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Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab REM Review – November 2021


The Hello Kitty Collab returns to North America for the first time in several years and features numerous buffs for existing cards along with new Kitties to chase.

As a whole, this Collab does not offer much if trying to tackle current end game content (SR2+/MD1+) but instead grants players numerous Farming tools that are truly excellent when used in Solo mode. This is because they provide numerous Dungeon Bonus awakenings which increases the drop chance and values dropped/earned at the end of the Dungeon.

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to build the easiest to use Training Arena 3 team which is the best place to level up your Monsters (50M Exp per clear).

To sweeten the deal, the Monster Exchange costs are quite favourable as they only require five 6-star GFE which has become quite common for PAD Pass owners.

With that being said, the bottom rarity leaves much to be desired and rolling here may result in many sad but cute cards.

Due to continuing wrist pains, I have only done Pros & Cons for notable cards and skipped the others.

If you wish to read a different perspective on this event, check out BattleCorgi’s review on Hyperion’s website HERE.

Video commentary


All Monster information gathered via Tsuabki Bot (Discord Bot) and monster icons come from PADx or Tsubaki Bot

Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab REM Pros & Cons – November 2021
  • Cute
  • Numerous cards have 2+ Dungeon Boosts
    • Greatly aids solo Farming
  • Many powerful Farming cards
  • Less expensive Monster Exchange rates
    • Five 6* GFE
      • Can simply Trade only and not roll
  • Depressing bottom rarity
    • Horribly low value on some cards
      • Comprise the majority of the rolling pool
  • Few cards help tackle End Game dungeons (SR2+/MD1+)
  • Low Value Weapon Assists
    • Leaders get powercrept the fastest
      • Then subs
        • Then Weapons
  • Dungeon Boosts does not function in coop mode
    • Main appeal on many cards


Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab REM
7 Star base
(5% total)
6 Star base
(17.5% total)
5 Star base
(77.5% total)
Icons show Base form/form they come out in
Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab Rankings – November 2021

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking Continue reading Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Collab REM Review – November 2021