February 28 – March 1 Godfest Overview Plus New Sonia Ultimate Preview

 Godfest Basics

The format for Godfests has been dramatically changed through their REM Renewal along with Full Disclosure of Rolling Rates. These changes dramatically improve your chances of rolling a specific card as the pool of available monsters is significantly smaller as only a portion of the all possible monsters are featured at a given time. This is great news for players as you are better able to focus your Magic Stones on key cards.

Godfests no longer advertise “rate increases” and instead Highlighted specific cards along with 6* Godfest Exclusives being available. As such, these events are the best time to roll the REM as the current meta is heavily favouring these rare and elusive monsters.

Rolling rates may change or vary with each Godfest event.


The upcoming Godfest begins on February 28th (last day to complete February Quests) and ends on March 1st. However, unlike the previous one two weeks ago, it has a significantly weaker roster overall. This is because it includes several weaker 6* GFE and fewer top tier ones.

This cyclic pattern of Godfests is not unusual and for the most part, a card will be featured almost every other time at the very least. Furthermore, Godfests tend to occur twice a month so you do not have to wait terribly long before trying your luck again.

As with any Godfest, the decision of whether to roll or not will be dependent on your own Monster Box and individual needs.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Godfest overview

Unlike Godfests of the past, only some 6* GFE will be featured. If they are listed as unavailable, you will be unable to roll them during the event.

February 28 – March 1 Godfest
6* GFE available

   2991   3370  Scheat
     Ult Kaede 3233 3414 3268 3416

6* GFE not available

 3236 3391 3392      

You ideally wish to line up a Godfest that overlaps with several key targets to improve your overall chances of success. Thus, it may be advantageous to wait for a more opportune Godfest if the current one does not feature enough key targets.

Based on the revealed rolling rates, 6* GFE will have 0.6% hit rate each for a total of (0.6*20) 12% for any 6* GFE. This also means that there is a 0.6% chance to acquire one of the two new cards released.

Amusingly. Dark Kali  has not been featured for the third time in a row while Ameno  absent once again.

GFE Tier list

This list reflects a card’s overall usage/viability in the current meta as well as moving forward. Cards are in no particular order within each tier.

6* GFE Tier List – February 27, 2018
3414   3235    

392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591


 Scheat 2991   3268 3391
 3392 3233 Ult Kaede 3416
February 28 – March 1, 2018 Godfest Rankings
 Scheat 2991
Ult Kaede 3233 3416

Compared to the last Godfest event, this one hold far fewer top tier cards despite the Sonias moving up due to their new evolutions.

Blue and Green Sonia review

*These are not available in NA yet*

 Blue Sonia A -> S
Green Sonia B -> S

Both Blue  and Green  Sonia received new (and animated) evolutions in Japan. This may signal the shift towards a more animated Monster Box, but is almost certainly a foreshadowing for Awoken forms for 6* GFE. Red Sonia did not receive the same special treatment due to her being a different rarity.

While there is only a subtle difference between the two Leader Skills, Green Sonia has better access to RCV along with a deeper sub pool to draw upon and gives her an edge as a leader.

One other major point for both Sonias is the fact that they possess 4 offensive awakenings (2 45 and 2 ). This enables them to enjoy a personal 9x damage when achieving 7 or more Combos and an L match. Furthermore, both retain their bind immunity which helps alleviate team building requirements.

New active skill

Both Sonias still retain their bi-elemental board changer, but are now able to remove 3 turns of binds along with unlock all orbs prior to changing. These two additional perks add 3 turns to the cooldown, but are justifiable overall.

Leadership potential

Both Sonias share the same Leader Skill multipliers with the only difference being the need to match Water and Dark versus Wood and Dark. Both can lead a 2.25x HP / 56.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV / 43.75% Damage Reduction team along with passive 4 seconds of orb movement time. This enables them them to be incredibly durable and while the damage multiplier is on the low side, you are able to heavily stack offensive awakenings for massive burst potential.

While both boast wonderful weighted stats, Green Sonia’s are more favroaubly distributed due to the inclusion of RCV. Blue Sonia is able to achieve a higher health pool, but having more health does little good when you are unable to heal back up. This plays havoc in longer dungeons or those where stalling is required and puts a damper on her own leadership potential.

Furthermore, Green Sonia has better access to desirable subs such as Odin 3264 and Ragnarok Dragon Ragnarok. In addition, Green Sonia can pair with Diablos  for a larger board to provide more consistency for her offensive awakenings.

With all that being said, both Sonias can greatly benefit from themselves as subs due to ideal synergy between themselves.

Pantheon/5* GFE Highlights

With the presence of a Godfest, only 6* GFE are Highlighted. As a result, the 6* Pantheon cards now lose their Highlighted rates and drop down to 0.64% chance to roll which makes them on par with 6* GFE.

This creates an interesting conundrum, during non-Godfest events, the chances of you rolling a 6* Pantheon card are significantly higher but you cannot acquire the GFE.

With this in mind, it is still best to roll in Godfest events as the 6* GFE tend to be stronger overall and you can at least still roll a 6* Pantheon card at the same time.

