Which GFE to Choose for your Weekly Medal Exchange – Valkyrie, Zeus, & Athena


Monday marks the second 7-star GFE to be handed out to all players for logging in and this round features Valkyrie Ciel , Zeus Giga , and Athena Non .

All three of these cards have received/will be receiving new and powerful evolutions which greatly increases their potential and value. Unfortunately, all of these spicy new evolutions are locked behind challenging dungeons which may be too difficult for the average player to clear.

With this in mind, I would not Monster Exchange for anything until you actually have the Evolution materials. Remember, once you have the Medal in your Monster Box, it never expires so you can simply sit on it until you know for certain that that particular card will be a massive boon to your Monster Box.

Continuing my trend from the beginning of the month, I will be evaluating all the notable Medal options each time they are released.

Video commentary


You must log in during the designated time periods to receive the respective Medal but once you have the Medal, you can Monster Exchange at any time in the future.

9-Year Anniversary Medal
[Duration]: 12/1 (Wed), 4:00 – 12/13 (Mon), 3:59 (PST)

PAD Appreciation Medal
[Duration]: 12/13 (Mon), 4:00 – 12/20 (Mon), 3:59 (PST)

Great Witch Exchangeable Medal
[Duration]: 12/20 (Mon), 4:00 – 12/27 (Mon), 3:59 (PST)


9-Year Anniversary Medal
[Duration]: 12/27/2020 (Mon), 4:00 – 1/23/2022 (Mon), 3:59 (PST)


Not Featured:


PAD Appreciation Medal

[Duration]: 12/13 (Mon), 4:00 – 12/20 (Mon), 3:59 (PST)

Valkyrie Ciel

Both forms of Ciel are essentially identical outside of their colours and are truly outstanding cards for mono Water and Fire teams. Due to the fact that both forms are truly spectacular, there is nothing wrong about having one of each colour.

Problem is acquiring their evolutions gems.

With that being said, I feel that Valkyrie will often be the best choice assuming you have no one else and can actually acquire her evolution materials.

  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • 3 Enhanced Heart Orbs +heart
    • Huge RCV stat to leverage it
  • Outstanding personal damage
    • ()
  • Fantastic active
    • 75% Shield
    • Board Unlock
    • Heart to Water
    • Movement Time buff
    • 6 turn CD
  • Can take 8 Latent Slots
    • Great option for Double Damage Cap
  • Different sub attribute colour for all attribute dungeons
  • None?
    • Farming Gem may be hard?
  • Would want 2 for each form

Zeus Giga

Both forms of Zeus are essentially identical outside of their colours and both have solid personal damage and passive damage via Enhanced Combos. Furthermore, they feature a respectably low cooldown for 2 turns of Void Damage Void along with orb generation.

I feel they are reasonable, but no where near as valuable as Ciel for pushing through end game content. On the other hand, if your goal is farming stuff, the low cooldown Void Damage Void will be valuable.

  • High personal damage
    • 45 45 45 45 (45)
      • Strong ATK stat
  • Potentially 4 SB Skill Boost
  • 2 turn Void Damage Void
    • 12 turn CD
    • Generates a Row of their primary colour
    • +3 combos for 2 turns
      • Can be valuable for Farming
    • Challenging to fit on end game teams
      • Most do not need Void Damage Void
    • Ciel has significantly more value for end game content

Athena Non

  • Viable Daytona sub
    • SBR Skill Lock Resist
    • TPAs TPA
      • Can use buffed Unmatchable Clear latent
  • High personal damage
    • High ATK stat
  • 2-4 SB Skill Boost
  • Active provides 50% Shield
    • Helpful in SR2/3
    • Terribly bad if Leader Swapped into
    • May not be needed for Daytona if you have a deeper Box

  • Big personal damage
    • Large ATK stat
  • 3 turn CD
    • Easy to inherit over
    • ATK buff
    • +4 Fire & Wood orbs
  • Super Jammer Resist or SB+ via SA
    • LS needs Fire & Wood to work
    • No great place to use Wood TPAs

  • Immense personal damage
    • Huge ATK stat
    • (/)
  • 1 turn CD
    • -50% HP cut
      • Helps trigger her LS/damage awakenings
    • Unlock
    • +2s TE
      • Easy to inherit over
  • Super Blind Resist
  • Potentially 4 SB Skill Boost
  • LS has strong multipliers
  • LS has to juggle HP
    • Must match Light & Dark to trigger Shield
    • Does not produce any
  • Must be <50% HP to truly shine
  • Has no great team to use on for end game content
    • Still a strong card but lacks a true home


I love acquiring new Godfest Exclusives, especially when I can choose exactly what I need for my given Monster Box. As a general blanket statement, I feel that Valkyrie is the strongest option at the moment if your goal is to clear new end game content as her entire kit synergizes well for it.

Once again, I wish to stress that these Medals to not expire once in your Monster Box and can be Exchanged at any time in the future. As such, take your time to consider your options as to what will benefit your Monster Box the most. Furthermore, I would not Monster Exchange for anyone until you have the evolution materials in your Box.

If you have contemplated your options and nothing stands out as immediately valuable, wait, there is no time limit to Exchange these Medals.

Regardless of all this, let me know who you plan on Exchanging for in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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