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10 Magic Stones Seasonal Super Godfest April 29 – May 5


Super Godfests are 10-Stone events where players will have at least a 1/3 or 33% chance of acquiring any Godfest Exclusive (GFE) but this changes when it becomes a Seasonal Super Godfest.

Seasonal Super Godfests are unique as they feature 7-9 star Seasonal cards in the line up but omit all the horrible bottom rarity cards that are found in their respective REMs. This is important as rolling in Seasonal REMs tends to be an underwhelming affair whereas the “bad” rolls in a Godfest are at least Pantheon cards who will have value for more shallow Boxes or are actually potent in their own right.

Furthermore, Seasonal Super Godfests also include 6 and 7-star Godfest Exclusives but will have their rates adjusted due to the inclusion of the Seasonal cards. With this in mind, I tend to lump all of the valuable cards (Seasonal, GFE, Samurai 3) into the “good” to roll pool which comes to 37% chance for the current Seasonal Super Godfest.

While this is potentially lower compared to PCGF/anniversary events, neither of these allow players to directly roll the higher rarity Seasonal cards who are often acquired via Monster Exchanging. This in turn means that rolling any of these cards can be thought of as acquiring 4-5 GFEs as you just saved yourself the Monster Exchange.

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Rolling pool

Seasonal Super Godfests differ from regular Super Godfests as they push out varying amounts of GFEs in order to accommodate the Seasonal cards. This adjusted rolling pool will still have a >33% chance to acquire any “good” card (Seasonal, GFE, Samurai 3). As such, the featured Seasonal cards will be the main motivator to roll in this event as many of them are incredibly difficult to replicate otherwise. Continue reading 10 Magic Stones Seasonal Super Godfest April 29 – May 5