution
    • Enhanced Heal Orb +heart
    • Two Team RCV
  • No Resists
  • Only truly works on Base cards with high RCV

Mizutsune’s Weapon Assist is able to significantly improve the Healing potential of a given team provided it can be inherited on someone with naturally high RCV.

This is because Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart scale with the owning card’s RCV value which means it should be inherited on someone who already is proficient in this stat. Once this is done, players should be enjoying a noticeable increase in Healing when matching exactly 4 connected Heart orbs.

As such, this Weapon has the most value on teams with high HP and lower/no RCV multipliers. At the same time this Weapon does not provide any Resists and no true counters against mechanics outside of overwriting RCV debuffs.

Valphalk – D

  • Can flex your 4s solves
  • Little applications overall

Valphalk’s main claim to fame is their Fixed 4 seconds of orb movement time that rewards matching all 5 colours for massive amounts of damage.

Sadly, this is wildly inconsistent from both a matching and board availability point of view. Furthermore, we now have countless leaders who can provide similar amounts of damage with far less effort.

Weapon Assist

  • 20% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist Resist
  • Low impact overall
  • I expected more from a 6-star

Valphalk’s downward spiral continues with his lackluster Weapon Assist as it only provides 20% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist Resist. While this can be used to help achieve 100% protection, the Farmable Trojan Horse can also do this along with Super Resists often being the most efficient method.

As such, I feel it will be hard to find a true usage for this Weapon Assist unless absolutely starved for options.

Legiana – C

  • 5 turn Bind & Awoken Bind clear
  • High personal damage
    • Triple 7 Combo
    • High ATK
  • Low impact card overall
  • Does not address much nor fulfill any particular niche

Legiana is another lackluster 6-star card within the Monster Hunter Collab as their Base form does not provide much of anything as their active feels somewhat half-baked as it only clears 5 turns of Bind and Awoken Binds along with Replacing all orbs.

This Orb Replacement was valuable before we had ways to deal with Locked orbs but has little value now. While they do have the potential for higher personal damage, that is nothing special in today’s meta along with the lack of VDP inhibiting their use against Void spawns.

Weapon Assist

  • 4 Water Rows Water Row
  • 20% Jammer Jammer Resist & Poison Poison resist Resist
  • 5 turn Bind & Awoken Bind clear
  • 5 turns may or may not be enough
  • Weak secondary effect

Legiana’s Weapon Assist is able to provide noticeable Passive Damage via 4 Water Rows Water Row along with 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Poison Poison resist Resist. As a whole, these are okay awakenings but become more helpful if you are using other 20%s to achieve full protection.

Sadly, the active skill that comes along is okay overall as it only provides 5 turns of Bind and Awoken Bind clearing which may or may not be sufficient. Furthermore, the secondary effect of Replacing all orbs is underwhelming as Locked Orbs are seldom a concern. As such, you are essentially dealing with a weaker Bind solution that has an unreliable and often undesired secondary effect.

Brachydios – B

  • 300x Button
    • Huge ATK stat
    • Relatively short cooldown
  • High personal damage against Devils Devil killer
  • Button Farming is not for everyone

Brachydios returns to North America with his monstrous ATK stat which has beautiful synergy with his 300x Button active. This combination results in the potential to deal meaningful damage and subsequently skip floors when Farming a dungeon. This can be further enhanced by inheriting anything that grants ATK or Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus if used in multiplayer. Furthermore, Brachydios hits wonderfully hard against Devil spawns.

While all of this is promising, the main appeal in their Base form is the large Button which may not be applicable to all players. This is because it may be difficult to set up a Button build due to a more shallow Box or lacking a coop partner to leverage more value out of it.

Weapon Assist

  • 4 Enhanced Light Orbs +light orb
  • >80%
  • Weak active if used for non-Button Farming
  • Offers no Resists

Brachydios’s Weapon Assist is able to grant 4 Enhanced Light Orbs +light orb along with an >80% awakening. This translates into a significant boost to your Passive Damage while also granting the owning card 1.5x personal damage when above 80% health.

This will have a noticeable impact on any mono Light team but at the same time, must be aware that this Weapon offers no Resists. I wish to mention this as being able to Resist and subsequently counter an entire mechanic is often a better solution compared to more damage because preemptives go before orb matching.

With this in mind, I will almost always favour Resisting dangerous mechanics over adding additional damage to a given team.

