New or Returning to PAD? What to Play


There are so many things to play in PAD that it can feel overwhelming and newer/returning players may not have any guidance on what to do.

As such, I have prepared a list of dungeons to play for newer or returning players which will grant valuable rewards while also being clear-able.

Video commentary

Gift dungeons

Found in the Special dungeon tab

Gift dungeons provide some of the highest rewards for the least amount of effort but are only available for a limited time.

Master Fagan’s Training

Found in the Special dungeon tab

Master Fagan’s Training provides a wealth of information for newer players and in all honesty, functions like a more detailed tutorial.

Story Mode

Story Mode Dungeons permanent dungeons but sometimes there are special events that provide an additional limited time dungeons to clear (eg. Mystics & Spectres Story).

The best part about Story Mode is that you are given a fixed team that has the capacity to clear the dungeon. This will let players focus on comboing and learning mechanics. In addition to this, the Story Mode has some of the most lucrative rewards as every single level cleared awards a Magic Stone and finishing an entire set yields a significant amount of resources.

Monthly Quests

Monthly Quests rotate on a monthly basis and grant lucrative rewards for clearing each dungeon. It is best to start from the bottom and work your way up from there.

Rotating Event Dungeons

Found in the Special dungeon tab

These events oftentimes provide valuable rewards for relatively little effort. Oftentimes they give free rolls for their respective event. Furthermore, farming these dungeons will drop Event Tokens which can be Monster Exchanged for other useful cards.

Limited Time Dungeons (LTD)

Timings found via LTD Tab (top right corner)

Limited Time Dungeons are relatively easy to clear and provide valuable rewards in a timely manner compared to Arenas or SR/WOC.

Join the Hyperion Discord Server to receive Discord Pings when the better dungeons go live. With that being said, some of these dungeons can be quite difficult (usually those that last for 30 minutes).

Alternate between Normal & Special dungeons

I would play all the Normal dungeons possible and then switch to Technical when you hit a Wall.


For Normal Dungeons, your “Wall” will occur in one of these three dungeons:

These are referred to as Training Arenas 1, 2, or 3 (3 being top) or TA1/2/3. These are fantastic for acquiring large amounts of Monster EXP but the higher levels are quite difficult.


Your first major Wall in Technicals will possibly be one of these Arenas:

The Ultimate Arenas are often referred to by A and their number (eg. the fifth being A5) whereas the Alt. version has AA as the prefix and same numbering method.

Later on, you would only want to play the Alt. Arenas as they provide better rewards.

You may find my Checklist helpful when playing through these.


PAD is confusing but having an idea of what to play is meaningful when you are first starting out or returning after a long break.

Let me know if this was a helpful read along with any recommendations/changes you would make.

Happy Puzzling!

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3 thoughts on “New or Returning to PAD? What to Play”

  1. Mantastic – Happy Thanksgiving! Another year and another great year of you sharing knowledge. Thank you for making the collection of cards, strategy, and color matching of orbs fun for a guy who doesn’t have the time he’d like to commit to a game. Between work, kids, and everything else, I appreciate your posts that detail nuances of PAD that I’d honestly never figure out. I sincerely wish you the best and hope your health improves. Please keep up the great work. From one orb matching lunatic to another – happy thanksgiving. Be well!


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