Celtic Series Overview


The Celtic Series is the newest Pantheon to be added into the Rare Egg Machine. This means they will be rotated throughout the REM but will be Highlighted upon their initial debut until the next Godfest.

With the Rare Egg Machine Renewal, all Pantheon cards, former 5* GFE, and miscellaneous junk will rotate on a regular basis but will Highlight specific cards during non-Godfest events. However, the Celtic Series are all 6* base cards which means they will have middling rolling rates during Godfests as they will lose their Highlighted status.

Despite boasting 1.4% rolling rates right now, it is not worth pursuing them at this point in time and it will be better to wait for a Godfest to have the chance of acquiring 6* GFE alongside of the Celtic Series.

Unlike some 6* Pantheon cards, the Celtic Series do not possess an Awoken Evolution and retain their active skill. Thus, it is advantageous to evolve them.

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Celtic Series overview


Brigid will be able to fulfill a niche role as an amazing counter to Machine bosses in the game due to her natural 3 Machine Killer Machine Killer awakenings. These enables her to deal 27x damage to Machine bosses (further augmented by Leader Skills) and is akin to the burst power of No.6 , Kiri , and Shazel .

Despite having these amazing Killers, red is somewhat already covered by the farmable Machine Goemon  who naturally has one. This is further compounded by their prevalence on Glavenus Hunter  farming teams. You can still use Brigid to unlock orbs but non-Awoken Machine Goemon  does that with a board changer. Furthermore, Brigid only comes with a single Skill Boost Skill Boost and will most likely require an inherit to mindlessly sweep content.

Perhaps for truly challenging farming content you can utilize Brigid, but even for Super Ultimate Machine Rush, Brigid was not utilized over Machine Goemons.

With all of this in mind, one may still find merit in Brigid when using her as a traditional sub. Many Challenge 10’s feature spawns with comically large amounts of health and you may find yourself having an easier time sticking Brigid on your team to power your way through them.


Aife features the rare but incredibly powerful triple 7 Combo 45 awakenings. This enables her to deal 8x damage against any spawn, regardless of their typing. For the most part, multiple 7 Combo awakenings are the strongest type of damage augmentation as they always take effect along with a given board almost always having 7 possible combos.

With this in mind, you would usually run Aife as as sub and not an inherit to take advantage of their damage potential. Their base active is situationally helpful as a single orb changer while also being able to remove hazards and locked orbs, along with 3 turns of Awoken Skill Binds. However, you may often wish to inherit over top of her due to the rare situation where you can fully take advantage of all components.

There is not too much more to say about Aife as they are a massive damage stick to put on your team as a sub due to their leader skill being too orb hungry and not that potent.


Dagda almost reminds me of some sort of strange Resident Evil boss in his unevolved form but is unfortunately not as formidble overall. TPA TPA has begun to dwindle in viability due to the prevalence of 7 Combo awakenings. This has led to a large shift in team compositions trying to incorporate as many 7 Combos as possible as it is easier to match while benefiting all colours.

With that in mind, Dagda may be challenging to optimally use as you would have to build a wood team that is heavily oriented around TPA. While the number of viable leaders that fulfill this requirement is small, Tardis  may work out. Tardis is often used for niche dungeons as he is able to provide 100x ATK with the only restriction being an active skill every turn. Thus, the TPA Tardis can use the large burst from Dagda efficiently.


Lugh is the first Pantheon card to possess a Fujin 3414 style active skill and is actually the “purest” form since there is no secondary effect. This enables him to cancel any Damage Absorption ability such as Hera Dragon or Vishnu. While we do have the capacity to deal with these spawns, it is far easier to void their absorption and blast away.

Since Lugh has no secondary effect, they have 1 turn shorter cooldown than Fujin which may be crucial to some farming builds that are starved for Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

Overall, Lugh will mostly be used as a powerful inherit to counter Absorption spawns.


Arianrhod is the final card in the Celtic series and comes with the first active that can change an enemy’s attribute to dark. Historically speaking, colour changing a boss is reserved to cheese teams such as Kiri  or Minerva 3238 as they are able to greatly reduce incoming damage from a specific colour.

Thus, Arianrhod will be most effective when led by Reincarnated Hades 3270 as dual leaders are able to provide 93.75% damage reduction along with 36x ATK. While this may seem slow (which it is), Hades comes with a natural Gravity to help hasten the process. Furthermore, Arianrhod comes with Skill Charge  which can help hasten stalling time.

While cheese teams are not for the lactose intolerant, they are a viable way to clear certain dungeons that may be out of reach for many players.


Overall, the Celtic series is nice, but will not make as much of a splash in the meta compared to previous Pantheons. This is because they are mostly situational or fight for a contested slot as their kit is replicated elsewhere.

With that in mind, Aife  and Lugh  will be the top prizes of this series.

Finally, I do not encourage you to roll outside of Godfests in hopes of acquiring any of these cards as you lose the opportunity to acquire the more powerful 6* GFE.

Let me know what you think about the Celtic Gods in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “Celtic Series Overview”

  1. Luckily I got an Aife and she’s pretty incredible. I usually rely on Yuna for damage but Aife’s damage is so high it’s almost like having 2 Yuna in 1 card.

    I have also found that I usually never want her inherited active to be ready, because when Aife’s active is needed, it’s always great. Awoken bind, orb lock, hazards and a single color convert solve so many problems. Seems way more helpful than a random full board changer.

    Seems like an auto include in any Diablos or combo based team.


  2. Yog Thothos and Kamimusubi tend to use TPA over 7C because of thier extreamly high multiplier. Some floors can sweep by matching 1 TPA and 1or 2 off color combos.

    Dagza’s color seems like fitting in Kami team pretty well. Also he is balance type which means he can utilize any latent killers to take a part of x25 killer with TPA. I’m pulling this series just because this guy and I haven’t pulled yet.

    When Any of the machine descended gets 4x exp, able to rank up till 900th without spending stones to refill stamina. Brigid is nice card if you are planning to be higher rank. Especially when you can’t find anyone to pair up with to farm those dungeon with swipe team.


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