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Yu Yu Hakusho Collab REM Review – February 2022


The Yu Yu Hakusho Collab returns to North America with various buffs for existing cards along with four new monsters and Weapon Assists for everyone. This does grant the bottom rarity more value overall but at the same time, they are for the most part underwhelming.

As such, I feel that there is little motivation to actually roll in this event and instead take advantage of the incredible Monster Exchange rates. This is because all trades will only cost four 6-star Godfest Exclusives which is the lowest we can ever go. Furthermore, there is a strong chance many players have copious amounts of 6-star fodder available and can easily pick up any card that looks appealing.

Due to increasing wrist pains, I have only done the overview section and will go into more detail via the Video Commentary. Continue reading Yu Yu Hakusho Collab REM Review – February 2022