Gore Magala – B

  • Fully clears all Bind & Awoken Binds
    • Removes all Hazards
  • High personal damage against Gods
  • More universal value in their Weapon Assist
  • Active will often not generate Dark Orbs
    • Cannot use if no Binds or Hazards

Gore Magala has the potential for high personal damage against Gods when hitting 7 or more combos along with a 3×3 Box of Dark. Furthermore, they are able to remove all Bind and Awoken Binds while also converting Hazards into Dark orbs.

This would have been more valuable if there was a more reliable manner for generating Dark orbs as Hazards are often Resisted already. As such, their active skill will have a much narrower window for success and cannot even be used if no Binds or Hazards exist.

With this in mind, I would be more inclined in pursuing their Weapon Assist as it will give more universal value.

Weapon Assist

  • Fully clears all Bind & Awoken Binds
    • Removes all Hazards
  • L
  • Healer Killer Healer Killer
  • Two Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Active will often not generate Dark Orbs
    • Cannot use if no Binds or Hazards
  • Healer Killer is situational

Gore Magala’s Weapon Assist is able to provide an L , Healer Killer Healer Killer, two Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance awakenings. This is a pleasant spread of offense and utility along with an active skill that can fully clear all Bind and Awoken Binds while also converting Hazards into Dark orbs.

While these are positive aspects, one must be aware that most Hazards will be Resisted which in turn prevents them from being converted into Dark orbs. As such, the active will only counter all types of Binds which may not always present itself in Arena-style content. If that does occur and no Hazards are present, the active cannot be used and becomes “dead.”

Of course there will always be situations where value can be gained from this Weapon, just need to be mindful it is not as flexible overall.

Seregios – C

  • High TPA TPA potential
  • Strong personal damage against Machines Machine Killer
  • Orb Skin
  • Challenging to find teams that can use TPA
  • Underwhelming active
    • Relatively small effect
    • 10 turn CD

Seregios is the final 6-star card to be featured in the Monster Hunter Collab and is also the orb skin monster. This means they can be directly purchased but I feel that is not the best course of action unless you are in love with the cosmetic changes.

Regardless, Seregios is able to provide significant TPA TPA damage due to their 5 awakenings and high base ATK. Sadly, TPA is often difficult to fully take advantage of as most leaders do not favour this pattern.

Furthermore, Seregios has a poor active skill as it is a modestly long cooldown that only provides a single +1 combo for 5 turns.

Weapon Assist

  • Tape Resist
  • Does not come with extra bells and whistles

Seregios’s Weapon Assist is able to provide Tape Resist and that is pretty much it as the extra awakenings and active skill included are low impact overall.

As such, I feel that this Weapon Assist will be mostly a transitional option as it does not provide additional benefits.

Orb Skin

5 Star base

Yian Kut-Ku (New) – B

  • Modest VDP potential
  • 4 turn cooldown
    • Generates 3 Fire orbs
  • More value in Weapon Assist
  • Does not bring anything exceptional

Yian Kut-Ku is the only new 5-star card to be added within the Monster Hunter Collab and comes with modest VDP potential along with a 4 turn cooldown. While neither of these are bad things, Yian Kut-Ku does not bring any thing exceptional to the table which is usually demanded from cards nowadays.

Thankfully, their Weapon Assist form offers additional value.

Weapon Assist

  • 4 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Balance Killer Balance killer
    • Similar to Kororo
    • Relevant for AA4
  • No Resists or utility
    • Just damage
  • Balance Killer tends to be better in newer content

Yian Kun-Ku’s Weapon Assist functions in a similar manner to Kororo in that both cards offer 4 Enhanced Orbs along with a Balance Killer Balance killer.

This combination grants significant Passive Damage along with 3x for the owning card when facing Balance spawns. While this typing is not the most common overall, it is more frequently seen in newer content with AA4’s final floors heavily featuring Balance encounters.

As such, this Weapon can be a boon to mono Fire teams who are looking to push through challenging content and are lacking damage. With that being said, this Weapon Assist offers no Resists nor utility which should be addressed before adding in additional damage.

Rathian – B

  • High personal damage with 10 combos
    • 3 Unique Killers
  • 4-5 Effective SB Skill Boost
  • May be challenging to find a home for
    • No high combo/7×6 Wood leader
  • More universal value as Weapon Assist

Rathian has been significantly buffed for today’s current meta assuming they can be used on a Transforming team that can reliably hit 10 or more combos. This is because they offer 4 Effective Skill Boosts via their Delay along with high personal damage at 10 or more combos which is further augmented via 3 unique Killers.

All of these can line up for impressive damage but that main issue is finding a team that can truly take advantage of them. As such, if you feel yourself unable to utilize them as a sub, their Weapon Assist is still valuable.

