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One-Punch Man Collab REM Review – January 2022

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The One-Punch Man Collab makes their debut in North America and features a 7 Magic Stone REM along with a host of new cards. Unfortunately, the bottom rarity comprises 75.8% of the rolling pool and I personally feel that they hold minimal value to developed Monster Boxes.

This is frustrating as I am always excited for new Collabs as they can often provide new solutions to various problems and usually encourage modest rolling. Sadly, One-Punch Man feels a little flat due to the overwhelmingly poor bottom rarity who lack Weapon Assists .

While there is still value to be found at the 7/8-star rarity, it may be challenging to justify too many rolls unless you are feeling exceptionally lucky. On the other hand, I highly encourage all players to Monster Exchange for 1-2 Garou as they are an outstanding mono Dark sub. You can read more about Garou HERE.

Due to increasing wrist pains, I have only done the overview section and will go into more detail via the Video Commentary. Continue reading One-Punch Man Collab REM Review – January 2022

Monster Exchange for 1-2 Garou from One Punch Man Collab


The One Punch Man Collab features the “Farmable” Garou who is arguably one of the best Dark subs in the game and I encourage all players to acquire at least 1-2 copies. This is because they are able to function incredibly well on any mono Dark team due to their stellar damage output, 2 turn active which is valuable, and 6-star rarity which will grant bonus stats in the future Alt. MD2.

With this in mind, they are well worth the 5 Black Event Medals (25 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:) to acquire and strong arguments can be made for acquiring a second and use both as subs for Alt. MD2 Blackbird teams as their stats will be greatly boosted due to their 6-star rarity.

Video commentary


  • Huge personal damage
    • ()
    • High ATK stat
    • Dark sub attribute
      • Can deal meaningful damage
  • Cloud Resist
  • 2 turn CD
    • No Skyfalls
    • Water Unmatchable
      • Clears other Unmatchable debuffs
        • No negative interaction with Blackbird
          • Converts Water to Hearts
    • +4 Dark & Heal
  • Fantastic Blackbird sub
  • Incredibly well suited for MD2 and future Alt. MD2
    • Clears Unmatchable
    • 6* rarity receives huge stat boost in Alt.
  • Costs 5 Black Event Medals
    • Do not have to roll
  • Can only acquire via Black Event Medals
    • Needs 25 Rainbow Event Medals
      • Do not miss out


Make sure you get 1-2 Garou as they are valuable on any mono Dark team while also being exceptionally potent in both forms of MD2. It is quite refreshing to see a Farmable being a desirable card but I feel this may have been a miscalculation by GungHo of the future Alt. MD2 where 6-star cards have augmented stats.

Regardless of that, being behind 2 months from JP gives us the foresight in knowing Garou is an exceptional card for a future dungeon.

Happy Puzzling!

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