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New or Returning to PAD? What to Play


There are so many things to play in PAD that it can feel overwhelming and newer/returning players may not have any guidance on what to do.

As such, I have prepared a list of dungeons to play for newer or returning players which will grant valuable rewards while also being clear-able.

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Gift dungeons

Found in the Special dungeon tab

Gift dungeons provide some of the highest rewards for the least amount of effort but are only available for a limited time. Continue reading New or Returning to PAD? What to Play

Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Strategies – November 2021


The Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) makes a triumphant return to North America and gives players the opportunity to vote for their favorite cards to be featured in a special Rare Egg Machine. Historically speaking, Player’s Choice Godfests have been lucrative events as the rolling pool is comprised of the strongest and/or best cards currently available.

With that being said, there is no “best” card to vote for as what is best for your own Monster Box will differ from other players. Furthermore, voting for cards you do not currently own will often provide more value compared to voting for something you already have as it can fill various holes that you would not have been able to address otherwise.

Taking all of this into consideration, I would like to outline my thoughts and commentary on cards that are worth voting for. But regardless of what I say, what is best for your self will often be cards you do not own.

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Voting breakdown

Players will be able to cast a total of three votes in three different categories: Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Strategies – November 2021

Fairies & SDKH REM Breakdown – The Odds are Not in your Favour


Wrists still bad but the rolling odds are possibly worse.

This event is best for players who have never rolled before and ideally have few of the Samurai 3, ex 5* GFE, or Avalon Drake.

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Fairies & SDKH REM Breakdown
5 Magic Stones per Roll
Base Rarity
Total %
Event Total: 23.5%
Samurai 3
Avalon Drake Avalon Drake
5* Ex GFE Red Sonia Ult Sumire 2993


While the top rarity features wonderfully powerful cards, the odds are not in your favour as the rolling rates feature a less than 1/4 chance of acquiring an Event card.

Happy Puzzling!

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October PAD News – Mystics & Spectres, Halloween, New Evos


GungHo has been releasing monthly News updates and I wanted to summarize/share my point of view for the various topics presented this month.

Mantastic video

GH Video

New Evos

Continue reading October PAD News – Mystics & Spectres, Halloween, New Evos

GungHo Belial Is a Game Changer


The GungHo Collab returns to North America and I almost feel it is simply an excuse to bring back the Orb Skin, GH Belial . At this point in time, GH Belial is one of the most over-tuned cards in the game and she is arguably the best universal Cleric available.

This is significant in a meta where the Cleric role is the most important card on a given team due to the prevalence of Binds, Awoken Binds, and Unmatchable mechanics. As such, having a fast charging solution is mandatory in virtually all content. Furthermore, GH Belial provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Super Poison Resist , a Massive Healing Solution (+heart x5), and a 5 turn full-Cleric active skill on a non-Transforming card. By not Transforming, players can inherit a Delay/Haste/whatever is needed to solve Floor 1 for their respective team.

While all of this is meaningful, GH Belial cannot be Monster Exchanged for and players will either have to get lucky and roll her or IAP/purchase her Bundle directly. To clarify, GungHo does not support me in any way whatsoever so there is no incentive for me to mislead my readers by saying she is worth purchasing with real life money.

I was fortunate enough to roll one and have the IAP Bundle gifted by Deknas so I own both her Cleric and Dark form and to be honest, it has been incredibly valuable as I now have access to two amazingly powerful cards.

More so the point I wish to express is that if you are IAP-friendly, GH Belial is a meaningful purchase as she will have value for the foreseeable future as she will make your PAD life significantly easier, regardless of the form you choose to pursue.

Video commentary

GH Belial

Continue reading GungHo Belial Is a Game Changer

Dark Row Self Coop Farming Limited Time Dungeons


The past 6 months have given new value to both Coins and Super Snow Globe Dragons due to the Super Level Limit Breaking (level 110 -> 120) which is needed for utilizing the Double Damage Cap Latent.

With this in mind, Shura 3 / World of Carnage 3 is the single best place to acquire these materials. Sadly, this is an incredibly challenging dungeon and will most likely be out of reach for the majority of players.

While this may be distressing, we now have highly lucrative Limited Time Dungeons (timings found under LTD tab) that can be Swipe Farmed in coop. The two I have in mind are a Gathering of Snow Globes (for Super Snow Globes) and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon (for Coins).

As such, I wish to share my set up and though process for overcoming these dungeons as quickly as possible.

Video commentary

Why Dark?

Both Gathering of Snow Globes and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon feature Light as the strongest/most durable spawn and being Dark grants everyone 2x damage which can be thought of as a bonus <50% awakening. Furthermore, the availability of Chuan makes this easier along with a full Harem of Lucifers acting as incredibly viable (and accessible) subs. Continue reading Dark Row Self Coop Farming Limited Time Dungeons

8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies


PAD is primarily a solo-oriented game and while it does have the option for multi-player, it is many times only used in 2-player with both accounts being owned by the same person.

