Demon Slayer REM Review Review and Analysis – May 2021


The highly anticipated Demon Slayer Collab finally comes to North America along with several small Leader Skill buffs. As a whole, this event has become more “dated” due to the significant delay between the JP and our release. While cards can never receive direct nerfs, they can become weaker relatively speaking as newer cards are often stronger compared to older ones.

As such, many cards have lost some of their edge but at the same time, there is still a tremendous amount of value to be found within the 7 and 8-star rarities. Sadly, this event also features one of the worst designed REM-set ups as players cannot Monster Exchange for the 7-star cards which means they have to be rolled. This will be a similar experience to the Monogatari Collab where players could frivolously roll in the vain hope of acquiring Nadeko and we will have a similar experience here.

With this in mind, having a significant Magic Stone hoard will be needed to dig deep into this REM and with no Pity System in place, repeated sadness can/will occur.

On the bright side, GungHo will be gifting all players one free 8-star roll at a future, unknown date.

Video commentary

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Demon Slayer Collab REM Pros & Cons – May 2021
  • New event
    • Features many hard to replicate cards
  • Weapon Assists for all 7 & 8-stars
  • Unique and powerful cards at 7 & 8-star rarity
  • Free 8-star roll from GH
    • Will be gifted at a later date
      • I do not know when
  • Bottom rarity is mostly lackluster
    • 70% of the rolling pool
    • Only 1 has Weapon
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for 7-stars
    • Have to roll
    • Odds are not in your favour
  • 7-8 month old event in JP
    • Cards have lost some of their edge
  • No Skill Up Dungeon
    • Gotta Py everything
Demon Slayer Collab REM
8 Star base
(6% total)
7 Star base
(24% total)
6 Star base
(70% total)
Demon Slayer Collab – May 2021

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Base form

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and the following chart shows all the 6-star Rankings. In total, they comprise 70% of the rolling pool.

Demon Slayer Collab REM Bottom Rarity (6*) REM Rankings – May 2021

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode or in 3-player coop.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Due to the rate of new cards being released, care should be taken when considering a trade as you want to ensure you gain long term value.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

My approach to Collab/Seasonal rolling

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt. If you wish to read about this more in greater detail, check out my other article HERE.

Reincarnated Evolution

A Reincarnated Evolution (Revo) grants  up to 8 Latent slots and is often times a stronger overall card. Sadly, pursuing these forms will lock the monster in this state as they cannot be reversed. As such, only commit to a Revo if you 100% know you will get significant value from them right away.

8 Star base

Tanjiro Kamado – S

Tanjiro Kamado Transformed

  • Fantastic personal damage
    • 45 45 45 Devil killer
    • Huge ATK stat
  • Outstanding Transform active
    • 2 turn CD
    • 1.5x RCV & ATK buff
    • Generates 4 Fire orbs
      • Does not overwrite Water or Hearts
  • Easy to use LS
    • Unconditional 4.84x HP & RCV
    • Damage Reduction with 4 matched Fire
      • Solved via active
    • +6 combos with dual leaders
  • Fantastic mono Fire sub
  • 18 turns to Transform
    • Provides no SB Skill Boost
    • Vulnerable to Binds
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist in either form
  • Guard Break will often go to waste
  • Seina is arguably a stronger lead
    • More focused on Damage Reduction
    • Not restricted to Attacker types/Water
  • Horribly disadvantaged vs Sun Quan in AWoC2
    • Whole team deals 1/4 damage

Tanjiro is the first card to be featured within the Demon Slayer Collab and is an incredibly powerful mono Fire leader and sub after Transforming. This is because they offer outstanding personal damage against all spawns, especially against Devils who are some of the most common and dangerous at this point in time. Furthermore, their active skill is one of the best in the game as it is highly over-tuned for a 2 turn cooldown.

This active will generate 4 Fire orbs (does not overwrite Water or Hearts) along with 1.5x ATK and RCV for a single turn. These two buffs are what enables them to function as a fantastic sub as current end game content is riddled with these debuffs. As such, being able to clear them every other turn is somewhat incredible and the only other thing you need to bring is a Movement Time buff such as Horus .

Naturally, Tanjiro can function as a wonderful sub for Seina teams and can be a possible Grandis replacement provided the loss of 2 Skill Boosts is okay. On the other hand, Tanjiro is a formidable leader with dual pairing.

With dual pairing, players will enjoy a permanent +1.5x RCV & ATK which translates into 4.84x HP / 486x ATK / 7.26x RCV along with 43.75% Damage Reduction and +6 combos when matching 4 or more connected Fire orbs. In fact, the 4-Fire match will always occur due to Tanjiro’s active generating 4 every turn.

All of this translates into an incredibly easy to use and somewhat brainless leader that deals spectacular damage, hits high combos with ease, and has significant bulk and the ability to heal up with relative ease. With that being said, Tanjiro faces a major speed bump in AWoC2 when facing Sun Quan (50% spawn) as Sun Quan is Fire and reduces damage from Attackers by 50%. This translates into your entire team dealing 25% damage which makes it incredibly difficult to push him below 50% within 3 turns.