Weapon Assist

  • 60% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • 2 turn Delay
    • 2 Effective Skill boosts Skill Boost
  • Super Resists
  • Samurai 3 series

Rathian’s Weapon Assist was once upon a time one of the most valuable cards in the game due to the 60% Poison Resist Poison resist. While 60% may not seem like a magical amount nowadays, it was unheard of during the early days of Weapon Assists which in turn caused many players to roll heavily during the first few Monster Hunter events.

Sadly for Rathian, newer and stronger options have been released as we now have Super Resists along with the Samurai 3 series which gives us more options for achieving 100% immunity. This is not to say that Rathian is a poor card, she has just been pushed down due to Powercreep.

With that being said, the key to using Rathian successfully is finding efficient ways to hit 100% without wasting Resists from other cards.

Tigrex – D

  • Faster charging board changer
    • Due to Jammers
  • Does not fit in anywhere

Tigrex has always been an underwhelming card compared to the other 5-stars within the Monster Hunter event due to their ability to produce Jammers along with their Weapon not offering any Resists.

Over time, there have been some light attempts at making Jammer-based teams work but they were inferior to top tier teams while also having an additional hurdle to overcome. As such, the Jammer meta never took off and Tigrex languished in awkwardness.

Weapon Assist

  • +300 ATK?
  • Niche card overall
    • Few actual uses

Tigrex’s Weapon Assist is able to grant any card +300 ATK which may be helpful for achieving new thresholds for Button Damage. With that being said, the actual increase is not unbelievably high and it may or may not make an actual difference.

As such, I feel that this Weapon Assist has few practical uses and both Tigrex’s Base and Weapon Assist form are underwhelming.

Nargacuga – B

  • 40% Poison Poison resist
  • 40% Blind Blind Resist
  • 4 awakenings taken by 20% Resists
    • May go to waste
    • Less efficient compared to a single Super Resist

Nargacuga comes with 40% Poison Poison resist and 40% Blind Blind Resist Resist which can be helpful for achieving 100% protection, but is an inefficient approach overall.

This is because Super Resists provide the value of five 20% Resists in a single awakening along with some of the best Weapon Assists providing 80% protection against a single metric.

With this in mind, Nargacuga can be used as an interim solution to Resists but will be replaced by spicier options or converting them to a Weapon Assist.

Weapon Assist

  • 60% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • Lower cooldown
    • Easier to accidentally charge up
  • More options for hitting 100%

Like Rathian’s Weapon Assist, Avidya Saber helped shape the early days of Weapon Assists as 60% protection against Blinds Blind Resist was almost unheard of.

While this Weapon still provides the same amount of Resistance as before, we are now blessed with many more options for securing 100% protection against mechanics with Super Resists and Samurai 3 Weapons leading the way.

As such, this Weapon will still provide value but will not be as dominating as before. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this Weapon has a shorter base cooldown which can accidentally charge up at inopportune times.

Gammoth – D

  • Lots of HP
  • Not even a Dragon
  • Little value/usage

Gammoth has also been a questionable card since his initial debut as his overall kit does not offer anything exceptional outside of a larger HP stat. While more HP is rarely a bad thing, having little other value is problematic.

Firstly, their active randomly generates 3 Water, Wood, and Dark orbs which helps no current team overall. Secondly, their awakenings are nothing special in this day and age which in turn invalidates their potential to be used as a sub.

With these 2 points in mind, it will be hard to find a relevant use for Gammoth.

Weapon Assist

  • 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist
  • Low impact Weapon

Gammoth’s Weapon Assist continues the trend of him not amounting to much as all it provides is 20% protection to 20% Jammers Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist mechanics. While this can be used to close out 100% protection, it is nothing special and low impact overall as it still retains the same poor active.

Astalos – C

  • High TPA TPA potential
  • No where to use efficiently

Astalos boasts 5-6 TPA TPA awakenings along with sizable Base ATK which in turn grants them significant damage when matching 4 connected Light orbs.

Sadly, TPAs as a whole have never truly taken root as they do not mix well with other offensive awakenings while also not synergizing with the majority of leader skills.

As such, Astalos may have better, albeit niche value in their Weapon Assist.

Weapon Assist

  • 3 rarer Killers
  • Each Killer is situational
  • All 3 are unique
    • Harder to stack damage

Astalos’s Weapon Assist is able to provide 3 niche Killers: 42 Enhance,  Awoken, and Redeemable material . This can grant the owning card 3x personal damage against these spawns but the main issue is all 3 are unique and will rarely overlap with each other.