Collabs vs Godfests

Prior to the reveal, it was quite risky to roll in Collabs as they often left players more dissapointed than anything else. However, after seeing the Monster Hunter rolling rates, you have a pretty solid chance at acquiring a 7*+ card. Of course you will have to weigh the pros and cons along with examining the lowest rarity rolls from the Collab.

One interesting point is that Macha has a 0.6% rate while the top prizes in Monster Hunter had 2% and 5.22% for 6*. If that Collab rate carries over to the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller event, you would have around a 5% chance of rolling Li for the Leader Swap active.

With that being said, Collabs are starting to shift towards the strongest cards in the game. This is unfortunate for newer players as there is simply not enough Magic Stones to go around. This mostly comes on the heels of the revamped Heroine Event along with Dragon Bound & Dragon Caller and Monster Hunter being the top 3 that NA has received.


This upcoming Godfest features a more lackluster roster compared to the one just two weeks ago. Most of the top tier 6* GFE are missing from this event and makes it challenging to justify rolling overall. Just remember that Godfests occur on a bi-monthly basis so you can simply wait for the next event before gambling away your Magic Stones.

The new format of Godfests will require more patience overall since only a few cards will be featured at a given time. While this enables you to better snipe a key card, it also means you have to make peace with hoarding stones until the cards you truly want are featured.

Godfests remove the Highlighted status of Pantheon cards to make space for the 6* GFE and while this can be frustrating, Godfests are still the best time to roll the REM.

Let me know what you think about this Godfest and any suggestions to formatting future Godfest posts in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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20 thoughts on “February 28 – March 1 Godfest Overview Plus New Sonia Ultimate Preview”

  1. I personally think the real reason Ronia didn’t get an awoken is because she got an equip evo, so players who made that irreversible choice would have been hosed when the awoken came out.


    1. That is a good point but I also feel they wouldn’t want to give too much power to what was once a more common to roll card

      I also think many players have multiple Red Sonias so some are still not in weapon form =P


      1. So true.. i have at least 3 Ronias sitting in my box which I have yet to Equipment evo.
        Maybe I should hold out in case they decide to give Ronia an animated awoken form 🙂


        1. If you do not have a need to make them all weapon assists (mostly stat/dmg boost for Machine Goemon on Glavenus hunter teams), I would simply hold onto them. I doubt they will get animated but I would like to be wrong =P


  2. I am excited about the Gronia and Blonia, especially the Gronia. But I find myself wondering if they’ll be cumbersome, in practice. I’m rarely bothered by locked orbs, and while it’s nice to remove them, I feel like the L-shape will be very awkward when going for 7c. ..Like, there’s a reason we’re steering away from MERE TPA’S.

    And with no time extends, it’s hard to justify her use as a sub for herself, despite the great damage she’ll be doing at 7c with an L. (506.25x)


      1. The L provides a significant damage burst to each Sonia so it is advantageous to use them as subs on their own team. Even without an L, 7c should be enough to mow through most content quite reliably


    1. They have 4 time extends each (+2 seconds in the leader skill), so don’t think that’s a huge issue (plus base time gaining +1s).

      The general vibe I get watching JP players is that you just L when it’s convenient, or you need a big blast (in which case you look up optimal boards). Otherwise, with just 7c and good subs you’re doing fine damage (2-5mil a sub) for a team with 200k effective health.

      It works pretty well.

      Except for Amatsu converting dark orbs, stupid dragon…


      1. Just inherit Ryune over amatsu 😉

        And I do agree with the L being done only if really needed. Having multiple double 7c cards brings your effective multiplier up by 4x and you have more than enough TE


        1. Sooo, I have an extra Cotton… I made Light and Dark Cotton already… I have 2 Amatsu’s… Amatsu converts darks away… should I make a Blue Cotton just for Blue Sonia? Or just deal with Amatsu’s nonsense with inherits? (I don’t have Ryune, btw, one of my white whales…)

          I could make a Gronia team, but I’m so not a fan of green…


          1. Gronia is stronger overall for sure

            Running Amatsu is still pretty much ideal, even with the wrong orb changer. However, Blue Cotton is a very commonly used card in general so you may find merit using her as well


  3. Ever since they announced the rates, I’ve been rolling terribly. All I’ve wanted for some time is fujin, and yet I still can’t manage to get her. I rolled 2 skuld (and I already had one so now I have 3)! I’m also surprised that raijin didn’t move up in the ranks since she’s getting new evolutions?


  4. I agree with Dingus on the rolls. Seems like I’ve been having worse luck with these new rates trying to get a 6*. Even with all the free stones from the March quest, I was only able to get 1 6*. And that was Oda which I already have. Seems that with the powercreep the top cards are still progressively harder to get. Makes it very frustrating to play recent content when you don’t have the top dogs.


  5. I managed to roll a Cotton and Sylvie, the first 6* GFEs since the REM Renewal. I still don’t know how I feel about the renewal: I’ve rolled a lot of less than stellar picks (ex. Arcline, Diadem) but I did manage to get my first Indra, Krishna, and Claimh Solais.


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