  • SB Skill Boost
  • SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • TE+
  • Full spectrum of buffs
    • ATK
    • RCV
    • Movement time
    • +2 combos
  • Opportunity cost of not using Base form
  • Longer cooldown may be harder to work around
    • May not be reliable to overwrite repeated Debuffs
  • Rikuu provides similar awakenings

Tanjiro’s Weapon is able to provide a full spectrum of buffs on a 15 turn cooldown. While this is nice, the longer cooldown means it cannot be relied upon for repeated Debuffs. As such, if you are not able to capitalize on the active skill, the Farmable Rikuu provides a similar set of awakenings.

Furthermore, the main downside is the opportunity cost of not using their Base/Transforming form.

Muzan Kibutsuji – S

  • Almost completely brain-dead LS
    • 400x for being >50% HP
    • 75% Damage Reduction when above 50% HP
    • Auto heals 20x RCV with any match
    • No typing/colour/matching restriction
    • Can ignore RCV penalties
  • Active generates 2 rows of Dark
  • Reasonable personal damage
    • ()
  • Sub attribute only
    • 2 Combo Orbs
      • Can abuse Damage Absorb latent
  • Incredibly vulnerable <50% HP
    • No Damage Reduction
    • No ATK multiplier
    • No auto healing

Muzan’s base form features one of the easiest to use Leader Skills in the game as all players have to do is stay above 50% health. This is facilitated through their passive 75% Damage when above half health along with 400x ATK and 20x RCV (per leader) healed for just matching orbs.

All of this damage, Damage Reduction, and free healing has no matching requirement nor restricted to a specific typing/colour which in turn means Muzan can use any sub.

The main application for this is to blitz through easy-medium content, Ranking Dungeons, or to repeatedly farm a dungeon over and over again. Furthermore, the inclusion of Combo Orbs means they can use the Damage Absorb latent which has wonderful synergy with their Sub-Attribute only aspect. The sub attribute means Muzan deals their full damage after all other primary attribute and if your friend has this latent, their attack will be the final hit which will ignore the Damage Absorb.

This facilitates even faster and more mindless clears and the only true downside to Muzan is being completely vulnerable/useless if below 50% HP.

Muzan Kibutsuji UVO

  • High LS multipliers
    • High Effective HP
  • Reasonably easy to use
    • Needs any 4 colours
  • Burst active + Board changer
    • CD offset by Skill Charge
  • Well distributed stats
  • Restricted to Dark & Devil cards
  • Rainbow is harder compared to mono colour
  • No Skyfalls “caps” damage potential

Muzan’s Evolved form grants them Rainbow prowess through their active, leader skill, and awakenings. This active will provide 3 turns of 3x ATK for Devils along with a Board Unlock and full Rainbow board changer. Furthermore, the cooldown is accelerated through Skill Charge .

This will aid their leadership potential as they want to match 4 colours for bonus combos and their full ATK multiplier. In fact, they have a nearly similar Leader Skill to Valentine’s Ideal and their significant bulk helps them survive problematic encounters.

Sadly, the No Skyfall clause does put a damper on their damage potential which is a problem for Rainbow teams. This is because Rainbow has a difficult time concentrating their damage as they cannot abuse orb changers like mono colour teams. While this can be offset by their sizable leader skill multipliers, damage may become an issue in harder content.

With this in mind, I feel that Muzan’s leadership potential will be shorter lived and his Base form fulfills a significant niche better than the majority of other leaders.


  • 4 Dark Rows Dark row
  • >80%
  • Great synergy with Base form
  • Primarily a Farming solution
  • Many Dark teams rely on <50%
  • Farmable alternatives for Dark Rows
    • Eris & Chuan
  • Active is not high-impact enough
    • Does not generate Dark orbs

Muzan’s Weapon can be used as a powerful Farming solution to add in additional damage for both the owning card and the entire team due to 4 Rows Dark row. This has wonderful synergy with Muzan’s Base form but I feel this Weapon falls flat overall.

This is because many teams rely on <50% which lowers the value of this Weapon along with the fact that Eris Apple and Chuan exist who both provide Dark Rows and the ability to generate more Dark orbs.

A steady flow of Dark orbs is vital to Farming and Muzan’s Weapon sadly falls short. As such, I would not consider this Weapon unless you have dupes as it is a powerful solution for their Base form.