As such, the times/places you will truly need to use this Weapon are quite niche but may come in handy, especially considering how rare these awakenings are.

Barioth – D

  • Tricolour board with Delay
  • Tape Resist
  • Long cooldown
    • Hard to take advantage of the Delay
  • TPA TPA are wasteful
    • Lower base ATK
    • Not enough to make it work

Barioth is another disappointing card as his kit does not offer much overall due the TPA TPA awakenings going to waste due to lower base ATK and not enough of them to truly make it work.

As such, many of their awakenings will not be providing much value along with their active having a long cooldown for what it provides.

A tricolour board with Hearts is helpful but tends to be around 8-9 turns with no secondary effect. As such, the 2 turn Delay bumps the cooldown up to 14 which will often be too long for Transforming if used as an inherit and using Barioth as a sub is not ideal.

Despite rolling Barioth during one of the first Monster Hunter events, I am not sure if I have ever used them.

Weapon Assist

  • Tricolour board with Hearts
  • 2 turn Delay
  • 14 turns is hard to inherit for Transforming
  • Provides almost no helpful awakenings

Barioth’s Weapon Assist could have been more meaningful if the cooldown had been a tad shorter along with it providing helpful awakenings.

Sadly, this is not the case as 14 turns (plus Base card) will often be difficult to incorporate on Transforming teams as most only require 18 turns total. Furthermore, none of the awakenings provided are truly sought after and seldom required.

Paolumu – B

  • Modest Healer Killer Healer Killer potential
  • Tri colour board with Hearts
  • Healer Killers are situtational
  • Better off as a Weapon Assist

Paolumu has some offensive potential as a Healer Killer Healer Killer but if you already have a card to fulfil this role, you will be better served pursuing their Weapon Assist .

Weapon Assist

  • 60% Jammer Resist
  • Tri colour board with Hearts
  • Jammers are often less prioritized

Paolumu’s Weapon Assist offers 60% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist alongside the tri colour board changer that produces Water, Dark, and Heart orbs. This active will almost always have value for mono Dark and Water teams which can make this a “safe” Weapon Assist to use as accidentally charging up is not a bad thing.

On the flipside, Jammer Resist is often a less prioritized awakening as they tend to be a less dangerous mechanic overall. As such, Lumu Smasher may not always be selected for usage as it is often more important to counter as many mechanics as possible before pursuing more helpful actives.

Do I plan to roll? & Dream rolls

I do not plan on rolling within the Monster Hunter Collab due to the fact that I have done so numerous times in the past. As a result of all this previous rolling, I have excessive dupes of all the old 5-star cards, a modest number of 6 and 7-stars which in turn means I have a relatively low chance acquiring something new.

With that being said, it is always fun to dream about what is possible from perfect rolling and for my dream 7-star card, I would want Amatsu as his new Weapon Assist is just what my Monster Box has been looking for as I lack Fagan Rai’s Weapon . Cloud plus Skill Boost Skill Boost is such a powerful combination along with the active potentially being used for 2 turns of Haste.

For my dream 6-star card, Lagiacrus would be the most helpful for my Monster Box as it grants a wonderfully strong solution to Unable to Match Orb effects, something I am sorely lacking.

On the other hand, Yian Kut-Ku is the default winner for the bottom rarity as I already own all the others from previous rolling.

My Dream Rolls

The above chart are the cards I would love to acquire from each rarity if I could choose one for my Mantastic account. This is my own personal opinion based on my Monster Box, goals and whether or not I have dupes.


The Monster Hunter Collab has lost relative value compared other events due to the age and lower priority spent in buffing older, low rarity cards.

With that being said, the bottom rarity is still home to several helpful cards who can help round out a Monster Box due to Weapon Assists. Having Weapon Assists on every card helps grant more value to duplicates as well as easing the blow when rolling a Gold egg.

As such, I feel that newer players or those who have never rolled in the past can still gain modest value from rolling a few times here. At the same time, I would exercise caution to go as deep as previous events as the relative value is lower compared to before.

Either way, let me know what you think about the Monster Hunter Colla Rare Egg Machine and how much you plan on rolling in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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57 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis – September 2020”

  1. Akantor board change isn’t rainbow, doesn’t make water. Diablos gravity isn’t actually that awful as those are used quite often these days to deal with certain spawns and for cheeses.


        1. Nearly all the Zeus Hera cards either outspeed (Base Zeus, Zeus&Hera), outdamage (zeus verse, hera-nyx), or do both. Paid cards like Sakuya, Trailo, etc also either outspeed/outdamage. Gravity is one of the oldest actives, its not hard to find good alternatives.