Regardless of that, the latest update has brought us 8-player PvP (Player vs Player) which is surprisingly fun as it utilizes various Fixed Teams and features a scoring system akin to Ranking Dungeons as Matching Bonuses, combos, and Time remaining all play a key role.

Due to the Fixed team nature of this game mode, all players can participate as your Monster Box and progression is not tied to your potential here which means everyone can enjoy this.

This article will highlight some basic strategies to help improve your performance in 8p PvP for Horus, Bastet, and Isis Fixed teams.

Video commentary

Turn Skill Off

You will be using actives so having your Skills set to Off will save time:

Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off Continue reading 8p PvP Breakdown & Strategies

Fusing Monster Experience for Greats (1.5x EXP)


When I first started playing PAD, Skill Up and Great/Super rates were a 10% chance to succeed and waiting for a 2x event was meaningful. Fast forward to today and it is essentially 100% chance for Great/Super which is fantastic overall but also means we should be mindful of how much EXP we fuse to a given card.

As such, I often try my best to never waste anything and try to fuse just enough so that a Great (which almost always happens) will fully max out the respective card.

With this in mind, I want to “math out” the EXP needed along with common EXP materials you can use to quickly and mindlessly max level a card.

I will only be using on-colour EXP material as it provides 1.5x more EXP and try to use at most 5 Fodder to save time/hassle. Of course there will be some wasted EXP but I will try my best to minimize that as well.

Sometimes you may be just short when trying to reach the respective threshold and I will indicate that with . You will only need to fuse a tiny amount more afterwards but this will preserve materials.

Video commentary

4 million curve

1.5x = 4M
x = 2.67M

EXP Reference: 4M Curve – 2.67M
What to Fuse


5 million curve

1.5x = 5M
x = 3.33M

EXP Reference: 5M Curve – 3.33M
What to Fuse

10 million curve

Weapon Assists tend to be 10 million EXP.

1.5x = 10M
x = 6.66M

EXP Reference: 10M Curve – 6.66M
What to Fuse
 (wastes 500k)


This is something that I do on a regular basis and has become somewhat second nature to me. I do find it amusing how each colour Snow Globe yields a different EXP value with Green being the best and Red being the worst.

With that being said, I hope this is helpful to some of my readers.

Happy Puzzling!

90M Downloads (11th) REMDra Fever – Just Match L’s


The REMDra Fever “Ranking” Dungeon returns to North America and gives players a chance to grind for a (cosmetic) Crown by accumulating 999,999 points over any number of runs. While this is exciting, it will take numerous clears to achieve but there are ways to bolster your score to save time, stamina, and mental sanity. Generally speaking, no Dark orbs will take less effort overall as it is much easier to achieve a higher combo count due to only 5 possible orb types appearing. Furthermore, the inclusion L  (1,500 pts) and Heart L (1,500 pts) will help hasten this process.

In fact, just matching L’s yields 35-40k scores with relatively little effort and should be taken advantage of a much as possible.

As with all REMDra Fever events, the dungeon is quite lucrative to run over and over again as it only costs 25 stamina and offers valuable drops. Furthermore, any number of players can achieve a Crown and is not only given to the first X number of players to hit the score cap of 999,999.

This article will explain the rules for REMDra Fever and how to maximize your score potential and how to farm it as efficiently as possible once you are satisfied with your score.

11th REMDra Fever Event: 8/16 (Mon), 0:00 – 8/22 (Sun), 23:59 (UTC-8)

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

REMDra scoring system

REMDra Fever Ranking Tournaments have a significantly different scoring system compared to normal Ranking Dungeons and we must alter our play style accordingly. Continue reading 90M Downloads (11th) REMDra Fever – Just Match L’s

Understanding Weapon Assists / Skill Inheritance + Strategies for Optimizing Their Use


PAD is a wildly complex game that can incredibly overwhelming to newer players as the entire concept of an early game experience has largely been removed due to Powercreep along with Normal and Technical Dungeons being incredibly old and out of date.

This can give new players a false sense of security when they are using 2021 teams to clear 2014 content as they will be wildly unprepared when faced with modestly challenging content.

As such, I would like to take the time to discuss a key mechanic of PAD: Weapon Assists / Skill Inheritance. This mechanic is vital to your success when playing through challenging content and adds another layer when it comes to team building. In fact, Weapon Assists tend to be solid cards to invest in as they tend to be Powercrept at a slower rate compared to Leaders or subs.

This article will provide a brief history of Weapon Assists, how they function, and how to optimize their usage.

Video commentary

A brief history

Weapon Assists actually came out after the ability to Inherit/Assist cards and we referred to them as Skill Inheritance at the time. Eventually GungHo released Weapon Assists and changed the terminology which is why the term inherits/assists are often used interchangeably. Continue reading Understanding Weapon Assists / Skill Inheritance + Strategies for Optimizing Their Use