Kyojuro Rengoku – B

  • High personal damage vs Devils
    • Devil killer (Devil killer)
  • Super Blind Resist
  • Active generates 9 Fire orbs
  • Personal damage tied to VDP matches
  • LS needs a Healing Solution
  • LS has heavy Fire orb requirement
  • Does not fulfil any particular role well
    • Stronger in other forms
Kyojuro Rengoku Uvo

  • High personal damage vs Devils
    • 45 45 45 Devil killer (Devil killer)
  • Super Blind Resist
  • Valuable active
    • 5 turn Bind/Awoken Bind clear
    • 5 turn Unmatchable clear
    • Generates a Row of Fire
  • Exceptionally high HP & ATK
  • Easy to use LS with Nidhogg System
    • Triggers from 6 Fire match
    • +6 combos
  • Terrible RCV
  • 2 SB Skill Boost
  • Outclassed by Nezuko & Christmas Gremory as a Cleric

Rengoku has the capacity to function as a mono Fire Cleric due to their short cooldown that provides 5 turn Bind, Awoken Bind, and  Unmatchable clear along with a row of Fire orbs. This active is meaningful and their exceptionally high HP aids in hitting key HP thresholds.

Sadly, they only bring 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and falls behind compared to Nezuko and Christmas Gremory as a Cleric solution as Rengoku does not provide the same level of utility overall. This is not to say he is a poor card, but I do not foresee myself choosing him over the other two if I had them at my disposal.

In regards to their Leader Skill, Regnoku can abuse a Nidhogg System for easy activation through a row of Fire every turn along with +6 combos.


  • Gemstone ATK buff that scales off VDP
    • +0.3x per VDP
    • Unique scaling requirement
  • Creates 9 Fire orbs
  • SB Skill Boost
  • >80%
  • ATK buff can be inconsistent
    • Quite niche/situational overall

Rengoku’s Weapon is able to provide a scaling ATK buff that relies on multiple VDP awakenings to truly shine along with generating 9 Fire orbs.

As a whole, I feel this Weapon is quite niche/situational as it requires a highly specific set up to provide a meaningful buff and failing this, becomes mostly an orb generator.

With this in mind, I feel his Evolved form will be his most useful form, especially if do not own Nezuko or Christmas Gremory .

7 Star base

Nezuko Kamado – S

Nezuko Kamado Transformed

  • 5 Effective SB Skill Boost in Base form
    • 3 SB & 2 Haste
  • Strong personal damage
    • 45 45
  • L
  • Cloud Resist
  • Outstanding active
    • 7 turn Bind & Awoken Bind clear
    • 7 turn Unmatchable clear
    • 4 turn cooldown
  • Heavy overlap with Christmas Gremory
    • Super Jammer Resist
    • FUA
    • Orb generation
    • +2k HP
    • Passive Damage
  • Bind-vulnerable pre-Transform
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for

Nezuko is the first 7-star card within the Demon Slayer Collab and is one of the best mono Fire cards in the game due to their ability to function as a highly offensive Cleric. Pre-Transform, Nezuko offers 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which can greatly ease Transforming requirements and once Transformed, they provide an incredible 4 turn active skill.

This active will be mandatory in essentially every dungeon as some form of Bind, Awoken Bind, or Unmatchable clear will be required and these solutions are often called Clerics. Furthermore, they also provide outstanding personal damage, a highly coveted L , and Cloud Resist .

While all of this is amazing, Nezuko has heavy competition with Christmas Gremory who offers Super Jammer Resist , FUA , Orb generation, and around 2,000 more HP. This HP aspect may play a key role in hitting 600,000 Effective HP in WoC2 but her lack of personal damage, no L, Cloud, and one less Skill Boost can put her at a disadvantage against Nezuko.

All in all, both cards are outstanding Cleric options for NA and which one you pursue will hinge on what dungeon you are trying to tackle and the other cards at your disposal.


  • Tape Resist
  • 3 OE Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Valuable active
    • 50% Damage Reduction for 2 turns
    • Full Bind & Awoken Bind clear
    • Full Unmatchable clear
  • Opportunity cost of not using Base form
    • Giving up an incredible sub
  • Tape Resist is less widely used

Nezuko’s Weapon is able to function as a full Bind, Awoken Bind, and Unable to Match clear solution while also providing a 50% Shield for 2 turns. This dual-nature aspect helps ensure at least one component will have value but you will need to bring another Awoken Bind/Unmatchable or Damage Reduction active if playing through WoC2.

This is because Gille’s 50% attack needs a Shield to survive and then he will do 5 turns of Awoken Binds and Lights Unmatchable. Small thing, but important to be aware of as you cannot “double dip” with this active.

Zenitsu Agatsuma – B

Zenitsu Agatsuma Transformed

  • 4 Effective SB Skill Boost pre-Transform
    • 2 turn Delay
  • Outrageously high ATK stat
    • 6,601 before Pluses
  • Comically high TPA TPA potential
      • Can potentially abuse Unmatchable Super Latent
  • Super Blind Resist
  • Potent Raijin sub
  • Fantastic active post-Transform
    • 2 turn CD
    • TE & ATK buff
  • Easy to use Leader
    • Full multiplier with 4 Light
  • Incredibly low HP & almost no RCV
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist in both forms
  • LS tied to 4 Light orbs
    • Does not generate Light
  • LS features lower ATK multiplier
    • Offset by his own personal damage
  • LS’s Damage Reduction tied to being above 50% HP
  • No personal damage without TPA
    • Less synergistic with most cards/teams

Zenitsu is a truly interesting card as they offer 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost in their Base form and once Transformed, they have one of the most outrageous TPA TPA potential of any card. Boasting 6,601 ATK before Pluses and 6 TPA awakening, Zenitsu will melt virtually any opposing spawn with a single 4-match but the main hurdle will be finding an ideal home for him.