          If its for cheese, you many need more than 1 gravity. Farmable options exist, easier rolls exist. Diablos may require less investment, but it doesn’t make sense to spend stones just for his gravity.


        2. 25% is too low to be useful, Zeus AvaTAMA is useful because you only need 3 of him to deal 100% of a monster’s damage, swapping even one of those Zeus AvaTAMA for a Diablos requires one more gravity (35 + 35 + 25 = 95%)


        3. yes Diablos comes ready to use and with his gravity you need another 75% total to execute a spawn and should ideally take 3 gravities

          So Zeus & Hera plus a 30% true gravity works so that means a Hera Nyx or Hera AvaTAMA which results in 30 turns for the longest gravity

          This is in turn does not truly reduce the turns required as the 30% True Gravity is the limiting factor


  2. Great article! I’m excited to use Fatalis again. I think the rcv boost was a nice addition. By the way, you made a little typo the 5 star section, you wrote “6 star”


        1. Congrats on your clear =D It would be so nice if Fatalis’s LS would activate from either L or 3×3 Box as that would greatly cut down on the frustration aspect


  3. Hey thanks for the huge write up. Due to the large pool of monsters and assists, this collab can be confusing about what’s worth it.

    Now to play the PAD minigame, “Which equip assists will become SS tier months after I’ve missed the opportunity to get one”.


  4. Hi,

    I got Amatsu for a long Time 3 Times and on his weapon assist form, we can put some latent awoken skills??? Is it a bug? And if not, can we have the gain of both: the main character and the weapon assist ?


    1. The Latents do not transfer from equips. Pretty much every Weapon Assist is able to be Latent Awoken, but only the base awakenings will transfer over.


  5. Hi Mantastic! Do you think that Akantor Exterminator is a good equip for Aten? It covers a lot of utility, the RCV isn’t much of a penalty when you’re running Aten as a lead, and the active isn’t bad to charge up either.


    1. I think it is reasonable option for Aten assuming you can take advantage of the SB and Shield to help someone Transform

      Aten’s 5 turn active + 11 inherit = 16 which is lower than the 18 required for most things which means the shield can probably be used to gain more effective SB

      I wouldn’t trade for Akantor for this but if you rolled one, this is a good choice


  6. Safi is more interesting than the review suggests, as he is not so much 6.25 as he is potentially x10–x12 hp, run in self coop, with some hp equips. With kuro loop on both sides you heal x4-5 hp per turn, and self coop brings a few more sub slots for misc counter actives, like anti-absorb. When you’re healing 250+k a turn, you can casually board prep for the orbs. I don’t expect it to be meta because no one likes slow teams, but I expect it to be much much faster than typical grind or color shield teams, while functioning in a somewhat cheesy way like them.

    Diablos is one of a small handful of cards in the wood/dark on type sub pool for VIdeal. It’s niche, but when you run Shura with your flex slot already occupied by Rei for machine killers, you need a wood/dark card, and you need dmg boost actives, so either considering him base with a bit of a stall to snag shura stones, or equipping him for anti-bind and the ability to something like a Vritra or cellophane Sheen is a totally reasonable thing to be considering. Probably too niche to grace a review. We are often at the 3-5 year point where boxes are well developed and it’s these niche cases that make us shrug and toss a couple fishing pulls in, or cash in a trade because we can. Really, shura should just wait for key hero’s, but whatevs,it’s a bit fun to grind in wins on the cutting/bleeding edge before powercreep.

    Amatsu is just not S. The downsides are way too big, and modern meta is way past the time a few extra k of hp was a big deal. He’s a solid A.

    Overall an excellent collab review.


    1. Well Amatsu’s S ranking is based on his Weapon which will be relevant for the foreseeable future as it brings numerous benefits from awakenings and the active

      I have seen some Safi clears of content and outside of 100%+ gravities, they cannot truly die with Kuro when you are healing 250k HP per turn but as you said, slow

      Perhaps Diablos could be used in that capacity but at the same time, you may have your Wood or Dark covered by other cards such as Polowne or Chakeol so it does come down to what else you bring to the team


  7. Alatreon new equip is seriously powerful, one of the strongest in the game. Many end game players I talk constantly agree with me and many are trading just for the equip


  8. Rolled 8 5-stars and Valphalk from my 9 rolls on a fairly new account. I had practically no equip evos at all before, so a lot of the 5-stars are going to good use. I still have regrets over rolling so much.