Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings


Version 12.6.1 comes with the highly anticipated Super Awakenings mechanic. These awakenings are a new way to add additional power onto some of your favourite monsters. However, you must first Limit Break your card, sacrifice a +297, and these special Awakenings only works in solo mode.

This article will explain the process, when to use it, and which awakenings tend to be more favourable.

As a forewarning, not every card can be Limit Broken and not every Limit Broken card can receive a Super Awakening.

Video commentary

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Super Awakenings will only be available to certain cards and those particular monsters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is a term that refers to cards that have been fed a Super Snow Globe to push their max level to 110. This only works for cards that have a blue colour for their level text and is not available to all cards.

In the above example, the Machine Goemon (left) is unable to be Limit Broken whereas Yamato (right) qualifies for Limit Breaking.

Once a cards has been successfully fed a Super Snow Globe and Limit Broken, they are then eligible for to receive a Super Awakening. Just bear in mind that the Limit Broken card does not need to be level 110, it just needs to have been fed the Super Snow Globe and Limit Broken.

Sacrifice a +297

Once a card has been Limit Broken, they are then able to gain one of three available Super Awakenings if they have a Question Mark box beside their awakenings.

In the above examples, both Odin Dragon 3264 and Anubis 3385 have been successfully Limit Broken; however, only Odin Dragon can receive a Super Awakening as indicated by the Question Mark box to the left of his regular awakenings.

If your card has the Question Mark Box, they will be able to receive a random Super Awakening as indicated by tapping and holding down on the Question Mark Box.

Each card has a unique pool of three Super Awakenings they can draw upon and each +297 fused will unlock a random one. Thus, you could unlock their best one on your first try or continue wasting plus eggs in vain playing the Super Awakenings Roulette. Just be aware that you can fuse any distribution of plus eggs as long as it totals 297 (eg. use 198 HP and 99 RCV etc.).

For North American players, this is a steep cost as we do not have access to PAD Radar (a JP-exclusive feature that pumps out plus eggs on a continuous basis) along with the plus egg PEM being a rare sighting. Thus, Super Awakenings may remain a luxury for the average player who cannot afford to spare this many plus eggs for a non-guaranteed benefit.

For the sake of redundancy, each attempt at gaining a Super Awakening will cost you a +297 and you cannot guarantee the end result. As such, you should proceed with caution and actually have a plan to use the Super Awakenings as the opportunity cost is quite high.

Do not fuse +297’s to cards that do not have the Question Mark Box as they will be wasted

Please refer to the official GHNA Facebook post on which cards can be Super Awoken HERE.

Works only in solo mode

Super Awakenings will only work in solo mode; however, they can reactivate in 3-player coop if you are the last person standing or if you disconnect from any multiplayer mode.

This can be problematic and pointless for those who exclusively play in coop, but the power of each Super Awakening helps bridge the gap when playing alone.

For the most part, PAD has become almost too focused on the coop aspect due to the stamina savings, effective double loot drops, and easier time in clearing content. Thus, having more incentive to play solo is welcomed and was somewhat needed overall.

As a result, these Super Awakenings will have tremendous value moving forward when tackling the various One-Shot Challenges, various Campaigns such as the Zeus or Hera, and Ranking Dungeons as all of these are only available in solo mode.

With that in mind, you should try to prioritize cards that you plan to use in future solo mode challenges as +297s are still a relatively scarce commodity.

Which Super Awakenings to pursue

Due to the fact that the available pool of Super Awakenings is unique to each card, it is hard to give a definitive answer as to the best ones to pursue. However, we can still try and find the more optimal ones overall.

Just bear in mind that each card has a unique role to play on a team and can come down to a personal preference. Each Super Awakening has merits and needs to be approached on a card-by-card basis on where you plan to use them.

Generally speaking, 7 Combo 45 awakenings are the most universally strong Super Awakening to give to a card as they will always provide a 2x personal damage boost against every spawn.

Various Killers (God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37 42 44) can help your card fulfill a more specialized role and becomes stronger when they already came with at least 1 Killer already. However, I would generally place more value on a 7 Combo than a Killer.

Full Bind Immunity can be unlocked via Resistance Bind +  and can be crucial for various leaders who are vulnerable to binds. For the most part, I would only use this on Leaders as a bound sub is far less dangerous overall.

Follow Up Attack (FUA)  can completely change a card’s potential as they can now act as a Resolve Killer and is worth pursuing if lacking other options from your Monster Box.

The Box  awakening grants a card the ability to ignore Damage Void mechanics and can help you one shot dangerous spawns as you can now simply form a 3×3 box and blast away.

The Resistance Immobility  and Resistance Clouds  do provide 100% immunity to those particular mechanics and may have merit if playing through specific content but are generally not pursued unless lacking stronger options.

New awakenings

Version 12.6.1 also comes with 4 new awakenings that can also appear as Super Awakenings.

  •  80% or more HP Enhanced
  •  50% or less HP Enhanced
  •  [L] Damage Reduction
  •  [L] Increased Attack

All of these new awakenings can add a new layer of power to your cards, but are more niche overall.

The increased damage when HP>80% and when HP<50% provides some damage potential, but is far more cumbersome to manage overall and less reliable than a 7 Combo awakening.

On the flipside, the [L] shaped awakenings have merit on a variety of teams. The Damage Reduction enables any team to receive 5% less damage per awakening for each set of 5 hearts matched in an L formation. This is underwhelming when you only possess one, but can quickly ramp up as more cards gain access to this awakening.

On the flip side, the [L] Attack awakening has amazing value on 5 orbs 1 enhance (5o1e) teams as you are already matching a connected 5 of your primary element.

There is no hard-fast rule for which Super Awakening to give a card as it still boils down to personal preference and where you plan on using that card.

Will the roulette system change?

There is no definitive answer even looking ahead 2-3 months in JP; however, due to how they have already altered the Extra Latent Slot Tamadra, it would not surprise me if the Super Awakening was changed to a different system for unlocking.

Perhaps they will introduce something along the lines of a Tan-equivalent in which you can farm for materials to unlock each roulette spin but this is all speculation. However, the best thing to do with the Extra Latent Slot Tamadras was to simply not use them and the same could potentially be applied to the Super Awakenings, especially if you do not need them.

Just bear in mind that this is speculation and you should still only Super Awaken a card if you plan to use them extensively in solo mode.


The Super Awakening system has the ability to add another layer of customization to your favourite monsters but is not available to every card. You must make sure your card can be Limit Broken and has the Question Mark Box beside their set of awakenings before sacrificing a +297 for a random Super Awakening.

While the temptation to use Super Awakenings may be strong, I highly advise you to proceed with caution as each attempt costs a +297 and will only work in solo mode. Thus, you should be using this new mechanic on cards you foresee yourself using moving forward.

Let me know which cards you plan on giving Super Awakenings to and how many +297s you have saved up.

Happy Puzzling!

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