This is because the majority of teams trigger their Leader Skills from other types of matches (eg. L’s for Ryumei ) which may make it challenging to match a TPA. With that being said, Raijin teams already need to match Light TPAs which can grant him a potential use. In regards to Latent choices, VDP has merits for Rainbow and the newer Unmatchable Super Latent as it scales with the number of TPA awakenings. Furthermore, their 2 turn active skill provides a continuous 2x movement Time and ATK buff which will overwrite any existing debuff.

Sadly, Zenitsu is not without faults as they lack SBR Skill Lock Resist in both forms, have virtually no RCV along with painfully low HP, along with no personal damage without a Light TPA. All of these aspects can hinder his inclusion on a given team due to his lopsided nature.

On the other hand, his Leader Skill is incredibly easy to use as it only requires a 4-light match to trigger his full multipliers and monstrous personal damage. Just be mindful that he will require a steady flow of Light orbs and a Healing solution due to 4x HP and 1x RCV.

One last thing I wish to mention is that Zenitsu may surge upwards in value if Light gains access to a TPA-friendly leader.


  • 2 TPA TPA
    • +2.25x for owning card
    • Only 3 cards in NA provide this
  • Powerful active
    • 100% Shield
    • 4x ATK & TE
    • 14 turn CD
  • Only shines with TPA cards
    • Has little synergy with most cards/teams

There are only 3 cards in North America that offer 2 TPA TPA awakenings so the value of this Weapon hinges on what other options you have. With that being said, the active skill tied to this Weapon is quite powerful as it provides a 100% Shield plus a 4x ATK and TE buff for a single turn. All of these aspects are meaningful, especially in WoC2 where a single shield is mandatory.

With that being said, the 2 TPA awakenings will only help a small range of teams/cards which may make it challenging to use this Weapon efficiently.

Inosuke Hashibira – S

  • 5 SB Skill Boost
  • 1 turn Damage & Colour Absorb Void
  • Super Poison Resist
  • No Damage Reduction in LS
  • Not a particularly special card
  • Opportunity of not using Weapon
Inosuke Hashibira Uvo

  • Strong VDP potential
    • (45)
  • L
  • Super Jammer Resist
  • Active generates 2 columns of Wood + Damage Reduction
  • Reasonable LS
  • Opportunity of not using Weapon
  • No personal damage without VDP
  • LS does not outpace other options

Inosuke’s Evolved form can function as a possible VDP solution for mono Wood teams but this form will not outpace the universal value of their amazing Weapon Assist.

Weapon Assist

  • SB Skill Boost
  • 2 Team HP
  • 2 +HP Imp HP
  • Outstanding active
    • 2 turn Damage & Colour Absorb Void
    • 2x ATK
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for
  • 20 turn CD
    • Hard to use multiple times

The Boar Helmet is one of the best Weapon Assists in the game as it provides a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, 2 Team HP , and 2 +HP Imp HP awakenings. This translates into a significant amount of added bulk while the Skill Boost aids in Transforming and each component will be a boon to any given team.

To top it all off, the Boar Helmet comes with an incredible active skill that provides 2 turns of Damage and Colour Absorb Void along with 2x ATK. At least one of the Voids will be needed in virtually any dungeon which in turn gives more reasons to utilize this Weapon. This is meaningful as you are able to bring an active skill you need along with adding bulk which in turn can free up other inherit slots.

While all of these aspects are valuable, players need to be aware that the 20 turn cooldown will hinder its usage multiple times within a dungeon which may result in a dependency on another solution. For example, WoC1 has potentially 3 colour Absorbs and 3 Damage Absorbs across various floors and the 20 turn cooldown will not be able to address each one in a timely fashion.

Giyu Tomioka – A

  • Strong damage vs Devils
    • Devil killer (Devil killer)
  • Valuable active
    • 2 columns of Water
    • 5 turn Awoken Bind clear
  • Easy to use & strong LS multipliers
    • Needs 6 combos & 4 Water orbs
  • Almost no damage without VDP
  • Opportunity not using Weapon or Evo form
  • Not strong enough to function as primary Cleric
    • Does not remove Binds/Unmatchable

Base Giyu comes with an easy to use and highly durable Leader Skill along with a useful active and strong personal damage against Devil spawns. While these are useful aspects, they lack personal damage without a VDP which is seldom available every turn along with not being strong enough to function as primary Cleric due to not removing Binds/Unmatchable status.

Furthermore, their other 2 forms provide unique value and may be worth pursuing instead.

Giyu Tomioka

  • Powerful LS to abuse a Sabito System
    • +6 combos
    • 310x ATK
    • Swipe-able
  • Super Blind Resist
  • High personal damage
    • 45 45 45
  • Active generates 1 Spinner
    • Overwrites other Spinners
  • Sabito System requires 4 Sabitos
  • System lacks FUA
    • Solved via Weapon
  • System has difficulty vs Voids
  • 15 turn CD is awkward

Giyu’s Evolved form is able to function as a stellar Farming leader provided players have a full Sabito System (6-star card from this event). This System requires 4 Sabitos with their 7 turn cooldown plus 1 Haste that spawns a column of Water and Heart orbs. This means players can use a Sabito active every single turn as the Haste will help recharge up previously used actives.

This translates into Giyu’s Leader Skill fully procing as 5 Water orbs and 5 Heart orbs are matched every turn which becomes 8 combos. due to his +6 leader skill This will result in significant damage and FUA provided it is inheriting on one card. The main appeal of this is the mindless nature to this team as it can Swipe for 8 combos and deal significant damage.

Sadly, this is a reasonably restrictive use and does hinge on owning 4 Sabitos to truly function. Furthermore, this team will struggle against Void spawns due to a lack of VDP and Giyu’s 15 turn cooldown may be challenging to work around as the effect is quite situational due to the 100% Damage Reduction and single turn of 1 Spinner.


  • Powerful Cleric effect
    • Full Bind/Awoken Bind clear
    • Full Unable to Match clear
    • Generates 2 columns of Water
    • 12 turn CD
  • 4 OE blue + orb
  • Only shines on mono Water
  • Overlap with Usui
    • Usui provides 3 Team HP + full Cleric

Giyu’s Weapon is a fantastic Cleric solution for mono Water teams due to their ability to fully clear all Bind, Awoken Binds, and Unable to Match effects. Furthermore, it will also generate 2 columns of Water orbs while also providing significant Passive Damage due to 4 Orb Enhances blue + orb.

All of these aspects are valuable and the only true downside is the heavy overlap with Usui’s Weapon which also provides a full Cleric effect, 99 turns of Water Skyfalls, and 3 Team HP . Depending on the dungeon you are playing through, the 3 Team HP may be more valuable as it can help teams achieve sufficient Effective HP to tank unavoidable hits which is found in WoC2.

Shinobu Kocho – B

  • Strong damage potential vs Devils
    • Devil killer Devil killer()
  • 6 turn CD
    • Generates 6 Dark orbs
  • Inconsistent damage
    • Needs VDP
  • Overshadowed by other forms
  • LS lacks Damage Reduction
Shinobu Kocho

  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • 4 turn CD
    • Easy to inherit over
  • Strong personal damage
    • 45 45 45 ()
  • Super Poison Resist
  • Active generates Poison orbs
  • LS is too fragile
    • Damage Reduction only when <50%
  • Reasonably generic card
  • Opportunity of not using Weapon

Shinobu’s Evolved form is more well rounded due to more universal damage along with 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and a 4 turn cooldown. This enables her to inherit a key active with relative ease which can provide Haste or a Delay to help other cards Transform. Furthermore, her active is a board changer that produces Light, Dark, Heart, and Poison orbs.

The Poison orbs are naturally problematic but the inclusion of Hearts should offset the damage taken. On the other hand, if you are not in need for a reasonably generic Dark sub, her Weapon has universal value.


  • 80% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Team HP
  • 2 turn Delay
    • Can be used as Effective SB Skill Boost
  • Need to use active to gain Effective SB
    • Must inherit on a lower CD card
  • Active has less value after turn 1

Shinobu’s Weapon is able to grant 80% Poison Resist Poison resist along with a single Team HP . This small amount of added bulk may help players hit key HP thresholds and Poison Resist is always meaningful. Furthermore, the active skill provides a 2 turn Delay which can be used as Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost if charged up fast enough.

The main downside to this Weapon is the lower value the Delay provides after Transforming which means the card it is inherited on must have a meaningful base active.

Akaza – S

Akaza Transformed

  • Outstanding personal damage
    • 45 45 45 45 45
      • 32x vs all spawns
    • High base ATK
    • Fantastic use for VDP Latent
  • 2 turn active that guarantees Rainbow activation
    • Spawns 3 of each element
    • Valuable for themselves as a leader
  • Respectable pre-Transform awakenings
    • Same Effective HP in Base form
  • Strong LS multipliers
    • Significant Effective HP
      • 2.56x HP & 75% Damage Reduction
        • Triggers from any 4 colours
    • High ATK multiplier
    • Auto Follow Up
    • Can be self System-ed with dual leaders
    • Viable Muzan pairing
  • No SB Skill Boost in Base form
  • 30 turns to Transform
    • May be challenging in solo mode
  • Can only use Devils as a leader
  • Active can overwrite key existing orbs
    • Eg. needing 5 Hearts for FUA
  • Opportunity cost of not using Weapon Assist

Akaza is an incredibly potent Rainbow card post-Transform due to his amazing offensive prowess and beautiful 2 turn cooldown for Rainbow teams. His offesnive power stems from FIVE 7 Combo 45 awakenings which translates into 32x personal damage against all spawns along with an exceptionally high ATK stat. Together, he can deal spectacular amounts of damage and is a fantastic candidate for the VDP Latent .

In addition to this, Akaza features a 2 turn cooldown that will always produce 3 of every colour and Heart orbs which in turn provides Rainbow and VDP Latent activation.

Furthermore, they are able to function as a powerful leader due to their exceptionally large bulk for Devil cards when matching any 4 colours. Provided there are not Locked orbs, Akaza can always proc his activation with dual leaders but can also pair with Muzan to take advantage of their kit.

While all of this is appealing, their largest downside is their 30 turn Transformation requirement while also not providing any Skill Boosts Skill Boost in their Base form. While their Effective HP is not impacted with their Base Leader Skill, it is still quite a hurdle to potentially overcome if needing to Transform in more difficult content. Finally, their Weapon Assist has tremendous universal value for teams tackling WoC2.


  • 2 Team HP
  • Physical Killer physical killer
    • Highly relevant for WoC2
  • 2 OE Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • Valuable active
    • Board Unlock
      • Counters Oku spawn in WoC2
    • Full Rainbow board changer
    • 50% Damage Reduction
      • Valuable in WoC2
  • Opportunity cost of not using Base form

Akaza’s Weapon Assist is beautifully made for WoC2 as this dungeon features several HP-checks, multiple tanky Physical spawns, a 50% chance for full Mortal Poison pre-emptive after Awoken Binds, and one guaranteed attack that virtually all teams need a Shield to survive. In addition to this, if your team regularly converts Fire orbs into something more favourable (eg. Nadeko ) the Orb Enhances Enhnaced Fire Orb actually become valuable.

As such, I would be quite inclined to pursue this form, especially if you cannot capitalize on his Rainbow prowess and are playing through WoC2 as it is one of the best solutions available for this dungeon.

Kanao Tsuyuri – B

  • 6 Effective SB Skill Boost
    • 2 turn Delay
  • Interesting active
    • Delay
    • Movement Time
    • Column of Hearts
      • Owns FUA
  • Respectable personal damage
    • 45 45 45 ()
    • High ATK
  • Guard Break for Rainbow teams via SA
  • Orb Skin
    • Can IAP directly to acquire
  • Opportunity of not using Weapon
    • 3 turn Delay
  • Most likely Bind-vulnerable

Kanao can be seen as a flexible sub for either Rainbow or mono Dark teams depending on the Super Awakening pursued. This is because she features 6 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost due to her 2 turn Delay that also provides Movement Time and a column of Heart orbs.

This grants her respectable flexibility as all teams can benefit from these aspects along with her personal damage being reasonably high due to her offensive awakenings and ATK stat.

While she can be relied upon to help players Transform, her Weapon has more universal value.


  • 3 turn Delay + 1 random effect
    • RCV or Movement Time
  • Bind Immunity
  • 40% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • Cannot rely on active to get the effect you want
  • Delay Weapon has overlaps with Red Shelling Ford
    • Ford provides SB Skill Boost & 3 Delay
      • Ford has 3 turn longer CD

Kanao’s Weapon is able to provide Full Bind Immunity along with a 3 turn delay that also includes either a Movement Time or RCV buff. This can aid teams trying to Transform as it is able to buy 3 turns of safety.

While this is meaningful, you may only be able to truly leverage this on the first turn of a dungeon due to the inconsistencies of a Random effect. Of course, 3 Effective Skill Boosts from a Weapon is quite rare and the main downside is being inferior to Shelling Ford in most situations.

Orb Skin

6 Star base

Yushiro – C

  • 2 turn 100% DEF Break
  • Tricolour board changer
  • May be difficult to add into a team
    • Wood is highly competitive
    • More value as a Weapon

  • 2 turn 100% DEF Break
  • Tricolour board changer
  • 3 Recover Binds Bind Clear awakening
  • Team HP
  • Situational Weapon

100% DEF Break has applications for Training Arena as the spawns feature no mechanics but instead have tremendous amounts of HP and DEF. As such, being able to completely ignore DEF will make it significantly easier to clear but at the same time, stacking Rows, Killers, <50% , etc. can often be enough.

On the other hand, Water teams playing through WoC2 must use either Auto Follow Up or DEF Break to overcome the 2 Billion DEF Dragon Seed. Thankfully, the new farmable Hoppo provides a 100% DEF Break for 3 turns with their Transformation. As such, Water teams would prefer to use Hoppo over a Weapon that has little synergy.

Taking all of this into consideration, I feel that Yushiro’s Weapon will be highly situational overall.

Tamayo – C

  • Lots of Recover Binds Bind Clear awakening?
  • Can possibly abuse the Spinner Counter Super Latent
  • Far too many Recover Binds
    • Eats into possible awakenings
  • Does not fulfil any meaningful niche outside Spinner clearing

I cannot think of a situation where Tamayo will be a desirable option outside of maybe a no awakening dungeon that preemptively binds everyone for many turns as the Recover Bind Bind Clear awakening will still take effect.

Perhaps abusing the Spinner reduction Latent can be a possible use but I still feel that it is a long stretch. Also, inheriting Ney Weapons is a more efficient way to gain access to 2 Recover Binds but at the same time, she has the capacity to clear 15 turns of Spinners which is something.

Sabito & Makomo – B

  • System potential active
    • 7 turn CD + 1 turn Haste
      • Needs 4 to function
    • Generates a column of Water & Hearts
  • Need 4 for System
    • May just happen if rolling heavily
    • Value heavily hinges on having a System
  • Relatively niche uses overall without System

Sabito & Makomo has the potential to create a System with 4 of themselves as the 7 turn cooldown will be cycled back up due to the single turn of Haste. This means that players can use one of these actives every single turn which can be a boon when Farming content as it will produce consistent results.

Of course, this System does require 4 Sabito & Makomo in total which will probably happen if you do roll heavily in this event but at the same time, their value only truly shines with a complete System.

In terms of potential uses, a System of these with Fujimi Naga and Norza leads can quickly blast their way through lower level content while being relatively mindless. Another option is to use Giyu Tomioka as he provides another easy to use Leader Skill.

Sakonji Urokodaki – C

  • 500,000 True Damage to all enemies
    • Can be valuable for Button Farming
      • No extra animation
    • 10 turn CD
  • Minimal uses outside Buttoning
  • 500,000 may not be sufficient
    • Cannot increase this value

Sakonji Urokodaki’s main appeal will be their 500,000 True Damage to all enemies. This can be used to quickly sweep a given floor that features numerous low HP / high DEF spawns as this value cannot be reduced due to the True Damage nature.

While this can be meaningful, it is still a relatively narrow usage overall and the 500,000 damage aspect may not be sufficient as it cannot be increased because it is not tied to the ATK stat.

On the bright side, this active has no extra animation which in turn can hasten clear times.

Haganezuka – C

  • 2 turn CD
    • ATK buff + orb generation
  • L
  • Tape
  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • Will struggle to find a meaningful use outside niche scenarios
  • No personal damage

Haganezuka is an awkward card as they have no specific niche they are able to cover and will simply be a placeholder card until stronger options are acquired as Wood is quite stacked for powerful subs at this point in time.

With that being said, their 2 turn cooldown that also provides orb generation can possibly have some merits as it does provide an ATK buff which may have some value for Grigory teams.

Enmu – C

  • High potential damage against 4 types
  • 6 Effective SB Skill Boost
  • 2 turn Damage Absorb
  • 20 turn CD
    • Hard to use multiple times in a dungeon
    • Current meta favours spaced out spawns
  • Personal damage hinges on enemy’s typing
    • 4 unique Killers
      • Have to line up
  • May be difficult to incorporate into a team

Enmu will most likely function as a solution to Damage Absorb when they are found back-to-back due to the 2 turn duration. This has the most applications in AA3 where there is a 25% chance to encounter Machine Athena and then Durga on the subsequent floor.

While this is nice, GungHo has started to favour multiple Damage Absorb spawns spaced out across numerous floors which in turn prevents 2 turn durations from being valuable.

As such, the 20 turn cooldown will be difficult to work around in content such as WoC1.

Do I plan to roll? & Dream rolls

I do plan on rolling within the Demon Slayer Collab despite the terribly designed REM as the 7 and 8-star cards are hard to replicate along with several being tremendously powerful overall.

For both my accounts, I would love to roll Muzan as their Base form provides a truly unique and powerful Leader Skill along with the fact that Tanjiro will not truly advance either of my Boxes. Perhaps some argument could be made for Fantastic acquiring Tanjiro if I had Nezuko as it would help provide a more solid team foundation but that is sadly not the case.

For the 7-star cards, acquiring the Boar Helmet will be the best possible card due to the incredible universal value it brings through a Skill Boost Skill Boost, significant bulk, and highly relevant active skill. This is a Weapon I can foresee myself using for a prolonged period of time as Weapons tend to stay relevant longer compared to leaders or subs.

Finally, Sabito & Makomo is the best 6-star to acquire, especially in Dupes in order to create their own efficient System.

My Dream Rolls Mantastic
My Dream Rolls Fantastic

The above chart are the cards I would love to acquire from each rarity if I could choose one for each of my accounts. This is my own personal opinion based on my Monster Box, goals and whether or not I have dupes.


The Demon Slayer Collab features several powerful cards at the 7 and 8-star rarities but is marred by the poorly designed REM not allowing players to Monster Exchange for the 7-stars along with the bottom rarity being underwhelming.

This will result in plenty of frustration as players vainly pull in hopes of acquiring something of value but when 70% of the cards are 6-stars, the chances of being sad are quite high.

While that sounds distressing, this is still a good event to roll in as the cards are new with many being difficult to replicate/replace otherwise.

With that being said, let me know what you think about the Demon Slayer Collab in the comments below along with your dream rolls.

Happy Puzzling!

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37 thoughts on “Demon Slayer REM Review Review and Analysis – May 2021”

  1. I am currently using Araragi as lead now. It’s pretty easy to use and pretty powerful. I am interested in getting Tanjiro Kamado but I am wondering if it’s an improvement from Araragi as lead. If it’s better, I will most likely be doing the monster exchange. Waiting for some input. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for your very thorough review. One thing I think you should have pointed out about Kanao is how useful she is on Tanjiro builds for dungeons that require “all attributes”. Kanao, nezuko, tanjiro has everything covered and you are free to use whoever you want for the rest.


  3. Great write up as always, I’d be lost without these. One question though. You mention that hearts alleviate the damage from the generated poison, but doesn’t her LS disable poison effect?


  4. I’m curious as to what you think of using base Inosuke Hashibira v. Polowne on mono wood teams. They both fulfill the attribute and damage absorb with having 4 skill boosts or effectively 4 skill boosts.


  5. After enough Sabitos for about 4 systems, I ended up with Muzan, Akaza and Giyou. Not chasing the rest, if I don’t get Tanjiro from the promo then I’ll just trade for him and be done with it.


  6. Also worth pointing out as a “Con” for this event that there is no skill-up dungeon. So even things like Sabito in the bottom rarity are made slightly worse by the fact that you need 5 pys each to implement their system.


  7. One small correction. For the below section, it’s 6* and they make up 70% of the pool. Thanks as always for the hard work!

    Bottom rarity quick summary
    The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and the following chart shows all the 5-star Rankings. In total, they comprise 40% of the rolling pool.


  8. I’d like to mention that – while, yes, the Giyu/SabitoMokomo system requires 4 SabitoMokomo copies – there are a couple of alternatives that can fill in missing slots; The ones that’ve worked for me are Sumire (surprisingly) and Rukia

    While neither are optimal they work well enough for me to have gotten a 100% consistent clear in A5 (and I somehow managed to salvage a near-failed AA3 clear)


  9. Man… once again decisions need to be made. 35 + 2 free rolls in and I’m only missing Kyojuro (meh…) and of course Inosuke for that sweet, sweet Boar Headgear… I think I have to be done rolling, but it hurts to miss out on that equipment. As good as it is, I don’t think it’s worth rolling more only for that.


  10. I think you have a typo on the cons of Shinobu Kocho, her dmg reduction part is when she is above 50%HP, not when she is <50%. That makes her the same as Seina in effective health for example.


  11. RNGsus is smiling on me today. Dumped some of the free 100 into DS, got a dupe Akaza along with Shinobu/Z-guy/Nez. Think it’s time to stop.


  12. So far I’ve pulled Inosuke, Zenitsu, Rengoku. 2 Akaza, and THREE Nezuko (not as bad as my JP account rolled five in total and traded two of them for Tanjiro)!


  13. So I somehow got 2 Tanjiro, 3x Muzan, and Kyojuro in 20 pulls + guaranteed 8* (but none of the good 7*, did get the 3 B rated ones)

    Any point in keeping second Tanjiro (ever want to run 2 on same team?) or is it safe to use one as equip.

    Similar question with Muzan, but there I expect that his base form might be wanted with multiple copies by dark row farm teams. .


    1. Harder to run a second on a team unless asymetrically pairing to keep the System

      Multiple base form Muzans can create a faster farming team for sure as he provides so much


  14. Hey Mantastic, have you seen the anime? I never heard of it until the collab came out in Japan and it was very entertaining. Read the manga right after. Showed clips to my kids and now they keep using breathing techniques in their life (e.g. “hand wash breathing: level 2 – COVID destruction”).

    Kyojuro and Zenitsu should be s-rank when factoring coolness factor 🙂

    Great review. Based on my Japanese usage, I think Kanao is a bit underrated (not disputing her ranking, just that she is often overlooked as a sub as you mentioned). Great for transform teams and very useful active at WoC levels. Being bindable is not too big of an issue anymore with the plethora of unbindable equips.


    1. Never watched it nor any other anime

      Kanao I feel may sit in an awkward place as she can do lots well but lacks a true specialization. On the other hand, new accounts gain so much value from her as she solves many issues


  15. I know it’s late but I decided to make a sabito system with Giyu Bc I remembered reading your post.. it’s pretty awesome. I put Mitzusune FUA equip on a giyu used sbr resist badge..unbindable sa on all sabito.. just trying to figure out how to get a low cd awoken bind clear on the other giyu or damage or color absorb. The haste’s help a little though


    1. in solo, your giyu will charge up much faster

      I just bring damage absorb counter and bind/awoken bind clear along with Recovery Bind (row of Hearts) in case of Fuma


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